OVERVIEW ICO🔥CLOVERDEX – Modular Hybrid Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Good day guys, in this video review we consider
CloverDex project, note its purpose and dignity. This video will be in english format. So guys, especially for you, I will add Russian
subtitles for convenience, pleasant viewing. Do you know when Bitcoin appeared? When in two thousand nine, world appeared
Bitcoin, its main task was to be able to easily and quickly, and most importantly with a minimum
Commission to make various kinds of transactions on Internet. In simple words to buy goods faster, safer,
and not to resort to participation of third parties. Over time, similar cryptocurrencies began
to appear more and more, and their values gradually began to flow from their intended
purpose to some speculative activity. However, despite all growth and noise around
cryptocurrencies, there a number of problems that confuse many potential investors to join
ranks of those users who have long made cryptocurrencies part of their lives. [5]
For example problem lies in low liquidity of trade exchanges, which entails some difficulties
in cashing out their assets in Fiat. second problem is related to weak education. In fact, a huge number of people around world
still do not understand principle of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in General. All this has a negative impact on overall
development and mass adoption of technology worldwide;
third and probably most important problem is not fully developed infrastructure around
blockchain technology. That is, there are few such services and platforms
that would offer a seamless connection of cryptocurrencies with real world;
found problem reinforces third, because it is directly related to impracticality of existing
systems that seek to perform very function for which cryptocurrencies were created;
fifth problem is closely related to second problem, because it also generates fear and
uncertainty of people in future. This is largely due to fact that people do
not fully understand position of laws and rules regarding cryptocurrencies. Now many countries are divided into two camps,
some accept this technology, while others impose a ban on it and categorically against
it; Generally, Many experts understand problem
and work to solve it, creating new and improved systems that ready to solve most of problems. One of them is exactly CloverDex project. Cloverdex project is a new economic and technological
concept that can offer most advanced tools for both beginners and experienced traders. At same time, main goal of project is to create
most convenient and seamless conditions for interaction between system and user in real
world. Developers of Cloverdex are sure that there
should not be any obstacles and difficulties between investor (user) and cryptocurrencies. That is why they have made great efforts to
develop most simple interface with which only 3 actions can be carried out any function. It can be purchase/sale of cryptocurrencies,
it can be purchase of goods through Internet or any other additional function related to
data and market analysis, and much more. Simply put, Cloverdex intends to provide absolutely
everything necessary for its user in just a few steps. What I think is very convenient and relevant,
given how difficult are search for certain functions in other systems. @Cloverdex seeks to support use of cryptocurrency
in real life on a daily basis with all its projects. Therefore, within framework of their project,
they intend to offer their multi-currency wallet, which will consist of a huge variety
of wallets, each of which is aimed at maintaining and storing individual cryptocurrencies. Security of all functions and protection of
wallet will be carried out by two-factor authentication and multisignature technology. They also developed seamless integration of
digital assets into Fiat using debit cards (EFTPOS). In future, developers do not intend to stop
there, so they are already considering all possible options for integrating their platform
with such famous wallets as Google Pay and Apple Pay in order to make everyday purchases
of users with help of cryptocurrencies even more accessible. [T] It is important to note that this project
meets all regulatory requirements of Australian regulators and is under strict guidance of
Australian securities and investment Commission (ASIC). team itself consists of professionals who
cover such areas as: financial technology, corporate governance, software and hardware
development, cyber security, marketing and sales, economic modeling of blockchain technology
and smart contracts. If you have any questions about project, ask
them in comments under video, or you can ask a question in official CloverDex group in
a telegram, where they will tell you more about project and will not leave you without
attention. All links in description under video. And I say goodbye to you. Thanks for attention. See you next time.

6 thoughts on “OVERVIEW ICO🔥CLOVERDEX – Modular Hybrid Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange.”

  1. Details ICO 🔥

    ● Token symbol: CLDX
    ● Platform: Ethereum

    ● Payment: ETH, USD
    ● Tokens for sale: 80,000,000 CLDX (80%)

    ● Soft cap: $5,000,000 USD
    ● Hard cap: $15,000,000 USD
    ● Token price: 1 CLDX = $0.21 USD

  2. Cool! As i know, Coverdex aims to offer many different currency pairs and offer low currency conversion fees/commissions, right?

  3. I think Cloverdex is a great project and it has great potential for development.
    I believe in this project and in the team, they are seriously taking all measures to make it a successful ICO.

  4. I like that Cloverdex aims to offer a cryptocurrency trading platform for both beginner and advance etraders by incorporating innovative crypto economic concept. This is so

  5. Я думаю, что у проекта большое будущее. Думаю, в ближайшее время я увижу беспрецедентный CloverDex, так как именно в ней присутствует целеустремленная команда.

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