42 thoughts on “Our Crypto Portfolio For This Bull Run! Bitcoin Insane Adoption Happening! #Podcast 55”

  1. I don't regret much. I've been buying all the way down and all the way up. I believe in this space and know where it's going. In my opinion, it doesn't matter where I buy if it all goes up 500 percent. Got lucky and picked up ONT and IOTA a few months ago.

  2. “You had to be mentally ill to stack bitcoins at 3k” “I’ve lost my mind” lol good stuff man ??? keep it up guys ???

  3. Go DGB!!!! Love your enthusiasm…especially at 2x speed… I'd like to see you guys at 3x speed. Keep up your good work. Thanks

  4. Another top video gents ADA ?XRP?HOT a little quiet right now , but AIrX which is the crypto version of Pokemon go ????

  5. i wish i bought more DGB when it was between $.009 – $.01, but my bag is in the mid 6 figures, so yesterday was a good day. Perhaps if there is an adjustment, we can fill some more DGB bags. I am really bummed i didnt jump on Ravencoin when it was $.009. You would have gotten 5-6x gains by now!

  6. I am all in Digibyte been stacking, with it’s fundamentals, who knows one day can own half the moon ?????

  7. Let’s hope Łitecoin gets added and John Kim’s worked his magic
    Charlie Lee [LTC⚡]
    · 1h
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  8. You say its unpredictable but i think differently , bitcoin hit the 200ma and it boosted up straith , then again alsmost hitted the 200ma but not completly creating a higher low , that was the start of the bullmarket the first higher low and next the first higher high , and now bullrun , perfectly predictable , digibyte to , look at the chart , everytime it crossed the 200ma up it exploded in the past , now it crossed the 200ma again and it starts to pump hard , target 1 to 1,50 dollars in a few months , thats probably just the first bigg legg up

  9. Well done on your gains…. never sell all of your btc…. shave a little from the top when it moons, maybe like 15% of your total amount of btc…. when it is worth over 300 k …. but in the long run btc will remain when the dollar goes and jumps in the lake never to be seen again by the future generations!!!

  10. It is alt season!! Full blown on bull run is now in full effect. This is really happening. Do people understand that a lot of people with holdings in certain cryptos now, will be new millionaires in the near term? This is no joke, this is really happening. This is the real deal Holyfield. Those that been through therough nasty bear market, and grinded it out buying the dips at the very same time when everyone was talking soooo much smack about crypto, when it was knee deep in the bear market when everyone counted out cryptos, laughed at people buying when it was the devastating, brutal depressing crypto winter….Wow, and its just getting started with gigantic instutions pouring into cryptos ? The fundamentals in cryptos are so strong, and each day there is like some big new institution coming into crypto, each day the news just keeps getting better. It's so much fun!!!! This is happening. Crypto is real, crypto will literally change the world !!

  11. If this really takes off like McAfee predicted, it's gonna take plastic surgery to 10th radical power to wipe the shit eatin' grins off our faces!

  12. Large buyers will get serious about BTC over about 10k. %75 of the BTC traded in 2017 is now locked in cold storage…..

  13. And I think I’m going to be doing the same as you James. Holding bitcoin long term and only spending alts. Except Ethereum… that I’m going to be staking.

  14. Regarding Percentage gains, you’re both right. It’s based on where you start your measurement.
    Litecoin going from $20 to $100 is 400% gains (think of it as there are 4 sets of twenty between 20 and 100)
    Litecoin going from $50 to $100 is 100% gains (there’s 1 set of 50 from 50 to 100)
    Get it?

  15. I increased my DGB holding 20% this weekend, got in at .01, waiting on an ABRA ACH, didn't get here in time to buy more today. I am sitting happy right now on everything. Not ready to start any new positions at these prices, Ill wait and buy more into my to projects on a dip,… if we even have one… One thing I missed out on it BTC, I diverted all money into alts and never properly pumped it, but I am sitting very very happy anyway !

  16. Wow I just checked and Digibyte is up 35% today, let's hope they keep going. But I'm still nowhere near close to selling. My portfolio is at an all-time high. Crypto is here to stay

  17. Keep celebrating, guys. It's just getting started. You will be laughing non-stop for at least a year, I think. 🙂

  18. Killed it 🙂 I was laughing the entire time while cutting my potatoes!! Screw netflix!! Keep it up guys. Thank you.

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