PCGS Returns to China for the 2012 Hong Kong Coin Convention

PCGS is really excited to be back in
Hong Kong again We’ll be attending the Hong Kong International Coin Convention
and Watch Fair That’s being held at the Holiday Inn Golden
Mile Hotel from August 24th to 26th It’s hosted by our good friend and the
renowned numismatist Mr. Ma Prior to this show will be at the
Crystal Room at the Holiday Inn from Tuesday through Thursday from 10am to 6pm. PCGS’s
office in Hong Kong is open every day of the year and is located in TST 11/F
Room 1101 through 1108 Our phone number is +852 39606570 and Luke is there and he’d be happy to take your call anytime You know there’s some tremendous
benefits to getting your coins holdered in PCGS’s holder For one thing we authenticate and
guarantee every coin that we grade. If your coin is in a PCGS holder more
than likely it’s going to go through the Secure+ process which we are the only
company in the world offer Secure+ It’s a patented process It records your coin, it looks
at your coin for foreign materials It is one of the safest ways to get your coin
holdered in the market today but the big deal here is the PCGS
guarantee – we guarantee that every coin in our holder is authentic
and that it’s graded properly and trust me we live up to our guarantee
if there’s ever a problem we step up to do the right thing whether
it’s buying the coin back or making some kind of cash settlement
we’ve done that many many times over, five million
dollars worth in the last few years some pretty big coins too. I remember we
bought one coin back for $550,000 So having your coin holdered by PCGS
is a huge advantage it’s going to sell for more money
it’s going to sell quicker it’s something that you want to do
particularly if your coin is of any real value you know we have our standard small holder which can take about 90 different kinds of
coins then we have what we call our five
ounce holder which we have seven or eight
different size coins that can fit into this holder and then we have what we call our jumbo
holder and in our jumbo holder we have about four or five
coins that can fit in this holder if you have a letter or a
certificate of authenticity the certificate of authenticity will
go in the back of this holder and you will get the coin back with
the authenticity and in the PCGS guaranteed holder. You can submit
coins very easily, you can get a hong kong submission form from luke at our office or from your local
PCGS authorized dealer or you can go online www.pcgsglobal.com/hongkong and you can choose either Chinese or
English and print the form off it will be uniquely numbered There are a lot of
instructions as to how to fill the form out and so on and so forth if you haven’t done it
before it’s very easy, print the form off,
fill it all in and either drop it off with Luk send it in, or drop it off at the Crystal
Room or at the show when we are there in August This August we are going to have a little
bit of a fun promotion we decided that for every submission we’re gonna have a little
flyer and everybody that gives us a copy of the flyer with their submission will get a free magnifying glass That free magnifying glass
is courtesy of PCGS and your local PCGS authorized dealer As always, there are going to be
several auctions. Mr. Ma and Baldwins will have their typical sale the wonderful sale that they always have
at every show Stacks Bowers will have an auction there
I’m sure there’s going to be some wonderful coins at their auction as well you know
hopefully will see some some really neat coins like we saw last time where we
had a five million dollar coin given to us that
we graded. Quite a few Chinese rarities and even some United States rarities
showed up in Hong Kong so that was a lot of fun. I don’t want to leave without mentioning that
we have a promotion going on which will be available Hong Kong and that’s what we’re calling our
crossover promotion so if you have a coin that you’ve
already bought or had holdered by another company NGC ICG and ANACS If you have a coin that’s holdered by one of those
companies and you want to get it into a PCGS holder here’s our offer It’s a no risk offer you can submit the coins if they cross then you pay the normal grading fee if they don’t cross you don’t pay
anything so why not get your coins in the world’s
leading holder by the world’s leading grading service? You are way better off
having it in our holder than anybody else’s so we’re making this promotion available in
Hong Kong. Another thing they that were doing for the asian market is we are launching a new
website it’s called www.pcgsasia.com It’s obviously in multiple languages
and you can customize it to however you see fit but it will include things like a population report for each coin, in other words how many of these
have we graded and in what grades did we see them it will include a price guide for chinese coins and then we have this new technology
that we’ve introduced here in the states We call it ValueView and what ValueView does is it allows you to go
based on a coin-by-coin basis and look at one screens and see a
consolidated view of population, price, and the last several times that
coin appeared in auction It is very handy and it is quite powerful in helping making a buying or
selling decision especially when you know price guides might get a little bit
out-of-date let’s go see what the exact auction sales
look like and then I can make an educated buying
decision so we’re really looking forward to
being at this show and we hope to see all of you there

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