Passive Crypto Platform Updates! BONUS! How they CAN STOP Cryptos!

ding-ding-ding gather round if you listen closely you can hear the people talking this is what it must be like to be AI to hear all the voices at once we are on a roll congratulations to everybody who's making a killing in this absolutely brutal market we're gonna do some program recaps and then I'm going to show you how easy it is for them to take away our crypto and let's hope that doesn't happen first my disclaimer bla bla bla everything is risky read this on every team's on story time yet bla bla bla I'm not your financial consultant long-lost brother or uber driver and if the next time you get to an uber and your driver says I love doing this I make my own hours I work for myself I don't take orders from anyone telll nicoleff here anyway let's roll man what a night I had I actually slept like a human seven hours never never do I sleep like that look making money is exciting if you got trades open and Pemex you will not sleep good you'll be one it's look it's a dopamine release in the brain you want to check these platforms and see if you got something if there's a reward and baby we are being rewarded the Oracles on a roll again but don't blow it blindly follow me okay nobody's infallible and last year I was hated because I made so many people so much money in platforms and then they started to scam on me and on you so the rules are wah gasm money waa GSM who gives a shit money okay I think I spelled it right walk out of here we go walk out some who gives a shit money this way if you lose it you're like hey win some lose some but we win baby let's win and I want to thank the new subscribers as they flow in to all seven of my channels call Humphries Lynn Ford techno milk and Cory Burley I don't know I can't see that and then I got some other things I'm researching this is a great video okay this guy used I grew up around the block from this guy from his son that's unbelievable and 25 lessons from mobsters and the Mafia I'm gonna play that in a video for you it is unbelievable unbelievable what mobsters and entrepreneurs share okay except one decided to go to the dark side and break the law and the other didn't but if you research this you'll be blown away let's get to the money so here's what we're gonna cover and I'm very selective in my investments that I put my money in actually I don't even look at this as investing I look at it like a game okay now we're gonna go to our arbitrage machine BOTS what I tell you is gonna blow you away exp I set my long term blue chip of sorts automatic bit come oh my god would a pic getting paid 24 hours a day these are like my Nasdaq's these are my blue chips and these two of my dirty filthy nasty pink sheets if you know anything about Wall Street in the old days of being a broker pink sheets are garbage like penny stocks why would I list these because I'm in them and they are paying me do I love them no rule number one never get married to any one platform okay I don't care and what it is from the days of it Connect are charging to door you don't marry a platform we are in this for one show me the money baby now not to be a dick not to be braggadocious or anything but I happen to be really good at these passive income platforms and let me do a minute of the Tai Lopez okay Hey ladies all done should not be in here it's called a double-date with just me and them now we can do the Tai Lopez this was my first one love that baby traded her before I trained her I used to do photo sessions and let the little kids sit in the car and take pictures their dads with loved it man dream come true for people my boy in the Bitcoin jag tooling around being a tool this is called running with the Bulls you guys ride around with your friends on motorcycles well we run the Bulls baby and it's a blast that was my first one and then we unleash the beast the Beast the monster baby so that's my tie Lopez oh that's my Milan Coco let's do the first one ee where's ee ee this is the most if this is a scam let's scam the scammers this is the most elaborate well-put-together platform I've ever seen suppose we has an AI trading button if you put in 0.2 BTC I have a couple of these packages okay you get three point six seven percent a day for 54 days here's the move first 27 days I don't care if you reinvest or whatever but I would take all my money out withdraw okay twice a day on this one and this one is four times a day and you would drop now we don't just withdraw our initial investment we and we would draw a little bit more because we get to get paid for our time everybody tells you once you're even then you could go and reinvest no we got in this to make a profit make a profit first okay what will happen in beginning on 37th day and then the next 72 days are our free run after 36 days free profit continues it rains on you like an ATM this runs on telegram or right here through the website let's go down and you can see my money is where my mouth is there's all kinds of stuff you could read here they have insurance I'm not gonna do look a whole thing here on the insurance but where's mine these are all my investments let's pull some of this I should have enough up the minimum is 0.06 let me take a look at where we're at okay so in the telegram but I could pull out this $29 I like stuff that pays instantly instantly no wait around no playing games all right it's got to build up to a certain amount then you go withdraw I think this is for somebody on my team yes let's make it rain money on them listen I'm gonna look out for you all right so wait that one already has a payment pending patron request successfully received you should hit us momentarily that's doubly okay I like doubly it runs until you earn 200% stops and then you can do it again there's my payment now let's talk about ARB machine BOTS I have been in the ARB machine BOTS I've been doing the beat Bitcoin cash let's look at my balance okay I started this in October runs 99 days 1.5% a day the owner of this platform says that he doesn't need to look at this I put in 16 made 30 since the end of October October November for january/february oh my gosh five months that is an eternity in crypto so I'm gonna put links down below for each individual bot all they do is go back and forth between exchanges and arbitrage and they are highly specialized and here's EE which is AI okay so we got to eat the XRP I'm going to put links to all of them I just decided to go balls to the wall I'm doing like coin now I'm gonna add to it I'm going to add to an ex RP and the Tron link look I don't play with pennies I gotta tell you the Tron one is not my link it's another youtuber that I really like I'm doing it for him if you click on the Tron one in my description box you'll be helping out crypto wins good man great father and great family guy I'm gonna reinvest my etherium but I don't think I have enough of my BTC but let's try okay could so let's check ee I think we're all good let's move on now the arbitrage machine has a website this is the website those are all the details this has to run through telegram I have links for everything down below so below my video you're gonna see a little bit of this and you're gonna click show more it's in every video I've wrote I've wrote yeah sleep another hour dude I've written the Oracle manifesto for you in this description box my discord link look you know they try to throw me off YouTube all the time and that's why I have seven channels and the other reason I have seven channels is I have unique content I'm never at a loss for thoughts or anything to share with you everything from conspiracy theories around crypto to all kinds of things even the BSC report which is the bullshit crypto report where I expose nonsense anyway you got EE you got exp asset here's your arm machine BOTS now we get to the dirty filthy stuff oh and right at the top is this one I love this I'm gonna show you what I invested and you decide what's right for you don't blame me for blindly follow me because when lending platforms scan people just blindly followed and didn't use their own gut feeling hated me for their own decisions okay and I guess that's why well some of you dream of making money and I am the living proof the example of what a youtuber should be and then there's the high-risk stuff let's jump into it the owner says this thing could last five years these are machine thoughts I don't know so far he seems to be right okay let's move how hard is it to find these platforms look almost 3,000 are scams are not paid 69 out of 3,000 are paying how do I pick I don't know I don't know I can't tell you it's a gut feeling it's a lot of things you should go by your gut too and don't trust these hype sites okay because they are being paid if we go to new you will be sucked into these I have tried really hard not to lose money okay if you want use me as the guidepost look 260 percent in ten minutes come on people come on and if you look at this it's going to look really good but what you're not catching is I just clicked on a referral link okay on a referral link for that honey site I want to touch this at all let's put it this way I'm gonna keep it clean I'm gonna keep it clean I opened a new channel called the bullshit crypto network it only has 50 subscribers my first video got over 4 times the amount of views as subscribers and it tells how these crap sites are made look well no no no don't touch this don't even look at the name I don't share stuff with you that I feel could scam out I put like 20 bucks in here to test please I didn't mean to open this window but these bastards buy scripts for like $199 in any Bollywood Rusted Johnny Jimmy Chung Chang and they can do it to us so the idea is for us to scam the scammers and find the ones that one are paying 99% of these the minute you put your money and it disappears 100 confirmations on the blockchain and you're hoping and praying and you bookmark the site it never shows up ding ding ding they got you this thing is running for two years almost I think real CEO real products everything else this deserves another video this is what I made I started with fifteen hundred dollars bring invest three and faster reinvest and now I get one percent a day five days a week on this building up a little more here we're gonna cover this another video you know what it is there's links down below there are two links you'll find them here get into my discord I hate Jack poops but this is a good one we chat in there no memes no nonsense all about making money just click that link sign up say hello to the Oracle who will be there together okay ESP I said I'm using a wool fence links not mine I got enough people I'm doing good I'm helping this wolf at and you can take her any way you want top or bottom there's both are links whatever you do it ours up to you my arbitrage BOTS now let's get into some other things I don't like go X I don't trust go X I think it's running too long and I'm hearing rumblings that people are saying that large amounts to not get paid I'm in here with a lot of small investments that have been paying these have been paying ordinary pulled this out here they paid me so I don't really advise going into this or now although pays really high I don't know it's up to you I am NOT putting fresh money in there if you went in today I got 20 days left on my last package from all the other ones paid me it's up to you to do whatever you want to show you know about coax you'll have my channel links down below beast mode crypto traitor they're all different content bit Mex fast money trader which is anti technical analysis it's the truth about bit Mex I'll tell you everybody's losing money in pit mats except me I've showed you the truth I show to all my trades and the reason why I don't lose money is this is not training but Mex is not training it has a game you must learn how to play this game I call it battle Mex not bit Mex because it's war and stay tuned we're gonna get to how they could take away our crypto just hold tight I hope you're not sitting here watching this video use your time good you slap in your headphones and just listen to my soothing raspy in New York kick your ass attitude accent oh and here's my other channel the crypto conspiracy Network if you like this kind of thing there's some really good stuff here Wall Street what did you do our crypto story political dear theater band video smartphones brain hacking there's some more to leave or hit the NZT one that'll come back with the heat dies day now this thing and Vic points this is another dirty pink sheet I've been in this from the beginning of the month there are rules here okay number one on the accounts where I have like five $600 I am not getting paid I will show you with this you could have multiple accounts make up email addresses you don't even have they don't care this one have to change that name and the offensive look I got 505 in here this should pay your principal in your interest payments every hour once this is def done okay it goes to zero and it goes here withdraw a total or earned total this is stop paying me the trick on this one very simply is fifty to seventy-five dollars maximum per account now let me show you one more here this is an Vic point so this one is finished and I've taken out nineteen hundred dollars on this one it's still running so I'm gonna uh let's see if there's something I could try this fast would for every hour it runs for one day so if every hour that goes by you lessen your risk and there's different here he was driving now you need over a dollar fifty in Bitcoin so if you're gonna make a deposit I'll put a link down here only pick this one don't pick any of these other plans trust me you'll get screwed now it says five percent Halloween it's five percent for the day they use an abacus and some old bottle caps to do their calculations and I think some pubic hairs because they're definitely off right but five percent a day is great him–but connect you would blow them for 1% a day so you met you click this one and then you pick what kind of shit token you want to pay with here's the irony of these dumb scammers they actually make withdrawals faster than deposits that is just backwards I don't get it okay I don't even care what they do I don't care if they're trading peanut shells at Costco okay when a I don't know putting them country-western bars with the ball in the middle and they could be arbitrage seeing those people peanut shells for all I give a shit there's another one but I think I put more money in yeah I'm suffering here with the big amounts don't do that okay under 50 bucks is the magic key baby let's see if I don't when I can show you what's for cue $2 46 this one is empty I dig with these when they drain all 11 accounts I'm gonna be done with this but it's paying me all of these things pay me look let's not kid around it's called show me the money so this is what February 12th let's go up to like the 13th you see received receives small amounts big amounts it don't matter this is all in one day and yeah I send that shit right out to coinbase and cash it out you have no idea again this is my business we are still looking at one day one day one day that one day fourteen yen something like that what's wrong okay so we covered everything dirty nasty go X the only reason I'm listing it here in my link box is because I still have another 30 day package work you know what no the hell with go X please I don't need your money and you know what the hell with this one too no high risk platforms we're done oh you seen this I didn't put money in this yet if you want to look at it it's running since October 2016 no joke and now it's like a mutual fund of pipes and the things we're talking about I'll do a whole video on it if you want those for yourself and now we're gonna get to my absolute favorite look there's information on my fitness consultation which is the real deal okay my VPN abra and chase and a link to all my channels please subscribe to all my channels they're all different content all of this content had to be hidden it's not allowed they don't want you to know I'll bring it back when the war the big nerf Bitcoin crypto youtuber apocalypse is over and the dust settles and I'm a victor like always then we'll release that but just prove to you by deleting my links from now on for go X and in Vic point that I'm not but dick going let's get to the newest lady in the show oh my gosh automatic bit income on your face love it love it love it love it so they supposedly do loans to companies I'm not gonna go to the whole pitch now okay I'm just gonna show you update let me login hold on account status so let's see what we got 2181 deposited don't follow me I'm crazy this means I'm gonna make four dollars and 58 cents per hour 24 hours a day for 60 days in 17 days I will be whole four five eight times 24 okay it's a heads to my part-time work I guess times 30 so in 30 days I did what I told you to do I took out my initial investment plus profit for my time but guess what it runs for 60 days so that means that is going to continue as long as this platform is around at the end of 60 days it's over you click increase your income and you go ahead and deposit now you can read the whole story yourself I don't care let's go to recent payouts and see who's here what they're getting a lot of times you look at these sites and the payouts are so small there the paths are so small there I am Miriam that you'd think that ah there's no money in here the reason why there's crypto wins great you to her look he's killing it now the only reason my parents are big is cuz I go and bake if you put ten flowers you're gonna get pennies okay three six twenty look at this look at this dude my end ducky 362 dollar withdraw give me my money baby all right so let me show you how fast a withdrawal happens to 42 and I'm pissed I wanted to be at the top we'd go here to withdraw no withdrawal that fastest comes down the pike $2.00 minimum withdrawal oh yeah look at that I have such a light finger and surprising with a space bar oh yeah okay let's confirm the oh yeah you're coming oh yeah you can write hate Chang's pay me balance bingo ding ding winner winner maybe blow me before dinner I guess I don't have to eat restrict this huh let's take this I love these things this is the easiest way to make money we're gonna lose these opportunities holy crap I'm talking for 22 minutes already I hope you're enjoying this I hate rush in my videos because you know people like are in a hurry if you ever listen to king of foam wasn't gonna just shut the fuck up okay sit down and tell me what's going on anyway so we're all done here I think you need two bucks to withdraw let's move on how easy can they take our Kryptos I think I've covered everything by the way how easy can they take our crypto store you remember when Google started banning cryptocurrency advertising remember that and then Twitter falls along vans cryptocurrency advertising banks in India say if you touch Bitcoin will close your account how can Kryptos be stopped oh yeah the blockchain oh yes you know they can't take it away but wha they could cut you off from Fiat they can cut off crypto YouTube they can cut off every word about crypto welcome to Big Brother welcome to the meatrix stay frosty subscribe to all my channels use my links I'm forever indebted I'm trying to help you navigate through this forest of crypto bullshit let's go get that money all for one one for all by the people for the people it's our channel not my channel our channel you know what we're gonna go out with a bang you know what I can't play my fluff videos they'll give me a strike because they don't like the ladies of crypto so it's Saturday I'll just go live that in real time and you do you let's go have a phenomenal crypto weekend

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  1. Awesome video bro bitcome program is the best find yet. Withdrawals are fast hourly you the man keep it up.

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