PIVX PRESENTS: PIVXpress, Jan 29th 2019

BRYAN: Good moment, everybody. People, PIVians around the
world, or in outer space. I’m not excluding you either. You might be listening from a space
station or Mars for that matter. It’s currently January 2019. Thanks for tuning in this
month’s recap of PIVXPress. Well, it’s been an
incredible start to 2019. If you’ve been watching any
of the social feeds for PIVX, crypto in large, but specifically PIVX, the amount of energy resurgence
within the community. Some of the developments,
which we’ll talk about here. I’m of course very biased. I’m purple. But I’m also extremely excited by this,
I’ll call it a new feeling, right? I know we don’t often talk about
feelings in cryptocurrencies, but there’s a new sensation that seems
to be swelling within the PIVX community and I’m going to be talking about that. So first things first, let’s jump into the what we would
call the core development, right, the core node. More Github announcements
and pushes are coming out. It seem like, and I know
we’ve been talking about it, version 3.2 is right around the corner. We’ll be super excited about that one. Again, if you don’t know
what’s coming in version 3.2 I would highly recommend you go to last
month’s recap, take a look at the features. Specifically, there’s
going to be a lot of stuff that really, really mesh and correlate
to the light node protocol, right, so that will allow the minting and
staking on low resource devices as well as expands some of
the other features of PIVX. So kudos, kudos to the core
PIVX developers, right? Specifically thanks to Fuzzbawls,
to warrows, to random.zebra, Furszy, anybody else that
I might have missed there. Thank you guys or gals as well. I’m not going to be
discriminatory there. Thank you for your efforts and work. Specifically in that one arena, right, of really maintaining the core ethos and
what is the backbone technology of PIVX. So thanks very much for
your efforts there, guys. All right, making a
little bit of a pivot, let’s go talk about
some governance stuff. If you also are new to PIVX, if this is your first time
watching, welcome, first of all. If you don’t know, PIVX is a DAO. We do have a governance mechanism that allows people to submit
proposals to receive funding, and that’s how we make
decisions within PIVX. In the ecosystem. So the budget proposal superblock, that’s when payouts occur
and the votes are finalized, which occurs every 30 days. That just occurred. You can go take a look. One of the best places to
see it is PIVX Central. You can go look at PIVX Central
and see all the proposals that have got submitted. Which ones were funded,
which ones passed, etc. Again, this is an
incredible way and example of how decentralization can also
have a community aspect to it, right? This isn’t just decentralization to
isolation and it’s just fragmented, etc. No, there’s actually
people making decisions, and those people are the
PIVX community, right, so those people that have masternodes. Well, harkening back a while
ago if you guys don’t remember, the PIVX masternodes actually voted to
give up their exclusive right to voting, which means that the door
is open for developments in furthering the governance
mechanisms within PIVX. And so a perfect time to highlight
some of this new energy coming in. There’s a couple figures that
have jumped into the PIVX Discord, saw what we wanted to do, and the
vision with the PIVX governance and just took it upon themselves and are actually building
out the next iteration, or potential next iteration of what a voting protocol
mechanism would look like for PIVX. And they’re going to test it,
they’re going to gamify it at first so we can gather data and feedback, but this is all community driven, right? So this person actually
didn’t even put a proposal in. They just started building this
and they are open sourcing this, releasing it to the community
just to get feedback. Why? Because they found a place to be. They found people they
liked working with and talking with and they had free time so call them a hobbiest
whatever you want. They saw a vision, they aligned with it, and they’re building this. And of course along the way,
I’ve been paying attention, this person’s receiving tips,
right, from the PIVX ecosystem. Another example just of the fluidity
of what’s possible within PIVX. So speaking of developments,
community aspect developments there, another incredible
individual who came in– so that first person, furniture, you can
go take a look and say thanks to them. This other person, JSKitty,
who’s now in the PIVX Discord and really, really turning purple
as well has built some awesome bots. So specifically now PIVX Bots, or
Botworks if you want call it that, the tipping mechanism, tipping bot,
in PIVX is up and running again and expanded features
including private tips. Really cool there. So you can send people tips anonymously. That’s fits with PIVX, right? The other is radio. The PIVX live streaming radio. So you can actually now go into
the PIVX Discord and become a DJ. Take over for an hour. 30 minutes. Play some songs that you like. Talk about them or not talk about them. And all of this is getting also
tweeted out into Twitter as well. So it’s incredible to see the community starting to really catalyze around
the more human aspects as well while we’re still using this incredible
technology of the PIVX blockchain. There are some more bots
being developed as well. Some governance bots that will show
you what proposals are coming in, the last one to get
updated in terms of voting. All of this just making it easier really
for people to use, consume, and share what PIVX is about, right? So one of the things that
we’ve been talking about is that PIVX is beyond private. It’s a tagline you might start
hearing us use testing it out. It’s got incredible core technology. It’s got incredible privacy technology. Those of use in PIVX know that. And PIVX is beyond private. So yes, that means that our privacy
protocols are kick ass quite frankly. And pioneering. And pushing the forefronts of what’s
possible in privacy and cryptocurrency. We’re also beyond private. And when you apply that into
a community-centric arena of what PIVX is, it means
there’s so many other facets like the governance, like the community, like the crazy purpleness
that is PIVX, right? Because we’re people. We’re individuals bringing our own
flair, emotions, and styles to this. So that’s why PIVX for me personally and the line I’ll start
saying is it’s beyond private. So now we get to talk about the
incredible privacy technology as well as these other facets as well. So dovetailing that into
the governance proposals, so coming full circle, love to announce two, three,
four, five, I’ve lost count now, new people coming in to PIVX specifically that are
incredible marketers. I’m about to drop their names now. Angelo and Kelsey, AKA,
the new PIVX Pixie, you might have seen
her pop in on Discord, are two brand new global ambassadors for PIVX. Not just that, they’re
incredible, incredible marketers. You might have seen some
of their work with adbank. They now have come into
the PIVX ecosystem. They’ve been huge PIVX
supporters from day one. Another individual that’s coming
with them as well, Stephanie. You might see her popping up. Go say hi to her. She’s going to be helping assisting with
a lot of the internal communications, project managements, between what Angelo
and Kelsey are doing out in the world. And you’re going to start
seeing that very soon. And then just helping
coordinate communications internally with the team, etc. So stay tuned. Kelsey’s going to be putting
out her own video series, which I am super excited about,
called What’s Poppin with PIVX. So you’re going to see her being
able to explain what PIVX is. Much more of a fireside. Just a fun, incredible
video series there. Angelo’s going to be doing a
bi-weekly Q&A, fireside AMAs. Stay tuned for that. They’re going to be working hand in hand
with the current marketing ecosystem that we have outlining some–
it’s just, guys it’s incredible. New energy coming in. New marketing focus and
expansion upon what’s been built. And really I would say the next level
of infrastructure, communications, bandwidth, so that we can begin to
support all of the incredible news that’s in PIVX which
we know about, right? So this becomes the
amplification process back out. So stay tuned. Stephanie as well is super, super
passionate about the environment. And one of the big things
in talking to her recently that she’s passionate about is explaining how PIVX is really
the go to eco-friendly coin, right? So some of you might
disagree with me there. That’s fine. But if we talk about in the leading
cryptocurrencies that are out there, PIVX is one of the most economically
and environmentally friendly coins out there on the market, right? We talk about the economics a lot. This past year we’ve talked about that. Now, a whole new facet and
whole new global ambassador championing and pioneering
the environmental aspects, the posititive ones, that PIVX has. So go say hi to them. Again, that’s Angelo, Kelsey, Steph. You’re going to start
to see more people come in around the marketing
team as well, so go say hi. It’s an incredible– this is, we’re not even one month in
and all of this new energy is coming in. All of these new
frameworks are being built, which is only going to help
amplify the message back out. So I’m excited if you can’t tell. All right, another PIVX initiative
that you might be aware of. PIVXSports. We’ve had everything
from youth robotics, to professional world championship
surfers, to soccer teams as well. We’ve got more coming on for 2019. Specifically, if you guys
know about Luke Fullbrook, you might if you’re in the UK. He is probably by far the world’s
strongest, or UK’s strongest master, right? So remember the world’s
strongman competitions? That’s still going on and it’s
actually getting a resurgence. And this dude is a beast. Come on! Yes.
Yeah. ANNOUNCER: Easily for Luke. BRYAN: And he’s super
passionate about PIVX. He’s going to be repping PIVX at all
his events, when he’s training, etc. He’s really, really
exciting to be coming in. On the heels of the incredible efforts, thanks John M, for partnering us
with Cris Cyborg and that UFC work, there’s avenues opening up into MMA. Hopefully we’ll be able to
talk about that very soon. Big, big conduits there. I’m working, still hoping to get
in a potential Olympic triathlete out of Australia to come in. And it’s just epic, right? The UPF, Universal Purple Flow, of
PIVX is just expanding outwards. So stay tuned to PIVXSports as well. Keep updated there. I look forward to showing you
more about all of the ambassadors in the sports world
that are repping PIV. All right, some last
minute news and updates. I think PIVX got on two new exchanges
in the first, what, 24 days of January. Any of the announcements that I missed
we’ll put them below in the comments. I think that’s enough for January, right? If you’re not on Discord, come say hi. Come meet the community there. Maybe if you want to
DJ for an hour or two come on in we’ll throw you the DJ booth. You can chat about what you like
and play your favorite songs from in the Discord. And just stay tuned for all the
updates, announcements, and releases coming out of PIVX. Thanks for tuning in, folks. It’s been a great 24
days of January thus far. Wait, actually it’s 25, 26? I’m losing track of time. There’s too much going
on in PIVX, right? Be good to one another. Be good to yourself. Smile. And as always… Keep it Purple, People.

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