Paying with Bitcoins in Israel

Hello, my name is Dima Liahovitsky
and I’m the CEO of Bitgo. and I’m standing next to one of
the “Donkeys” restaurants in Tel Aviv, and today I’m gonna show you how
to pay for a tortilla with Bitcoins using Bitgo’s payment system follow me. Hello, how can I help you? Hi, I would love a chili con carne
borrito. No problem, come with me. Here you are, it’s 39 Shekels,
how would you like to pay? With Bitcoins. – Here you are.
– Thank you very much. So now I take my smartphone,
scan the code, and thats it! – Thank you very much, and bon appetite!
– Thank you! So now you have witnessed the first
POS in Israel which accepts Bitcoins using a system developed by Bitgo.
The future is here, Bon Apptetite!

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  1. I thought there was no voice audio but I realized I only had my right earbud in. Guys, you need to balance that track. 🙂 

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