PayPal Makes First Investment in Blockchain Startup (Cambridge Blockchain)

it's been rumored at PayPal that's been thinking about adding Bitcoin payments for a long time and it makes sense to them right they're ready they're kind of like a they're kind of like a middleman right most of transactions done through PayPal is credit cards and debit cards right of course you could link up your bank accounts and so forth but PayPal it's convenient why not add a paper a Bitcoin payment on top of it right so now they're dipping their toes in they are actually investing into Cambridge blockchain right and that is the very first investment they have done but trust me this will not be done and it would not surprise me in a month or two we hear rumors swirling about PayPal getting or cepting Bitcoin as a payment on their platform and it just makes sense right and who knows maybe they even open up buying and selling on PayPal which also wouldn't make sense to them and be a cash cow for them so why wouldn't they right so according to them they told coin – we made an investment Cambridge Cambridge blotching because it's implying blockchain for digital identity in a way we believe can benefit financial services including PayPal our investment will allow us explore potential collaborations you leverage blockchain technology right so they're looking into blockchain technology and Cambridge Cambridge blockchain actually is involved with digital ID and kyc basically right so they they're they're in the ID services I think that it's it's a perfect harmony for for PayPal right but well waiting for is them to a sub Bitcoin and other Kryptonian it's gonna be good it's gonna be good you

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  1. if you check this out, its probably why

  2. I may not comment and only watch your morning shows after they've gone off live (that damned commercial moves me to such actions), but I still like/ share/ subscribe bc you're one of the few crypto shows not giving into the hype. You've been in crypto from the beginning. Your knowledge and experience shows through your super dad jokes and campy humor. It's true what they say, love the gift no matter what wrapping it comes in. Keep it up George.

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