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hey guys what's going on just wanted to do a quick update video a rapid-fire video to give you updates on these passive income crypto platforms that I'm in I'll let you know how they're doing and how I'm doing with them but before I do that guys do want to remind you that crypto in and of itself is super risky these online passive platforms are also super risky so if you're not ok with the risk do not get into any of these passive platforms I don't care it's mining trading rev-share saps there's a chance you can lose all or some of your deposit so if you're not ok with that and this is definitely not for you ok I'm not a financial advisor never take anything I say as financial advice common sense should tell you that you should not be taking financial advice from anyone on YouTube it's important to do your own research do your own due diligence and obviously if you are gonna get in only put in what you can afford to lose risk capital as I call it also probably be a smart thing to diversify and spread your risk that's why I'm in several different platforms I'm not only in one I learned the hard way guys not to have all your eggs in one basket and yeah I'll tell you that story some other time but you know made our decision way back when to always have multiple things that were working for me that way I don't have I'm not overexposed to risk basically and again it's probably gonna be a smart thing not gonna do what you want to do but probably the smart thing to withdraw your initial deposit your seed capital and pull it out of the platform that way you have house money pure profits basically in the platform then from there you can compound to the moon do what you want but at the very least your whole right and then also if you are gonna refer people just let them know about I just talked about 1 2 3 & 4 I think it's just a the right thing to do if you haven't joined my team Telegram group that channel leave I'll leave a link underneath this video in the description box you can join me there for updates and news and things that I post and if you haven't subscribed to my channel you please do so hit that subscribe button that post notifications icon the little bell icon that way when I write close up a new video you get notified and I can keep you in the loop with what's going on with me so that being said this is gonna be quick guys I'm gonna rapid fire through this but but just quickly that you know what's what's happening with these platforms expert asset yeah I mean I've done so many update videos and videos on expert asset this is probably my favorite at this point the uh you know I've been with them for a little bit over six months so I wanna say maybe six and a half months and in those six and a half months I've never had any challenges they've paid out every single day passive income from the binary plans they've also paid out their withdrawals pretty quick at one point it was like three or four days last three or four withdrawals came in 24 hours so again they're getting quicker and quicker with that beautiful thing about this one is to support the passive side of the platform they do have a network marketing side which is the matrix so again I like when there's you know incoming revenue okay coming in from elsewhere that actually helps the passive side and again if you want to do your research and due diligence on expert asset you'll find that the leadership is transparent they have real products they have you know a roadmap for the next 12 to 24 to even 36 months and yeah I have no complaints whatsoever I think the biggest two things for me is that they have a really really solid community and in addition to that they have impeccable customer support which again that's a huge deal in this space I mean it's very rare right to have a customer some customer support that actually works so I've never had any major issues whenever I've had a minor issue I think I only have three in the last six and a half months they've resolved it pretty quick and I usually shoot them an email or just get read on their Facebook page message and they get back to me super quick you know provided that it's office hours over there in Poland obviously if you message them Saturday night or something like that you'll have to wait till Monday whenever I message them you know they got to me they got back to be super quick so this one I can't be anymore ion if you want to check this out I will leave a link underneath this video as you can see it's definitely working over 40k that I've already withdrawn on this platform and um yeah we're gonna keep rocking it with this pen this has been the the rock in my portfolio and it's been the hub of the hub of everything I do have because of the you know ink on the passive income we made with this one it's enable us to get into other different platforms and to also stack a lot of crypto so yeah if you want to check this out feel free to do so let me talk about FX training this one here again only put in what you can afford to lose this is a high risk platform um what can I say about this that I haven't already said I mean it's there's a passive side to this okay obviously you could purchase your plans you get sorry for as little as $100 with a $10 membership fee and you see here this is pretty new they're just security access thing it's just started happening I don't know two days ago but basically you can start with your with a hundred dollar plan or but rather they also have a bot 300 baht 500 Bob and you can scale up as big as you like I'm at the bot 1000 and essentially what you know the amount of money you paid for the bot that you have the plan that you have you're gonna get a passive income from that you see what the robot if I click on robots it'll tell us what the profit was from the day before as you can see here it's one point thirty six percent that's what we got and you can actually see the dollar amount on your dashboard just so you know if you scroll down right here obviously 13.6% of $1,000 plan is $13.60 so it shows your last profit right here again the drawers are super quick within 24 to 48 hours look a withdrawal in your wallet and this also has a optional affiliate comp plan you don't have to participate in it if you don't want to okay you can simply purchase a bot and then you know sit back and collect your profits or you can actually refer people they do have a very aggressive lucrative comp plan very much like a network marketing binary binary comp plan so you can check that out obviously as you see here I'm building my right team and my left team yeah that's pretty much what I wanted to say with it so the other thing I think you should know is you can only withdraw during the week I'm so on weekends you cannot withdraw and if you would draw more than once they give you a an additional 5% withdrawal fee making it a total of ten percent but if you would draw once you only pay the flat 5% so that's another thing that I think you should know me I withdraw once a week so I pay the 5% but if I had to withdraw more than once then I'll just bite the bullet eat up that extra 5% and with the draws so they're not saying you can't withdraw more than once but if you would draw more than once they give you an additional 5% withdrawal fee so okay if you want to check this out feel free to do that I will leave a link underneath this video but again only put in one you can afford to lose as it is a high-risk high-reward platform okay ace wins this is an online casino that has a passive component to it again this one also has a matrix to help support the passive side so if you look here I have 2761 in the casino which I'm receiving a daily dividend from the dividend does fluctuate sometimes Italy sometimes it's around 1% sometimes it's below 1% sometimes it's above 1% sometimes it's way below on croissants it's way above 1% so you're not gonna have a fixed amounts but regardless of what you get on a daily basis I'll just know that what you put into the casino you're gonna get a hundred fifty percent ROI so that's a 50% pure profit after making your money back so I'm not really worried about my daily payout as long as I'm gonna get a 50% pure profit on what I put in and starting at the end of April which is right around the corner there is gonna be a second form of passive income they're gonna be paying out daily dividends based on how many ace tokens you have in your account that you're holding and they're gonna pay that an either Bitcoin or etherion okay so you can see here I am getting hotle rewards and again like I said before there is a matrix component to this if you want to build that out and again that helps to support the passive side okay they do have several working games already this is the matrix they have several working games already you have random dollars blackjack social roulette and they're gonna be launching online poker soon so if you look at my last update video I showed you a pic of some of the themes that they're gonna make available for the online poker so pretty excited about that I do think this this platform has a lot of potential and promise so yeah I'm gonna be rocking with this if you want to check this out I will leave a link underneath this video and I am in communication with ace who is the owner and main admin and he's pretty cool anytime I you know I need anything not that I need anything but anytime I have any questions or something like that just shoot him a message and he gets back to me pretty fast so yeah I'm pretty bullish on this platform so we'll see how far we can get with this one again only put in what you can afford to lose right diversity fun Club real quick this one here is rockin not gonna don't really have much to talk about this one because it basically does what it does right and I've done a couple of videos already just recently on it and a lot in my channel but this one pretty much does what it does it's a more of a conservative Plex one my conservative I'm talking about the daily payout is about 0.8 percent per day that you're gonna make on your profit packs the amount of money you have in your profit packs is up point 8 percent daily that's weekdays and weekends included and the beauty of this one is it's been around for two and a half plus years I'm not saying that I can guarantee that that would go on for another two and a half years because again I don't have a crystal ball or anything but they certainly have things in place that make it seem like it'll be here for a while and it's super sustainable one being that again it's a low payout when I say little I'm a low compared to other platforms out there but that's okay with me because I don't mind having a conservative platform in my portfolio to balance out some of the more risk your stuff that I'm in right also you there's a limit to the profit PACs there's a limit to how much you could enjoy that's $300 a day is the max you can withdraw daily so they have a couple things in place that helps make it sustainable but again only put in what you can afford to lose cuz that mentioned before regardless if it's low risk or high risk there's still risk okay but I will leave a link for this one this one I like pretty much and the withdrawals are pretty quick when you make withdrawal you'll get it like in 24 hours give or take maybe 48 max yeah but this one is working ashing at space this one is another platform that I just recently got in it's paying out an average of around 1.5 percent daily based on how much I have in the minting packs minting packages as you can see here I have what do I have I have 14 minting packages each one is 100 bucks so I am essentially I have 1400 dollars worth of minting packages and I'm getting an average of 1.5% daily but this is a fairly new platform in my portfolio as you can see my account is in you know super beefed up its I have 14 in it and I'm gonna be building this I do believe this has a potential to be a long-term platform so we'll see what happens here again if you want to check this out I'll leave a link make sure you go through the getting started videos because if you've never opened up a waves account or Williams Exchange account you're gonna need to know how to do that because you need to most definitely have a page exchange account because that's the only exchange that offers a semi tokens and BTC pairs okay so you need to get you need to head over there purchase are not purchased but use your BTC get on the exchange get yourself some simi tokens and then you're gonna send up those it's a semi tokens to your hashing a space account and then from there that's when you can actually purchase these minting packages okay um so yeah so Jenny for to withdraw just so you know it's it's the V reverse process okay you're gonna take your semi tokens you're gonna send them out to your ways exchange wallet account then you're gonna get on the exchange sell your semi for BTC and then you could take your BTC and deposit it to your wallet or hold it in your waived exchange while I don't know or you can even take your Simeon just hold it over there lots of different options with this one but essentially this one's paying around 1.5 percent daily so wanna check this out I will leave a link underneath this video and last but not least and I'm probably doing standalone video for Dunamis mining which is a neat platform that is they have their launch event going on this weekend but this one here this is owned I'm excited about it this is more you know this uh has the potential to be a legacy platform meaning to say that don't be here for quite a while you know I mean because of the way they have it structured and the way just how the model works so if you want to check this out head on over to my telegram I have a PDF over there I have all links you can check out a short presentation and I have a couple other videos that I'd put out that I haven't posted on my youtube channel that are over there on Dunamis but yeah this one here I'm pretty excited about I'll do a standalone video probably later on Dunamis but I figured I'd mention it here if you haven't created an account you want to I will leave a link underneath this video but again head on over to my telegram for all the details and information on this one so that being said guys again do your own research do your own due diligence this is what's going on on my end and yeah if you haven't subscribed to my channel hit that subscribe button hit post notifications and uh that's pretty much about it I'll catch you on the next video talk to you soon

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