99 thoughts on “PayPal Plans $25M Cash Advances For Unpaid Federal Workers | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC”

  1. McConnell accused Democrats of trying to “swing elections” with a major piece of legislation they just introduced designed to clean up voting and campaign finance and strengthen government ethics. The the HR1 Act contains a package of reforms that aim to make voting more accessible, force Trump (and future presidential candidates) to release their tax returns, and take power away from big political donors by incentivizing smaller donations and by requiring super PACs to make their private donors public.

    McConnell suggested that making private donors public was an attack on free speech.
    McConnell described the anti-corruption bill as a “power grab” and a "naked attempt to change the rules of American politics to benefit one party” in a Thursday op-ed he wrote. Meanwhile, McConnell continues to block a Senate vote that would end the government shutdown, and put 800k Americans back to work, and allow them to finally get paid.

    McConnell and Trump are living proof as to why the HR1 bill is so vital, and needs to be passed. Every American should let their support for this bill be known. If it were not for swamp creatures like Trump, McConnell, Graham, and Nunes, the country wouldn't need a bill like HR1.

  2. But on the bright side, Trump and Senate republicans voted to lift sanctions on those poor billionaire Russian Oligarchs yesterday. So there's that.

  3. This is a nice gesture on the part of paypal and those workers deserve to get paid.

    Having said that, here is a "Devil's Advocate" question to chew on:

    WIll this move not make it easier for the shutdown to simply continue?

  4. 80% of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck …

    The USA system is focused on the top 1%! They own 52% of all wealth. And Fox tells you this is necessary to create jobs.

    This is NOT true.

  5. So in this climate of "What's in it for me?" I can't help but wonder what PayPal is secretly hoping to gain from this out pouring of generosity? PayPal is not a squeaky clean company. The endgame…what is it?

  6. The Democratic National Committee claims it was hit by a Russian cyberattack in the days after the 2018 midterm elections. According to court documents filed late Thursday, the DNC says “dozens of DNC email addresses were targeted in a spear-phishing campaign” on Nov. 14, but that the attack appears to have failed to gain access to any information. The committee believes the attack was part of a phishing campaign that cybersecurity firms previously linked to a Russian hacking group known as Cozy Bear. Cozy Bear is linked to Russian intelligence and is said to have broken into the DNC’s systems ahead of the 2016 presidential election. “Therefore, it is probable that Russian intelligence again attempted to unlawfully infiltrate DNC computers in November 2018,” says the court filing. The complaint takes aim at Donald Trump, saying they believe the Trump campaign is part part of a broad conspiracy with the Russians.

  7. This would be the perfect opportunity for Trump's Charity foundation to step-up and help some of the people who are struggling. Oh wait….never mind.😔

  8. Great idea but in reality $500 is not going to keep them from being homeless. 25 million is petty divided between 800,000. If they want to help they should offer $2,000 so they can pay rent and food.

  9. This is ENABLING Trumps behavior and as horrible as it is to say this. They are NOT making the situation better.

  10. the orange one is just 1 man, is there no organisation that can overpower his stupid decisions for the benefit of the American people.  What kind of country is this, the land of opportunity they say, the land of freedom, is this freedom or modern day slavery by someone that is peddling slavery?this country better pull their socks up and snatch the country back from the clutches of this monster.What the heck are you all just watching this show for, just relieve him of his duties, even temporarily and help the Americans have a loaf of bread on their tables again.Americans are behaving like they are a 3rd world country, they are behaving like victims.You elected him to represent you, ask that he be removed until his mess is sorted out, then consider putting him back, supervised of course!!!~

  11. Stephen Colbert’s show is donating it earnings to the people affected by the shutdown. Who’s next America? 💙🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  12. I mean, the sentiment behind the offer is good, and hats off to PayPal,but $500 isn't going to go far. I'm hoping other companies will follow suit. In the meantime, I wonder how many people will have to go bankrupt and/or lose their homes because of Trump and his pride.


  14. Pay Pal has been charging people up to 25% interest for years. They have made billions off of people. It's about time they started giving back.

  15. I'm far from being a lover of PayPal, knowing to my cost some of their policies can be very one sided. But still, I think it's exceptional of them to come forward in this way to help so many folks put in financial jeopardy but the actions of your vanity seeking, immoral, so-called President. Well done Paypal.

  16. HYSTERICAL STUFF!.. poor skanky commi lib pelosi and her band of demons..got their bus ticket cancelled! BooWho.
    That had to have been the best Kodak moment of this century. Priceless moments.

  17. Trump shouldn’t be allowed to hold the US for hostage. Trump is a public servant, it ain’t his money, it’s the American people’s money! Tax payers fund the government!

  18. How sweet but are you all math illiterates? There are 800,000 people that are not being paid. He is committing up to $25M but the workers can only get up to $500…..
    If EVERY furloughed worker requested they'd average $31.25 each…… $500 won't get them much and $31.25 my fill a gas tank!!!
    *but that's super kind.

    Yes he says that could help "up to" 50,000 families…..that is literally only 6.25% of the impacted (800,000) workers which already excluded contractors….this shyt is nuts folks.

  19. You would never get baby bone spurs to do something like that! He's a billionaire but he's not helping! Wonder why????
    Could it be the DUMP doesn't have any money and needs permission from Putin?!?!
    So Sad 😢 love 💔 G-20.in

    Oh wait food is free I forgot!
    Oh wait heat bills are free!
    Oh wait mortgages are free!
    Oh wait daycare is free!

    I'll wait golfing at Mar-A-Lago only cost $200,000 a year is he switching that to free?!?!

    Oh wait gas is free now!
    Oh wait going out to eat is free now!

    Oh wait I'm living in a fantasy world!
    Where I have unicorns and a pocketful of gold in my shoes.


  20. Outstanding! Paypal should start a GoFundMe (through Paypal 😅), pay it off & carry it over. I bet it would top the FN wall fund x10, in 3 days. This is America, right here! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  21. How does this help myself tho. At least fed workers get pay stubs to see the amount of theft. Yall dont even want to put my theft on the books. the intellectual property theft & attempts at defamation of my character is alot more than $25 million. I hate dems & reps & perps & gangstalkers & minions. All trying to keep myself trapped because Im Independent. Wheres the ppl to to fight for my rights. Im not sacrificing myself for ppl task to ruin my life. Im in a homeless shelter because capitalism, socialism, communism dont work. When I get to DC Im chopping off heads & political affiliation wont matter. Again, with selective empathy. Foh. Im angry now.

  22. All these Billionaires and Corporations who received this big tax cut on the back of the American people NEED a o stand up to help these people and to put pressure on these Republicans to join the Dems to begin impeachment proceedings against Trump. We don’t need the Muller report to know Trump is corrupt and a criminal.

  23. If Trump is so fixated on getting money to pay for his boondoggle on the border, why doesn't he get it from the parasites he gave a 1.2 trillion dollar gift to just last year? Answer: because they're all as cheap as he is and wouldn't give him 2 cents; and they're the ones who rely financially on exploiting illegal immigrants..

  24. MSNBC…The government shutdown is a crisis, a crisis I tell you!!!!!! Worka's won't get paid, they are starving, starving I tell ya!!!!! They won't be able to pay rent, why does Trump hate the roofs!!!!
    Fake news….Trump just singed Cardin's house bill into law. furloughed worka's will be paid in full once the Dems come to the table and pay for the wall. In essence furloughed worka's are enjoying a a fully PAID vacation on the taxpayer's dime….

    Oy vey…but, but what about till then!!!!….More fake news

    "WASHINGTON – Approximately 50,000 Jewish federal workers face weeks or months without pay due to a government shutdown over funding for US President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico, the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington told The Jerusalem Post this week.

    But those struggling to pay their bills are being thrown a lifeline. The Hebrew Free Loan Society of Greater Washington will offer interest-free emergency loans to those affected by the shutdown, offering essential aid to workers and their families entering an interminable period of financial instability."

    So there you have it…they've had a safety net in the form of free loans from the get go, and now that Trump has signed Cardin's bill all the other money changers are jumping on board to shower the Worka's with free shekels…

    But, but what about the depression!!!!, what about the struggle!!! what about the sufferink!!!! ….Orange man bad !!!!

  25. Andrea Greenspan has taken Ruhle on as Chainsaw Cannibal Apprentice , but Andrea MITCHELL has it in for RUHLE because Hubby Alan Greenspan diddles his ballz when he seez ruhle on TV .. He lies to Andrea about RUHLE saying "She's too fit and not his TYPE" Andrea knows HE LIES and then takes her jealousy out on Illegal aliens in the Greenspan Torture Dungeon.. Andrea is killing too many illegals and MR greenspan warns Andrea that if the WALL is built she wont have as many Illegals to chainsaw Dismember and feed on. Andrea has been having a bad WEEK!

  26. Symbolic BS help for 50,000 people only 👎 she and he are rich and taking credit for help not really given. Would she vote for Bernie? No!

  27. pay pal is NOT YOUR PAL.. they want to make a profit off the dire situation that federal workers are in, they are no better than corrupt trump.

  28. You lying piece of crap PayPal CEO! This is a normal policy at PayPal! You are profiting off of getting new customers, but you are not "giving" them anything, let alone $25 million. Your "values," lol. You are ONLY about profit! This is sickening.

  29. Yet, the cheapskate orange billionaire doesn't even donate a dime to unpaid workers & he's the reason for this shutdown. Nor he cares to consider open up the gov't.

  30. So this is where all the stolen money is going after millions of customers are asking for help to recover their money? 🤔 'Great job' paypal.


  32. This ridiculous "shut-down" is more heinous than people think. This is but a quick glimpse into the reality that America is way too close to what "Communism/Socialism" really looks like. The rich and wealthy do not care about the majority of Americans, even and especially; the "un-banked." I think we should all closely look at how Trump's experiment with Russia has turned out. We are at a cross-road of environmental and financial ruin. Just think it through for a few more minutes… it will sink in. Remember, Trump was a totally bankrupt and broke individual financially. History will show that even though he may have recovered much of his money… that Trump is still morally… broken. Look at how much Russia cares about their own environment? Search on YouTube for "Vice News + Russia + Climate Change" and see how fast you puke. Trump is a but a "Russian echo chamber."

  33. good move , paypal. the real americans come to the rescue. food banks, shelters, soup lines. etc. and dont forget the coast guard working without pay. all of US need to help the rest of US.

  34. Worthy cause. Pay Pal expects these people to get a paycheck and pay the money back. Is there an interest payment? What will they do if some can't pay it back? I guess we will find out what stuff PayPal is made of when this is all over. Pardon my cynicism, I am an old man.

  35. Props to PayPal. I don’t want to take away from what they’re doing in the slightest. But, it doesn’t really move the needle.

    800,000 federal employees X 40 hours per week X $30 per hour is a $960M PER WEEK PROBLEM

    The government needs to be re-opened ASAP

  36. An excellent move by PayPal. Now let's see some other companies step up to the plate and help out. We can not allow Trump's temper tantrums to harm our own people.

  37. Thank u Pay Pal…it is a red, white and blue issue!!!! It's insanity that soooo many people are living paycheck to paycheck!!

  38. THANK YOU SIR I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  39. I'll say it. They are enabling Trump. This will going on that much longer. They don't denounce him. They don't get the Senators in their pocket to send a veto proof cr. No they get a tax write-off and allow people to survive longer so that Trump can keep the government closed longer. Then the B start taking about the minimum wage not the problem. Thanks

  40. Hi Steph.👋🐞.
    Exceptional reporting, Steph.👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Steph.👍.
    👉👉Patience👈👈 democrats, patience.👍.
    Paypal, thank you.👍☺👏👏👏👏.

  41. 800,000 workers mean 800,000 families punished by a tyrant. Suddenly, in the midst of this desperate darkness, the sun rises ☀️ The Republican Party has the duty to immediately stop the shutdown that affects more than 2 million people. Meanwhile, Dan Schulman shows the way of hope. Lightness is and always be more powerful than darkness.

  42. will the interest-free cash advances be taxable? (or the "fair market value" of the interest that may have been paid for a $500 short-term loan). (FWIW, gifts valued up to $20,000 are not considered taxable)

  43. Thank you, PayPal, for helping Americans that work for the USA Government and are not receiving their paycheques! It’s a great Act of Inspiration and Compassion.

  44. Doing the right thing for the right reason. Thank you for joining Gov. Newsom and others in being the change the world needs.

  45. I've been thinking about this issue during the shutdown and then just saw this. Politics aside – it's unfortunate that in the "world's richest country" millions and millions of people/families are, indeed, living "paycheck to paycheck". To be sure, there are people who live beyond their means and/or don't save money aside, but there are lots and lots of other people who aren't in a position to set funds aside after they've paid for housing, utilities, food, car expenses, childcare costs, education, (biggie here:) health insurance, co-pays, & prescription costs … these are all pretty darned basic. Election after election politicians of all stripes talk about making life better for "ordinary citizens" – well, they don't seem to be delivering as well as they could when too many of us are only one or two paychecks away from a financial crisis.

  46. How much do they have to pay back ?  they say no interest Lord please let this be true,  Plus this is good for business

  47. Hmm, private companies giving handouts instead of just paying taxes and giving money to the government…
    This is what a fascist takeover looks like people! Don't they spin it so well? If the company had any real values they would just pay their taxes in the first place.
    "It has nothing to do with politics.". Yup, they got that right. It's about taking down the federal government while the corporate/military police state remains intact. Cheaper transactions, electronic currency, they're using all the libertarian buzzwords.

  48. Look to the history of Russia with the Czar and the wealthy elite controlling the country's wealth. The social system was based on serfdom with workers showing allegiance to the minority elite. Fast forward to the current American economy, where we have 1% of the population controlling a major portion of the country's wealth. We have 80% of the population existing week to week on their paychecks for the elite minority. Are these people merely pseudo serfs with little to no control over their existence? They are basically enslaved in financial poverty to their elite employers. The 1917 revolution in the midst of the Great War showed that while the majority are financially crippled they still have the power to overthrow the elite. The growing political divide in America with parties doing anything to maintain their base support makes it ripe for a social revolution. Remember England with the royalists and the parliamentarian Cromwell supporters which lead to a civil war. A democracy does not guarantee freedom, it is a system which must be continually nurtured not constantly abused. Those who manipulate the democratic system will find that road littered with history and the rope that awaits them.

  49. Excellent P.R. move for Pay-Pal…
    Nice to see that a corp/busyness has peoples backs for a change.
    Pay-Pal has always had my back as a consumer when ever I've needed them..
    Good one Pay-Pal.

  50. Paypal banned my account without telling me, that’d really wrong, I don’t like how they do that they gave me 180 days then I receive a check what if it’s a bounded one?

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