PC Gaming On Your PHONE!?

(background noise) I don’t like this intro very much No, no, I know. I’m actually no, I’m actually I’m just gonna make it better, Tech Linked It’s the tech show with the news and it links you to it and news will set you free- it’s much better now Boston Dynamics is actually going to start selling their robots. At a TechCrunch event this morning founder Mark Raybert Ribear? announced that the spot mini. That’s the four-legged dog type robot will be commercially available for purchase in 2019 the bot weighs 66 pounds can run for 90 minutes on a full charge and will be intended for use by businesses initially, although Home use may come eventually And I’m having a hard time figuring out what either those interests are going to want to do with them This move comes a day after the company released new videos of the spot mini navigating through a building Autonomously and the bipedal atlas going for a jog and jumping over a log They’re just intended as a reminder that yes, don’t worry. The robots are still coming to kill you. Relax and accept death Linus Why me specifically!? Two years after the steam link debuted valve is bringing their game streaming tech to phones The company has announced plans to launch the steam link app on May 21st which will allow you to stream games over a five gigahertz Wi-Fi network or an Ethernet connection from your PC to your Android or your iOS device Including TVs equipped with Android TV or an Apple TV. A number of controllers will be compatible including the steam controller obviously and valve we’ll also be launching a steam video app later this summer because apparently when valve Suddenly decides to start caring about their projects again They they do it suddenly and with a lot of care like oh, oh we’re making apps now sure Let’s make all the apps also one for trading hats Facebook is having a bit of a midlife crisis after the whole Cambridge Analytica thing and has reportedly decided to develop its own cryptocurrency Earlier this week. They moved the head of messenger to a new division to explore blockchain technology Now sources have told News Network chedda that it’s because Facebook is looking to enable users to buy and sell goods from each other directly without involving the pesky government in its currencies I’m sure Mark feels the less time that he has to spend in the Supreme Court doing inquiries sitting on a box the less chance everyone will find out that he is secretly a lizard person Now it’s time for whatever Linus wants to call quick bits I was thinking the rapid -uh- screwdriver pieces, which is brought to you today by This shirt actually, that’s right My friends you asked for it and you can get it a replica of the shirt Hastily created by me because I was wearing a Linus tech tips shirt and we were launching a new channel now This is a limited edition fair because it would be too embarrassing for us to have this on our merch store forever It’s available for 25 bucks and there are female fits available as well So click at the link below to get yours also up here, I think. On to the fast stories part -No, that’s not what I want to call it- Net neutrality as we knew at pre Trump will die June 11th Unless a vote in the US Senate Successfully forces a rejection of the FCC’s new rules, although I am kind of interested to see what kind of packages the ISPs offer This is the you’re getting packaged package Elon Musk shared a new video of the progress on his Hyperloop tunnel in LA Along with the news that his boring company will be offering free rides to the public in a few months I don’t know that I would necessarily partake given that they are testing its safety but that’s on you. Google’s Wear OS watches might be getting old, but they’re reportedly going to Reinvigorate the market with a Pixel branded smartwatch coming this fall. This is according to EVleaks Maybe it’ll have duplex installed so you can talk to an AI when you’re bored Maybe the AI will even know that you’re that you want to talk to it because you’re bored because you’ll be checking your watch all amazing Now you can crack open your Xbox ps4 or switch without voiding the warranty Microsoft Sony and Nintendo have all updated their warranties to abide by the FTC’s new guidelines What about Apple though? Huh? Oh, right Apple is too busy planning to release a credit card with finance giant Goldman Sachs. The card would bear the Apple pay brand, but Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of Apple pay being on your phone? oh, but the real draw will be that it will have sandblasted aluminum edges and diamonds Well, guess what? That’s it for this episode of TechLinked. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to check out the links in the video description for this limited edition shirt a Subscription thing that’s not in the description. That’s a separate button also hit the bell icon so that you can get the news faster than your friends and then you can Brag about it when you see them at school and they’ll be like, “What, I’m so jealous” You can be like “All you gotta do is hit the bell icon” and they’ll be like “Really!?” Wow Wow wow, thank you. Wow Vancouver Wow I wanna be your friend.

27 thoughts on “PC Gaming On Your PHONE!?”

  1. I swear if Facebook cryptocurrency causes another inflation on GPU prices (which current prices are already terrible), im gonna be pissed!

  2. How do you even connect the steam controller to the phone? It doesn't even work on Bluetooth. For that matter…. How do you connect steam link via ethernet to the phone?

  3. They need to make something that doesnt require your pc to be turned on and with steam running for you to play games on another device

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