Pogadanka z Michaelem z kanału boxmining

Movie is in English only first 30 seconds have Polish introduction. 🙂 Movie is in English only first 30 seconds have Polish introduction. 🙂 Movie is in English only first 30 seconds have Polish introduction. 🙂 Auckland Anya just bit of the scheme to
show my costume is Micah’s program box mining with a mic here in Iceland so
welcome I clean I sense how are you thank you my dear thank you for the
invitation this has been great had an amazing trip and I think this is it’s so
weird to talk about crypto again but let’s do this there’s a lot of the
mostly sunny areas to being crypto as well
Iceland yeah I got cheap electricity you can you’re mining I think it’s easy for
anyone to get into mine it’s let you just mind yourself soul
always gonna fly for cheap yes so I have a question you have any prediction for
next couple months okay so so let me say this I’m super bullish in a long term so
even just before coming on to this trip so just looking at this whole situation
the political climate I don’t think I’m actually bearish on the political
climate the trade war us-china it’s gonna result
in money being printed and we have this concept right so I’ve actually been
reading the Bitcoin standard and it’s just talking about how the money that we
use now fiat money so the US dollar that maybe they’re all soft money it’s so
easy to print it all right it doesn’t require anything just a politician
assign something and say okay that’s pretty some money guys and then when it
comes out right and that’s that’s not the way supposed to be right so then you
talk about hard money and hard money spend something like gold or Bitcoin
where actually cost resources to create that money so gold being one of them yes
you have to mind it from the ground and there’s very little to supply and even
if the gold prices go up you still extremely hard to it by an even more
gold and the same thing will goes with Bitcoin Bitcoin the amount them I’m out
is finite 21 million bitcoins that shit that’s that’s it that’s hard money it’s
real money so I think it’s super super super polish on it because you’re
actually using real money for once so that’s Bitcoin Bitcoin has digital
real money and there’s so many advantages that cannot be captured in
any other market and I think all people forget about this I mean I come to I
come to Iceland and I can bring back with me I can send your Bitcoin right
now just on my phone but I can send your Bitcoin right now let’s do it
where’s my phone but yeah I can absolutely do that I have like I said I
have I’ll sell you something in a sec where I have
issue like this is something that you can’t do without needing government
permission if you would like to and that’s why when you say I’m like okay
judge gramophone I’m saying if you would like to send be honest from your bank
account it’s possible it’ll take a long time and also not just okay maybe it’s
not impossible but I’ve been through this right you have to do you have to
paint both banks okay my bank wealthy up a bit they pay yeah wait a couple of
days and you to pay your bank of me and for what to move of your numbers around
that doesn’t make any sense so the fact is and and just to explain this a little
bit more why sit as impossible as if you’re from China if I’m a she from
China right now then I will actually have to fill in a form object explained
to the government why am i sending magic there’s a lot of money and the
government had to come it’s very very bullish on Bitcoin right
now is because in terms of sending the remain be out because women be is a clue be clear hanging they’re artificially
pegging the remain Beach and that’s why they don’t want you to
exit with your money that’s so that’s why Chinese it’s impossible right now
the other filling that form and there’s actually a limitation of $30,000 u.s.
dollars they can bring it out of China so even if you’re doing it for legit
purposes like say if I want to be studying overseas there’s actually a cap
and then after that you just get declined that’s crazy think about it so
I think a lot of you know your money and then you just cannot exit them either
how does this even make sense right so there’s a lot of problems with the
current banking sector and with the art our government political restrictions of
our finances and I think this is something that cannot be replaced
if I could bring cold to Iceland hey and also did you t ask them they so
either I declare it and I get tax on it or don’t declare and I brace
confiscations right so this is the power of cryptocurrencies right now and this
is something that a lot of people still don’t understand if you understand this
you’re good it just reduced this video often you’re
like okay you’re good you could you understand why you need this because I
think a lot of people they’re worried about today’s price but they don’t
really care about will happen in future they don’t care about their own money
the money that you have in your bank yes that’s not real money just a number so
we believe that the bull market will you know soon come not really okay so not
soon and I think that’s the thick heavy here it’s because right now I think
we’re still going on a purge in crypto currencies there’s just too much
craziness happening there are too many people who didn’t understand what was
happening they were looking for fast money and they didn’t understand what
they’re buying they just bought anything okay ripple
ripple you know like that that was a joke that we said because I talk to a
lot of OTC deaths in Hong Kong so they do Fiat to crypto and people were coming
in and they’re like what do you want to buy and Red Bull the post hot and then
and then after hippo was fun you want to beat on fast money right so all the fast
money they didn’t understand what was happening today understand the basics
under the fundamentals and then they were looking for okay I want to get rich
today I want my lambo I want to go to the moon by the thanks tomorrow 108
tomorrow but anything that’s 100x tomorrow that’s a scam I mean that’s
that’s really easy right now like big Kinect that’s a scam most opened as a
scam cloud token as a scam so many people trying to capitalize on quick
money people like you’re just you’re just sheep right they’re just gonna
fleece you they’re gonna take your money and run and that’s what happens so mean
short term not the best but long term so where did you expect
when did you expect and you don’t have the crystal ball but
we see the patterns right so for me the patterns that I see I think this is
actually quite a valid argument actually saw this all the times pop up and then
there’s actually no agreeing for my belief which is when people start to
actually the general community start to want to learn when they stop becoming
fighting when there’s less tribalism when they when they generally said okay
look I want to learn that is when you know that people are coming in and then
when it’s an exploding man I’ve been to conferences before where like they have
no idea what bitcoin is and that’s what my cooking explosions gonna calm guys
because there’s lots of new people lots of some money coming in there so I’ve
typically finger psycho for now typically the cycle for Kryptos two
years okay so we’re actually hitting the second year multiple markets so far but
actually believe it it’s much higher this time
and it’s all over the news need more money no more money payment yeah but you
know from three thousand to twenty is less than from eight thousand it was
less but the exposure is much greater so everyone thought was about crypto like
guy I met random people and tours I’m like what yeah what do you do I had two
crypto oh I lost money yeah yeah so it’s almost going think it’s cost money how
people caught in in 2017 he said you mean you said you got yeah but I didn’t so so people who are good investors of
you obviously they look for the timing and now I think I’ve been calling this
the accumulation market right this is when people will start to I the market
and I keep away and everyone now is gonna ask me the question okay when is
the best time that’s cause I’ve achieved by you spread
it out you just mitigate all the risks some ways I’m sorry he’s saying the best
I mean what do you think about that is it the best opinion about the bank because I mean if
when he actually buys okay this is very important because tone Elise is honest
about it right there’s traders out there that say
okay now’s the best time to buy what do they buy no I mean you cannot take that
this is kind of you know you cannot take time back so today is your day you know
first time is the best time is me a spare time is over time yeah what do you
think about these three tribalism you know
I’m grouping at age fighting each other tribal part it’s natural I think
something I learned in this basis you know when it comes to the general
audience when it comes to everyone people generally human nature you can’t
fight it well I mean I think it’s a we’re promoting it we’re trying our best
to fight it but it’s inevitable because people they bought something and they
want to double down right there but Althea is to double down right David
even if they make a mistake you have to face the consequences either you live up
to your mistake which is really hard you know omitting a mistake omitting you
being wrong money’s involved that’s actually extremely hard to do and it
takes a lot of bravery well both your shoes is too choppy he doubled down
let’s just say r1 is number one winner best blah blah – so I realize that this
is something that will take time for people to start to drop down put them
down and put down your guns destroy those trenches
no more trenches we don’t want to do any more trenches let’s just go you know you
think about the system the corrupt system that’s what I expected people all
the time and this is any crew to layer in it’s like we are meeting that aside
for once monetary policy I mean you think about
that because it feels right it feels so big only the important people can do it
right only whatever the bank of the IMF Donald Trump or they only big presidents
or whatever yeah obviously those people the more you read in today the more you
realize that they’re just just very greedy people I mean I mean thought it
was great because I thought he’s very clearly a greedy person what about you
know I’m trying or they’re pretending to be heroes but no one’s a hero in his
face and that’s why you don’t trust one or two people you trust everyone and
that’s the power of a plan I think it’s so it don’t think well I think one year
the sooner you realize this little better and the sooner you start I think
people like people panicking prices I feel so greedy right the more a panic
the more greedy I feel like oh crap like how many of you are panicking a racer
has more people by by buying away so I think this is a important message I once
everyone starts putting down the weapons they stopped fighting my point is better
than your quaint I mean that’s we’re so tired of that already what that happens
that’s when I think it real if that could be it then that’s when we really
start good and it’s gonna happen they like something that I’ve experienced is
that I’ve been in a space so before 2017 I’ve I’ve told you before that that was
my channel but before that I made a lot of mistakes from 2012
so that time was mining just like you are yeah so my story was I was a student
so I’ll study chemistry at that time I was like going through my PhD
Bhd right at that time I was both a gamer and I was mine so I’m mining and
at that time it was very little money it was 0.3 Bitcoin a day which is three
dollars all right so you got three dollars a day nothing but now you say to
today GB might be for a sixth game so right before it was actually Bitcoin do
you mind think about that I mean that’s like so if he’s also Asian right your
GPU my Bitcoin Bitcoin a day and Asics came and that kind of told my profit but
at that time I didn’t think much of this you know I was mining I was money
different pools and when Bitcoin went from $10 to $15 I will sell everything
and then it was 2017 long story short when I actually walked back into some of
the pool counselling / Fukuda / he didn’t close down shop he didn’t scan me
and I found like one or two Bitcoin a little bit less probably like 25
bitcoins in two different mining pools so I combined them together and like oh
my god I got like two or three Bitcoin that’s crazy there’s nothing out of
nothing I thought I thought this was like the reason why I had it there was
because when I was mining I was too lazy right this is like 30 cents why do I
want to be dry right I don’t want to draw it I’m just gonna leave it there so
I went to all these different accounts I looked through everything and I felt so
happy and it was all so full of regret because I could have been I could have
retired 2012 coming to the space if I could if I
invested even five thousand dollars back in a day like and the worst part was in
2012 we were investing and at that time I was learning investing and I had
$5,000 and I bought like stocks I’m like I should just bought all Bitcoin
500 Bitcoin now that would be a lot but the lesson of the moral of the story
here is that because I’ve been through this because I made these mistakes it
made me stronger right now I know okay look the value of Bitcoin like at that
time I didn’t understand the value of its claim I didn’t understand why we
need this asset I always thought okay maybe bitcoins for crying or something
guys something weird but now I suddenly realize okay big question ancestry
because the financial system is broken alright now understand that we see in
the examples of that and then now yeah I’m never gonna yeah now I’m never gonna
leave like I think a lot of people they they’re very soft you know they don’t
understand but I think I’ve been there my mistakes
beacon for this last year’s I guess you just proved it you know things seem sad
that this is the stronger system yeah just going up and up and I think it’s
kind of funny and me being a space from 2017 onwards
videos so you learned that there’s good and bad
in this space like there are a lot of people who are just trying they don’t
believe in Krypton lose there they have used it and I think right now this
market is a good market for cleaning out anyone who’s abusing the system and will
mostly scam projects to run on money I think there is you know just make
website and go this planet started off with the ILO and
the office of an every exchange looking for projects to list and you might hear
the buyers ones but if you look at the cuckooing ones or maybe be hot or any
any not-so-good exchange you’re like oh my god it’s full scams like oh right
just listing on I always like those because the problem was that this year
is a year of exchangers like I make these jokes that there’s more exchanges
than there are the coins all mostly even more trade I think even more queens
there are traitors I think like it’s this is crazy because you look at it
like before excellent when I was before x-ray and then you know be hard old bit
max big max max didn’t I don’t fit min I don’t know I get like there’s so many
creative names because the the problem is that everyone buys an exchange software and
they start there and and then they’ll try to list as many projects and as many
ideas as possible because of charge and listing fee or making money out of it so
I use I mean the good news is iOS are pretty much done now I think after the
last few months you can see that it’s a steady decline in the number of iOS and
that’s good that’s actually good I think we were distracted a bit this year but
don’t you think that it’s also because there is no new blood in the space I
mean I’ve been in conferences this year since like 20 like this first year of
this moment you see a same group of people every conference it’s like okay
oh yes I mean it seemed that that’s why so cautious about
but this meeting is absolutely no new blood you always still be okay I know
it’s Jason I can’t no it’s like it’s a very small circle at the end okay I have
a question and let’s just talk about Somalia cause you know not a big hunk
you’ve been talking a lot on your channel about wheat chain right
so I think I look a bunch of fish ceviche for me is the enterprise
approach right so it’s about understanding that okay what can you do
that’s also a block shape so you know we talked a long time about Bitcoin and of
their value of the explosion of interest came with the
idea of a smart contract way we can create a contract that is executed by
cold right that’s that’s so amazing and to a programmer so big Queen Vic we
actually started us off right Bitcoin had six instructions and it’s very
simple but aetherium is trained complete which means that you can write anything
and then now we have this explosion for me reaching is about enterprise applying
that so it’s about what they push a lot there is there pushing how we tracked
authenticity a little auction because blushing czar immutable and then you can
build contracts around that so say for example factory goes from various points and
every point it gets scared and the contract gets updated updated updated
you gotta track where it goes and this does I mean even the I said you see
think the big form of the law you see here PwC you see here and all they do is
they just count how many things leave a factory okay they count how many things
enter a factory how they ship and we fish to catch or how many new products
do you mean I know how we lived on the shipping papers let’s say they won one
container going from China to you obviously know it’s like that it’s crazy
and this can all be done on a blocking so that I thought the reason why that
was very interesting to me is that okay why can’t we just simplify that right
and what Beach it had was that they worked a lot with the big four so you
can see like PP 3w ceased an idea there are DMV Chino there very patiently
company when they where they are now is already let’s launch before and recently
they actually launched yeah in fact recently in Walmart in China they
actually have a test trial with product so it’s actually deployed in Walmart
China so you can scan items anything as you scan okay where’d it come from
where’d it go it’s awesome to close diva mode the Trojans need for
sure sorry anymore ventureprise it takes a long
time so even from from the mainland that launched to now it took almost one year
for a lot of their contract migrations to go from a private net to the main it
that’s why transaction like I stopped you more here oh my god where’s the
transactions what’s happening because they don’t do fake transactions on it or
anything and so now finally can see those
transactions going through and you can see a lot of my creation right now so
PwC and stuff – oh my great with their contracts on today so that’s interesting
I think I think for me like Enterprise makes sense at the start because it’s
constructive consumer is really hard to teach a consumer how they use a smart
contract I think like that’s like faced no it’d have to be on your phone just
kind of yeah – 200 for that for that deployment level it’s it’s not going to
go but it’s also required from customers actually the demand for that for
transparency as long they find with you know whatever is there it depends but
the thing is like why the approach works is that if you can get the way or you
can we get a piece PwC to actually use that internally just in even in the
auditing process if you can simplify that that’s much faster than to consumer
because consumer you still have a system right you have the teacher million
consumers my view but if we decide but those people who so he that’s why you have to learn how
to write your own smart contract that’s what you have to be the ones programming
that blockchain that’s true you can’t you can’t you can’t you can’t like I I’m
sure that the guys don’t know what what else would you recommend
do you have some like you said you know I say chickens especially right now if
you have talked about consumers gaming gamers actually no do you play games
well I do play games is exactly so you know like every game has its own
currency yeah yeah I’d be guessing Angie yes we also have players so players all
pop when we make people to play they have equal system to teach mentorship so
that’s pretty big yeah but the problem of gaming I think
this year especially is that there are so many distractions along the way so
many people pretending to be a gaming project whether or not yes–that’s sure
that’s the worst part and the worst problem I saw I went to a lot of
conferences called nifty conference it was the non functional tokens pharmacist
not by the cryptokeys guys I walked in there and I just like I immediately
wanted to walk out it was like he’s very well dressed well mannered investors and why came an object in the video game
will make money that’s the worst part well you don’t understand that we don’t
understand why there’s an emotional attachment you say it won’t work right
weapon or at the Apple Store Jordan we don’t understand that that is when you
should not be in a gaming space so I saw a lot of people a lot of investors who
are just throwing money and it’s like oh my grandson plays games like he bought
an item for three hundred US dollars just amazing it’s a next big market I’m
like guys I’m out like this Islam this is not
a healthy environment because gaming is a very mature space game companies
listen to design and it’s not easy I think like there’s all my still but I’m
actually very bullish on the fact that you can’t use co2 currencies as a way to
transfer like this all gamers have already knew and that’s no that’s true I
play like you know I’m playing – we don’t clean them you know mmm and I
would play them when I was like 20 something oh no I would I play some and
reverse and I play food Entropia universe
okay so again and then yeah fortnight you know and every game understands
virtual currencies rover Warcraft oh yeah Luke oh they’re all diseased right
so I think gamers have the best understanding expensive like them you
know so just come to the end Michael what would you say to the Polish
community it’s a message you know like to keep them you know stronger or ever
mmm I think I really just for me
okay I think reading is but there’s always room to understand more that’s
Michael senator or master to take away whatever we’d guys all right thank you
guys for watching subscribe that’s key

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