Overview: Writing Back Enterprise Performance Management Budgets to Oracle General Ledger Cloud

In this overview we’ll show you the highlights of using Data Management – an integration capability provided with all Enterprise Performance Management Cloud services – to write back budgets from Planning and Budgeting or Enterprise Planning and Budgeting to General Ledger Cloud. You can write back to a General Ledger budget or to one under budgetary control. We’ll explore writing back to a general ledger budget. In order to write back budgets: connect to and initialize the General Ledger Cloud instance to retrieve the chart of account information for the target ledger on the source system page, review the chart of accounts on the target application page, configure the integration by defining an import format that connects the application to the General Ledger Cloud, and then create and run a data load rule to extract and write back the budget data. Let’s explore the basics of this process by writing back budgets from a sample application called vision to the vision foods us a budget ledger in General Ledger Cloud. Updates have been made to the January FY 16 budget for the Facilities Resources entity. Expenses for account 1210 were entered and the new data and totals will be written back to the revised budget ledger in General Ledger Cloud. In Data Management we can use the Source System page to manage to find sources and to connect to and initialize general ledger cloud details. This accesses the budgets where we can write back our budget data. We can use the integration setup and data load capabilities to define mappings and rules that specify how dimensional data in Vision is transformed to data in the target ledger, and create a data load rule to filter the budget data to extract and write back to the vision foods USA ledger. Last, we can view the results of the extract and how it maps to the General Ledger before running the export step. iF everything looks as expected we can run the export from the workbench and write the data back to the General Ledger Cloud. Notice the amount for account 1210 that we’re writing back. After the export we open the vision Foods USA ledger in General Ledger Cloud and confirm that the amount for account 1210 was written back. In this overview we showed you the highlights of using Data Management to write back budgets to General Ledger Cloud. To learn more visit cloud.oracle.com.

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