Patrick Bryne Resigns from Overstock after Deep State Comments

good evening I am Maria Slo-Tina Patrick
Bynes girlfriend I am broadcasting from I am escaping from Russia right now at
the moment and I I just wanted to get this transmission out there’s no fun no
collusion and I don’t know what you’re talking about I just I don’t know I
don’t know he just yeah I don’t know I do you know dr. Patrick crypto slow
cryptocurrency needs and investing Crypton slo with more crypto gains
wow that was Maria Slo-Tina other’s sister Maria slow Tina Patrick Burns
girlfriends so if you’re not following the news this morning Patrick Burns and
why I’m even blogging about this is because Patrick is tied into t0 and
Raven 1 as you know I love my Raven point I was a heavy minor into that that
since the beginning but what a crazy story what a crazy story so starting
from the top you got Patrick Byrnes the overstock CEO you know he’s got
basically you know he’s doing is saying with overstock and he’s got all of these
crypto projects on the side that’s kind of the forefront well you know he’s made
a lot of public appearances talking about blockchain projects and how
they’re hiring all these people and blah blah blah blah so anyways so
fast-forward to 2015-16 he’s got some Russian
girlfriend who’s like I mean the story is crazy like some super spy or
something and the FBI is asking him to do things and he thought he was being a
good American by helping them out and basically all of this is kind of
resurfaced you know the whole espionage conspiracy theory of Trump and Hillary
Clinton and all the Russian collusion stuff and basically he put in his
resignation from overstock because he made these deep state comments you know
a deep state is basically this whole concept that there’s these inner powers
working against a certain political parties and stuff and we’re really not
here to get politicized and talk about that per se but
he made these comments and he wanted to make sure he was no part of overstock
which was cool on his part and the stock actually went up when he resigned I know
they kind of had it out for him for a while but you know check it out he’s got
his full story I’ll leave a link to the full story down below if you know if
you’re into raven coin at all but it’s just this complex twisted story that
sounds like it’s something out of the conspiracy theory movies and interesting
to say the least but you know basically by making these
comments that you know there was this from higher powers of we’re getting him
to do certain things we don’t know exactly what he did you know that
they’re gonna come after him to try to silence him
as a whistleblower which is typically is typically the case when you have
somebody that’s involved in something and they’re pointing fingers but I mean
let’s be realistic hey you know the government they’ll write a hundred page
report on something and they still can’t come to a conclusion you know it’s it’s
pretty crazy but anyways alas still a very interesting story
with twists you know yeah it’s crazy it’s crazy
so anyways going into the weekend things are popping along not much to say
bitcoins kind of trading sideways at the 10th want and to area
still minded dice build my credits back up and collected my honey so yeah I kind
of went hard on that honey game so I’m rebuilding my credits so bankroll
updates pull new stats with the stats page on credit so you can see your role
which in essence is really how many divs you have earned lifetime on the system
and yeah pretty awesome so from that standpoint I was sitting at about 87,000
divs so very happy very happy with the performance of credits and actually I
think it’s gonna continue to grow just because it really makes more sense than
freezing your clients it’s it’s taking a lot of people like how long’s ROI you
know you never know with credits just the other day there was a monster by of
almost a million beautiful nice nice sedatives you know with with credits
being a stable coin so if you haven’t checked out credits you know I got a
link below and get in just you know I think the best strategy is if you want
to get into credits is like you know let’s say you got some money income
coming in you know just throw 20% in it credits
and just slowly build your stack up and before you know it you know you’re
you’re you’re gonna you’re gonna be doing pretty well you know I always hear
that the 10% fee the 10% fee you know the whole concept of credits is it’s not
a pyramid scheme it is based on network activity so basically the concept is
that if you have a big enough group of people that you always have people going
in and out and divs are paid on both on both sides on the end and out so you
have this constant flux of network activity so basically the divs are based
on network activity it just makes sense you know because like when I used to
freeze my coins with super representatives I’d have them frozen and
then I don’t freeze it I God need I need more money
you know there’s network activity so basically it’s it’s focused on that
system of activity then it’s tied in to all the other platforms banker daily all
kinds of interesting cool things so and yeah but anyways I I know from the stats
so basically people like you lose 2% I had 3 xed my fees on my rolls alone
so just to give you an idea a 3x my fees of entry credits so the 10% it’s nothing
it’s nothing you know you know I personally what happened with me you
know do your own research easily covered the 10% 3 or 4x and so as always bank
teller continues to deliver oh and the launch of Bangkok Oh
so yeah banker on Tron trade 2 if you have not been paying attention living
under under a rock so that’ll be nice for liquidity and Tron train is pretty
much the Lamborghini of Tron trading so very exciting news on that front but
other than that you know my all bags are still kind of just chillin some are down
about 10% got RSR Raven
a little high-fat yeah just a little bag of everything
none not a time of any one big thing but you know hoping for some moon action but
other than that still keep focusing on getting those SATs building that BTC up
and that’s about it so hope you have a great day do something productive today
be kind to one another this is crypto slo they’re not talking

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  1. I wonder why he didn’t come out sooner. Hillary apparently isn’t innocent if they had something to blackmail her with.

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