Pixave for iPad Digital Asset Management (run away)

welcome this is Curtis McHale and what you're gonna watch today is a quick review of pic save and what you can see sort of over my shoulder here is it's running so one of the issues I highlight this in the in the review that it gets stuck downloading stuff because it has an issue and you can't actually see the files that it's stored in iCloud you can't see them on the web you can't see them in your Mac you can't see them on your iPad locally stored either and that's a problem so right now I'm actually downloading all the files that it says it has it was 17 it's been downloading for a while and I have fairly fast internet and I'm just waiting to get my files back cuz it's got a whole bunch of videos locked up including the review that you're about to watch so if you're gonna use pick save it's really cool but I don't know it's so pretty scary to say did I just lose all my videos as it tries to download over say a couple hours it's been trying to download seventeen videos of I don't know probably ten gigs should be fine should be able to download it fine but it is killing my bandwidth anyway buckle up enjoy let me know what you're using for your digital asset management if you're on iPad first like myself [Applause] what we're gonna do right now is a quick review of pic save for iPad so what pic say is is a digital assets management to dam tool and it there's many things that are cool about it there's a lot of things that don't love about it so some of the things that I love are the collections right you can see so I've got it here is this posted content planning video coming up deal migration video coming up some b-roll for be a good parent video coming up I have an inbox that's where I'd dump all the videos when I first get them and this is a review of pic save let me bring this up right now so something that happens every so often with pixie which is on the last good side don't play this video is this is pic save downloading when I came to it it had just crashed and didn't even think it had a library and then when I set up the library I said you know went through the intro screens and then quit it and then came back and it was downloading all my media again which means it's just using bandwidth needlessly so that sucks what it lets me do too is I'll just grab a video here and I'll you hit the I in the bottom corner so it lets me have a bunch of information so I can sort videos on this I can have smart collections on this I can do a lot of stuff with it right I can tag my video if I wanted I don't need to tag any of this anyways when I could tag it now something that doesn't do is that this playing right now I can't hear myself talking you can't hear me talking if I put on my bluetooth headphones totally fine I have no idea why you'd say hey Curtis you should ask pick save I've asked pick save questions they don't get back to me so they have this in handy like just you know do something here I would have a handy in the gear icon right touch the send feedback they never get back to you anyway I've no idea two weeks ago was all the questions not a word so the auto tagging byte image recognition that's interesting I did this at first and I kept wondering like well where did all these tags come from and they were right but they just weren't agreed this is the settings there's a bunch of stuff in here you can do as far as how big your thumbnails are how you want to preview things you want the light theme with a dark theme that's all great you could have multiple libraries so I could have a second library here this is set up to use iCloud right now and that's actually one of the bad things about it one of the bad things about it is you can see it says in the bottom corner moved I pad but it actually is on my iPad as well so this is eating up all my iPad storage at the same time as my iCloud storage and it's not offloading anything it's backing it up which is great but it's not offloading anything what I'd love and this is one of the reasons I'm gonna stop storing all of my media in Pixie all my video media is because it's not floated and I'd only have a hundred-twenty a cute iPad I need more storage like I just need to keep the storage room so I'm gonna offload everything off to the files a ball might be roll anyways and only current projects are going to be in here and I can pull in the b-roll that I need as I need it so this is a things review yes this video exists in the productivity collection and this means that how do I do that again hit the pencil so this is a smart collection you can see I have one condition and there are multiple conditions I can put on this so if I wanted to grab all my video is for a certain type in theory that would be great so if I had a one terabyte iPad pro I could have lots more on here I could store like here's all the b-roll I really like that it would keep around and you know files are iCloud only has some things that I'm just not gonna use regularly so and I can you know sort it all with these smart collections I can give them colors there's lots of different things you can do with it it's canceled that so what I'd love to see picks a do is you know say after seven days it just offloads the video I haven't updated in seven days to iCloud only and saves me storage on my iPad that would be great it doesn't do it so I don't know else to say just doesn't do it and then it would stream it or download it as I need it that's it that would be great it'd be an awesome thing to have and you know if I had like hated this collection so you know I could mark off these ones that are upcoming videos like I'd never upload these good until I'm done with them because I'm going to do videos with these so just keep them for me until I don't need them and then I would put them you know it's file these videos away so like this all this review this is all talking head stuff it's unlikely able to use this long term or what I can use I will do all archived out of luma fusion and then I will be able to just have the pieces that I need so I don't need this long-term but so offload it um so this will just get all deleted but any of the b-roll that I shoot for this I'll keep later because I might use that b-roll later as well I'd love that b-roll to be offloaded to iCloud or to you know at iCloud I suppose is the best option or the option I have right now but to some cloud service and not store locally on my iPad but that's a quick review of pick safe I love the tagging feature right I can go to a tagging view I could find all of my bullet journal things I could find I just cleared the stuff so I don't have that don't have these backpacks either but I can see what's be role I can see what is my daughter yeah my daughter right there all right I could go through as a reading I have just offloaded all these cuz I'm not going to do any more routines it's my routine video right I'd love to be able to go through there's things right anybody was gonna show up there I'd love to be able to have this offloaded long-term so that I didn't have to start locally and up the cloud that just seems like a waste like this isn't a backup shouldn't be a backup I don't think it should be an offload so that I can see the things that I need to see instead of just having my yeah my my stuff getting up for no reason that seems it's good to be mean to me anyways so if you are doing digital asset management for your iPad I'd love to know how you're doing it I'd love to know what you're doing what you're using what software using what cloud service are using because I would anticipate that you all have possibly a better solution that I have at this moment because what I have right now it works but it's not exactly what I wish it would be thanks for watching and again thanks for watching that was my review of pick save as a digital asset management tool for your iPad it holds your video it can do much different stuff but it doesn't poorly actually even as I tried to figure out whether this would work I realized that I haven't heard from their review their help team in a couple weeks despite me saying hey help team I need help and I don't heard anything from them and that I just checked her Twitter account there has been no updates for to it for 161 days so I think it's probably dead on the vine which is unfortunate because it's really cool I think we need something like this something that works with the iCloud something that will allow us to manage video manage everything else on an iPad just to upgrade it into a professional workflow files is okay that's I'm gonna use now but pick save was way cooler it had a lot more features it had other things that were really interesting in it and it just felt like the right tool you're reminded me of maybe not lie true maybe Adobe bridge a little bit but I remind you have a good tool but it's not there yet so don't use it and it doesn't seem to be supported anymore so I just stay away from it that's what I'd say stay away from anyway if you liked the review if you have other apps you want to hear about if other things you want to see me do right below you can subscribe you can like you can give me anything comments I'd love to know comments about what you're doing thanks for watching have an awesome day

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