Our Week at Consensus 2019 (What is DSG?)

It’s kind of exactly what it says on the tin, really. So we have gold in a vault in Switzerland, it’s digitized as far as the ownership records go, and we use blockchain technology to track the ownership of that gold. Gold historically has been a store of value, a store of wealth, but it’s kind of difficult to hold, difficult to use. With DSG we think we’re solving many of those problems, because it’s digitized, there’s an ownership, and we’re not charging any fees for either buying it, holding it, or selling it. We think it’s going to be very, very attractive to many people who either want to invest in gold or want to use gold as a mechanism for the transfer of value. We take the security of the physical gold really seriously. So ultimately, you know, we want anybody who holds DSG to know that the gold is stored and held in secure vaults. So from our perspective the vaults are independently run, independently audited, and audited every day so that we can assure that every DSG that’s on the blockchain is backed by one piece of physical gold in the vault. What blockchain enables us to do is track the ownership without a central authority keeping an eye on, managing that piece of gold. You know, an awful lot of people around the world invest and hold gold, but from our perspective we think we have to say that it’s the most cost effective, the best value way to hold gold; one of the securest ways, you don’t have to worry about where it is physically; and we think it’s going to be the easiest way to transfer that portion of gold If and when you come to sell it.

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