OVERVIEW?DAXICO – Multi-asset Cryptocurrency Exchange. [PROJECT CLOSED]

Good day guys, in this video review we consider Daxico project, note its purpose and dignity. This video will be in english format. So guys, especially for you, I will add Russian
subtitles for convenience, pleasant viewing. o you know that despite the huge growth of Cryptocurrency assets over the years that there are factors threatening it’s continuous growth. Factors such as :
Issue of few exchanges. High transfer fees charged by the exchanges. Lack of good interface. Lack of various trading pairs. Lack of universal secure wallets. Slow nature of these exchanges.. Account creation and verification difficulties
and delay. You would agree with me that these factors
are literally threatening the continuous expansion and growth of Cryptocurrency,which decreases
adoption rate of the blockchain technology. BUT is now a means for users of cryptocoins
to have one single platform which is able to run up to about three different functions
at the same time without any difficulties. This makes it able to save time and also have
everything done from one single application in a decentralised way other than have them
done in some other ways. Daxico is such a project that has made that
possible and it is aiming to improve the trading process that way and make users fearless when
they perform it. Just like decentralized exchange, DAXICO doesn’t
ask their users to register an email which can be a risk for the security of the user’s
account. In my experience, decentralize exchanges are
slow just like etherdelta or forkdelta. And the only time users end up using these
exchanges is when they try to sell a token/coin that isn’t listed anywhere else. After dumping they may come back when or if
they wanna dump another stash of token that isn’t also listed anywhere. Decentralzied exchange are for those greedy
and eager investors who wants to dump their tokens even when the value of their investments. But DAXICO is one of its kind. DAXICO Exchange is a CENTRALIZED Exchange
which of course will support not just ERC tokens but multiple coins from different blockchain
from NEO, EOS and TRX you name it because sooner they will be adding more in the list. But why do we need another exchange when they
are too many of it these days? The intention is to not just make trading
as easy as possible through the user interface and the rich functionality but also to take
pride of the secure wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies of any kind and one feature
that DAXICO has is the multi-use access to the accounts which will be useful for funds
manager. This would mean you are likely to send funds
to multiple accounts to which DAXICO allows it FREE of charge. Also DAXICO clients won’t have to undergo
into the labyryth of interlinking pages to get used to their platform, a newbie can navigate
the system in less than an hour since the project focused on intuitive user interface. DAXI Token will be used to pay trading commissions
at Daxico Exchange. They don’t have this function yet. That means website is also in development
period. But for trading use, it’s smooth. So in order, WHY DAXICO? I think Daxico interface is user friendly
that even an illiterate or one that is not conversant with Cryptocurrency market can
navigate through effortlessly without guidance. It would give users exciting experience against
what obtains now from the present exchanges. If you have any questions about the project,
ask them in the comments under the video, or you can ask a question in the official
Daxico group in a telegram, where they will tell you more about the project and will not
leave you without attention. All links in the description under the video. And I say goodbye to you. Thanks for attention. See you next time.

6 thoughts on “OVERVIEW?DAXICO – Multi-asset Cryptocurrency Exchange. [PROJECT CLOSED]”

  1. Token Details?

    ● Token symbol: DAXI

    ● Platform: Ethereum

    ● Payment: ETH
    ● Total supply: 100,000,000 DAXI

    ● Soft cap: none
    ● Hard cap: none
    ● Token price: 1 DAXI = 0,15 USD

  2. Довольно интересный проект, я думаю у него все должно сложиться и успех должен закрепить позицию организации на рынке. Благодарю за обзор!

  3. Daxico is so easy to operate and Transfer funds between your accounts and to other users free of charge. Im like it! So GOOD!

  4. Great. Daxico has the features ofa peer-to-peer payment system. This is very great solution for exchange.

  5. Great projects with the great team and great management .Best token for Decentralized concurrency exchange. A smart and promising project.

  6. Думаю будет не плохой опыт попользоваться столь актуальным MVP.
    Один из самых продвинутых проектов в цифровом обителе, разработанный продукт однозначно улучшит как циркуляцию токенов, так и планировку проекта в будущем!

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