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the Internet is everywhere it’s in our homes workplaces and even in the deepest of forests [Music] we believe in long-term thinking as a result dark coin and its community are significant large a row each teammate goal is to be everywhere just like the Internet everyone who is connected to the Internet and that means more than two and a half billion people has access to a down [Music] exchanging various currencies for DAGs is very simple you can do it either by using a regular currency exchange or a person-to-person trading platform you can use tax in most places they will typically use regular money as an employee you can have your salary paid in tax overseas workers can use tagged wallet sent back to the family members if you are an entrepreneur you can pay salary for employees or you can pay the invoices to vendors using tax there’s no need to exchange tax for other currencies DAGs will be accepted all over the world everyone including businesses can track their money movement digitally as a result everyone has a functional credit history which is necessary for example when are applying for a loan DAGs are not only for the business world in addition to entrepreneurs who use DAGs for international trades travellers can use DAGs in other countries went on the go farmers can sell their crops over the Internet using DAGs as payment and residents of underdeveloped areas can go about their daily business using DAGs as shown thanks our multi function just like our current monies but they’re also quick to use and that is an advantage point on its own in this fast-paced world for example when ordering from abroad the DAGs reach merchants instantly making the whole delivery process fast to understand the extent of how useful DAGs actually are let’s imagine the following scenario there’s an unfortunate accident and the victim is rushed to the hospital people close to the victim use the digital money to pay for the surgery it reaches the hospital’s account instantly and therefore no unnecessary delays occur and the operation can begin there are also other useful perks worth mentioning let’s have a look as an entrepreneur you can be 100% sure that no customer will ever ask for a credit card refund because with dives it simply cannot be done it’s very safe when your wallet gets lost or stolen the cash inside has gone forever and credit cards will most likely be charged but with a crypto wallet thanks to the secure passwords no one can access your money plus you can restore your wallet in another device with no extra effort people living in rural areas don’t need to walk long distances to banks or ATMs only to find out that it’s closed out of order or out of money instead the dye coin web wallet can be accessed from any device with internet access even if there is one computer in a village every person can access their wallet from that computer and do their necessary transactions there are no ridiculous fees for deposits withdrawals or transfers and you won’t be questioned about the origin of your money or what you’re planning to do with it as every transaction is stored digitally [Music] the current financial system based on fiat money hurts people who are not financially secured and have lower educational level people still are collecting money under their beds and because inflation the money is worth less and less as a time goes on fixed deposit and conservative investment funds with low interest rates are no better banks know how to use your money and make a profit from it whereas regular people like you and I are pushed to give all our money to them and that makes the bank’s even stronger with crypto our money is secured and what’s most important no one can devalue it by issuing more payment units or coins [Music] cryptocurrency is solid because it minimizes political risks people use DAGs globally even if there’s an issue in one country it doesn’t affect the bigger picture dag wallet gives you an easy option to identify yourself with your know your customer or kyc form it provides the government a much better demographic understanding and allows them to send financial support and welfare money to those in need the bottom line is that money is meant to be easily usable regardless of the country’s development level the dark based financial system is transparent it helps to collect more taxes and turn economy white so that both private and public sector will work well with each other transparency means avoiding corruption in the public sector as well as in the government’s themselves as a result people feel better paying taxes as the money will end up where it’s most needed financially connecting the world has a massive impact on the global economy thanks to a livelier economy business will grow substantially as an example transportation and courier services will improve and the administrative costs will decrease considerably no more counterfeiting meaning no more money going into prevention either as an additional benefit investors and potential startups can connect easier so business ideas will be realized faster than ever [Music] all of what you’ve just heard can will and must happen but it will only happen if we all act on it spread the word and talk tirelessly about the real benefits of cryptocurrency together we will build a better future for the world join the revolution [Music] you [Music]

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