PART 2 – WRAP UP – Regulations SEC and Crypto Haters

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all be as pretending to stream , but not really streaming OK , let’s see here and see how we can keep getting
cut off and a ring and looking my fast tickets and it’s a quick shot
down, and capabilities , and my upload speed and we’re back we are back part to an offline and one B Internet and it looks like we’re live it safer actually coming on live a live in part two very go kart
two is a live here we go again
do part two fortunately for any
of you , that are, still on and you
hung in there for those of you
that are joining in part to a
gradual Asia is because are
going stra regulation the SEC and the
Foster’s car one we actually
covered everything they had to
do with blood all we talked
about emotion a congrats year to enjoy a
little bit of a discussion on
regulation and this part in part
two is gonna be a little bit
shorter s , probably a conch as company to
keep along the plug it all been
like it a deftly delighted to
try to shut me down time to shut and were to degrade into loss of
the regulations so on is good and glad we’re live
again tell I think the Sherman
eder and and baloney right to
like that of a up and think both
of our of the non it is well to O it’s a tight let me go
right into , and I can to try mess with
anything, try to share my screen
because it can get to their
monitoring of it as some that do with the
content of got a a an expanding
conch as guy coming up tomorrow spent an hour on the phone
domestically and two or three
dropouts and it just these
massive fluctuations on upload
and download toe any EL it’s going to night I
think this is interesting
because and we talk about
regulation we talk about what
the SEC can a track of what’s happening all
within within the black chain
within these different companies
if they want call them out of
hand , and in this situation on or in
this article of their folks on
that the title the article the agency is asking for quotes
from companies that offer window
and what’s happening on the
block chain ledger to basically
and or will they use third party
software providers to do that
and solutions already in
existence and the trend with a
government en an initiator or developer design
and not knocking it create their
own high tech apartment and they
wanted you something it’s alr near term on the near future that government is actually in
the process of interviewing a company’s third party
companies again for this article as establish are set up a
technology to allow them to
monitor everything that’s
happening all on the block chaining to
that means they are every
transaction now been one of
based on what their of their
goal as they wan that it did the subscription
that they wanna use will support
its effort to monitor risk
improve compliance and informed
commiss and ’cause they’re able to see
what’s what’s of transacting
what’s transitioning order this
requirement unsure as you
register y all will then be they wanna know
who owns these different on a
digital of these different the
addresses a different wallets to 10 chalet, so if you’re
filing may be a need that you
know show your wallet address
whenever might be I don’t know
what their , but I’m sure it once it’s with
the SEC their focus not so much
on tax their focus mostly on regular regulation and
compliance by the business that they wanna see money flow
of money and movements, within
within those entities on and see
what exactly are they doing so
th it said here that the
anticipation was to get bids in
in june on here it says that the
deadline for response forbade on
is going all by July 11 this is for this
article that was on next goal of
the com on so I think that
that’s really interesting, I
think t , could be interesting now as
they drill down of this if it
says here the subscription john
Kluge, all on no data are each supply block chain in
its entire tea and that’s from
the beginning till now that I
see every single movement, and
that of the following block chains to
the one big win cash stellar
Zeke Ashe EO as ennio an excerpt
he other goal is to look at
everything they want from the
get to so it says here that the vendor
they choose has to run their own
node or teach supported block
chaining to that means that each
one and in it that to me and I’ll be
very very interesting ought to
see exactly all what they’re in
a expectation is on to see if th and gives them on a direct a
direct of view of what’s
happening , it shouldn’t be that difficult
I wouldn’t think of to build
something like this offer them
to login to and be able to
monitor and then, or each up, each
digital acid but utilizing on in
the company also then
maintaining a matching managing
a node, there now the other thing that I
promise of where to talk about it are one COL Celestin be the
impact of what’s happening
globally from an economic
perspective and France issuing
its first 10 of their other of other mentions
of it, if you look and you can
look back through, 200016200014
this phenomenon of negative interest rate now in part we saw
back in 2016 I think it was
switzer land or, if a country
investing in all of that the AMA
a ne of a fluctuation and currency and also of a right
now let’s say you’re investing
and in a range bonds are
basically buying their debt and
buying with the expectation that that the Euro’s going to
increase in value now and I
don’t understand the purpose of
urine and aunts, in a bond in
Euro, he does it doesn’t make sense that
you’re paying for the of the you
know the benefit here so is is
open to individuals or isn’t he
sends , I don’t know if they thought
this all the way through a lot
if we wanna buy in Addis week if
I try to buy Euro but if we buy
the at the Euro’s going to increase to increase by a higher
percentage than the amount of money of the
your pain on the negative
interest rate and that’s really
the goal there, and so there there’s other countries
here it says it’s the first time
that France the year is owns
second biggest economy has
issued so with a number of other,
countries in the currency area yet wash to Germany in the
Netherlands already charging
investors to buy their bonds toe
if you wanna buy a bond year to
pay for Tutsi, and it says here the CB,
the other European central bank
has cut its deposit rate to
point -0.40% so it’s the goats
crazy , 13 percent so it’s not a huge
amount invested however that you’re here still paying
for the right to hold their debt
with the expectation that France in 10 years that
France and and the Euro is going
to take out of whenever of
negative economic a standing and
that y it’ll by the time you know you
get to the 10 year cash out on
the bond the Euro’s going to be
more valuable and therefore all
ye terry very unhealthful on it
this points and thumbs up on
anyone who is of use jumped in on and has yet to subscribe on
make sure you subscribe to the
channels well a thumbs up thumbs
up with deftly a toughly of the
h , because it gets talk a little
bit about the regulation and
also the analyzing a little bit about that that negative
interest rate it wasn’t was a
huge of segment, but we spent so
much time on that are one
talking about a emotional trading and and such
so glad that you know what you
guys bounced back in here, and
James Ryan great ruse you bring
f , thalia really good here, the
national TV that be interesting
right, but that a notes it’s
interesting to on I don’t add
and no Tustin to opine cast, thought
about doing something like that
as well , not sure to look into that , in and ship and I are working
on something of that we’re
hoping all we can pull together
here and roll out, in the near
future , soulfully but I really
appreciate those comments chains
it’s a really really up and
tactful so I really appreciate
that , so any other DC year I don’t
know time was were out on that
pocket you know what it’s
interesting Michael I’d just
discover pot and and and I’ve I’ve got a deal
with enjoying auto you know if
you’ve got pike as on your phone
it’s accessible through and win , was it to tell I created are whenever I
was listed as buy gas and the
ceo of yell and I just thought
it was awesome you know is
really rea , I never really dug into a
better if you a bit cloying and
digital asset crypt owes like a
wizard of bobby crypto are
crypto bo and all the sun I realize it was
into the pot Kass is this in a
city so amazing you notice it’s
great niches and talking and and and your coffee and you’d
like to exit the Gandhi said
there’s so many amazing pockets out there , see it, if I can pull punk as
together to get be really really
cool, and USC will, following
get on the a, pike S so, this is appreciate all you guys for
logging back in again for part
two of, and then up of the
streaming again on know of
Monday and Wedn , looking at, and no one is
stick to the up and the 10:00
time spine of got a lot of
people that if in following and
and really and I can really looking forward
to the 10:00 time slot, nine a few
people and I’d industry and the
other night at 10:00 so why were
john attend as I was trying out and a figure that out just from
of my timing, but to deftly this
Monday and Wednesday of Vienna
10 I like is also be streaming o or two I thought was was pretty
good into a appreciate everybody and done and that’s great game crypto
italy’s appreciate the comments
to all the work towards getting
the up and a pod cassette 02 am
the any help have an awesome week
and a check you guys out Monday
night until then, it set of a that’s all I got for
today car I ever got a great one

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