Personal Bot en pleno funcionamiento :-) (ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE)

Elias: Hello everyone. A pleasure to be able to speak with you all. We are here in the Arbistar Office. For me it is a pleasure to récord this video This video serves for not only the trading channel but for all of the users and all of the colleagues of Arbistar To be able to facilitate all of the work involved in handling a Personal Bot The good that it does it. Today I have the luck of working along side Lester He is joining me in all of this I have to say the presence and availability of Lester is so impressing. His good vibe his great character helps us a lot And Lester, last week, helped me configure 4 strategies. With LTC and with Binance. On the way, Lester is always working with the development team To improve things for the Personal Bot, but what impressed me was He would say, it doesn’t work completely in automatic but now I am going to show him that, there are things Lester… Lester: That are being put on their own… Elias: I open now in Binance For example, I opened today in BitFinex I opened my account and i noticed There are operations I am going to go here in the history Lester: Its true I had 4 completed Elias: And I am received today from 24/19 operations that are executed. From what you indicated to me He indicate to me a strategy, which you can modify, and there are things that with time will improve that will improve with the Personal Bot But simply with that you indicated to me now we are going to demonstrate what strategy we placed here how we built them, what we need to do, when they present us with that we lack LTC if we lack BTC and all of that Here we have in this moment 2 strategies One that sells and the other which buys Lester: And depending on the Exchange. Here we can see that we have 2 that will buy in BitFinex and 2 that will buy in Binance. When we are referring to one or the other it means that in the other we are selling. Elias: So if we put a strategy Finex we are selling it is because in the other we are buying.
Lester: Exactly That’s why we did 2 and 2 so that within themselves they balance Perfect, and we are with 2 exchanges right now?
Lester: Exactly In your case what happened was that they sold more on one side than the other. Elias: And for this I came today to talk to Lester. He showed me here and he said, Look Elias… Lester: Because you had 30 LTC and only 0.01 BTC And right in the other the opposite happened. That you had more BTC than LTC. Elias: We go here in the Control Panel and we are able to see that we have more, ok… Its true, you can see that here we have less. There is less LTC, it is the opposite of what we are doing on the other side.
Lester: Exactly. Elias: And all of the operations that you can see here All of them, in the Order History For my impatience sometimes Lester says, let them work themselves because sometimes I cancel them because I would cancel them and didn’t let them work themselves. But the rest, I come here and I notice that I have 2 pages of operations that have been completing in automatic. Something that I want to say to take advantage of this moment there are people that say, Lester, well it is very little it is only a cent and whatever I say that we wait and we will see advances which it will eventually reach those higher volumes but it is interesting because it is our machine that the operations and now we will be able to put them live in direct so that you can all see all of the operations that I put here with Lester in the Personal Bot are going to show now inmediately Lester: Our money is in our own exchanges little by little it will keep getting more automatic little by little we will find better strategies with more volume, see how we can put those strategies every time with more volume Right now we made a 0.20, 0.30% and so we can put it at 1% or 1.5% Finally that little by little…
Elias: The other day, I like it because with Lester he moves with a lot of patience trying his things, and he would say Elias, this is a lot better than opening a page and all of a sudden it doesn’t work. this was the case with L7 trade which it happened with a lot of people how many people have lost money? But for this desperation, to lose it all in a single day. And you would say to me, Elias, put yourself in it with patience. We will keep reaching where we want to get. Why don’t we start with this one Let’s show this part in when something is missing. And then we will configure another one? In theory what we would need to do is buy in Binance and sell in BitFinex. That why simply we are going to activate these two This one right here, which is going to tell us how much we have Elias: Clearly because it says in a red colour and a green colour What I am missing and I have enough of In this case we require in BitFinex BTC. In this case what happened to us was the following Like I told you to put it in automatic and it would see where it wanted to sell all that it did for you decided to do it from the other part because it would see the gain from the other part. So what we would need to do now is we are going to do a simple strategy not permitting that it can buy or sell where it wants to obligating it to use only that strategy If you think its good we will create it right now in one minute Simply we will come here and click Add Strategy We are going to name it. We are going to put LTC We are going to put the label so we know what it is going to do So that when we open the panel we know what this one is doing We are going to put here Simple So we know its going to do what we talked about Simple Sale BitFinex Which is what we are interested in doing, selling in BitFinex. Here we are going to put the symbol. The symbol is the pair that we are going to use which in this case is LTC/BTC and we need to look for the symbol. Symbol. LTC/BTC. The build refers to the lot, what quantity are we going to sell of LTC? With your permission I am going to put 4, for example. The trigger means, at what point will the Personal Bot start to operate. All of people get confused with what the trigger actually is and how it works. The trigger is very simple. It is, the Bot, in this case in the 5 that we have here if it doesn’t see a differential between the two exchanges of at least a 5% it will not start to operate Elias: So if we tell it to start moving Lester: If we want it to move more quickly, we need to put a trigger a lot smaller Elias: I had put 0.1% Lester: 0.1% is perfect for it to start Elias: I thought it was perfect because everything is a profit Lester: Exactly. It is like a for sure trade. We are waiting for the price to go up just a little to gain a profit. So here we will put 0.01%. Now here we are going to put that we are buying in Binance and selling in BitFinex. Which is exactly what we wanted to do because remember in BitFinex we had more LTC. Than in Binance. We are going to do the reverse. And now we are going to sell in BitFinex because we have more. This strategy will permit us to auto-balance because here it is saying for it to start operating it needs more BTC and now we are going to show how it turns to red in yellow if it is just enough, red if it is missing and green if you have more than enough. This is why I was saying that in the simple strategies we had them all with the interchanging sides. All of them were bought in BitFinex and not in Binance. That is why in Binance you have more BTC and BitFinex has more LTC than BTC. So what we aren’t going to do is check on this box. Exactly. We are going to leave it simply like that. You continue having your benefit in BTC The only thing it is doing is balancing the LTC. The same amount but you’re going to put more on the other side. Which is different than when we started which was about half and half. There is one more thing for us to configure here. This part here we are always going to leave the way it is. Because we are going to buy with an optimised market. We are going to buy with less comissions we are going to wait and we are going to put a limit order. which all of that is a lot less expensive in fees. So it costs us less to enter in the Market. Here below we are going to put the increment in price change. This is to say how much more expensive do I want to sell it from what I bought it at. So what I put here is if I want to charge a 20% more Here I have to put a 20% exactly. The other day I put with Lester, which I thought was good a 30% A 0.30%. A 0.30. There are people that sometimes I was seeing that a 1% a day, and I say, do you know what it is trading without risk? To get a 0.30 from your capital? And this is only in an operation.
Lester: And you can do all the operations that you want in a day. You can put 10. For example, there are various strategies The average of BTC that I do a day is usually 6 or 7 Elias: Percent?
Lester: No. In the times that I do it. Elias: With a 0.30. So in a day you can get a 1.5%? Lester: For example.
Elias: And you’re winning it automatically? And it is doing it on its own. Because since I configured it I haven’t touched it. The times that I have touched it is because it would remain in a loop which is because there are things that are working themselves out Because it is day in night in this And honestly I am completely enthusiastic because I am imagining this machine completely automatic. There are some people that ask for a refund of the Personal Bot And honestly, for anyone that has a network, it doesn’t benefit us that this person takes out but sometimes I feel for them because Honestly, like you say, when this when it gets to the point where people are waiting for it to be 100% working there will be no more VIP Licenses available. Not only the Personal Bot, but the Forex bots and those products to come. So how much are we going to put here? 0.30?
Lester: 0.30 We are going to sell at 0.30 more than what we bought it for. In automatic and without risk of loss. The way it is right now it is perfect. We press save. Now it is going to show here that we have created a new strategy. LTC simple sale in BitFinex. Elias: To balance the other. Lester: I think here we have a committed a small error in lot but we can modify it. 4, okay now it is perfect. Elias: Okay here it shows 4.4. These are the make up things we were talking about. It doesn’t interfere at all the function of the Bot. It is what we call in this system a Cosmetic Book. It means that you are seeing it bad but it is working well. Thats why when I went in today I told you, what happens with this money that I won here without me doing anything? These are all on the 24th. When we finish here let’s show how exactly the operations were done. We click Being Elaboration It is going to show us what we have in each Exchange What we need in each Exchange and if everything is good it is going to show us in green like it is showing right now. We need this amount of BTC and 4 LTC. We click on Force. And it shows that it has been updated correctly. This is a typical error that can happen sometimes It lauded the order immediately and like it saw there was a sale as well it made an intent to launch the sale but the problem is that there are times that BitFinex when we try to put a lot of orders at the same time all of our Bots are connected in the same IP towards the orders. When BitFinex detects that there are a lot of the same IPs entering at the same time it believes that someone is attacking and it stops the order. This happens sometimes and all we have to do is reinitiate and try and do it again. Elias: So how do we restart this? Simply you come here You stop the strategy If we want to for any reason, we can go to the exchange to check it Now that we are here let’s do it Since we have both of our Exchanges open right now Let’s go to Binance We are going to see our order open We don’t have any at the moment We go to the history of orders and here it is We just finished buying this amount and it is already showing up here Elias: So it has executed already? Lester: The orders are sent for real. Not that the people say No, I don’t see the orders… Elias: So the operation has been done? We have won money here already? Lester: No. Right now we have only purchased. Lester: We are waiting that the sale is executed. Elias: And if we go after to the order history of the open orders? Lester: You’re not going to see any because they have already been purchased. Lester: The only thing that has happened is that we have bought LTC. Where we didn’t have it before Where we were missing before we have bought with the BTC that we had, LTC. The sale was not executed because if it had been executed immediately it would have been perfect because the price would have permitted it. And it didn’t execute because of the problem that we saw here before. Elias: Can we go back and click this again?
Lester: Absolutely. Let’s try this a second time. Elias: Because a lot of times they are executed in the moment and some others are there without movement. Okay so its telling us that all is good, it is all in green. We refresh. And now it is in progress. Lester: If it executed correctly it will put here the purchase price and here the sale price because we saw here before if it showed a sale price with a profit Here below is a 0.006805 and here we have this profit more which about 2000 more Of Satoshi I was seeing one of 3 euros and in the day it was doing things on its own. Now it is in progress This means that it still hasn’t fin the difference in price from before We are talking about moments. We can see it now in our orders if we refresh now? We would have to see in our open orders? When it encounters the order. When it encounters the difference in price. It won’t put it here until it encounters it and executes it. And when it executes it you will see it in the order history like we saw before. Like this one that just finished executing. The one from before. Another thing, from this other strategy where we need to sell LTC in BitFinex no? We have two to sell and two to buy Now it wouldn’t be convenient to stop them until it reaches that point? Lester: We can put all those that we want. It is going to have a lot equilibrium with the lot that it has. This is to say, right now we can turn on all that have it and you wouldn’t have any problem with lack of funds Elias: Even if it turns to red? Lester: I don’t think any would turn in red right now. Let’s try this one. Here we are telling it 2 lots And here we have one in red. It is telling us that in this direction we don’t have sufficient BTC. I think it is very very close in BTC. It is this one. We are going to change the lot we are going to put here 1,5 We accept it It is now updated it. and you don’t need more resources. Now we are going to click on it again. And now it is all perfect. And now the strategy has started. Elias: It is marvellous. It definitely works. When it is finally in Automatic 100% it is going to be crazy. it is going to balance and everything on its own honestly it is incredible. Now what we’ve told it is with this strategy sell in Binance. With the second one we put that you can buy and sell in whichever. We put the different in price and that’s why it happened that you had more LTC in BitFinex. And this photo that I have here I am going to leave it in the description it is a google drive link so that you can download this strategy. The way in which I configured the ones from before. There are configured with these parameters. And that is why it has done what it has done. No one should be in a rush that right now it is giving profits in cents and what not because I think it is going to be absolutely astonishing. And I can say it with total criteria. I have dedicated myself in the financial market fo 9 years and to see a machine that works like this that can lose it is incredible. What else can we add for our strategy? Lester: If you see her in your table that you have configured of your exchanges we can see that you have not complicated yourself too much it is very simple with BitFinex and Binance. There are people who ask how many do I open because if I have to open how much do I have to buy and how much do I have to distribute? There is no need to distribute so much money. Simply with a simple strategy like the one you did LTC/BTC 2 and top 10, 2 that have a lot of volume, that are going to take away a good profit Simply with those two and the quantity that you put It is more than perfect. While the Bot continues becoming more automatic and continues developing Which we promise you will be very soon we are working day and night for that With this simple strategy I can guarantee you profits for a long time Right now I have put between 2000-4000 But I have seen some bots working where they had 500-500. With all that is coming, it seems spectacular. The other thing that I wanted to show here are the wallets. Here we can see how much we have in each Exchange. What I have in Binance. Lester: And BitFinex, without having to enter in the actual Exchange page. Sometimes it takes a bit longer to load but it will eventually. Perfect This is exactly everything that I have? Wow. All of the quantities that I have in every exchange. In Binance right now. It gives me that value and I am very comfortable with that because I can see at one time what I have in one single spot. Sometimes it takes a bit longer because it gets the information from the API. Because as you know for that put there are tutorials, channels Discord, a YouTube Channel where we upload all of the updates and tutorials that we make I am going to leave it in the description below as well. The Discord Channel no because it is exclusive only for the owners of a VIP License. Here we have Santiago Fuentes Santi: Beginning today inside the Personal Bot BackOffice in the platform you will also find all of these videos uploaded. Elias: So the people who own a Personal Bot will have everything there? Santi: There is a section that says Tutorials and they will all be there. That are pretty important.
Elias: And in different languages? Santi: In Spanish and English. Elias: And in that Discord Channel The people talk directly with you. Lester: It is an exclusive, personal support for the Personal Bot. Elias: I also see that there are people commenting about their strategies and why they aren´t working and the idea is to build a community. That we can help each other. You are very competent and I am very happy to share this great energy that you emit and all of you in Arbistar. All of you. At all levels. I am very very excited and emotional. Let´s go back to the Personal Bot for a moment Let´s see if the orders we put have been executed Let´s see. We can see that one has already it has already bought and it could be that it already sold as well Let´s go and see And this you will see it in BitFinex. Let´s refresh the page. Let´s go to the history I think it did happen because I see less LTC. There was 30.94 Lester: No you have still in execution Click on orders Let´s look for it here in LTC Elias: Clearly, you can see it here. LTC, because they are like that. LTC/BTC Here is the order that we sent out. Lester: It is still active. And here is the other that we did as a purchase order that we put at 1.5 It is also placed to buy it. Elias: All is automatic what we put in the Personal Bot. The only thing that is not Automatic in the Personal Bot is To stop it, start it all of that is automatic except putting the strategy. Which is what we want and are desiring that will be automatic. Elias: The strategies are going to be put by themselves as well?
Lester: Exactly. That´s what we want to get to in the future. That a person simply has their Personal Bot They go in, they press a button and the Personal Bot starts working alone for them. Elias: Wow…I am already so happy. Because when I started seeing my history of operations, let´s go see here if at any moment If it shows Here you should be able to see No, it´s not showing yet Because it hasn´t yet Oh, it should show here no? Lester: Here, at least, the 4 purchase orders should be completed In Binance. Remember the first wasn´t put correctly and that´s why we had to do it again? So the 4 purchase orders should be completed for sure. And here we have it. We see today´s date There is one that was stopped And the one that we did now is completed. And the purchase order is placed and that´s when we receive a profit. Remember we put a trigger? Of 0.1? It is important. We put an increment of 0.3 Which is what we are talking about here? Of the trigger, 0.1 The differential in price so that the bot activates And the increment of 0.3. We only need to wait that the price goes up to 0.3 because we are doing a strategy of small trades with no risk because we have no leverage simply we are winning the cryptocurrency that we already had previously. When it goes up that very small amount Elias: And if for whatever reason it were to drop? We still aren´t losing anything right? Lester: Exactly.
Elias: I can come here to stop the order, to stop the strategy I can come here in the case that I go to the graph and see that it has gone down significantly I can click on my red button and it stops. Wait for a different price another moment I´ll tell you the truth. I don´t even look at the graph. I press the button, see that it executes and that´s it. Lester: 90% of the time you don´t even need to look at it. I believe with this basic how to build a strategy That I am going to leave the photo here below so that you can download it You can see how it is placed here What things we have to keep an eye on And this works, on its own. And when you come here and see that you are going to execute a strategy that you already have and you´re missing something and it shows in red For example in this case it is telling me to execute this sale in BitFinex I need more BTC The purchase in this case I need a little bit more of BTC Because we are going to buy LTC with BTC. So what we do is we can do a reverse like we did before. Without allowing the robot to work on both sides. If you have it placed normally It is only going to show the superior half if you have it placed for both directions you are going to see both sides. Elias: You are referring to if I have it checked here? Lester: If you have it placed that means that you can buy and sell from both exchanges. Elias: If I have it unchecked Lester: It will buy and sell where you tell it to. Elias: Which you would do for example for it to balance itself. Elias: With this we will finish. What would we do here that we have this set like this? To do a final example. To balance that. To balance this what we would need to do is go to Add strategy Add another strategy Select LTC/BTC So it does the contrary. I go here and put BitFinex Sorry, Binance And I´ll put BitFinex where I am going to sell. I put the amount that I want. Let´s put 5. 0.1 in the trigger again. 0.1 The increment of sale at 0.3 Elias: And what will we name it? The opposite of the other no? Sale BitFinex I am saying it so that for the people it is more clear Lester: We save it. We go here to add the strategy. To start it. If this shows up, there is no problem You click on it again You wait a minute and we finish it. With this we will wait a second We refresh and now we are finishing This is a really basic way on how to start running the Personal Bot It is a machine that works. Now it is already balanced. And here we press Force. And now the strategy is running. Santi: So that the people aren´t mistaken Do the people know that more than half of the VIP Licenses have been sold? There are 50000 available but the Personal Bot will not be for sale when the VIP Licenses are sold. Arbistar is going to sell all of the Bots that they have but the Personal Bot as we had mentioned that there were only going to be 5000 because of the market volume it is Arbitrage and there is a volume the 5000 VIP Licenses include the Personal Bot but it is over when the VIP Licenses are over. When the VIP is done the Personal Bot is done. No one will be able to buy outside of the VIP License. It is the only bot that can never lose. Elias: Yes we are seeing that. Santi: The Forex Bots or the Trading Bots that is another thing. This can never lose. It is the star product, and the people are letting it slip away. Elias: Buying and selling in your actual exchanges. You have control of your own money like Santi was saying, without worrying that you will wake up in the morning with cold sweats asking Where Is The Webpage??? Santi: 2500 are available right now. Elias: Thank you very much. Thank you Lester. For me it is an absolute pleasure. Everyone, I hope this tutorial was able to help you a bit that serves for you to see how we can already start running this there isn´t a lot of mystery behind it all I will leave below the YouTube channel and so you all know that there is a Discord Channel that you will be able to talk about everything that you need. Tutorials and support 100%. Thank you very much Everyone!

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