Our Cryptocurrency Market Is Changing Forever Because

What is going on snipers 90-mile oh baby here, I hope all of y’all are enjoying your date today That’s five into our daily cryptocurrency market update for the day we’re gonna be looking at Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency market as a whole and talk about why it’s Significantly changing, and how those changes are gonna be implemented And what the market is going to look like after these changes of more fiat pairings being added to these exchanges We’re also gonna talk about verge experiencing a 51% attack now being forced to have a hard fourth How’s that gonna affect verge? We’re gonna dive into that and India just banned Crypto currencies and Bitcoin while Japan is embracing it Creating regulations for icos which are initial coin offerings if you don’t know and how is that going to affect the market? Let’s dive into it Let’s first look at the Bitcoin technical analysis Not much to look at other than the fact that this is the price zone that I’m watching right now here from 6,800 all the way down to 5,800 being that this is really the only Levels that we know of at this point that bit code could head down to and if it Blows past these levels, then we may see some further downside so at this point I’m being very cautious as you all know RSI is not looking to get heading back down towards 30 as an Oversold asset in my opinion It’s a good time to dollar-cost average our way into this coin But just be careful because understand that the volatility in this market is Unlike any other market out there And there’s a lot of risk so at these price levels as we’ve talked about over the past couple of weeks We’re looking to take advantage of these quick swings up and down However, since we haven’t seen further downside since this initial swing. I have not yet initiated any positions I’m waiting to see what’s gonna happen around that 6,400 6,300 price level, and if it starts to see significant sell-off from there I think that’s wrong into her position as long as our site dips below 30 becomes oversold like we saw here in February because that resulted in this huge uptick in price And that’s something that I’ve expects this time around as the RSI becomes oversold so Transitioning into our topic which is looking at these altcoins is something We’ve been talking about over the couple of months and you can see how the dominance of altcoins right now is Rising with Bitcoin for the first time whereas previously acted as an inverse Correlation, so why is this true? Well, there’s this awesome reddit post that I saw and I’d love to share it with the other in a couple of good points You’re not gonna. Go through all of it and some of y’all might not see this or deem it credible. However in my opinion It’s been giving quite a bit of traction and some attention, and I think it has some good points It says here the trend of USD Aucoin pairings are getting more popular with these exchanges like BitFenix bit tricks and bi Nance and all of this is going to lead to a decoupling of all coins From Bitcoin, it’s something We’ve been talking about here on snipers, too Bitcoin is so attached to all of these coins and when Bitcoin goes up all the coins will follow a pattern Based on what bitcoin is doing and that’s kind of hard in a market where we’re looking to invest our money in these projects that have potential intrinsic value But because Bitcoin crashes now all of our investment is down because of this Effect and in order to get away from this we need to see more pairings So it says here more new money will be entering the market in a much easier way now something we’ve talked about recently as we’ve Said that there’s going to be more Opportunities in all coins more than likely than in Bitcoin over the next couple of months because of the fact that more buyers Are getting onto these exchanges like finance, and it says here we will see the alt coins real value without Bitcoin affecting it so coins like V chain Walton chain I Own a iOS card on o we can see their true intrinsic value rather than Determine it based upon what bitcoin is doing and that’s a big difference in this market and it may allow for more money to come In because people will feel more confident in the investments that they’re making so once again. This whole market is all about maturation We’re looking for this market to mature as the market matures That’s when there’s gonna be more money into the market as before more confident with this whole concept of cryptocurrency And blockchain technology as a real investment of the future so transitioning from their verge experiencing a Accelerated miner attack or a 51% attack if y’all don’t know how most networks work their thousands of nodes verifying transactions And if you can take control of the majority of those nodes then you can Initiate what we see here an accelerated mining attack I’m not gonna dive too deep into it But I will talk about this it is crashing the price of xvg here over 23% overnight And they are planning a hard fork to fix the issue which means that the coin Forks And it goes two ways and they can either as you can see here Allow the hacker to keep all of the blocks that were mined or They can just roll it back to an earlier stage before the exploit and then deem all those tokens useless But as you all know with hard Forks that doesn’t always typically go the right way aetherium for example the original blockchain of ethereum was aetherium classic and eventually had a heartfelt very early on in 2013 I believe if I’m not mistaken and It forked into what we now know is aetherium an Athenian classic has always still been around but that was the original Blockchain so pretty interesting It’s cool to know that in my opinion as I mentioned in our video couple days ago is it’s still worth it to buy bird I said get out of there while it was up and hopefully y’all are able to take those profits now looking at India Banning Bitcoin, what does this mean is this negative news well first of all before you start You know getting a little worried. I remember when China banned. I SEOs and Bitcoin was around four to five thousand dollars Within months we were way past Ten thousand dollars and people thought that this was the end of the world we saw a little crash in the market But at the end of the day, I remember one of my mentors told me this as a joke I said man I was talking about crypto currencies like dude Whatever big whatever China bans is probably something you should invest in right so um not to criticize anybody I’m just saying that this article here is interesting because it shows that they’re now launching their own fiat currency with the Intentions of having a central bank of digital currency. What a weird approach right now? It’s talking about this whole scenario being due to the fact that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies Pose a risk and that’s all they really detailed, which maybe they’ll release further details But it’s funny some of the comments here I Think have really good points one saying banning a digital form of vigil occurred the currency outright prevents innovation and disruptive payment solutions from copying Up and that makes a lot of sense, it’s like the alcohol prohibition right in the United States Where alcohol was banned and people were still selling it and buying it? Why because it was something that they wanted to consume and in that manner? Sometimes there are things that you just can’t prevent you have to control That’s why we’re seeing a lot of marijuana regulation starting to creep up rather than just saying hey, we’re gonna Ban this in the United States people are like okay hemp has some medical use. Let’s start using this so same thing here It’s kind of like man. Why do you want to ban an emerging technology? It’s almost like saying in mm Hey, I’m gonna ban websites because this poses a risk to the state of my country well That means you’re acting upon fear, and I’d rather be led by somebody acting Not upon fear so I think this is just something that is breeding fearfulness within these countries therefore because of that fearfulness of their country being taken over by Cryptocurrency they’re now enacting these regulations which in my opinion is only going to allow the countries that are open-minded to prosper and allow all the other ones to be delayed and Held back because they are implementing these laws which are in my opinion Irrational as you’ll see somebody else has said India following the footsteps of China I think they want to beat China and everything the population the pollution and now banning So that’s kind of what I met with what my mentor was talking about China is a great country once again Nothing against China, but transitioning from there some positive news to end the news and update for today Japanese government revealing a proposal to legalize initial what a big feat in cryptocurrency If y’all don’t know Japan is really where Bitcoin started. It was in the crisis around 2008 and it was officially launched in January of 2009 and it was all about the crisis And this is something that’s interesting because Japan has always embraced cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and it’s cool that they’re starting to create these laws and regulations to Coincide with that so you can see where says they’re creating specific guidelines for icos They’re gonna determine the risk and benefits of this business model. They’re gonna look at preventing money laundering See they’re taking a practical approach unlike countries. Just banning it. They’re saying well if this is new technology Let’s see how we can approach it understand this in an early market It’s hard to create regulations and laws because as the market emerges It’s constantly changing and creating a static law that will eventually have to be changed It’s sometimes a waste of time then rather just letting the market emerge seeing how the market develops and evolves and then taking current guidelines and then Utilizing those and implementing them and integrating them into this new market And I think that’s the best way to approach this as you can see they’re looking to make progress tracking Mandatory of projects so that you know how the projects are actually acting up upon what they proposed initially And you can even see or Japan is rather Open-minded when it comes to cryptocurrencies and instrument offerings unlike a lot of these other countries and here’s my opinion if you’re a country if you’re watching it’s like as a prime minister or President not that I think a prime minister president would be watching this, but here’s what I’ll say embrace innovation Don’t just put the hand towards it and say no no no I don’t want to innovate and grow my country I just want to stay the same Embrace it be open-minded because understand without open mindedness to the new Technology you will be left behind so but that being said hopefully I’ll enjoy this market update What an exciting one until our next one if you haven’t already subscribed turn on the post notifications button if you have There’s a little bell down there, and thank you all for watching at O our next one snipers out

35 thoughts on “Our Cryptocurrency Market Is Changing Forever Because”

  1. With more Altcoin/USD pairings being embraced by cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, and Bitfinex our market is changing into a less 'Bitcoin dependant' market and one that can prosper based on the true intrinsic value of a project. This is a big change from the earlier days of cryptocurrency where most altcoins attached their value to Bitcoin. Other news today include Verge ($XVG) expierencing a 51% attack, India banning Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency and Japan embracing it by creating ICO proposals for regulation.

  2. @SnipersTube DO you have any thought on BCI, Bitcoin Interest? Would be interested in your thoughts. Seems a bit weirs to me as a whole 😀

  3. A big problem in crypto is exchanging fiat to crypto & vise versa. There's a new ICO that will make this possible & eventually on an app, check out "Streamity"

  4. Qvolta is taking that step. Check your progress. You already have an exchange portfolio that you just launched. Includes Pypal, WesternUnion, Money gram, Zele among other forms of payment. It only has bitcoin, ethereum, and qvolta.

  5. Bch moving to 32mb block size Watch Bch move away from btc. I did tell you it was a big year for the real bitcoin this year. I support the real bitcoin Bch

  6. Eh snipa! Were you chewing on a bar of soap at the end? Started foamin up bro haha I like it! So savage of you 🙂

  7. Love all your content and am a member of your discord! Content creators like you inspire me to continue to learn more about these markets and get better at broadcasting news and topics! Thanks so much.?

  8. Altcoin/USD pairings are awesome! You forgot to mention the abra app. It's pretty useful. You can use other fiat currencies to buy altcoins. Times are changing! 😀

  9. I've only been in cryptocurrency for one month and I already irritates me that Bitcoin is tied to the all coins it's such a ripoff it's like you have to buy Bitcoin to get all coins we need to be able to go directly to binance and buy all coins

  10. guys as a miner just letting you guys know the bitcoin wont go lower than 5500 why it will not be worth mining it ill let you know now there wont be any miners mining the bitcoin if if goes that …put the cost of the mining equipment and even if you live in the cheapest electricity price country aint worth mining it if it goes lower than 5500 .. hope this eases peoples mind its going to rise from now on slowly but surely …

  11. India did not ban cryptocurrency. Please be careful in your announcements. India's RBI just said that it will for the moment restrict banks from authorizing client purchases of crypto with debit and credit cards.

  12. Nai man. We need bottom prices to protect consumers. So the exchanges need to average prices and block orders that sell or buy bellow these bottom price. That is our solution. If you want to get consumers back in we need to back up BTC. As today the same people that would pay 20k will sell for 6k. So people do not back BTC. In others markets for real currency governments auction huge amounts of cheep USD to protect their currency from over devaluate. No one does this for bitcoin so there is nothing between ATH and $0. We need this.

  13. Regarding the outright banning of crypto. India is one of if not the first to remove larger bills from circulation. They are actively impoverishing the Indian population. But before we begin making these suggestions to smaller countries, let’s ask our own leaders, how are they complicit? We oppress other countries because the US still needs the outsourcing of slave labor. Also India is a cultural testing ground. When American government begins to remove larger bills, we will be heading into true dark times for most.

  14. India didn't ban crypto stop reporting main stream FUD dumb ass do some other research and not just the first head line you read.

  15. All cryptocurrencies desperately need new money to come in to payout old investors or else the scheme will collapse.

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