Own more than 10k in crypto? Watch before setting up your software/hardware wallet

Hey guys! I’m Lixin, the Head of Hardware at Cobo. Today, I’m going to cover a very interesting topic – The importance of securing your metal characters after using your Cobo Tablet. So tell me, after you save your recovery seed in the Cobo Tablet and store it in a safe place, what do you do with the remaining letters? If you’re not careful with them, you may lose all your crypto. I’ll show you how. But before that, let me explain the logic of mnemonic recovery phrases. It is based on BIP39, a unique list of 2048 words that allows people to generate their private keys using easy-to-remember words. In fact, you can identify each word just by the first 4 letters. Your recovery phrases contain words from this list. But it’s a huge list and guessing your recovery phrases is virtually impossible. But if a hacker gets hold of the remaining characters, this list can be reduced dramatically. Let me explain. The Cobo Tablet comes with 252 letters, and each alphabet has a specific number of letters. For example, there are 3 “Xs” in this set. If a hacker gets hold of all the remaining letters, they’ll see that 2 Xs are left. Then they’ll now know 1 X is used. The hacker will then check the list containing 2048 words and see that only 42 contain an “X”. It’s now obvious that you’ve used one of these 42 words in your recovery seed. The same method can be used for all the alphabets to eliminate more words from the list. This 2048 wordlist can be reduced to a few hundred or even lesser. and then it’s much easier for the hacker to guess your recovery seed. That’s why you need to be very very careful with the remaining alphabets. You can fill them in different bags, and dispose them in different places, or you can just flush them down the drain. NEVER never never fill them in one single bag and throw that away. Or you can store them in some place where nobody will ever get them in case you need them for another wallet later. If you like this video, hit the like button, share, and subscribe. I’d also love to know you store your seed phrases. Please leave a comment below. If you want to know more about Cobo or buying a Cobo Vault or a Cobo Tablet, check the links below.

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