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If you want to know how people like Mark Cuban Will Smith and Eric Thomas outwork everybody Then this video is for you. Are you willing to do the work? I will not be be outworked. You will not outwork me. What’s that believe nation? it’s Evan my one word is believe and I believe in you I believe you have an amazing talent and gift inside you that I want to see explode out into the world I scented the one rule series to try to compile some of the most common lessons that occur over and Over and over and over again in all these videos and bring them down into one video just for you guys so today We’re gonna learn how to outwork everyone enjoy Most people do a lot of talking and most people don’t put in the effort there’s Nothing you can’t accomplish in life with the right amount of work The challenge is you know are you willing to do the work, and the reality is most people aren’t? But that’s the opportunity right is I mean it’s like people You know at school most people are lazy right they they just they barely get through it, and and so that creates opportunity I tell my kids that a if they want something they’re gonna have to earn it. Yeah, and B If they don’t work hard enough to earn it. I’m gonna sell them off as medical experiments That’s the line in our house You need money, okay, we’ll set you off as a medical experiment we can get you money that way Give blood dad. I’m seven I don’t care the only thing that I see that is Distinctly different about me is I’m not afraid to die on a treadmill Right, I will run. It would not be outworked. I will not be be outworked right period yeah, you know You might have more talent than me you might be smarter than me you might be Sexier than me you might be all of those things you got it on me in nine categories But if we get on the treadmill together right there’s two things you’re getting off first. Yeah, or I’m gonna die It’s really that simple right so Let’s go back to the question about what if people blocking out. It’s due. It’s going to be two options Yeah, I’m gonna get back in or I’m gonna be dead Yeah Right it’s like you’re not going to outwork me. It’s a it’s a very is such a simple basic concept is The the guy who is willing to Hustle the most is gonna be the guy that just gets that loose ball You know you got the oh he got that oh, okay? He got two Hey Oh God huzi grabbed out my dad was going to be out of bounds But he saved it back in it’s like the commodity that I see the majority of people Who aren’t getting the places they want or aren’t achieving the things that they want in this business is Strictly based on hustle. It’s strictly based on being outworked. It’s strictly based on Missing crucial opportunities. I say all the time if you stay ready you ain’t got to get ready you will not outwork me It’s not about being the best motivational speaker in the world It’s about being the most Consistent motivational speaker in the world and so when you watch me even if you don’t like me and you’re into Motivation you got a fool with me why because I’ve owned everything 18 was that you wanted Knicks commercial. Yep, it was see you do this day after day Dedicating your life to the search for a few more feet 18 you’re doing stuff with the Olympics absolutely Et was that too old it yep. That was me he cheated to do that yet You saw me what you doing some for Cleveland a JavaScript. That was me you will not outwork me High school dropout yes your vocabulary count is deeper than mine. Yeah, absolutely yep You look better than me suit asymmetric looking up. You got me beat all day You got me grew up on the other side of town two pairs great Network. You got I’m not gonna Lie you were sweeter than I am you got all the stuff you got you Got it all but you will not outwork me cuz your height has nothing doing my work Ethic your face has men to doing my workout. No too bad background had never doing my workouts. You will not work me Oh Joe jet you will not work me in your Bentley You will not work me and there does of you in this room the reason why this stuff ain’t happening for you because you’re getting Outwards come on call the best motivational speakers in the world give us seven days Let us go on over the world and speak come on And why are you in the green room putting on your makeup? You will not work me. I’m being real you will not While you do a photo shoot, you won’t I work in y’all being outworked in your marriage. You’re being outworked in your job You’re being out work with your kids Your kids in the game. Why cuz somebody loving on them, or do you love them? In a game day and again, cuz you ain’t on the all You be I worked you got somebody else in the hood who got more. They got your kid here more Do you got them, and you like I just can’t believe this society day. It’s not this society you got out worked Some dude up the block. It’s get it spending more time with your son. You are some down the block is telling your daughter How cute she is are you not cuz you’re grinding you work in but you thought when I told you 120? I just made it work. I mean everywhere. You will not outwork me You might make money, but your marriage might not be I’m gonna get you on all fronts I’ve been with you for a long way at the one moment that stands out out of we’ve done I don’t know how many done. We’ve done. No play eight hundred events the one time was 4:00 a.m. We went up to practice at 4:00 a.m. And that was your idea to do it But and then you know all these Nike people are like no no no no let’s not let’s not do that And then you’re like let’s do it at 4:00 a.m. So you got security you got brand marketing sports marketing go no no no no no no, that’s not good. You’re like Let’s do it because that’s your sustenance right. I mean to me. It just makes complete sense not to us See we all right what you usually I’m sleeping at 4:00 a.m. You’re you’re working out about that okay, so if If your job is to try to be the best basketball player you can be alright To do that you have to practice you have to train right you want to train as much as you can as often as you can So if you get up at 10:00 in the morning train at 11:00 12:00 say 12:00 train at 12:00 train for two hours 12:00 to 2:00 You have to let your body recover So you eat recover whatever you get back out you train start training it at 6:00 train from 6:00 to 8:00 Right and now you go home and shower you dinner you go to bed You wake up do it again, right? Those are two sessions all right now imagine you wake up at 3:00 And you train at 4:00 go four to six come home breakfast relax, so so now you’re back at it again 9211 Relax, and now it’s done. You’re back at it again to the fore and have you’re back at it again You know seven to nine look how much more training I have done by simply starting at four all right, so now you do that and as the years go on The separation that you have with your competitors And your peers just grows larger and larger and larger and larger and larger and by year five or six doesn’t matter What kind of work they’re doing a summer? They’re never going to catch up because they’re five years behind So it makes sense to get up and start your day early because you can get more working is that genetic Or is that something you you engrained and trained yourself? No. It was not you that for me It was it was just common sense like I can I can if I start earlier I can train more hours And I know the other guys aren’t doing it because I know what their training schedule is right So I know if I do this consistently over time It’s the the gaps just gonna widen And why no why no why no why and they won’t be able to get that back mm-hmm, so it’s me It was just common sense I’m like thinking how can I get an advantage? Oh start earlier? Yeah, let’s do that? How do you how do you develop that or where do you what do you learn that from? Well, I I think it’s just you know it’s just a matter of what’s important to you mm-hmm What’s important to you for whatever reason? You know I felt like I? Didn’t feel good about myself if I wasn’t Doing everything I could to be the best version of myself If I felt like I left anything on the table It would eat away at me. I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror Right so the reason why I can retire now and be completely comfortable about it because I know that I’ve done everything I could to be the best basketball player I could be and so That’s where it comes from for me. You can’t leave any stone unturned Training and some sort of physical activity becomes my anchor every day try and stay focused for me I got to get up at 3:45 in the morning I do my cardio I’ll have my breakfast then I’ll go train and hit the iron Then I’ll go to set if I could get those things done before I go to set then I could work for the next 12 14 16 hours all right empty gym the way It’s Sunday. Just finish my warmup. It is family day. It’s Lord’s Day. It is also like that so this paint on respondents Up to seven all right Saturday afternoon empty, Jim the way we like it trippin over here It’s late day, which means it’s gonna be sweaty painful and fun Don’t get it come on war left One more good All right workout number two I’m out working all my competition tired after gym What we like it getting ready to get after me my favorite training partner Bring it home Bring it all gives the idea to show call when chickens came home to roost by Lawrence holder right he will walk onstage And the orders will uh? Because it was like he played Malcolm X and people thought Malcolm X said come back to life right and then at the new federal at the new federal theater and The brother at the Schomburg say a man Denzel being here man looking at these clips, man I needed all this stuff, and he had to have the right glasses on and uh he got to walk down You know you got to walk down and so what I discovered and in those Early years is no one Worked harder on the stage to find his character than his L and then when he transferred it to the film It might be act as I there who claim But no one works harder now when you say that it hardest working after there and you were researching Malcolm X I mean you went and you what you’ve studied films you. Yeah, look at all the footage. You could get all of his albums Yeah, yeah, you know I would listen to and listen in fact by the time. We did the the the the movie I Didn’t I would just I would spike with just like load the camera up And I just started talking cuz I could I could I could pick I could just pull from things that and learn Memorize and new you know you could talk about the table these oh, that’s a black table. You know you know you could do anything you could just Improvise so I just go and go and go I think what I could attribute my success is to is More the fact that I was confident I could train myself to absorb or Tolerate very high levels of pain to outwork other people to win in sports like wrestling which is all pain right and So I chose arenas in which I felt like even if I lacked the technical gifts. Even if I lacked Certain coaching advantages that I could still win because I could just out last other people and I enjoyed being an instrument of competition how much and I still do I mean I of Competing I just like I’m better in competition than I am in rehearsal. I understand. Yeah, it’s like kind It’s really weird But that’s just me I’d like often if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur you need to work both hard and smart You need both Everybody who’s had massive success did both forget about trying to work a 4-hour workweek forget about passive income Yes, you can make a little bit Yes, there might be supplemental income to help you along your journey but if you want to do something impactful you want to have a Big change in the world you want to really be somebody special and have a ripple effect out from you You gotta do both. You got to work really hard Look at whoever your heroes are Whether it is that you look up to? they didn’t get there by having things handed to them and They didn’t get there by Trying to create passive income or work four hours a week, and I love the 4-hour work week book There’s a lot of principles You can use in there except the fact that when you are committed to something and you love it You got to go all in on it stop being lazy Lazy people don’t change the world lazy people don’t have a huge impact I want you to have a huge impact and So hard work is just your ticket in hard work alone is not the answer. There’s lots of people who work really hard and They never rise up they never reach their potential right you can work really really really hard as a cashier But if you’re not thinking on a bigger scale and you’re not working smart as well Then you’ll just continue to work really really hard as a cashier and make whatever a cashier makes and that’s where you stay Hard work does not guarantee your success, but there is no success without hard work Period it doesn’t exist show me somebody who you really look up to and really respect Who hasn’t put in a ton of effort hard work and smart work to make it happen and so I think if you are just looking for Shortcuts if you’re just looking for ways to make that passive income or ways to work four hours a week And then spend the rest of timeline on the beach You’re being lazy and You haven’t really tapped into the thing that you love doing because I can tell you you get tired of lying on the beach you May not agree because your life sucks right now because your work sucks right now because you’re just trying to escape But people want to do things that have meaning After you’ve escaped your life, and you spent a year on the beach you’re gonna get tired you’re gonna Get bored you want to do something that fills you up. We want to contribute Human beings want to contribute. We want to feel like the work that we’re doing matters, and we’d like to work We’d like to feel like the activities that we’re filling up our day with means something that somebody else So you gotta find that and when you do you don’t want to just work four hours a week It feels you up you want to do it a lot It doesn’t mean you’re spending 200 four hours a day doing it You got to find the balance for you, but when you find the work that you love You want to go all-in on it? You want to keep going because it fills up your soul So you’ve got to work hard and you’ve got to work smart It’s the only way to succeed as an entrepreneur no matter what you choose to do in life Pursue it with passion and hard work in My experience in school and career at work and at play There are lots of talented people out there, but talent alone isn’t enough You need something more one thing that distinguishes. Those who really make a difference in life. Those who really contribute is passion and hard work Remember hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard So don’t be content to work around the edges of your profession don’t wait to be invited to important meetings Or asked to work on crucial assignments instead Do what it takes to ensure that you’re in the middle of your business speak up? volunteer show your enthusiasm knock on doors as an employee your Enthusiasm will make your job more interesting and get you noticed as a manager Your passion will inspire others to join your team and work as hard as you to accomplish great things the choice you have as an underdog is if you’re going to choose to fight and Choose to fight to win There are a series of strategies available to you, but they are all more costly than the strategies available to the favorite so I give the example I have a chapter about a And a software mogul in Silicon Valley an Indian guy who coaches his daughters 12 year old daughter’s basketball team and they are without talent they are By his own by his own admission This was like they didn’t know how to barely know how to play the game it takes them all the way to the national championships He does it by He instructs them. They’re gonna play the full-court press Every minute of every game and defend every inch of the court right now That’s actually a very effective strategy particularly in age class basketball If you’re the underdog it’s your own chance of winning is to play a really really aggressive defense it requires However that everyone in your team Expend maximum effort every minute of the game you cannot loaf For an instant you have to be in really good shape and you have to run yourself ragged and you cannot let up Most people will not play that way because it’s too difficult If I said to you we’re not gonna be doing does this elegantly designed plays and shooting gorgeous baskets and passing the ball We’re just going to be doing this for the entire game And you’re gonna be exhausted at the end most kids would say that’s not why I signed up so it’s like that’s a kind of classic illustration of that effort Effort is the route one of the routes available to the underdog I can outwork you even if I may not be able to outspend you, but I can outwork you well How working is a tall order? It’s not easy to do you know, that’s as anyone who has Worked in a start-up knows. That’s this one of the stressful parts of it But successful startups, I am I’ve never seen any actual data on this but Do we think the people working for successful startups work longer hours than people who work for fortune 500 companies? My guess is yes. Thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed I’d love to know whose message Resonated the most with you was a COPI was an eric was a cuban who was it let me know leave it down the count’s I’m really curious to find out I also want to give a quick shout out to Adam Duran Adam Thank you so much, man Just picking up a copy of my book your one word and taking that picture with a smiling face putting on Twitter I really appreciate it. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book so thank you guys again for watching I believe in you. I hope we continue to believe in yourself, and whatever you’re one where it is much love I’ll see you soon raise your standard Apple at the core its core value Is that? that people need passion and Not one drop of most self-worth depends on your that’s supposed to mean I don’t ever give up I’d have to be dead Or absolutely incapacitated hey believe nation if you want to see my all-time Favorite top ten most a success. I have a very special secret video for you These are the individual clips that I have personally learned the most from and applied to my life and my business Check the link the description for details

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  6. Kobe "…. look how much more training i have done by simply starting at four. So now you do that and as the years go on the separation that you have with your competitors and your peers just grows larger and larger and larger and larger and by year five or six it doesn't matter what kind of work they do during the summer they are never gonna catch up!"

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    Kobe: So it makes sense to get up and start your day early because you get more work in.
    Interviewer: Is that genetic? Or something you ingrained and trained yourself, who thought you that?
    And here's the Gold:
    Kobe: For me it was just common sense If I start earlier I can train more hours.

    I just think that's beautiful, so simple, yet so effective, too many people are slaves to their beds and they refuse to get up early especially on weekends, BUT If you wanna be successful in any area of life, you gotta do whatever it takes, and getting up early is Paramount the earlier the better, then as Kobe points out: Over time you'll have built up an extra 2, 3, 4, or even more hours per day on anyone else. As Albert Einstein said "Compound Interest Is The Eight Wonder Of The World" Those extra hours worked everyday are just gonna keep piling up week after week, month after month and before you know it, you'll be thousands of hours ahead of anyone in your field!

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