Pi Mobile Phone Mining Review | How To Earn Pi Cryptocurrency Passively

Hello my friend, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin
Lifestyles Club and today I’d like to introduce you to a mobile ‘mine-able’ cryptocurrency
developed by a Stanford PHD Vincent McPhillip, which I have verified as the originator of
the project by doing a little research on google. The crypto is called Pi, which is in reference
to the number Pi 3.1415 and so on… and it’s currently in a beta testing phase that started
several months ago, and is currently at 200,000+ users. It’s a great time to get started mining Pi
with your mobile phone, because the next mining halving is going to be when the network reaches
the 1 million user mark… that means once there are 1 million people using Pi, they
are going to reduce the amount of Pi we can earn passively through the mining by 50%. This will increase scarcity of the coin and
should be a factor in helping the value appreciate long term. To mine or passively receive these coins you
will just need to support the Pi network through the app on your mobile phone. You literally just have to download the free
app and press a button once a day to initiate mining via the app on your phone. So this is what the app will look like when
you first get logged into it. They did a great job making it super user
friendly, it literally walks you through the process of getting started mining Pi, as you
can see. The graphics on the screen prompt you to initially
tap the button that initiates mining on your phone for Pi. They do this to ensure that people are not
gaming the process with bots. They want only human users to ensure the robustness
of the network. And that’s it my phone is now mining Pi, which
you can see by looking at the top of the screen, where you see the amount of Pi in my wallet
slowly increasing. Now I’m going to show you the part of the
app that provides info about mining Pi, and how you can increase the rate or speed at
which you are mining it. We are just going to click the green button
with the lightning bolt again, that we first pressed to start the mining. When you first start it up, you are earning
Pi at the base level rate of a Pioneer which will get you about 0.39 Pi per hour. The next way you can increase your rate of
Pi mining, is to become a contributor. This just requires you to complete three mining
sessions [which is basically three days] before you can gain access to the ability to set
up a security circle. Doing so will help you earn more Pi. Now what you can do immediately to increase
your rate of Pi mining is to earn as an Ambassador… This means if you refer new users to the app,
they are going to join your validation / earning team, and you will also increase the rate
at which you earn Pi by 25% of .39 PI per hour per referred user. As you can see here, I have referred 19 members
over the past couple of days. So as a result, I can earn up to an additional
1.87 Pi per hour on top of the .39 I get as a Pioneer, which brings my total which you
can see down at the bottom, to 2.26 Pi per hour. Not bad!! Then if you scroll it down a little bit more,
you will see there are these two buttons here, the one that says ‘Ping Inactive’ is there
so you can ping the members of your team that still need to press the button to initiate
mining for the day. The ‘Invite More’ button allows you to invite
your phone contacts to the app. But if you use the button at the bottom that
says ‘use other channels’, you can then just select to ‘copy’ with your phone and it will
copy down your affiliate link that you can use to get credit for referring new users. And then last but not least, I see at the
bottom of the list of options here, that there will be the option to run a full node of Pi,
which will likely have its own rewards system as well. Now I’m just going to use the back arrow,
to head back to the main screen. From here you can use Chat to read the FAQs
and communicate with the community or developers. If you click the little users icon that shows
how many members you have referred and are active via the little fraction underneath
it… It will bring you to a list of your referred
users and show which ones are active mining by having a green pi symbol to the right of
their name. You can ping inactive users from this screen
as well. Then last but not least you can gain access
to further options via navigational menu that pops out from the three white lines at the
top left of the screen… Which will give you options like the ones
we just went over, and additional ones like access to the white paper of the project,
details about the core team and access to your profile, which is another spot you can
grab your affiliate link and see your invitation code and some other settings like hiding your
real name from the network, if you want to increase your privacy further. So hope you loved this walkthrough, showing
you how to participate in the beta and passively earn Pi. It will be a cool way to expand your crypto
portfolio with a passively earning cryptocurrency project! And by the way, if you appreciated this info
and want to reward me, just use my link below this video [or in the post above if you are
looking at this on social media] in order to join my validation / earning team, I would
love to work with you on this project! It should populate the invitation code field
with my username ‘bitcoinlifestyles’ when you use my link, otherwise if it does not,
you can just type in ‘bitcoinlifestyles’ with no space. And of course if you have any questions, hit
me up, I’m always happy to help! Caleb Wright here signing off from Bitcoin Lifestyles Club….
if you are looking to step up your game and be in position to maximise on the opportunities
of the crypto market with me, be sure to checkout my education and markets mastermind chat group….
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