ding-ding-ding we're going down the deep dark bunny trail of fast money crypto now all these sites that are called hype mutt we're gonna go over a lot of things sit down relax get your wallet out get your computer ready to like shake it and drop crypto on the floor you do magical fairy dust shit and then fill your while with a real money I've been wanting to say this for a long time – Jeff notice like I don't know what's to eat like I don't even know fucking not even $600 right let's do one point seventy let's say $500 worth to eat like if it's like 1.7 7/8 or 0.05 3 BTC sounds like nothing right go get five $600 and 20 dollar bills and hold it in your fucking hand now you have a new respect I just educated you alright don't be stupid with your crypto look none of this in any way is financial advice I'm gonna roll tour everything I want to talk about a lot of things now look I had a secret message here I'm gonna withdraw from this let's see at $22 all right look I'm gonna do this fast we're gonna hyper hype and then we're gonna get to a new one that I'm about to die just invested actually 100 something dollars worth to Ethan but we're a hyper hyper now so this is hyper hyping okay this is coin chair $115 let's see if we get it it's always like bang bang and it's like man spinning up roulette wheel pulling that handle in that slot machine do you get batch ID or saved come on around the round she goes people in a yell out scream batch ID patch ID bitch it's gonna be epic but the music is telling me to slow down so I piping means you can oh my god we got a batch ID oh we got a batch ID oh that's fabulous supercalifragilistic oh my god coin games $249 in the last few hours I keep doing look I put in 7,000 I took out 8300 boom so look at this nobody will ever show you this on youtube I got Commission's referrals from people enough to use my link right $580 so let's back up what are they best in here seven thousand and two dollars so you think fucking commissions matter no it helps a little bit whatever but remember those asshole youtubers I hated like my crypto project who used to do one of these every day like or with you he never put his own money in and just collected that money I just showed you there's a big difference here okay and then we're going to talk about links so let's let's try to go at once let's make a spectacle of the Oracle now this is the gambling part of it you can't be sad if you get a fucking saved look what happened alright did something wrong 345 okay requests okay round around she goes where she stops nobody knows or when it stops nobody knows none of this is financial advice this is just what is yeah boom hit it yell outside batch ID batch ID batch ID more exciting than the day your wife left you and said she didn't want anything ah the stories continue so this is hyper hyping fuck i that's sloping that's dead hyping I am waiting for a payment of $500 since fucking Thursday okay I don't give links to this oh oh oh do you want a link for this King coins I do want to leave for coin chair do you want a link for the whore in the corner coin games let me show you where you can find links DJ nice crypto he goes into a lot of shit I going to 559 subscribers let's rock his world let's be that 700 subscriber maybe DJ nice we'll just be extra nice who knows but he is kind of fucking nice when I see this I have an image of traumatized you know of the he-she Noby she the guy in the pink inner tube with the speedo I forgot his name he's not part of the pack anymore crypto connections Oh make sure you add the S on the end for shins connections get it actually for sex because she's a lady hold on because I know walking into this I'm responsible for what I'm putting in and I'm responsible for I put in G cos I know that if I lost it it wouldn't wreck me I'll rock you baby and that's the key with these she's a hyper lady Jesus the hypes and she's so conservative she's oh my gosh wait catch the hook did she hear my balance controls I mean bang boom I don't know it goes down because for a large so listen if you want a link from a lady if you want to hook up with a link which is it coins yeah she's in crypto I don't know King coins the same shit that I'm in she's a lady let's check out our channel I would have you know I'm really sad today she does these science and get rich if you're into that loving bitch Oh batch IDs but the ladies getting batch IDs all right so look you want somebody who's straight forward not a referral whore she ain't no flower you know the Great Dane of crypto inside joke oh that was exhausting every time I go to her channel shit just goes wild so you can sign up with DJ nice you could sign up with crypto chica and I got it I got another guy now listen this guy went to rehab this guy came out of high prehab worse than anyone that ever didn't go to high prehab his channels off the hook he's one of my favorite youtubers now look this guy's are hypo holic I mean what the fuck Jaime please the children's show so he's a hyperbolic I get a lot of hydras from him out to all the ones I'm in or from him and bringing that back around hold on let's just go around here let's see if we can pull any more money out account this is how you hyper hyper you got all of them you open your account what is this one open the account oh my god our $23 here so if you want links you got to go there okay I don't have any I'm sorry sorry still supporting these platforms fuck yeah they've been really good to me not enough to take out oh I'll take that give me that bitcoin can give me that coin it's a mellow day here in the hood shout out to the women of South Africa Schoen art is my passive trade shit so I got eleven thousand four hundred now oh look at $197 today you know let me take that you you stay there withdrawal request successfully initiated launch baby now look I don't know if you're a little person I don't know I can't tell you you know maybe you look down and you think you got a mini blessing from God between your legs and why why what did you do in the past life so nobody tells me about many coins many coins okay I'm like I always like to add some of this shit in here so let's go to my dashboard I threw a little eat then cuz it gets there right away alright so now I've got that deposit in this thing look I like let me tell you specifically the only programs I look at and I'll tell you nobody when he says we should I tell him don't fuck around you know what I like what do I like I like a fast turnaround come on I like a fast turnaround meaning and a high payout not 2% forever no and then I probably they got the big ones down here I just signed it is now yeah look this is like being I don't even know this is like being a crack whore in Harlem and all of a sudden you one miss Dominican Republic it's probably not gonna happen 40% of six hours I'm not putting a thousand dollars to start three days know what's the rule we don't pick daily I'm not gonna start with 800 I tested my account I'll do this one now and get 5% for 25 hours so that's um I'll miss being so that means in the day I'll get 25% I like that I'm feeling it I'm feeling it so I'm gonna do I don't know how much I put minimum make sure you check the box otherwise you get stuck in this plan I think that happened to DJ nice or 900 for crypto one of the boys one of the fucking boys this one 360 I'm gonna drop 400 in Bitcoin so 400 this is new it's my first day all right now look I'm doing a one-day turnaround it's not 10% of day and you've got to have ten days to break even these are the only type of plans I picked and the ones that pay hourly I will leave you a link for this down below I did sign up under my boy nobody drinks dildos and fucking Rehab man he's in rehab this is crazy shit I can't send it watch this if this happens it's not meant to be okay three Z F hold on look at this what the fuck hold on so it's the move I usually do open link in a new window now I'm gonna go up here look you can't see I'm gonna go up here and copy it hold on okay somehow I copied the address wrong so let's send this over in Bitcoin Bitcoin in eath that's what you use so we covered Kings King coins and I'm not gonna give you only four but must be money how's your link baby she's like hey hey I got your link right here come on in the video press show more I'll show you more show me – show you yours boom boom boom boom so let's see well write any more money if our dollars okay keep going so most of these things on these fucking sites these these don't work don't ever try them on your own make sure people are getting paid you to lose your trust oh now look there's no such thing as a blue chip there's long slow steady like my passive trades and things like that hold that thought right there now I've been looking for something that's more long-term because these types you know they come and go they're like girls you meet on the Internet you know first really good you like them then you're not sure and then they fuck you never call you back maybe not in that order I don't know I don't know let's talk about cash FX so these guys it's only like two weeks old it's in pre-launch it's not two years old like exp acid or some bullshit where you gotta watch ads or anything like that okay it's crypto and quick go out if you do nothing to put your Bitcoin and it pays you every day until you get 200% if you sign some people are being up to four hundred percent plus residual income and fucking rain from me okay because sign up right under me you don't wait and you buy a package then this site is great because if you don't buy a package you can't even see the rest of the site minimum 300 bucks I telling you do it no I don't know he's fucking people have no idea so I get this email it's story time to gather around I'm not gonna read y'all this shit okay here's what happened yesterday his site was down right after done watch my video I'm like fuck me fuck me to go say oh boy this game you know the bitch boys the Bloods who bleed in moon burn moon Burke warrior where are you jiggly tits anyone so back to our story not gonna redraw this segment down for two hours five for my fuck so I had my videos I had my links I get this email today about that they're only two weeks old and it's really exploding way faster growing bigger than they thought and that is true I'm watching the YouTube coverage yeah it's true they're blowing up because it's so simple and easy now they made some videos right let's check it out so they got their own channel and if there's real CEOs they show their face it's this little different from the hypes okay but we don't call anything a blue chip this is like BCI although fuck VCR fuck you Jamie and what is the MU gene sitting on a cake how's that song go Eugene and Jamie said not a cake some fucking shit like that anyway back to our story I just wanted to cover some confusion that the field has had don't shut the fucking site down and not tell us here's the moral of the story okay they shut it down because they're overwhelmed and redo the servers right and then the next day they send us an email like this okay wait not this one that they upgraded the servers and this and that blah blah blah look before you let this site go down send the fucking email okay basic business 101 what do you need an Oracle there I don't understand so bla bla bla you know and now they got this compensation playing overview they're showing their face everybody chill my name is Ron Paul Ron Ron I'm talking but I just want to go through the compensation plan with you right Givi like a minute right here I don't even know what you're saying and then two thousand five ten twenty and down here at the $30,000 it sounds fucking fabulous don't make it confusing okay let me show you how it works let's checked as many coins I leave you a link for many coins my money and get the air cuz I said Bitcoin it's like you know alright this is CFX you don't see the back end until you're right they show their real trades and everything else they pay you to get two hundred percent it's two weeks old get right under me you get referrals from me okay so I have the two thousand dollar Elemental package I started with upgrade when i feel in my belly not much of a belly anyway make up fake names all right so I could show the shit on the screen what the fuck man I get a get on the cover when I got into this there was almost no green dots like three it's blown up now I'm gonna buy some more so I'm gonna upgrade this upgrade Oracle yeah I'm gonna upgrade to the $5,000 fucking cash fuck spot yeah yeah look I don't put nothing phone number guess it country feel me turn to the sale I agree boom boom boom so I gotta send two grand right three Jesus Christ the price went up I'm kidding it's an upgrade so for this I like to get fucking schmuck not yeah yeah okay confirm water give me this shit that I need yeah yeah okay whatever this way I need to why am I doing this to create passive daily income so I don't have to see Nancy at the job you know the snotty yes receptionist she hates you every time you walk up to her Jolly Ranchers you're picking she don't like when people pick okay don't take all the red ones the fucking watermelon up here I know what do you think I'm fucking around oh not enough know there's fees fuck you 301 oh I'll do it my way I did it my way hope this works out so it tells you not to leave the page but I'm gonna leave the page I want to check mini balls mini coins a new hyper min thank you nobody I'm on money to get there yet okay little Evie late for this was my referral link eeny meeny miny moe catch a tiny fuckin queen by the toe if she says I'm queen of FOMO let her fucking go it's a dude anyway back to our story so this is coin edge yeah got a link for oh look at that I think I have a lot in here 12 to 26 I really would draw later I'm busy right now all right so these are the links I'm leaving you under the video mini coins cash FX quick show more I even have to tell you that some people are like oh my passive trades and coin edge it's all men right now well I mean the other ones but I'll give you links to them I told you where to get links crypto connections nobody crypto now will for crypto DJ nice crypto okay my fucking army of individual thinkers so while we're here let's go back to all these sites see if I get any more money 13 let's refresh okay three dollars let's refresh okay not enough time $5.00 let's refresh $5.00 there is nothing changed all right I'm done everybody wants to reach the Stars everyone wants to be a star or a member give me one better life you want it alright let's go to the moon I got something members of my faltering on this we're already taking advantage there's a starship about to take off are you gonna catch this one blow more up other ones didn't you say I hate trading it's not what you yes they never do bit max but you want someone push button money Oracle it's not that say I've gotten to where you want in your life because you were lazy it's because you didn't have the right vehicle the right vehicle goddamn crypto baby I need the ladies wash rinse repeat fuck you base guys blood these guys became a blood praying that David Peterson brings our back and the miss devious bot wash rinse repeat wash rinse repeat you gotta have a plan do you have a plan do you want really I got a plan rinse I'm gonna order some ubereats boom Sade Oracle crypto crypto baller baby but that girls why rinse repeat alright I'm bored I'm out stay frosty

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