Participants of the crypto market remain positive despite falling prices – Survey by TGE

Hello! I’m Alice Amber. You’re watching Crypto market news. A survey on moods in the ICO
and Blockchain space has found that despite bearish sentiment in the industry due to falling
cryptocurrency prices, confidence levels remain net positive. A closer look at the results of the survey,
which has been conducted in the late summer/early fall of 2018, indicates that 36% of respondents
are neutral about ICOs, and 42% are more confident
than not. Confidence levels also reflect the belief
that crypto markets have bottomed out after hitting lows in October 2018, emphasize authors
of the survey from the TGE, a blockchain marketing and advisory company. It is important to note that the survey has
been published before the Bitcoin crash in the middle of November. Among other key findings of the survey: The top 7 industries viewed most favorably
for blockchain opportunities are basic and advanced financial services, health and medical
sphere, security, education, decentralized exchanges and crypto wallets. The top influencers / advisors include: Vitalik
Buterin, Mark Andreesen, Charles Lee, Michael Terpin, and
Andreas Antonopoulos, followed by Brock Pierce, Mike Novogratz, Bobby Lee and Scott Walker. ICO scams are the most pressing issue adversely
impacting the industry, though some references highlight that the crypto community is adept
at shielding itself from such scams. Lack of
regulation and governance are other major obstacles inhibiting industry growth, although
too much regulatory control may also be a concern. How confident are you about the initial coin
offering market and the blockchain and crypto industries? Leave your opinion in the comment section
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