PM Mahdi Ignores USA By Signing More Iranian Gas & Energy Deals

[Applause] alright alright welcome back to eyes open levy I hope you guys are doing well it is April 6 2009 teen this is di RAC report and I know that I haven't been doing the Iraqi ports on a daily basis on this channel that's because there's not a lot to talk about right now just not a lot to talk about and I don't want to just force videos so when there's nothing that can really talk about then you know some of the extra stuff just get included into the Fiat report on currency 365 alright so let's get to let's get to it because there's some things we want to talk about here Benny did the the the pay-per-view about the reset of Africa which was a good video I did watch it and pay for it I paid for it and watched it um and I think he has another show he has another show free show coming up either today or tomorrow to look out for that ok so let's talk about this it says an Iraqi Iranian agreement to complete gas and electricity talks in Baghdad ok now remember Donald Trump gave them another 90 days which ends around June ok to figure out you know how to stop using the Iranian gas electricity and abide by the sanctions right so Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi in the Iranian president now Abdul Mahdi is in Iran he did go to Iran so if you didn't know that he is in Iran so I do marty is in Iran right now not you know they they have the old picture of the Central Bank of Iran a governor and the central bank of Iraq governor shaking hands and don't think like that but I don't know why they put that picture in stamp and whatever okay so do marty and rouhani agree on the official talks between the two sides to complete the implementation of financial and banking agreements between the two countries and for this purpose we'll head the Central Bank of Iran to Iraq at the earliest opportunity it will meet with the Iraqi Central Bank President or governor a lot financial officers and other Iraqi banks according to the report by the Central Bank of Iran on Saturday the volume of exports of the Iranian gas to Iraq more than four billion dollars in addition to a billion dollars of of the private-sector export to Iraq okay so this is what's going on man you know so there's an agreement to complete the gas electricity talks and Baghdad now remember Saudi Arabia also started supplying energy to Iraq as well so interesting timing on that and so we we got we got what um you know prophet of Solomon said you know back in the summer that once we see Iraq and Iran signed uh you know do business deals together you know then we will be it'll be a signal that we're at the end so they've done it they've doesn't I mean how many more business deals can they do right I mean they've done everything together so so we should be at the end then right we should be at the end because we've seen it all we've seen all the business deals that they can do together they've signed so many agreements they've done so many things at the borders inside the banking banking sector central bank money money supply everything so they've done at all exchange national currency succed remittance a glittery are the same country now so we've seen that so now we wait right we wait for the cambiar the break in the system and the you know and the dinar to start rising okay so um well that's what we do okay moving on so let me pull this over here so I can make sure I'm on track and let's go here says heavy losses and cured with in heavy losses were were you know were gained or are in heavy losses happened because Iraq in Iraq as a result of the cancellation of visa between him and and and Iran between Iraq and Iran okay the translations are just terrible well anyways the abolishing of Iranian visa fees will deprive Iraq of fifty million dollars in a year Wow they are thought the abolishing of Iranian visa fees will lose Iraq well how much were to lose Iran yeah but she's gonna lose Iraq 50 million a year okay he says a parliamentary Finance Committee said on Sunday on Saturday the agreement is in the interest of Iran only and there's every look everything that Iran is doing is in the interest of Iran okay and Iraq should know that but Iraq had so many freaking Iranian puppets in the government that they're not saying no they're just smiling and saying yes and they're not they're not caring so yeah I mean so it is what are you supposed to do what are you what can you do about it when you have Iranian puppets in there you know you haven't you haven't you know completed the cabinet member with the technocrats now you haven't done anything so the Iranian puppets are write a ruling and they're and before they get out and before their time is up they're making sure that Iran controls everything in Iraq as you guys seen that right so this is lying this is why Iraq's not gonna thrive for for a long time because these are Iranian puppets see the end coming so they're forcing I they're literally a lot of an Iran to control everything that goes on in Iraq okay so when this thing happens they store in control and then once they want to shove it down they just invade and they shut it down okay so this is what's going on and everything that they're doing is in favor of I of Iran not Iraq and everything that they're doing is going to hurt Iraq and so they'll help Iraq you know even when they even then when they do give the purchasing power and everything it's still going to that's why they're not gonna be a thriver for so long that's why I you know for those citizens that are in Iraq um you know you better you better know what you're doing you better you know get your wealth get your purchasing power get all your stuff create jobs online and be able to get out of the country that's what you plan on doing because when those invasions come in you're you're in trouble okay so to just you know be able to use that time to be able to get your stuff and get out I mean I mean and be able to have jobs and be able to live anywhere in the world and because you work online okay so that's that let's go here and it says because of corruption Saudi fear of handing over the kingdom's grant to the government well yesterday we did a video on currency 365 about the deputy of the Gulf saying I would not to all the donors do not hand over not even one dinar to this country called Iran because all of it goes to the thieves and the corruption right and and then the corrupters and it's embarrassing okay they steal all the money that comes into the country to citizens see nothing the project there's no projects there's and there's no rehabilitation there's no rebuilding of countries cities and provinces there's nothing and it's only the stall there is a destruction right so because the corrupt steal everything so it says here that a Saudi writer okay Hamad has sent a warning to his government about the grant to be sent to Iraq to build a 1 billion dollar sports city so now and everybody is saying the same thing everybody's gonna warn each other about the same thing do not send no money to Iraq it is your money will be gone okay a billion dollars for Forest City will never happen under this current government under this current sectarianism on this current scheme they lie and say that do you say is gone they lied to practice positions are gone they lie about everything to end at the conferences but they are complete liars and they steal everything so they've been warned okay it is nice that the kingdom is giving the 1 billion to Iraq this is part of the policy of restoring Arab Iraq but be aware of ending over the money directly to the Iraqi government ok so there it is so more people are speaking out about this and do not hand over money to the Iraqi government it will be stolen ok so good good that they're good that people more people and I hope all the Arab countries and countries around the world say no more to Iraq lift your value and use your own wealth ok and that's what we want to see we want them to be wanting to seen get no more loans lift your value and use your own wealth that you have ok so that's what we want to see going forward so be careful everybody donating to Iraq ok so says Washington is reducing the number of US diplomats in in Iraq ok so says the administration Donald Trump is considering reducing the diplomatic mission in Iraq and Afghanistan ok as part of the border effort to save United States from the eighteen-year deadly conflict and Afghanistan according to the US officials you know Afghanistan is just for the drug in a sense really just for drugs there's nothing that I'd guessed and there's no reason why we're in there except for the opioids and the drugs so stuff like that us that's it there's not there's no mission in Afghanistan at all there's nothing in Afghanistan said dr the drug opioids and things like that that's why they did that's why they don't want to leave Afghanistan Justin we're not fighting anything and I guess we're just protecting fields of drugs that's it right okay so that's what they plan on doing it says they may also submit plans to reduce the number of diplomats who are being sent to the US Embassy in Iraq where Washington ends is readiness for war movies and South Asia to prepare for what is calls in the era of or rival great powers okay so this is prepared for what is calls the error of rival great powers with China and Russia I had to read that over again okay so that's what's coming so these they're they're preparing for this China and Russia dominance in the world and that's then that's the glue that's the recent right the reset is gonna have China and Russia as these great powers well of course we're back by the BRICS right and China's currency is gonna try to try to gain that war reserve strength and the West is gonna suffer under debt and that's what we're suffering right now right we're suffering the Western world is suffering under debt right conflicts debts and immigrants that's what we're suffering under and that's planned that's been planned that was a plan or this trigger thing this is why we we were screaming at the European countries to not taken the immigrants you know I mean not because we don't like people's because it's a planned agenda by the new order to destroy the Western world right and so you know why do you why do you why do you think all the rich countries in the Arab world didn't take them because it was it's a planned agenda right so that's why they would they walk right by the rich Saudi Arabia rich UAE rich Kuwait you know and all these other rich countries and they in Eastern in Middle East – – and then take risk their lies ons on boats and ships to get to all go over to Europe you know like come on no it's an agenda right and we called it all years and years of years ago and so in many of these European countries didn't care they said shut up and then all the sudden now they're complaining that it's immigrants are raping their women and then destroying their towns yeah it's too late now right and so it is what it is you know you now you can't kick them out and now you're having problems that their borders over over flow of immigrants now they're talking about shutting their borders you know Denmark and Italy all these countries are now trying to shut their importers and you know and in the country – just the countries are in complete mess right but we warn these people right on here I'm currently all 35 and I it's over media we warned them don't do it it's an agenda and they just told us to shut up my hand so you know you pay the consequences for that America isn't going through that right America is America isn't going through that because we didn't allow millions of p.m. occurrence that we don't know just just flood into a country and we're for the agenda of lovin the newer order we just didn't we didn't allow that and if we had I we probably wouldn't be talking right now because many of us would either be either be in a subir weep I would already had a civil war already in America okay so moving on from there let's go here deputy a great consensus on the names of the defense and interior can be easily passed right okay so we know that you may we know that the Minister cabinet manners could be already passed long time ago I think everybody knows that by now I think people are not stupid right people know that you have four names left and you can't pass them and you've been and you take an office since October something's not right right but everybody I think people would kind of sense know that why hasn't Abdul Mahdi had an emergency Parliament meeting to pass the cabinet members why hasn't even cared about talking to the people I thought the cabinet members why doesn't he say anything about the cabinet members anymore right like so there's a consensus from everybody on the net that Abdul Mahdi is literally trying to pretend that the cabinet members aren't complete like he's literally trying to pretend that the Qaeda members are complete and that they don't need to be completed right so and and so he has no he has no he doesn't want nothing to do with the completion of the cabinet members I don't think he ever had wanted anything to do with it after the threats that came from Iran and the Iranian puppets oh yeah I mean I think maybe in the beginning he was like okay cool that's good two character members done but then they came on said no you're not you're not gonna break the system and remove our power right and so he was in the NATO and they threatened his life right so he's been different since then has me so yes so they said it these things are easy especially the defense in the theory administer these are easy stuff we already had a lot of these people's names that we liked we've already agreed upon many of these people many of these are cabinet members and so the problem is is is a Abdul mahdi now bringing it to not bring in the the draft law to Parliament to vote on it because at the end of the day they could have all the meetings I'd be one and I said this already they could have all the means that they want on on the part on the on the cabinet members but if Abdul mind this and bring it to Parliament for a vote cuz he's the Prime Minister and he has to bring it for a vote then it doesn't matter okay so I'll do mine doesn't bring any of this stuff to a vote it doesn't matter what Sardar says it doesn't matter what that's why they had to remove them because Sadr said it doesn't look he does look like Abdul mighty wants the cabinet members to be completed so I'm gonna go with who I'm gonna design a new project – then remove Abdul mati we haven't heard from solder since so you know I mean so I don't know what's gonna happen with that but yeah they they're not fooling anybody since the government cabinet members is living in a state of ripple between the tide and the calamities we finally break through the ministry's offset with the spams spasms or whatever it's called on all that is of other ministers and other times get the opposite noting that in the previous period was the dilemma confined to the Ministry of Defense and interior offset offset offset flexibility in the Ministry of Justice what the scene today reflected okay now remember sardars a coalition sue Ron or whatever is called right said two weeks ago that the cabinet members a family will about three weeks ago of Maliki's goons were laughing at solder Alliance because they said you guys can't even pass to the last four cabinet names and then Sauter's coalition sooo Ron came out and said watch we are we we we already agreed on the names we'll get it we'll have it done we'll have the draft law in Parliament and then that week went by we didn't see anything then they come out again and say that the last week you know that this week this week they'll have the names in there and then that didn't happen why it's not happening because abdullah mahdi is the one that has to have he's the one that gives permission to to vote on the cabinet members and he has no plans on doing it okay so I told Sardar that is time to move right it's time to move in and get the guy out because he has no plans on doing that and he's gonna take a lot of vacations and he's gonna put Parliament on a lot of vacations so he can just continue to delay all the way to October and then solder can then kick him out because his years up so he's gonna waste a year like LeBron in LA right LeBron comes to LA he came by himself you know Paul George didn't come he didn't even talk to look like he didn't even talk to Paul George like yo you coming Ali or not like Paul George stated okay okay see no one else came with LeBron James he came by himself to LA and then he gets hurt and that really helped and that really hurt them and then of course trade the trade talks Trent and he gave us really hard to come to the team they were upset and then they literally squandered a whole year well Abdul Mahdi's doing the same thing here and he was given a year he was given six months then he was given a year and he's gonna squander the whole year and then and then they gonna have to pick somebody else but as long as he does his job he doesn't get killed by Iran so he doesn't care okay so there you go so that's what's going on and let's wrap it up with this as a source reveals the main objective behind Saudi Arabia's supply of electricity to Iraq the main objective behind Saudi Arabia's supply to Iraq is pointing out that the price of electricity from Saudi Arabia amounts to half or what Iraq paid to Iran oh wow so it's half of it okay Saudi Arabia movement inside Iraq came us payment noting that Saudi Arabia's electricity supply to Iraq will withdraw the argument on the issue a commitment to the application of US sanctions on Iran all right and I said this back in November December why don't they this use Saudi Arabia electricity why are they still using Iran because they are obey our Iranian puppets and they don't want to stop being Iranian puppet right they could easily use Saudi Arabia's electricity and they refuse to now Saudi Arabia is helping out will of tricity and they're still using Iran so and then he as soon as Saudi Arabia it comes to Iraq and and does electricity with Iraq Abdul mahdi runs to Iran okay to make sure that it looks to make sure that he's not part of it we and then they do deals there for more energy and and ungass with Iran you see what's going on Abdul mahdi is so afraid of Iran Saudi comes into town this dude runs to Iran to do all into more oil and gas and electricity arm contracts and agreements with Iran to make to make it look like he's not part of this Saudi Arabia electricity to Iraq deals it's unbelievable man this guy is so afraid of of Iran remember when Iran came to town he started snitching on a body and like like like a body's the one that that's the reason why we have so much gold our bodies the reason why we have all this stuff you know the government in our banking sector is back to normal again because he allowed the Americans to take over central bank and properly thing back up but this is what he's saying that Iran it's an embarrassment right so he's he's very scared of Iran he's an Iranian puppy so unless he was thought it does if fire doesn't do anything we are literally gonna sit here unless God intervenes right with a national emergency you're prophetic boom we're gonna sit here and rot until October until we get maybe a body returns at that time he saw eyes open by [Applause]

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