PewDiePie Promoting Crypto? What Is DLIVE & Is LINO Real Money?

okay so PewDiePie is about to do a livestream with a $50,000 giveaway on D live but here are a couple of questions first off what is D live and does it pay in real money hello my name is Seth Estrada and if you're watching this video you're probably on my youtube channel Seth Estrada or you're on my bit Tube channel mine your biz feels good to say that I'm gonna talk to you about some differences between the various different decentralized video hosting platforms D live being a very good and popular option for live streamers but let's jump straight into the news I got an email directed from D live because I'm subscribed to D live right here I wanted to know more about this anytime the PewDiePie the largest independent creator in the history of self-published media anytime that I see his name thrown around I get curious what is he working on and when is it with relation to some kind of cryptocurrency project or some sort of decentralized video project well obviously I'm very very interested in that let's see what's going on here essentially what's happening is on April 14 2019 at 10:00 a.m. 10:00 in the morning Pacific Daylight Time first off who puts anything according to Pacific Daylight Time as opposed to Eastern Time or Atlantic time I don't know but I'm not complaining I live in the western United States just kind of weird anyway qtpie will be there well talking about what PewDiePie talks about so here's the page or that event hashtag support creators with PewDiePie that's interesting he's got his own page campaigns PewDiePie will actions got a campaign page I don't know if he has a user page per se as if he did I think he would probably outdo everybody else already there are terms and conditions on that page you'll find a link to this page in the description of this video but it doesn't really answer the question for me what are lino poets hmm because there's a donation pool for this live stream and the legal points here directly translate into US dollars but what are lino points what does that even mean well we have to learn more about the blockchain the lino blockchain before we know how to answer that question if you're new to block chain or cryptocurrency in general then this might be a little bit of an education for you I promise we've got a lot more educational material on this channel and a lot more project interviews but let's get started at the very beginning this video right here PewDiePie joins the D live family if you watch it right there we can't really tell if the LAN the analytics are let's watch it on the main watch page let me refresh this so you can see what the current view count is yeah just under eight hundred views I'm a little bit surprised by that based on the strength of pewdiepies brand exciting I'm partnering up with the daylight that's right everyone for those who don't know what deal is it's a live streaming platform live streaming is coming up in the future that seems like a great idea Felix okay he's making a joke because in the past he's actually made some big mistakes in his live streams it's very easy for anybody to do just saying so he's a little bit embarrassed by some of the mistakes that can be made during the live stream and on YouTube you're harshly penalized for making mistakes such as having music that has copyright restrictions play in the background or maybe saying a naughty word when you are expecting for audience members of a certain age to be watching your videos or possibly talking about controversial subjects YouTube can be monetize that video by saying this is not appropriate for advertisers so this has been an increasing problem where there hasn't been out right outright censorship but it's basically been censorship let's just call it what it is it's essentially just censorship and unfortunately set your Felix himself PewDiePie has run into this problem D live is built of the lunar blockchain they provide a disruptive sand also it's funny that he calls it lino I call it lino I mean what do I know what does he know for the industry what does that mean let me tell you D lives mission is to empower creators but how you may ask through their revolutionary reward system okay I got to mention here that the reward system it may or may not be revolutionary but it is definitely somewhat loosely affiliated with a black chain loosely related to blockchain and possibly using decentralized methods but possibly not let's explore actors video number one they take no platform cut so basically if you to a streamer or if you subscribe to a streamer the website itself usually takes a percentage of that not on the line it all goes to the Creator pretty cool number to viewers as well can earn lion-o points which is the currency simply by engaging with the streamers okay now I've got to mention for the record bit tube did this first I'm sorry PewDiePie but bit tube did this first and in my opinion bit tube does it better because it has its own native token that is generated during people's watch time and they've been dealing with the issue of bot viewers possibly a little bit longer so they're working on that and improving improving that algorithm faster they've got a little more time on task there Burnie a fake number 3 is one that I really like as well because users themselves get to influence the shape of the platform guide where its direction is going and also get rewarded for it for having lineup points now I've got to mention that I just found a bit tube developer team to be very approachable by me I have regular conversations with either community moderators or with developers at the tube now do all of my suggestions go into the the product roadmap well no cuz I'm just one person and essentially I'm just a user I don't actually work for them so of course I don't have to take my feedback the same way in the same way that of course the live will not take your suggestions and just run with them they've got a business to run they might have other stuff that they're thinking about in the same way that say Twitter has other business objectives that they have to fulfill and that's why they do platform some people so yeah personally I think it's really cool to have a creator base website actually putting creators first I'm really excited about the live and I'm really excited to finally be live-streaming again if you want to check out the life you can download their app in the description follow me I'm gonna be live-streaming there soon very frequently also my very first life thing is gonna be pretty epic I'm gonna become steal mr. beast entire formula and donate to people live-streaming on the lines now I got to mention that that is definitely a very winning formula mr. beast totally took YouTube and twitch by storm by giving away tons of money securing funding from sponsorships and from third parties to be able to give away tens of at this point hundreds hundreds of thousands probably millions of dollars I think at this point and it begs the question like how much does this guy actually earn well a lot of the people that are on his team earn like minimum wage or whatever or a you know standard income from the their current day jobs like they they haven't quit their day jobs they're just doing this to give the money away so they're not getting rich by doing that but nothing gets people more excited than giving away free money no one's ever done that mr. Bies has not done it on the line so basically I will donate and that's totally true as far as giving away a lot of lino points or a lot of cryptocurrency there are plenty of influencers on Twitter and on Instagram on Facebook and plenty of well-known crypto personalities who do give away cryptocurrencies the problem with cryptocurrencies though is that they can be manufactured even if they do have some sort of real world value in US dollars so right here like this donation pool if it was all this 1 million Lino points that translates into 13,000 dollars well where did those lino points come from well the Lima points are essentially manufactured on the blockchain now there's nothing wrong with that in the same way that there's nothing wrong with creating say a brand new line of toys and selling them the market they have a value but we'll talk more about that later on with video as well sorry I'm gonna let I'm gonna let cutie pie finish this thing between 10,000 and 50,000 dollars and this money will come from you guys basically just by following other people other streamers you're contributing to this pool of money wait a second so it's actually not even his money this is totally the pool right here this is the money that's gonna be given away it might be $50,000 but if it's more than $50,000 its raised where does the rest go is there like a fund is there like a save the pewdiepie pond is this gonna go to like cutie pie who we never seen more itza is she even alive anymore that will go to the people streaming it doesn't require you to actually spend any money it just requires you to follow someone on the website so go check out the line go follow some streamers and let's get this bread gamers okay so the rest is a channel trailer for D live where it's gonna pop through Oh a lady gamer well what a surprise and she's wearing a lino hat that you would expect on that platform oh my gosh she's so funny he's got a giant beard and Haley Joel Osment what he streams on D live so there you go support creators stream on D live I can't say a bad thing about D live I think it's a very usable streaming platform it's very responsive and I believe it allows for replays instant replays after you stream so it's a very valuable service as far as uploaded content post-produced content I've found bit tube to be very usable as well and in fact more usable than D tube which try not to make it too confusing D tube is not directly related to D live it's separate pull that up right now the sake of comparison yours D tube and here is bit dot to get these all lined up side-by-side so you can kind of see the difference here whose bit too but I'm not logged in right now so it's not showing me my personal recommendations but this channel is this actually really fun I really do like it fun fun fun they always show video game trailers and playthroughs a new character like right there Mortal Kombat characters and and super cuts of like fatalities and stuff there are categories as well that allows you to look for cryptocurrency content as well as gaming content and other stuff a lot of really great content channels there but we probably need more users there as well d tube also very popular furious Pete you know the guy he was on D tube not too long ago so if we look him up yuria s– heat wait what is my issue with d2 I found it to be a lot less usable over time but right here they go the steam sister show they just earned the equivalent of $21 two hours after uploading their video or anybody who does YouTube videos you would know that's a tremendous amount of money to earn from just one video in terms of ad monetization or or ad revenue split YouTube you'd have to have a heck of a lot of content and you'd have to be getting thousands of views per video immediately not be a professional youtuber say like with millions upon millions of viewers you might be able to earn more than that you might even be able to earn as much as a daytime job bit Tube probably very similar as well where you see when you have thousands of views then these people are able to earn cryptocurrency and then shows you the statistics for the interplanetary file system that shares the videos so you actually know how many people are sharing the same videos and streaming from what you're helping to host so you are helping to host the video as you watch it the same is true of D tube where it uses the interplanetary file system D Live uses its own proprietary streaming system and content delivery network so that's a bit of the mechanics there but when I'm most interested in answering in this video again is about lino what are lino points because that's what PewDiePie is racking up here or this contest let's refresh it hasn't grown much so let's look at the lino Network it's lino dot network is the website and right here is the value sharing content economy and of interesting I got D live the first distributed application on lino blockchain that's interesting and there's a tracker weight test net tracker interesting we'll open that up on online wallet we'll check that out and then we'll check out the test net on github now if you're not familiar with what a test net is and you're not a very you're kind of new to blockchain and cryptocurrency test net just means that it hasn't launched its main offering yet but wait a second if it's not mehmed yet why is pewdiepie promoting it hmm I've got more questions that I have answers so far I'm a little bit confused D live is of course the biggest application that's running on Molino network Mena uses practical Byzantine fault tolerant based proof of a consensus algorithm that means that you can't mine this cryptocurrency with say GPUs or a special mining Reagan hmm need a currency system infrastructure auction system we believe in using a decentralized peer-to-peer CDN or content delivery network the current solutions are below par lina at the stage proposes an auction based method to prioritize performance what that means is people who already operate professional data centers may be able to get ahead of everybody else because they've got better performance I can't fully disagree with that I think that when it comes to serving video you have to have performance above all else roof of human engagement hmm prevents BOTS from manipulating the reward distribution and discourage potential attacks now the one problem with that is that bots are very good appearing to be human long enough to help game a system like this if it relies on button clicks or if it relies on on finding a specific element that can be described in the front end code of your website bots and scripts are very good at that so might not be too hard to hire a half dozen people in southeast asia to just run a special front-end script inside a firefox or chrome or a half an hour at a time to be able to promote your content just saying a decentralized governance system hmm that's interesting so they claim that there will not be a centralized governance model meaning that there's not like a corporation that can make the decisions for this blockchain blockchain overview I opened this up before and that is essentially like their white paper for this product but it was only published on the 5th of April I'm a little bit concerned that it took this long to get a blockchain overview freely no published because deal I've moved to it late last year the beginning of q4 here's the team all right so Wilson and yeh are both from UC Berkeley though it looks like we're Facebook or former Googler and then Stanford Gow assistant professor of computer science so we've got some really intelligent people here and they've got some LinkedIn profiles I'm gonna open those up as well so we can do a little bit more on these guys just to see who they are get a sense for who they are powered by cosmos you know cosmos is a very powerful infrastructure tool we can find out more about that later on but this is a really deep rabbit hole as you can tell I'm trying to tell you as much as you need to know in order to understand what lino points are you've got Wilson way whose co-founder at lino network that's what he's got showing there all right he got his bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley in business looks like the last couple of years have been really busy for him while finishing up his degree working as an intern at Google and a research assistant at UC Berkeley so he's got some experience there and this looks like one of the largest one of the largest personal projects that he's taking on in the last couple of years and she finally looks like he's at alright I don't know why I thought he might be got it Hong Kong University of Science and Technology that's what that stands for so looked like Stanford was what we were trying to put forward there but we used the acronym on the website instead that doesn't look like these guys are based out of China or Hong Kong and again last couple of years I mean really great really meaningful work as a student student work right as an intern and as a research assistant so that's awesome but now it looks like being a corporation that he's been working on this for a while awesome awesome but he hasn't quit his day job good for him this is important and I'm working in crypto but that's the team seem as capable as probably anybody else but Jen fund defund in blockchain linked VC pre angel bit angel consensus capital chain VC Viking capital alpha coin fund crypto standard fund the city ace at Berkeley all right so that's the investor group right there at the blockchain overview is based on this post right here Lee no tracker says there 800 7,200 all right but this block height all these transactions were embedded into that block you know account might need to make one and then this is the github repo and it's already been forked eight times and start a few times I'm gonna go ahead and start it right now that I can and watch it as well and see exactly what happens in the near future because right now a lot of sides of the repo that are only changing as of last week or so but they're not quite on their main net yet but they're allowing for PewDiePie to do a major marketing event for them in the next five days I'm gonna go ahead and read this word for word out loud so that I don't mistake any of the language lino blockchain overview number one vision video and live streaming content creators have worked relentlessly for years to provide good content viewers spend a huge amount of time and money to support them at the same time giant platforms profit from those endeavors and have grown from their infancy z' into multi-billion dollar companies the vast majority of content creators do not benefit from the financial gains of the business they helped to build but also have been forced to accept the disproportionate revenue sharing rules established by those platforms typically current platforms take a thirty to fifty percent cut from content creators earnings on top of that by your monetization bars and unfair content promotion further threaten the survival of many content creators giant platforms exploitation of content creators is getting worse and worse due to the fundamental conflict of interests between creators and platforms owned by corporations corporations fundamental interests are to maximize their own profits not to share the profits with content creators and viewers leveraging blockchain technology lino aims to revolutionize content sharing industry Lino's mission is to facilitate the value sharing content economy where content creators viewers and all other contributors are fully and fairly incentivized to maximize long-term economic growth in a sustainable way value sharing content economy is designed based on three fundamental principles 1 no platform cuts to fully incentivize content creators who are key to maintaining the long-term growth of content sharing platforms apps or applications utilizing the lino blockchain should not take any cuts from direct payments between viewers and content creators in the user-generated content sharing industry long-term growth cannot be maintained unless the majority of the profits go back to content creators to unleash the full power of quality content creation to rewarding incentives to further incentivize all contributors and to keep applications sustainable in the long term ensuring that all developers infrastructure providers and validators utilizing the lena blockchain are fully compensated for their contributions is crucial for achieving long-term sustainability the legal blockchain is designed to record and reward all the contributions of all key stakeholders including app developers infrastructure providers validators content creators and viewers 3 decentralized ownership to distribute network value back to all contributors and prevent centralized decision-making that compromises contributors interests for the benefit of a small group of shareholders the Lina blockchain is designed to allow network ownership and value to be distributed amongst contributors and become more and more decentralized over time we've seen currents of centralized platforms make arbitrary decisions against content creators interests higher cuts and more strict monetization rules the decentralized lino blockchain aims to achieve a balance among all contributors to ensure each decision is aligned with all parties interests Lina blockchain Molino blockchain contains unique identifiers for contributors infrastructure providers app developers validators and viewers allowing any Content platform adopting the Lina blockchain for usage to properly identify and record contributions made by each stakeholder Lina is the fundamental unit of value on the Lina blockchain aleena blockchain is designed to algorithmically reward all contributors with newly minted lino that is produced per block 65% of the newly minted lino goes to infrastructure providers 10% to lino app developers 10% goes to validators 10% goes to content creators and the remaining 5% goes to viewers the total annual increase in vino coins will not exceed six point five percent the system is designed to ensure that app developers infrastructure providers validators content creators and viewers are fully compensated for their contributions to achieve long-term sustainability content creators content creators produce and publish original content including videos and livestreams they are the most critical contributors to any content sharing platform and the legal blockchain is designed to fully incentivize them to continuously produce high-quality content keeping the whole ecosystem robust in the long term ninety point 1 percent of all donations and paid subscriptions made using the lino blockchain will be paid algorithmically to the content creators and the remaining nine point nine percent will be held in reserve by the blockchain protocol and distributed to all lino stakeholders as voting rewards for their contribution to blockchain governance apps utilizing the lino blockchain protocol should not take cuts from donations paid subscriptions and any other transactions between content creators and viewers in addition content creators will receive content rewards in vino based on the performance of their of their content an algorithm called proof of content value is built into the lino blockchain to allocate content rewards fairly and prevent BOTS from abusing the system content creator can also receive income from LS voting rewards and Channel ads you will spend huge amount of time and money to support content creators yet received nothing for their contribution the Lena blockchain will distribute viewer rewards givers Awards algorithmically to incentivize actively engaged users now I should mention that bit 2 did this last year in fact be mine your biz channel on bit tube if you look it up on the Block Explorer the miner days Channel as given out more than 20,000 bit tube points over its lifetime so I'm very proud of that anyway in the future the reward distribution algorithm will evaluate a viewers watching time chat frequency and donation behaviors to fairly allocate the reward that's a future looking statement so I would be very cautious about taking taking this at face value we have to just pretend like that doesn't exist now and so it might not ever exist developers can build apps using the infrastructure provided by the lino blockchain for content creators and viewers in order to be an app developer a user must stake a certain number of lino while app developers should not take any cut from viewers direct payment to content creators they will be compensated by the lino app reward and the LS voting reward as LS holders Nino apps can also profit from their own premium services and ads so ok it's tough for me to figure out in my mind what constitutes a premium service versus just creating an app that uses this blockchain in the first place some might call that a premium service if you discourage say censorship or if you allow for a specific type of content creator to speak to a specific type of audience and you perform the marketing on behalf of that channel I don't know I think it's kind of a gray area there infrastructure providers infrastructure providers provide storage content delivery network and transcoding services for lino apps they are rewarded through infrastructure rewards and LS voting rewards in order to be an infrastructure provider a user must stake a certain number of lino which is clearly not determined yet that has me worried why don't why can't I find these numbers and also why can't I find what the what the requirements are for being an infrastructure provider where can those of us who are used to creating infrastructure such as mining rigs how can we get in on this is what I'm asking validators produce blocks and validate transactions on the blockchain and receive transaction fees in return they are also rewarded by block rewards validation rewards and LS voting rewards in order to be a validator a user must take a certain number of Li no different from lino LS is designed for long-term supporters of the network LS is a feature designed in lena blockchain whereby by staking the lino into LS holders can one participate in the governance system described in section 3 and propose and vote on parameter changes and system upgrade proposals and to become map developer work in an infrastructure provider or a validator okay you have to stake first the ownership of the lino blockchain is expected to become more decentralized as more people hold LS major decisions will be voted on by LS holders under the governance system LS holders will be able to get voting rewards based on their contributions to the network when they vote on proposals paid out daily from the nine point nine percent of all donations and paid subscriptions finally the governance system the governance system of lino blockchain is proposal based there are two major types of proposals parameter changes and system upgrades parameter change proposals are requests to modify any parameters in the current blockchain such as the minimum LS that is required to be a validator whereas system upgrade proposals are requests to update the source code of current blockchain system okay are you see a problem here red flag in order to be able to participate in any proposals holders of lino coins must stake them into LS any state LS will require twelve weeks called the pending period to stake out LS – lino completely with the pending period this voting scheme aims to ensure all decisions are made by long-term supporters of the network approval by the holders of a majority of state LS is required to pass any proposal all right now I think I understand why this governance system is put in place the way that it is but the part of that proposal system that worries me is that those who are already majority stakeholders could simply vote or the requirements to go up rather the minimum mistake requirements go up to be a validator and if that's the case then they price out all competitors up front in other words making the rich richer and the poor well not even able to play at all let alone poor like it's not even 90 minutes making them dead right like they can't even compete so I'm a little bit concerned about that and the fact that D live is so closely tied to lis know it's the only app using lis no means that D live in Lena in my mind can pretty much be viewed as the same thing this is the event page or supporting creators Hey which will be about page copyright policy brand guidelines etc etc though who is Charles Wayne Charles wine let's go back over to LinkedIn and let's do just a little bit discovery all righty Oh surprise surprise San Francisco Bay Area a lot of connections are made there totally get it a set Berkeley Association of Chinese entrepreneurs at Berkeley ace at Berkeley was one of the investors into the lino blockchain very interesting Charles graduated just last year also from University of California at Berkeley so it looks like the rolana connections made at Berkeley which is very very cool and I think it's great that young people are getting involved in this industry I'm a little bit concerned by some of the governance issues that I personally view as a threat to long-term stability growth and inclusion on this platform the potential for maybe some issues down the line this certainly sounds good though and I'm excited that PewDiePie is getting involved that's kind of my take in a nutshell zero cuts is awesome when you when you donate directly to a content creator that said if a content creator uses something you post something like a a PayPal link or posts a cryptocurrency link in the descriptions of their videos you can donate directly to them with zero take it out other than network fees so if you donate to your favorite content creators in say Bitcoin for example then you only pay the network fees that are used for mining and then same with a system like bit two right when you donate one tube to a creator they receive one tube coin they don't receive 0.92 coins they receive one so zero cuts check out Community Guidelines what does that mean okay okay so this prohibited content is literally exactly the same as what you find on Twitch and on Twitch you can post a donation link in any other existing cryptocurrency of your choice I mean these Community Guidelines are literally almost word-for-word exactly the same as twitch this was all updated very recently at the end of March 2019 self-destructive behavior violence and threats he will conduct an harassment unauthorized sharing of private information impersonation spam scams and other malicious content conduct me to the pornography other sexual content extreme violence poor etc intellectual property rights yeah I think that pretty much word-for-word D live is like twitch but they offer a little bit of a block award for viewers so it gives you some spending money to be able to tip the content creators that you viewing bit tube does this as well I think for live-streaming D live is quite good they're really quite good and they've got the categories already in place so you can check out different games if that's what you're into is just watching streaming games but yeah as far as there being post produced content it's not really for post produced content alright this is my very roundabout way of saying I'm excited to see what PewDiePie does on April 14th but I am curious to know more about the lino network it's proof of stake this white paper was only just barely written if that's the white paper there and I don't know that I believe in its governance model or if I if I believe that proof of stake combined with that governance model will be enough to create a secure blockchain that will last a long time and I think it's also very apparent but the founding team that they all met at UC Berkeley or have other connections through their association by being part of the Association of Chinese entrepreneurs at Berkeley so other than the all being Chinese and going to Berkeley and being part of the Association of Chinese entrepreneurs and receiving funding from the association of Chinese entrepreneurs I'm not sure what else qualifies this group to do this together so you tell me your thoughts down in the comments am I being too harsh on these guys should I interview them if so what questions do you think I should ask the lino team and the D live team to help put our minds at ease that this is a contact platform worth following and that it's a black chain project worth investing in thanks for watching to the end as always your duties that make these videos I love your face I'll see you in the next one

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  1. I TRIED LINO (dlive). IT'S A SCAM!

    On the Lino website you have the option to "lock" your lino tokens and get returns. This means that you cannot use your tokens on the dlive and also you cannot withdraw them. I tried it yesterday and I got insane returns on a very small amount of linos (about 0,7% in a day). And here comes the human greed. You can lock your newly obtained tokens as well and make even larger returns. If you do some math, anyone who buys 1000$ worth of linos and follow this pattern, he will be financially independant in months. If you extend this period to 2-3 years he will be making MILLIONS because this grows at an exponential rate. If you still believe that there is a one in a million chance for this to be legit, hear this. If you want to "unlock" your tokens and cash in, you will have to wait 12 weeks (!) and this sets this scam perfectly. The owners have all the time in the world to leave at any given point and people will be left with those useless lino tokens which have absolutely no value and you cannot trade them outside of their platform.

    BitConnect used exactly the same model, which is, invest, lock your money into the platform and get returns that you can invest back by locking them too.


  2. My issue is when I saw that commercial I was brought to "if it sound too good to be true, it probably is." Dlive isnt a charity so how in the heck is it making money, it will ether be selling information to third parts or crypto mining.

  3. I actually like an email in away because you can say anything you want without getting fucking van the fall it’s rush yourself with him

  4. Well this analysis made me unsure how to feel about Dlive. Maybe I got a little blind because I want a crypto platform to get some momentum so they can compete with big platforms such as yt and twitch.

  5. I see this playing out about as well as the “arbitraging” crypto platform scam I was in that’s on its last legs currently. Our platform used YouTube shills as well. This is just comical to watch now. Greed of these streamers will be their undoing, but hey, why not sell your credibility for a bit of coin, right ?

  6. My first thought when I heard of the Pewdiepie thing was that this cryptocurrency would surely rise in value as soon as he gets on there. But if it has a fixed value and is not tradeable, why would anybody even buy it in the first place? What am I missing here?

  7. I dont get their technology. Is it an erc20 token ? Where is it traded ? Also no wallet for staking ? What is the market cap ?. Where does the token value come from? Something just feels not so decentralized as they claim to be.

  8. Twitch is freaking cancer. Not only you can get banned by the smallest of things, but also the whole site is dominated by thots. I'm glad there might be now a decent alternative.

  9. I wonder how secure the Lino blockchain is and/or the dlive website that presumably allows access to your wallet.

  10. Dlive definitely grabbed a great partnership with pewds. Pewds definitely gets a huge cut from the back, but hey, will bring people to use that platform.

  11. Good overview. The background music was a little to high and made it difficult to hear what you were saying at times.

  12. Thanks so much for the deep dive saved me from doing it myself heh Not sure why you have so many dislikes I thought the video was excellent maybe lower or remove the music in the future when reading the white page that made it hard to focus for me other than that awesome stuff. Would love to see more on this topic and interviews would be amazing! Earned a sub =)

  13. Hey there. I'm a content creator on DTube and have been a huge fan of this platform.

    The search on DTube is a work in progress. The search provider that was used got shut down, so a replacement is being worked on.

    When it comes to responsiveness and usability (other than the search as described above), it's more responsive than BitTube on my 4-year-old dual core MacBook. Regarding the upload system over there, the 3rd party uploaders that the community (and I) operate work better than the official one, especially those which hosts the videos indefinitely rather than getting deleted off DTube's upload servers after 2 months.

    If anyone has questions feel free to reply to this comment.

  14. Wait. Is the price of one lino completely fixed in terms of dollars? Does that mean that it is dependant on the dollar? How is this possible and how is the 0.012 derived?

  15. Ugh the thought of starting over on an entirely new platform is extremely discouraging as a small content creator…

  16. When you say that a lot of people on Mr.Beast's team just do it to give the money away, that is completely false. I believe it was in Casey Neistat's interview with Mr.Beast where he explained that the people working for him are "employees" and in fact, do get paid.

  17. Free money for Viewers, Free Money for Stakeholders, Free Money for Streamers who are Partnered, and the website takes no cut but instead gives those 9.9% to Stakeholders

    Where's the money coming from?

    They just mint new Lino every year but expect the selling price of them to stay the same (meaning a streamer always gets the same dollar amount if he sells x amount of his earned linos)

    Too good to be true imo reminds me of bitconnect

  18. Went to the platform and think the lino points are similar to twitch's "bits". Had to sign up to figure that out. So seems like this is a way to have an ico without an ico? New age telethon and pewdiepie is Jerry?

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