44 thoughts on “Owning 1 Bitcoin | ? There are Not Enough Bitcoins In The World For Everyone | Crypto News”

  1. I recommend to have a look at Asgard on p2pb2b exchange, people invest loads of money in environmental field now, should work well ???

  2. Fanboys of some of these coins favorites argument is Bitcoin is slow and my thing is why would you want to go against Bitcoin and its reason your coin or token even exist. A bank ach transfer take 2 to 3 days even if the network is busy and a single Bitcoin transaction takes 4 hours its still much quicker then a bank .

  3. Ok but what happens with a massive coronal ejection from the sun. Doesnt it kick out all satelites out of orbit?

  4. If the average person does not already own at least half a bitcoin, 99% of them will never own one full btc.

  5. Thank you for the useful info, always enjoy watching your make a review of ASG on p2pb2b exchange ?????? I have information that it will grow a lot soon, I hold for now

  6. Let's say the whole electricity grid goes down. How does it matter if there are satellites broadcasting the BTC network if we are still stuck on PoW, thus no mining can be done?
    However, if we have progressed to PoS, which is a huge step following ETH – would these satellites be able to function as transaction facilitators through PoS?

  7. Thanks for the ASG on p2pb2b exchange, made great profit ?? I recommend to join before the price gets too high

  8. Very cool video! ?????? I’ve found ASG on p2pb2b exchange recently, great volatility ?? Weird there still was no review on them

  9. Can you make a video where you discuss the scenarios what could happen to bitcoin when we enter another massive financial crisis? People believe it will be within like 2 years. I think this could postpone bitcoin hitting 20,000 dollars again and beyond

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  11. HA! that puts a nail in the coffin to the so called 'Time Traveler' story. He says that in the future they will cut the internet cables using submarines. Well, with the satellites his story does not make sense anymore.

  12. Look at fidelity's logo. Anyone suspicious about cryptocurrency? A global currency is a very big step to a borderless world, not a definitive one just a very big step.

  13. Why on earth do you trust Blockstream? Have you not read the history of BTC, they literally stole control of BTC and kicked out the people who Satoshi passed the project down too. Since day one they have lied, pumped the price when they want. Lightning network was supposed to fix bitcoin 3 years ago??? It's absurd that people trust this scam artist.

    I cannot stand Bitcoin minimalists. It's bullocks, they really think that the first version of a technology will win? Get out of here. It will always have value as long as people say it has value, but the fact is there are plenty of far more USEFUL projects out there in the cryptocurrency market.

  14. liked already subbed.Great channel mate thanks for the efforts you do here.great news about Fidelity .I really should go back into BTC but the gains in alts keep me away. The future is what i should be focusing on though,if i own a btc now and hold it …i could be one of the few

  15. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/uw15PzQd-MUST-SEE-500-DOLLAR-BTC-WTFFF-BTC-VS-FORD-ALGO-BUDS/

  16. Please tells us what coins are 'gimics' to avoid, let's usher in a new age of financial freedom. If your host had 1BTC would you diversify, or hodl?

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