Piece Of The Py (Py Patel) Mission Statement (Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency News & Information)

hey everyone I’m PI Patel
and a very warm welcome to you and thanks for stopping by my channel today.
I not only wanted to take a moment to define what this channel is all about
but also what I’m all about and what it is that I want to achieve
with the time I’ll be spending here with you. First
I think it’s important to say that this isn’t going to be your typical
cryptocurrency channel… they’ve done studies you know 60% of the time it
works every time that doesn’t make sense… I genuinely love
helping people, if together we can learn something new, trade ideas, and pass the
knowledge forward then that’s a huge win in my book… and here’s why, the more
individuals we can reach with a common message the more support we can acquire in the coming years when we may need it the most. Because whether we are fully
prepared or not we are still up against the biggest institutional Goliath’s
humanity has ever known! So we must be united and we must be strong! “In 1971
President Nixon took the united states off the gold standard
since then the world is operated under a system of money called fiat currency.
Fiat currency is paper currency that a government has declared to be legal
tender. Fiat money is essentially nothing more than a piece of paper worth
something only because the government says it is. It’s only value comes from
the good faith by the people that use it to accept it as payment. The problem with a fiat system is that the government is free to print as much money as they want
thus they can create billions out of thin air and pump it into circulation,
making the money already out there worth less and less… but history has taught us
that no fiat currency lasts forever, in fact every currency since China first
experimented with it in the 11th century has failed. So if no fiat currency has
stood the test of time why would it be different here in the United States?
Since its creation the British Pound has lost 99.5% of its
value… as for the US dollar from 1971 to 2008 the amount of dollars in
circulation increased by 17 times, this has resulted in an 81 percent fall in
purchasing power… ever wonder why all those goods and services cost more now
than they did when you were younger? Now you know. Currently the United States
owes more than 15 trillion dollars in debt, and historically speaking, when a
country has gotten itself in a huge debt its answer has always been to make more
money 🙁 Perhaps the u.s. monetary system is
headed toward complete failure like currencies before it… if so what comes
next? It may sound daunting and at this point in
history it may even sound impossible! But we shouldn’t be discouraged!
Both blockchain and cryptocurrency are here to stay, and sooner or later it will
be a dominant force in the world’s financial infrastructure! Blockchain has
the capacity to change the whole world and improve our daily lives. So it’s very
important for all of us to spread the message of how and why this is the case.
We should show others how they can all be a part of this revolution, and why
it’s groundbreaking! We’ll arm individuals with our most powerful
weapon of all… knowledge! It won’t be long before real adoption takes off to the
likes of which we have never seen before! It’s so important that we rally together
under common goals, support viable projects, and promote the technology in a
positive light, the way that it rightfully deserves! So it’s my stated
goal to create content that is fun and positive, while also being educational,
informative and On-Point ‘SWISH’ Videos that are light enough for all of
us beginners out there, yet providing key information that even the most seasoned
of vets can still appreciate. Doing this is not easy, it’s a very dedicated and
time-consuming process prone to making mistakes, getting facts wrong, upsetting
entire communities, times and dates that are constantly changing! Then also
dealing with all the fake news and misinformation, shill campaigns, big
money institutions and their collusion with the dying legacy media! We all have
our work cut out for us here… BUT I WILL NOT BACK DOWN! This is our
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us normal, everyday people, to be a part of
something big by unlocking insights into this emerging viable financial
marketplace, that is still it’s very early infancy stages. This is
the source of my motivation this is why I want my platforms to reach as many
people as I can, and help everyone understand and benefit from this coming
paradigm shift. I’ll work very hard to present the most accurate info and give
multiple sides to one story. I will never offer investment advice, none of my
videos will be made for any other purpose than to inform and educate. I
will never lead you down a rabbit hole, I will never deceive you, nor will I do
anything to take advantage of you. HEY HEY HEY… *indistinguishable grumbles*
We must be united in our cause, especially in a time when a lot of our
communities seem divided Give them nothing! But take from them everything! there are some shady practices out there
that others may use to promote themselves online. My channel will never
tolerate buying fake subscribers or view counts, or joining pump-and-dump groups.
My growth, my engagements, followers, subscribers, views, and every other metric
is 100% organic and authentic. I’ll never use my voice to be a negative influence
or harmful to our community in any way. I may not be perfect and I may not be as
smart as someone else out there, but I will never pretend to be! This is an
ongoing learning experience for me as well. I will do the absolute best job
that I can to be sure that what I present to you is completely accurate
and very well sourced. I will also encourage open dialogue and debates. I
believe these things are crucial to have as they help us to identify important
points that may have otherwise been overlooked. Thank you for tuning in and I
look forward to sharing more future content with you and I also look forward
to hearing all of your feedback, criticisms, and kind words in the comments
down below… and one last note, anything you do to support me and my show will go
right back into this channel, and will be used to continue our fight and help lift
us up in new and better ways. This is Py Patel and I love all of you more than
you know! It’s because of you that I will continue to fight in the good times in
the bad. you are my encouragement and my reason
for being. *KISS* bye everyone! I need a drink… now is this water or
vodka oh you’ll never know! The more individuals we can reach Oh wah wah wah
light went out… that’s what happens when you have cheap lights, they run out of
power 🙁 The more individuals we can reach okay
that’s why I try to remember to do all the facial expressions and energy and…
is there lipstick in my teeth? because… because because because because because because of the wonderful things he
does! That’s why we go to see the Wizard.
Back to the video. It may sound daunting and at this point in history it may even
seem. It may even seem impossible… like
impossible… like Mission Impossible, but it was possible, because he makes that
mission. But I will not back down! I pledge to work very hard.
I’ll work work I can’t say work right. We must be united in our cause. I will do
the absolute best job that I can to be sure that… I will do… I will do… okay, hold on… I aaaahhh need my energy. I will also encourage an open… I’m off to see the Wizard! The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!
because because because because because because of the wonderful things he does.
Like give hearts to the lion that didn’t have a heart. scarecrow.. no! scarecrow wanted
the brain, right the scarecrow that needed the brain, Dorothy needed to get
back home and toto well he was just there. Who else is in there? The lion the
Scarecrow… Is that it? Dorothy, lion and scarecrow… one needed a brain, one needed
a heart… I guess that’s? I thought there was one more person? Anyway the
wizard gives a lot so hopefully he gives me a lot of gifts for Christmas and for
Hanukkah 🙂 that’s all. Okay bye! Was there another one? Who else was there? Was this
scar…scarecrow. huh? ah! the Tin Man! and he’s the one that needed… what did he
need? The heart! He needed the heart… lion needed courage that’s right and he was
the Cowardly Lion ahhhh. it’s a tin man I needed the heart.

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