PayPal Q1 2019 Financial and Operating Results

PayPal reported results for first quarter twenty-nineteen. The numbers strong and growing, once again. More than 9 million net new customers on the expansive PayPal platform. Added to the total and PayPal’s at 277 million active accounts worldwide on pace to reach 300 mill by year end. Customers using PayPal more than ever, too, and increasingly on mobile. Venmo’s 40 million customers – basically half of all millennials in the US – sent 21 billion dollars through the platform in Q1, a big increase over the same quarter a year ago. PayPal with some big announcements to help with future growth in the last few months. In Latin America, an investment in MercadoLibre, a leading regional ecommerce and payments player. And in the US – Instagram is the latest platform to rely on PayPal to improve buying and selling. PayPal will process all payments when people shop and buy directly on Instagram. Keep up on all things PayPal at

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