PIVXPress October 3, 2019 – Introduction Video – Jeffrey

Hi PIVians from around the globe. This is Jeffrey coming to you
live from Capetown, South Africa. And you’re watching another
episode of the PIVXPress. So to all you frequent
viewers out there you may have noticed that we haven’t
posted a video in quite some time. That’s because we’ve been
really busy behind the scenes. There’s so many new things happening. We work on new wallets,
new privacy protocols, and just a whole bunch of
things behind the scenes. And finally we are back with a new face, and I’m going to be taking the PIVXPress
from here on out as your host Jeffrey. But before we begin, I just want to say my utmost
thanks to SnappySnap for leading this. He’s been doing tons
of videos over the past, and it’s really been great. He’s brought on our brand. And SnappySnap, from the
PIVX community, from me, from pretty much everyone who has
watched this right now, thank you to you. It’s been great, and thank you so
much for handing the torch to me so I can take this here on out. So let’s continue now. Welcome all that are
brand new to the show. I just want to tell you
everything that we’re about. So on the PIVXPress we like to
go over four different main topics. So the main topics are as follows: we have the Tech news, we have our Alliances, we have the Community news, and we also have our Adoption. So pretty much you will
see all the new merchants. We’ll be talking a lot about that. Our new wallet releases. New privacy protocol. And just pretty much anything
major within the community I will have prepared for you
and hand it out in the next episode. So yeah, just make sure you subscribe. Make sure you like. Comment what you’d like to hear about. I like to read through the comments and see what people are looking
for within the PIVX community, and we can do something based on that. Thanks so much for tuning in everyone. So basically, this episode is just
to introduce me as your new host, and I hope, like me, all of you guys are looking forward to our
new episodes that’ll be coming through. Pretty much, we try
for at least once a month, but if we have more news that comes in I’ll try to get more news
to you as soon as possible. But thank you so much and
most of all keep it purple, people.

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