Pi Crypto. 150K Members ! (free crypto) (new cryptocurrency) (2019)

my friends my crypto-currency lovers the new video about pi crypto network is growing very fastly 13 days ago I posted a video about by telling satire we have reached 100,000 members here ok so as his video was posted in July I certain ok I can show you sir date July is the 7th ok so 13 days later we have reached 150 K engaged pioneers members ok so as you can see the network is growing fast ly exponentially so for the people who didn't join yet you have to join right now if you want to learn PI crypto for free and mine at reasonable rate because when we will reach 1 million engage ponies engage users the weights will be mining rate will be divided by 2 it's called sea helping all right and quick recommendation for the member who are in my team because I got 80 member right now i really suggest you to check your phone number to get verified because i got lots of people who didn't verify it their phone number if you're watching this video please do it I told talked about it in my last previous video and the problem if you don't verify your phone number is that you will risk to lose your running when the core team will start know your customers procedure ok so yeah there is also a new option in my profile that I noticed yesterday is here's ability to had a password yeah ok so it's good because it's round force your security features I hope they will but also Google Authenticator feature ok later when we will be able to exchange our PI and will be able to withdrawal ok as you can see right now I got moles on eight thousands by talking by crypto so if we do just a quick calculation let's say one PI will cost one cents only one sense ok so if we do the maths for 8,000 falls in amount we can imagine that I get already 83 dollars in PI crypto so it's not bad for a free product something that you don't have to buy so if you want to join this app this is mining app totally free I put the link below with my invitation card and you will get 25% bonus if you like this video of course feel free to put a like and if you want to subscribe to my channel for all the info about pi crypto and also free cryptocurrency because I am everyday looking for the best product for you a product totally free if possible with mobile friendly or with an app included so if you want more info if you have question if you want to comment under this video feel free ok it's on your crypto lover friend and I'll see you in my next video bye bye

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