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what's up guys today we have an exciting interview with Ivan you guys probably know him as crypto bud so we've been chatting on on telegram for a little while shoutouts to windrow for setting up this this in this interview and yeah I'm excited to be speaking with you today yeah thanks yeah I really appreciate the time I mean we were talking on Telegraph for a while and I was like oh man I gotta get we got talked a little bit about you know couple of things happening crypto and I always always love these opportunities to talk to people who are like-minded we got the right you know direction going on with crypto so thank you for having me in the channel for today definitely definitely yeah and uh sorry for the mix-up originally of the time so cool man let's so let's I guess talk about how you got into crypto I mean your channel is from 2015 it's not right no I actually started last year but I mean I've been dabbling a little bit but yeah I've been an encrypted first since 15 and then just kind of growing the channel and and you know but yeah pretty much about two years I say but to three years already so I mean that basically makes you like an OG in the in the scene no no that's not like anything beyond a year or two is it qualifies you as being like a very seasoned investor you know you know it's interesting because I I was just working on a video right now about the the similarities between the financial sector and a crypto and I always say that I feel like I've since crypt was 24 hours I think I think equivalent of one year in crypto is about five years that's that's how I did the math on that of traditional markets in terms of even price and everything so yeah I think anybody who has at least a year to encrypt oh you're you're looking at about five to ten years worth of experience and you definitely be a lot of the forex guys in terms of that biggest stock markets to what they close on what Saturdays and Sundays yeah it was on holidays they call it a four but crypto 24 hours and global like even even a month in crypto you think of the news that comes out and then everybody's talking about the news and then like more news will come out later that week he's talking about that it's a week seems like so long and I think that's why people have such short horizons for for like their gains on some of their investments they're like I can't believe I haven't made like three or four X it's been like a month this is yeah it's funny every single time on crypto oh there's others damn it's not hey guys I did okay yeah we're just hanging out talking about crypto expectations Oh awesome we're my favorite topics I was talking to see how where I was talking with us cuz I actually have a Twitter account too and I followed they call it crypto Twitter which if you haven't been on there you know you know exactly what I'm talking about yeah it's a whole different animal but anyway there was this whole meme about people kind of saying oh you know when Lambo when moon you know I only made only made 10 percent today where's my 3x and then people talk worker like I make that in the year yeah sure though it's it's really interesting to see how people's expectations are to the point where everybody's expecting a 3x or like in a week but the reality is you know the average stock market return is like 8 percent in a year I'll see good return yeah that's a good thought it's not even close it's not even like oh yeah you know it's not even like okay you saw mark makes 100% we make like 200 it's like 8 and 3 X or sure for sure and I think there's like the anchoring effect of last year really grew up a lot of people in terms of their expectations and I think that there's just so many retail investors that don't have act that they haven't traded before in the traditional stock market and so they're expecting these huge gains because of 2017 right I think that that gets anchored so high in their minds that when they get like a 30 to 40% bang like oh this you know it didn't do that well yeah you know I because I actually that want real estate before I got into speaking of like kind of you know our backgrounds but I did equity analyst before and you know within the the housing bubble upset of 2007 I was actually involved in that as well and you know it's really interesting when you get that idea FOMO because everybody's expecting this and when it doesn't happen they're like 20% like what is that it's 20 I'm like you know do you know 20% you know that that's a lot that that's nothing you know that's a lot and so you know I think the other day we had coins are moving like 10 20 % we were saying this is really boring oh boy hey do you know what you could do with 20% compound it in like three days I mean I mean it you can you can literally make it done right correctly obviously it's good point that you make that about retail because I think that's that's that's one of the great things about about crypto I really like is that you were dealing with people like you and me right now we're not talking about you know for sure reserves and like on that point of FOMO I think one thing that people really need to understand is that one FOMO that the idea FOMO is basically the rational part of your brain turning off and that little like reptilian third part of your brain just like taking over and all logic goes out the window and you can see this the shittiest ICO and there's just like people sending money to the side business and you just you wonder what's going on well that's like the rational part of the brain has turned off and now you're just you're getting that like crazy kind of instinctual human emotion coming out transcript oh and I love I love it because you know we get we get people who are on the crazy side you'll get people who are on the like sane side and then they're all trying to go at it and then that they can't figure out a way yeah and and the best one if I if I say this thing were to ever end at some point hopefully not soon but the one thing out if I write a book about it I will always put the cover top cover I'd say wet wet win Lambo because that that's the only I only encrypt though do you get people who say Lambo or went you know why I first got into crypto I I was searching on YouTube like everybody else how to get into my crypto and the first day I came out was a guy with a picture of a Lambo yeah when – one – and I was like what is this so I thought it'd ensure this guy yeah you know we're gonna go moon tomorrow and butterfly you know and I was I've never seen that not in the real estate market and on the stock market nobody talks about Lambos if anything you could talk about maybe the yacht you bought yeah that's only like a wolf on Wall Street my thing you know India in your background will end up just like so crypto the for the next hour and then we can sort of just talk about that we introduced ourselves on how we got into it as well just gonna do a short break down we're gonna go yeah so so basically for those guys who haven't followed my channel and and maybe you know haven't heard pretty much I started off as an equity analyst a long time ago back in the 2000s as I was gonna go into that investment banking world was gonna do you know calm you know that whole calm I was literally in the in the eye of the storm when the internet first started so I like to consider myself this is my second revolution I guess internet revolution technologic technologically speaking and you look at you know the changes are coming up and so when I got out of college I was just like oh man I gotta get into this internet thing because the money was just so great and the opportunity was great and so at that time I was gonna go full on you know major in economics did you know all the internships I could slaved away for a lot of the big banks I actually was gonna end it was interviewing for Lehman which was an investment banking at that time you guys I don't know what happened to that and so I was going in there you know it did a lot of work on the back end pretty much was looking at internet stocks Amazon was actually one of my case that he's I was looking at that time you ran up research reports for a lot of firms and so I was basically the gret then what happened was you know the whole thing kind of kind of collapse I'm just kind of like very similar to some of the things we're seeing right now and then after that I started you know working on and off with the financial firms and so my background really is on equity research and then all of a sudden I stumble upon this Lambos thing and so so literally what what happened was every single time there's a financial kind of shift technological shift I I really really kind of get my hands and I'm looking at four more of the macro perspective and also from the business side so I'm not really a technology guy but more about how this kind of applies to use cases and how that kind of falls in so I decided to start up a YouTube channel like everybody else did but it was more along the lines of how to trade it because I found out that there was a lot of interesting opportunities from the from the investment side versus the technology side which I think most people got into it early on especially that pizza guy I'm guessing a couple days ago and so yeah and been great I mean we've got a lot of people as it will help educate people about you know the training aspect investment side the business case scenarios and you know we we hit a couple of good ones last year my channel specifically with with some of my you know the coins I was watching and ever since then I got hooked and so now it's it's evolving obviously it's changing but I feel that to me this was a great opportunity because now I get to do the same thing I did back 18 years ago you know now I see it all over again and some people actually I talked to they were barely like five they're like you know two years old when the internet started uh-huh so it's really great to kind of say hey look you know we've been here before and so every single time I go on the channel I talk about these things I kind of reference back to the experience back in 2000 back then I was young so I pretty much the people I talked to now they were the same age I was back nineteen ninety nine ninety eight before Amazon before Google before Facebook and so I had to consider myself I think you know someone who who kind of looks at it from the larger picture and then a 5-10 year outlook in the in the future and so that's what my channel has has kind of been built upon and right now we see a lot of people on YouTube and there's a lot of people on social media now that have you know created channels and and I think that as more people get exposed to that I think there's a lot of opportunity in there yeah yeah definitely I mean it's it's sort of like people like you that bridge that the knowledge gap you know not only experience but taking the time to understand the technology and what the implications are of the technology and helping people understand that but one thing I want to mention as I listen to you talk about your background and like dan and I have a very different background online we've just been basically building online businesses for the last ten years and it's interesting with crypto that how you have to know a little bit about everything you have do you know a little bit about governance a little bit about law a little bit a lot about technology about investment theory and all these different things like tie in together and it's that's what makes it's so remarkable and that's what makes it so interesting and addictive for me is that things are constantly changing and I have to I can never basically rest there's always something I want to like learn more about you know my reading list is just like expanding yeah I've got the the bookshelf in the back just to at all people ask me hey you know what's what's going on with that bookshelf that book literally has been built for I mean it's like my ten years worth of collections um my goal is to eventually build a library because yeah all those digital is good I always like to kind of reference back at the OGC the old original oh geez yeah that kind of kick-started a lot of the stuff but yeah I mean I think you know if you're educated and and you are constantly learning this space is just a playground because it's a sandbox literally and I think that the learning curve is there but once you get into it it's kind of like it's a great opportunity to expand all the different possibilities and begin to apply and there's it's not just people who are in tech it's not just people who are it's gonna say I created a Bitcoin I'm gonna sell it there's like other facets to that that go in it there's the sales part there's the people who are going to explain the tech there's the people who actually do the investing and so the space is just growing exponentially and I think that to me is better than saying okay you're just a programmer and that's all you're gonna in the we're just gonna talk about just the programming aspect but now it's grown so much that there's there's different skill sets that now are needed to get crypto off the ground and I think people like yourselves and then here I think you know which we've kind of create a community a growing community that when I first started a couple of years ago you guys already seeing it was literally just you know hundred percent tech it was just looking at blockchain but you know now we got new entrance in and I think there's a need now for it for a lot of that mm-hmm it's interesting to see how fast people learn to like particularly in our community as well you know we have like an analyst team and I'm sure you're working with like a handful of people as well and when they first when we first started working with them and was just like almost like we were training them a little bit and then if I take it if I take a few days off now from reviewing projects I come back and they're just like sharpest attack they're they're like they've moved the conversation forward a lot as far as like whether it's looking at the crypto economics of the project or or the technology itself I'm like whoa I don't understand what you guys are talking about slow down slow down for a second so I think I think I've heard similar things from founders in the space to where they're like you know the retail space the the average retail crowd now is analyzing our they're doing more due diligence on our project and an actual VC fund would if they're like looking for a seed investment this is interesting to see that balance like the wisdom of the crowd is sort of like really evolving quickly yeah you know this is really interesting because that the point I made about you know self-regulation you know since we actually start off with retail first and supposedly institutions coming in next in a way we kind of self regulate ourselves there was actually uh people when they post stuff online now they get they get cross-checked by everybody and when you're saying some random like fun they actually call it fun now but if you actually really criticize people and actually can correct people quickly faster than I think in the traditional markets where it's like oh you are on this pedestal and whatever you say cannot be it's always going to be true here know if you say something wrong or something false you're going to get burned to the cross so your stuff better be making sure and this actually happened a couple of times already and I like that about the community because we're in a way we're really suffering it all that people with scam all the scams that came out people have already like exposed them and I think that's actually really great policing because pretty much everybody has skin in the game which is very different than in the other markets where it's like okay I'm gonna give you some money invested for me I'm gonna trust whatever you say and even if you say if you're a crook you pretty much I trust you because your name is this and okay and whatever you say from that is here but here since it's completely grassroots you say something your name is gonna get put on the internet everywhere and you better make sure that your stuff is legit because if it's not legit I can guarantee you nobody's gonna do business with you and so yeah that's that's why I think that in terms of the retail space this is one thing I really like about it that it's authentic number one and number two it can always be challenged and if you say something that is false something it's misleading or something that scammy someone in the world is gonna pick it up and they're gonna point you out and they're gonna call you out and doesn't matter who your name is but in the real world it's like oh it's Wells Fargo they could never do that so yeah I really I really appreciate that comment because that's something that most people don't appreciate that yeah there's a lot of like crap going around but I like it because the people who try it I mean I'm pretty sure something someone's gonna call them out so you're sure it's like I think about that a lot as well and there's always because the dynamics are changing all the time there's always two sides to it so on the positive side that like you mentioned there's more transparency and there's not deal there aren't deals and Intel being shared behind closed doors everything is again out there in the open for everybody to see and also criticized yeah but also with that with the whole life Fudd thing people who's called out Fudd sometimes and they don't even try to think of a rational defense against against their project like I've I've got a couple of videos now and and and hey buddy what's going on I've done a couple videos now and mentioned something that was negative and then people is like stop fighting don't find I just asked a legitimate question you you're unable to basically defend your investment thesis then it's probably not based on like sound data yeah that's and there's always two sides of that right so you can't get best you can't get the the best of one only right yeah the foot thing that comes around it there's legitimate food and there's like oh yeah it's really called crypto tribalism which I've seen a lot yeah where it's kind of like don't say anything negative about my coin because if you do that I'm gonna go ahead and tell you you know my personal opinion those completely wrong but that that's I think that comes with a package right you can't you can't get the best you can't get only one side of it and I've learned to accept that I've gotten trolled so many times that I now I'm so I'm so used to it but I'd rather have that honestly and have thicker skin then go the other route and say look I'm gonna go ahead and trust this 100 year institution that just went bankrupt because they went ahead and screwed over you know millions of people people's lives and retirement savings just because we couldn't challenge them and I think you know at the end of the day you know it's a mud fest as people throw my left and right in both looting industries it's just a question of whether you have thick skin and you can actually say look you know this guy's full of full of and then this guy is this guy actually has legit and ends okay you know it's okay you know everybody has entitled to their opinion but it's so it's important to to kind of do your own research but yeah you know what when you when you reference like that there's the article it's like the irrational insanity of crypto tribalism and probably one of the one of the ones we've seen like in the last few months more than anything else in our community or our telegram chat lease is Fusion vs. Wan chain it's like I mean there's there's countless examples of this this versus that right and it's always somebody taking sides I just I I think everybody maybe has the belief that in different verticals there is going to be like a winner-take-all but at least that's a long way away and this early in the game there's definitely room for a lot of different players to try a lot of different things and it reminds me as you were saying that like there's there's two sides to every story there's a I was an interesting like Nick Sabo quote where he says the most I think the most valuable thing in crypto like skill and crypto is quantum thought which is the ability to hold two different opposing viewpoints in your head at the same time because chances are the answer is somewhere in between that just you just haven't figured out yet and I think that's the case with a lot of these coins people are trying to say that isn't one one or the other and always trying to pick a side and it makes sense right oh it's a man I you know every single time I especially in in in social media and since I've been doing this for a while now I I get that a lot and I you know who has to read through the comments my viewers can probably attest to this we get we get it's almost kinda like some Thai feel like a cult because there's like oh yeah he said this he said this and then they bring us in the dragged us in and then we have to kind of start you know either cleaning up the space or we have to like rectify what we said but yeah you're you're completely right most of the time is actually great I mean there's there's actually usually if the world is actually very interesting is the world is very dynamic and it's always not going to be binary I think people think it's by an Arab just because is easier to to kind of pick a side but as you were talking about earlier that emotional piece emotions really are ruled by almost binary binary decisions and so ends up happening is it's much easier to say I think one chain is the best so we shut the hell up if you know talk about fusion but uh you know but yet but the the truth is somewhere in the middle and and we won't see that until later and that's part of the education that I think people kind of have to understand but I think with both with us what we're doing right here I think that's important because that's that's how we get people to jump started into and to looking at projects with a more balanced view for is saying I'm right and I'm gonna make a lot of money in my Lambo and then you are wrong and you're gonna go in the poorhouse it's really to the experienced sides definitely one thing that you mentioned earlier was just like the the fact that we are held more accountable and you know I think that's definitely the case for YouTube it's interesting you know you being on crypto Twitter so to speak as well like with a lot of the you notice that like there'll be very prolific thought leaders or investors or guys who have long-standing brands in crypto or like other traditional investing and they'll have a large following but they won't even compare to some of these larger ta guys on twitter in terms of like the size of the following and I was like to compare the two with like YouTube especially with us we're putting our face behind like we're in front of the camera and we're really like we're saying this is what we believe with Twitter I feel like that it's a slightly different because there's if you make a call people are gonna jump on that call and it's gonna it's going to increase your audience but even if it's wrong there's no like there's no portfolio and that's not a person like here's the calls that I've made you know 5,000 calls and here's exactly what happened and it's it's not really held accountable to the same degree and I mean mostly because it's anonymous right yeah there's well you can be anonymous on Twitter so I think it is a little different different and that crypto Twitter can play the role of sort of like because that anonymity like pushing things that wouldn't otherwise be pushed if it was on YouTube so to speak not to say that YouTube doesn't have its fair share like yeah had its fair share of big connectors a little bit of a difference both of what you guys said is I think it's important in in the crypto world to realize that everybody is struggling for some valid information or some data and there really isn't that much data and that's why certain YouTube characters and other people get so much attention because they are sort of a source of knowledge but people want to simplify this like crazy whirlwind of information and they just they want an answer and they want a direction and they don't even really care if it's right so one of the things that I always try to stop and do is I ask myself like how much do I actually know about let's say this project that I'm investing in or like how much evidence do I have that this is like legitimate am I just trusting whatever I see out there and that saved me from following the crowd and making some decisions so I always think like is this am I making this decision based on evidence is an evidence based decision or this is like an emotionally based decision and having that cognitive process where you are cognizant of that I think is an extremely important skill for to be successful in this in this space so so what are the things I always look for it because as I was researching before when I was working as as an analyst one of the things we always did for was always looking at data points and looking at the analytics first and then drawing conclusions what when I find is that unfortunately because there is no nobody right now to fill that void I mean mainstream media does not really provide you with anything people are looking on YouTube now if you ask some some guy who is a very prolific investor you go on YouTube for financial advice I mean they probably laugh at you because YouTube is technically entertainment really really but the reason why people use it is because there's nothing left there's nothing else right so is either use something for entertainment purposes and then obviously we have the school's not financial advice but the reality is that people are looking for something that you know it's kind of like looking for and it really kind of it's kind of like we're like in this gray area because it's kind of like if you think about you remember the beanie babies you know situation now or yeah or you know it's like saying something I'm gonna trade beanie babies and again I know people are gonna have flayed me for this and you told me about I'm using an analogy okay babies is not on CNBC and it's not on mainstream media you kind of have to go to these channels to say okay well if I trade with beanie Bay with this and what are the chances of this going up you know so people um I think they kind of mix both the entertainment and the the other rational part to it and put or actually kind of compounds that effect make it worse I mean the other day I was on Twitter and I saw a picture of an animal and it said oh yeah I think looks like some sort of like some random pictures of random people and then it says okay this is this is how you're gonna be trading and never have I seen that where somebody posts a picture of an animal or of some random guy which we don't even know who he is about you know crypto pigs and and and people literally are following this and you can you ask yes anybody so like where do you get information from oh this this dog is dog on Twitter it's actually a series of dogs there's dogs [Laughter] somebody should make a video just just showing like crypto like just the crypto world to like really old old-school investors like guys that are like 65 70 yeah who's like filming their reaction and being like their brains being like I'm what you should also show some of the some of the YouTube videos that that I've been seeing why should you buy a one chain and actually you know when you know and you know I really that's that's the best film I actually had somebody complained that some of my videos were too boring there's guys too boring but I I think you know looking at the light side of it I think more importantly is is you know it's fun I mean it's I think crypto is fun overall and I think that's what makes the space exciting because if it were you know if it were if you didn't have the characters that you have like you know and not to say that they're all you know good people that they should you know but the characters that you find I think that's what makes this space so interest saying and so alive versus other markets which are like oh yeah let me open up a newspaper and you know let me see what's going on and you know we'll put it out there and not think about it but this is actually what brings out the best and also the worst of people because because I've it's ever changing its ever so dynamic but I always laugh I always tell my wife I'm like see what this guy put this this dog here would see what he put what do you mean like this guy right here the guy with the face and then she's like oh wait there's another guy some old geezer from like the 1907 he's dead but it's just like he says some some other like very philosophical they're going at it and they're going yeah this guy says if this guy's I say this guy is scam artists yeah sounds ridiculous to that person right yeah like on one hand you have to you have expects that is a thing right but on the other hand you've like it's the future of money it's like revolutionising society then you have like memes that our people are meaning the price of coins up or down it's just like it make makes us sense it's just like it's like this

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