Paying Telegram Bots!!

so here guys, you can here i have now 11,000 pesos here in my bitcoin and lets check history if i received the payment that i withdrew in this telegram bot and as you can see guys, i just got paid with 0.00101076 bitcoin to my coins ph wallet hello, do you want to earn some money online? if yes, just click the SUBSCRIBE BUTTON and click the bell as well to get notify to my new video where we can earn extra money online hello guys and welcome back to my another video and today i will share you a legit and paying telegram bot okay so, you need ofcourse Telegram application both playstore and appstore have that you just have download to it and now we will try this bot this bot is called “crypto farmer” i will put in the video description the link and where to register here in crypto farmer, it needs STAR for you to buy mining rig here in shop… this is where you can buy mining rig so when you click your crypto farmer link, you will receive 100 star and this is the mining rig you can get with that star as for me, i already use this for too long, i already purchased cloud m2 you can see also what satoshi you will earn per hour the higher the mining rig, the more satoshi you will get next going back to menu okay lets click “working” so here in working, you can monitor how much satoshi mined by your mining rigs here in crypto farmer ok guys you can invest, or do not invest its optional, if you can wait for too long, just do not invest here in exchange, you can convert your satoshi to STAR for you to purchase more mining rig if your purchase lots of mining rigs, the more satoshi you will get every hour here in extra… this displays the bot statistics and it also displays your bitcoin wallet address and here you can also do withdraws “payment order withdrawal” next, bonus… click it bonus, you can get daily bonus you can click this every 6 hours, and they will give us 1 to 100 stars every 6 hrs win and share, you need to share this payment proof section to twitter in order for you to earn star and ofcourse, you can invite friends you will get 90 sar for every invite friends and you can use it to buy more mining rigs so, that will be your referral link so, here in support here…. all your questions will be answered by their support team ok going back again to the menu we will now try to withdraw here in crypto farmer to really know if this telegram bot really pays so here, i already have 92,000 satoshi the minimum withdrawal here is 0.001 btc or 100,000 satoshi here, i will get the remaining satoshi earned by my mining rigs just click “collect satoshi” and now, let go back again to the menu ok, i collected it all as you can see, i have now 110,076 satoshi now we click the “Extra” click payments coz i will now going to withdraw ok, then click order payment here you can see the minimum payout is 0.001 btc i have now 0.00101076 satoshi that makes me withdraw all this balance oops typo error now we will try to make a withdraw click enter ok and thats it! payment was approved it will be sent to your btc wallet within 24 hrs we finished withdrawing, and we will check it from my btc wallet if we got paid here in this telegram bot stay tuned and we will be back hello guys and welcome back again and here you can see “your withdraw btc is already successful” i received the exact 0.00101076 so we will now check ofcourse in my i will just open my wallet Php to BTC so here guys, you can here i have now 11,000 pesos here in my bitcoin and lets check history if i received the payment that i withdrew in this telegram bot and there you guys and as you can see guys, i just got paid with 0.00101076 bitcoin to my coins ph wallet truly, this telegram bot pays and as you can see here in working, i already have another satoshi which mined by by mining rigs ok guys, you can just leave it there. it automatics mine bitcoins just purchase mining rig here in crypto farmer take note, you dont need to invest you can just wait and you can do invite friends to earn more stars thank you for watching and if i helped you, give us a thumbs up (like button) also subscribe for more videos where we can earn money online thank you guys and have a great day!

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  2. Miss Aisa nung na reach ko na ung minimum sa canada 50k satoshi ang sabi skin hetoCanada Bitcoin Mining:
    ❌ You canceled your payment because you were attached to the ROI-Return on Investment. Since your references do not do anything, you are paying for the ROI implementation. To overcome this you need to invest in your reference or your system. Anong ibig sabihin neto salamat poh more power

  3. Working pa po ba mam to? Or any suggestion telegram na pede salihan mam try ko po kasi maginvest mam. Thank you

  4. Hi miss Aiza,,, gusto ko lang sanang itanong kung pwede ba akong mag purchase Isa pang mining rig na same kind sa nauna kong purchase?

    Like CLOUD M1?

  5. hello po bakit po kaya ganun nagdeposit ako ng 0.005+ btc ng dalawang beses kanina mga 12pm ata un then ung isa 2:30pm pero as of now wala pa din sabi few minutes lng hehhe pa help po

  6. Hi po. Paying po ba ang BTC Fruit Bot ng Telegram? Need kasi niya mag deposit ng 0.001 btc para maka withdraw. Thanks po in advance and more subscribers to come 💕

  7. Lahat po ba ng bot sa telegram pwede po bang btc address sa coin ph kasi po nakikita ko yung sa payment prof blockchain ang gamit nila baka mawala lang po yung btc points ko sa bot pag nag withdraw po ako gamit address ng coin ph ko po??

  8. Hi poh, pahelp po sana, After Update sa telegram na delete po yun mga bot account po. Paano po siya e recover?

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