OVERVIEW ICO🔥REFLEXION – The Global Digital Currency Franchise Network.

Good day guys, in this video review we consider
Reflexion project, note its purpose and dignity. This video will be in english format. So guys, especially for you, I will add Russian
subtitles for convenience, pleasant viewing. In fact, even though cryptocurrency is still
an unstable asset, it is able to solve huge problems that concern the whole world. For example, for e-commerce, the use of cryptocurrencies
and blockchain makes transactions much faster and cheaper. The blockchain protects all streaming data
by encrypting information. But in turn, it provides complete transparency
of all actions, so it can be used even by states. In addition, there are several more industries
in which the blockchain will be able to present new ways of development, for example, take
the global catering business. According to statistics, catering is the fourth
leading consumer market, and with every year the demand for the industry is only growing. The market is valued at more than three trillion
dollars, and growth is seven percent annually. And you know, the sphere could develop even
faster if it were not surrounded by some barriers. For example, when a person goes to another
country, he must immediately remember the fact that he will certainly use the intermediary
services several times to convert the currency, giving an additional commission. [6] In fact, one can argue endlessly on such
aspects. However, in order to solve all these problems
it is not necessary to run too far, the blockchain has already been invented and the technology
needs to be developed, as it will shift the world rules to a more modern level. [WEB] Therefore, an experienced development
team volunteered to solve all the problems by creating its own decentralized franchise
network, which will be loyal to its consumer. Reflexion Franchise Network – This is a global
franchise network for creating a unified network of public institutions around the world. In simple words, the project intends to create
a virtual community of shared values, providing its participants with the best benefits. [8] Reflexion implements in its ecosystem
only the best solutions that will ensure low commission costs for operations, help overcome
barriers with currencies, provide a loyal system and create a healthy system that is
not subject to cryptocurrency volatility. [15] As one of the products, Reflexion intends
to release its own mobile application, through which customers will be able to conduct operations. All that is needed for this is to launch a
mobile application, scan the QR code of the necessary product and confirm its payment. In the future, the project will introduce
its own payment card system, through which people will be able to purchase e-commerce
products, book permits, pay for services and expand their own franchise. [18] To solve the problems with franchising
tokenization, the Reflexion team created its own internal token, which will not only provide
access to all Reflexion Lounge services, but also receive monthly cryptocurrency fees for
investors supporting the project from the very beginning of development. [10] Reflexion Lounge currently serves over
15 nationalities and has a wide client base. The company already has a productive business
from a network of restaurants, and now it is comprehending the world of blockchain to
further scale and create a new global brand. If you have any questions about the project,
ask them in comments under video, or you can ask a question in the official Reflexion group
in a telegram, where they will tell you more about project and will not leave you without
attention. All links in the description under video. And I say goodbye to you. Thanks for attention. See you next time.

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  1. Details ICO 🔥

    ● Token symbol: XRLO
    ● Platform: Ethereum

    ● Payment: ETH
    ● Tokens for sale: 90,000,000 XRLO (45%)

    ● Soft cap: 5,000 ETH
    ● Hard cap: 72,000 ETH
    ● Token price: 1 XRLO = 0.0003 ETH

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