The Philippine peso is an all the time low to the US dollar in the Philippines! MUSIC Playing….. Hello everyone, and Welcome back. For those of you that are here for the first time, I want to suggest that you click on the subscribe button and the bell notification icon. So you can continue receiving fresh new Philippine videos and motivational vidoes on an almost daily basis. Hey, today I want to talk to you about The Philippine Peso hits an all time low to the U.S. Dollar in the Philippines! The Philippine Peso hits an all time low to the U.S. Dollar in the Philippines! Yahhh Now when we talk about the Philippines you understand, that this is a country where cas is still king. And when you’re talking about the Philippine peso vs the U.S. Dollar. Many many people are interested in that exchange rate. Because two reasons, number 1 There are many many Americans living in the Philippines. And that rate affects their money. Secondly, not only are there Americans living in the Philippines thst rly on the U.S. Dollar, But there are Filipinos in the Philippines that earn their living from the U.S. Dollar. For example, many many OFW’s (Oversees Filipino Workers) earn U.S. Dollars. And so it affects them as well. This is the first time in twelve years that the Philipine peso hit an all time low to the U.S. Dollar of $52.95 The last time it was a low of $52.98 was July of 2006 So as you can see this is a big deal for those of us that are earning U.S. Dollars So for those of you that are contemplating whether or not to transfer and send money to the Philippines, from the United States, now is the time to do it cause you going to get more bang for your bucks. And it’s a good thing for the Philippines as well as Americans. Number 1, The money that is spent by me an many Americans here in the Philippines, goes right back into the Philippines economy. Because when I transfer money from America, It’s converted to pesos and I pay groceries, gas, lights, housing, everything from pesos. So that money’s benefitting the Philippines. And for OFW’s it’s the same thing. They send money from wherever they are back to the Philippines and it’s benefitting the country. So it’s not all bad. It’s a WIN-WIN situation for Filipinos and Americans. alike. So back in 2016, the peso was hovering around 45 to 47. and I predicted that the Philippine peso would go to 50 and it did. So my prediction for the future is that the peso. The Philippine peso will get up to 55 and then it’s going level back down to right around 48-50. Okay?, and that’s between now and the end of the year. Now what are the reasons the peso is so low now? Number 1 , many economists beleive that it’s the Philippine trade deficit is causing it to go down. The Philippines are importing more thna they are exporting. So they have a trade imbalance. Secondly, some believe that it was because of the G-7 Summit where President Trump, many belive had a strong appearance. And then thirdly, many economists believe that it is because of the pending meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean President, Kim Jung Un. So at any rate, we don’t know why but, now is the time for money conscious people to take advantage of this excellent exchange rate. Question of the Day: What’s the lowest you’ve ever seen the peso to dollar exchnage rate? Leave it for me in the comments section of this video. And remember Like, Share and Subscribe. This BobbieD saying take care, God Bless and Peace! MUSIC PLAYING….


  1. Low as i ever seen it was 42.00 But im sure President Bill Clinton had it up to 55.00 PHP FOR EVERY 1.00USD

  2. Good for $$$$ earners. Rather have the peso fall low, because no matter what the peso does, be it low or up, the prices of commodity in the Philippines keeps on going up and never goes down at all. The ones who are suffering are the ordinary people who can't even buy a kilo of rice and can't eat 3 times a day. The ones who are laughing and enjoying are the big businessmen.

  3. Just finished watching this video about "PHILIPPINE PESO FALLS TO 12 YEAR LOW TO THE DOLLAR"
    and I really like it too much…

    Thanks for sharing such an interesting video, regards!

  4. it will be 100 to 1 dollar,till the end of dutertes rule,it will be much expensive so soon,because of our debts to china,he will impose more and taxes

  5. Inflated prices will cancel out this temporary boost…… natural currency fluctuations…rise and fall…. relax.

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