Paypal Money – Make $5.00 Selling Email (Not What You Think)

this is not make money with email
marketing this is not spamming others with tons of email this is not
collecting other people email this is about how to make $5 selling legitimate
email you literally going to sell email for $5 and this is about how to create
multiple email accounts for free hi guys if you are interested to selling Gmail
account for $5 stick with me until the end of this
video because I’m going to reveal to you everything you need to know and where
you have to go to make $5 even more only by selling gmail account and also at the
end of this video I also going to reveal to you what is the website that allows
you going to allow you to make to create multiple email accounts for free hi guys
if this is your first time to my channel welcome to my channel my name is Riley
Mustafa in this channel I share with you a lot of content about how to make money
online strategy on how to make money online the easy way if you are
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you could leave a thumbs up for me because it does help my video to get
more exposure out there and also it does help my channel as well so without
further ado let’s dive right into our website so the website that I’ll talk
about is call player up calm so just hit over to play up calm you’re going to
land over to this page so for your information this platform is actually
for buy and sell account so this is clash of can a clash of clans account
epic 7 account for my account this is all the gaming account right so also
they also have a feature for Instagram accounts so also have a youtube account
to buy and sell so if you have any youtube or any gaming account that you
want to sell you can head over to this website as well but in this particular
video I’m not going to focus on that because we are going to focus to more
simple things to do which is selling jima accounts so if you learn over to
this website just hit over to this one and click on it all other gamers slash
marketplace and then you’re going to go to this particular page and this page
this is all the several different gaming that they are selling over here I want
you to go to G G tap here and click on the G tab and then you are going to head
over to this G tap okay so click on the email Oh G so waiting for loading and
then you’re going to hit over to this page so this specific piece is actually
a pitch for people selling their gmail account for example this seller over
here name name of Islam so they are selling 22,000
she mail for sale he was selling for $5.00 for gmail account and take a look
at this 199 feedback almost 200 guys so 200
times 5 it’s already $1000 only for selling gmail account so as you can tell
you could actually create Gmail for free and then you can sell it over for $5.00
all the way up to $28 and Traveller right so it’s depend on you the minimum
price will be 5 and all the way up to 10 15 or whatever price that you think it’s
worth it right so I I really recommend you to hold on
to this opportunity because this is really really great opportunity because
you could literally make a gmail account for free okay yeah so you might curious
what is actually why people have to buy gmail account from here right because
every one of us could actually get email for free gmail account for free so as
you can tell I don’t know whether you I have actually you have experienced this
before I had some experience before where I’m only able to create gmail
account for two or three gmail accounts so if I want to create more
that Gmail will will block my phone number because in order to approve in
order to get verified you have to put your phone number to get the code right
so you’re gonna copy the code and paste it to Gmail and then only by then you
can get verified with Gmail and unfortunately they may not allow you to
create more than two or three account because they’re going to block your move
our phone number so that’s why all these people here is actually providing the
gmail account over here right so for those who are already got block for the
oedema county going to hit over to this website and they’re going to simply buy
from all these people over here so let’s take a look about the seller pitch over
here right so I just want to give you some examples so a contact normal gmail
account ID and password will be given twenty gmail account for five dollars
right so ten a hundred gmail accounts for twenty twenty percent saving 1,000
Gmail accounts for 175 guys you are literally don’t have to have any capital
capital upfront you don’t have to invest any money to create a new account stay
with me until the end because I’m going to reveal to you where the way you have
to go in order to create multiple account write multiple gmail account so
if you’re any inquiry message to me blah blah so let’s take a look okay hey guys
people are actually really searching for this gmail account I just made payment
followed by a Bitcoin for Gmail account so I try to buy 1000 the links not
working okay so people are actually looking for this this type of service
guys it’s pretty insane for me actually because I I have no idea there is
actually a people there are a lot of people searching for gmail account while
you are actually able to make it for free okay so all these people over here
mine don’t know about the website that I’m about to reveal to you okay so this
is the website guys this is the key the website is called receive – SMS Escom
which is it has SS over here right so receive –
SMSs no calm head over to this website so receive SMS online instantly so this
if SMS become is a free service for receiving SMS and message and voicemails
online there is no need to register just select a phone number from the list
below you can use it to receive message from Facebook telegram blah blah blah
okay so BAM this is actually the solution so
this is all the phone numbers available for you to use in order to get verified
with gmail account right so take a look at this one so how you going to use it
just click open one of these step over here and then you can you will learn
over to this page so just simply copy this phone number and then paste to your
Gmail account ID to get verify and then click send and then just wait for the
cool so the code is going to be appear over
here right as you can tell here five minutes ago seven minutes ago this is
all the people that have been using this service 16 every single minute right
every single minute people is actually receiving their code over receive SMS
comm so that is how everything’s work okay so first step just hit over to
player up comm and create your account and then you can start to open your
treat and then you can create as many gmail account as you want and then you
can start receiving PayPal money to your PayPal account right so guys I think
that’s it that is how you’re going to make $5 of a PayPal money and I hope you
got some value throughout this video and don’t forget to give me a thumbs up guys
because it does have my video out and it also does help my channel to grow as
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on my next video bye bye

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