POLICE CHASES [Netherlands]

*The suspect is trying everything to escape* *While sparks fly off his car he turns over the center divider.* He is now driving on his rim, sparks are flying. We are going towards…hang on. Yes, against traffic towards the highway, this isn’t going well. God damn. [Radio:] Can you do something considering the danger? Yes, he’s being rammed. *After the crash the driver continues to try to drive away while colleagues walk towards the car.* [Radio:] Assistance! He rammed me, he’s driving like a lunatic. Ram him. Pass him, pass him. Yes, now. Hands in the air! Out of the car! I think he’s under arrest. Thank you. *The location of the fourth suspect is transmitted over the radio.* *The co-driver knows exactly where it is and gives directions.* [Radio:] Three people under arrest. *The fourth suspect is seen in a field and then things go quickly…* [Radio:] He’s behind the container. Stop right now! Show your hands and turn around! On the ground! Hey, you’re scaring me. Show me your hands! Good response. We’re going to use BTGV (approach technique for dangerous suspects) *RADIO*: Dispatch: 16-04 special approach started, driving through 3 Burgemeester…… street. Block the road, block the road. *Colleagues are assuming the driver could be armed.* (through loudspeaker in English):
With your right hand, take the key of the car. I’m going to cuff him. Keep looking down. OK, will do. Other hand on your back. *The black car in front of us is an unmarked police car.* Drive, drive, drive! *The suspects notice they are getting caught and start running in an attempt to escape.* *Three of the four suspects are already cuffed. Colleagues are chasing the fourth suspect.* *During the chase a policecar blocking the road is rammed at high speed by the Range Rover.* Where have you been hit? [Radio:] On the Gordelweg, we had parked the car on the road… …but he just kept going and simply rammed our car. Understood, been rammed on the Gordelweg. Thank you. He’s driving left into the Bergstraat towards the joint. Left into the Bergstraat in the direction of the prison. Heading into the Zegwaardstraat. Confirmed. *The Range Rover is speeding straight through a busy shopping street.* Zwartjan in the direction of Noord/molen. Left into 1ste Pijnackerstraat. Zuidmolen, right turn towards the bridge. *Suddenly the vehicle reverses.* Vehicle has stopped. *Colleagues quickly need to decide to shoot or not.* [Radio:] Vehicle stopped. Keep on driving! Shots fired! *A colleague keeps curious onlookers at a safe distance* Ladies and gentlemen, due to approach technique dangerous suspects, radio silence please. *The suspect is ordered to leave his vehicle…* On your knees! On your knees! Turn around. Is there anybody else in the car? One driver detained, he is cuffed. Police! Police! *Several people are found in the house.* *Suddenly a team member spots a firearm, the team reacts immediately.*

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  1. Europe is turing into the USA, because of imported crime. Time for pit maneuvers on the german autobahn at 125mp/h+++ (200 km/h+++). Because of reakless stupid drivers/criminals (and scared drivers), they are actually trying to enforce a speed limit here now. How crazy is that;) That will be the day, germans will retaliate. Never touch our freedom of speeding:) Hahaha

  2. People watch WAY TO MANY video games where your ability to get away from cops is ""pre programmed" into the game. It's just not that way in real life. Cops have actual working brains, they can anticipate your next move, your possible escape routes. And your pursuit stars never dwindle with time. In fact they increase. JUST STOP and accept the charges you have. Each minute you prolong can add years of time to your sentence! And each minute you prolong could be the minute where you take an innocent life and then, your game really is over!!

  3. Als deutscher versuche ich so gut wie möglich die niederländischen Untertitel zu übersetzen aber es klappt einfach nicht…

  4. The Dutch police are pretty unable to think critically about alot of things and power hungry sometimes even unable to know the law. Some are good but the bigger part are terrible.

  5. none of the hysterical shouting and none of the oftentimes needless shooting that would accompany these events in the US

  6. NL is such an awesome country with it's welfare and freedoms, I would feel ashamed to disobey the law there smh

  7. Was für eine schlechte Szenerie im vorletzten Clip – ist doch nur gestellt.
    Oder wie kann eine "Überwachungskamera" genau das verfolgen, was gezeigt werden soll?

  8. I always wondered how my car was doing after i sold it ??? just like my car lol!!the ford focus running away lol i own the usa version.

  9. Het bekende kat en muis spelletje , je heb meer kans op ontsnappen met een solide onderhouden auto en als het dikke mist is!

  10. Didn't like seeing all those shots fired in a busy residential area, you never know where those bullets end up. But it was the right call with a crazy motherfucker in a 2 tonne mobile human crushing device on the loose. I bet those officers don't like using their gun either, imagine if your stray bullet hurts an innocent.. But they had to.

    Well done ladies and gentlemen, proud that my taxes pay your wages.

  11. Im from the netherlands (something in dutch) "heel erg bedankt voor het maken van deze video, heb er veel respect voor" it means Thank you so much for making this video, I have a lot of respect for it

  12. Damn these guys are much more aggressive in stopping the suspect. I suppose it makes sense since they chase crooks in police vans instead of cars.

  13. Bij het laatste filmpje.. als ze het huis in gaan en politie roepen dan komt een vrouw die zo schreeuwt echt niet over

  14. Jawohl! Ihr Holländer gefällt mir, scheißt auf die Blechschäden hauptsache der Spinner dreht sich und fährt nimmer weiter. Da können sich die deutschen was abschauen!

  15. 2:30 What are those handcuffs, they kind of look like the old VolksPolizei cuffs in design, Very nice cuffs. Our cuffs in America are just basic style and not very unique or very heavy like these Politie cuffs either.

  16. Da sollte sich die deutsche Polizei mal ein Vorbild dran nehmen; Aber halt Stop.

    Sind ja teure BMWs, Mecedese und Audis 😀

  17. I saw one pursuit end live in Venlo 3 years ago. It was at the main station. the car hit a isle and went flying. It landed on the roof. The guy climbed out of the car and wanted to run away, but was caught a few moments later. I would have loved if I had my camera out in that moment.

  18. Absolutely nice to watch! Nothing stupid shooting like in the states…. Wish all the best for all police men and women who risk day-to-day their lives for us

  19. France : following suspect then stopping at 2mn because that can cause trouble in city with "swedish" community??

  20. I was wondering why the dutch police were shouting out in English @ 3:50 ? unless they knew or suspected that person to be British or English speaking

  21. Vraag ik me op zijn Nederlands toch af wie al die blikschade mag betalen. Ik zal wel dromen als ik hoop dat dat op de verdachte wordt verhaald?

  22. (Police chases) Netherlands. Alle video’s komen uit Rotterdam. Of daar zit gewoon al het schorriemorrie van Nederland of de titel is gewoon fout. Ik ga voor dat eerste. ?

  23. 0:19 stupid police driver almost hit other car when trying to push lol ,at begining he got chance to wreck him

  24. Während dessen werden in Deutschland grade die Polizei beleidigt mit Flaschen abgeworfen und machen nix "Deeskalalierend" .
    Wer falschen wirft ist ja klar Tom Dirk und der Sohn der Familie Müller

  25. Echt Rotterdam zijn die kutje markaan weer of die truken zal weer niet zo eens zijn wij als Nederland rijden in normaal auto s en hun in duren bakken bmw Mercedes AMG almaal van dat drugs geld

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