Onward l BTC. Simple Trading on Bitmex. Big Results.

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signal groups now I have spoke about signal groups in the past and I have
also said that ninety maybe 95 maybe 99 percent of them are just pure shit they
either copy and paste you know other signal groups or are the signals that
they put out are incorrect and you often end up losing money on
them there’s a few good singing groups don’t get me wrong
but for a signal group to be useful and worth considering copying those trades
because that’s essentially what you’re doing they need to demonstrate that
they’re putting the work into making their calls now I like to do my trades
manually I like to pick my own trades but if you’re one of these people which
is just another time to manually go through trades pick your own trades
something like onward BTC which is a signal group I’m looking at today can be
quite useful it saves a huge amount of time and if you utilize trading BOTS
like carnac’s which I have spoke about the past video is available a pair right
now these can be very very efficient in excellent way it’s trading when you just
don’t have the time to trade now cortex is one of those trading buttons that I
recommend you can use it manually you can use it totally automated and it is
linked directly to telegram so essentially all you need to do is add
your favorite signals trading group to the trading bot so let’s take a look at
onward BTC and see what they are all about so this is the onward BTC website
the first thing that will stand that is simple trading big words now you
will need a bit mix trading account to use armored BTC I do know that they do
plan on adding more exchanges down the line but for the moment all other trades
are done the bit mix now one of the things I liked about this they have a
ton of social media outlets and they’re extremely easy to get hold of I was
under a telegram group for no more than a couple minutes and I got hold for the
people behind this project for the products are updated weekly and since
these starters and back in February 95% return of investment July I had two
hundred thirty three percent June is here percent and May one hundred fifty
five percent there’s a lot of testimonials here you can go through
them yourselves this is what you want to be looking at plans now there’s two
types plans the VIP access which gives you train once access and the full
yearly access plan now I am pretty sure that this has been upgraded to a
lifetime plan that we take a look at that in one second what do you get with
these plans access to all the signals that you would expect it makes the port
sauce setting up it makes daily scalping and swing trades personal mentor daily
updates manage trades technical analysis on any assets in BT bit mix admin
supports education and several up to several telegram channels if you’re not
familiar with signals do a quick search on Google and you’ll find there is a
absolute mountain of these things they essentially give you entry and exit
points on certain trades and you can see here clear entry and exit points if
there’s if there is a change or if there’s a sudden change to the position
stop-loss we informed the VIP channel you don’t need to worry yourself you
ready to worry yourself about Maddie’s Horace eyes the natural
any other indicators all that is taken care of so why would you trust these
guys over other single groups now that’s a good question
so these guys came to have years of trading experience primarily focused on
a big mix people behind this are professional traders and you can check
them out and you can check out the free telegram channel just to see how good
these guys actually are you have your fa Q’s here and one of the first ethnic
uses what is the difference between your group and others so they came to give
exact entries and exits on trades you don’t spam their signal groups which if
you’ve been to any single group you’ll find you’re throwing up tens twenties
maybe a hundred different signals a day 99% of them absolutely fucking useless why I like these guys is they’re in the
trade when they put it straight up when they put a signal up there in that trade
I came to be hard working group and they’re never alone on the trade prices
are the lowest in this space they put a lot of work into the group and for you
to get the best out of the IP group now this all seems pretty active from
watching their groups over the last week or so so just to give you a flavor of
what the group is this is what it would look like so you belong and for example
this one leverage is 5x there long in X or P they positioned to get in this with
two six eight zero take profit precision was trees zero seven zero and if it gets
over that’s you just let it right stop-loss was two five zero and this
particular trade give a profit of thirty eight percent yes so like I was saying
we have now moved to a lifetime subscription this is to build music and
draw their accounts and one of the things I like about these guys
the web it is that there is no trades they do they would force a trade just to
be announcing trades every day some days you just shouldn’t trade there isn’t a
trade available and these guys do use that principle so I said they are
planning on implementing harder trading if the if you want to use Couric’s you
can use that source and carbon trading will also be another option so that was
a look at onward BTC I highly recommend you head over to the group I’ll put all
the telegram links in the description there’s a few different ones they’re
very very easy to get hold of now if you do a google search on onward BTC will
find a lot of the feedback and a lot of the results are very very positive one
of the things I like about these guys is they’re in the trade as they give it to
you another thing is they do seem to be print a lot of hard work into making the
right trades not throwing up just a random trades and the hope that they
will get massive returns leverage is used sensibly you don’t see leverage
trends of 25 X 50 X 400 X because that’s not trading that’s just gambling maximum
leverage I have seen these guys use it 5 X which is more than enough it’s not
that’s onward BTC make your all might up on them I like them I’m gonna be using
them over the coming weeks and in future videos and in future videos I’ll
showcase how well those trades have done I’ve set aside a particular amount of
BTC specifically for armored BTC trades so the interest is see how that works
out like I said all the links its website the telegram groups are in the
description so head over there and check them out and just forego beaking are
about tagging groups our own children group hits crypto is now open for a
couple of months now it’s growing very very nicely I just see you guys over
there if you haven’t joined the link is in the description below also they’re
about to sit for today’s video I hope you enjoyed it
if you did it like button if you didn’t dislike button comment below let me know
what you think on onward BTC I get very much for watching and I will see you
again soon

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  1. Check out Onward BTC today here: https://www.onwardbtc.com/ Telegram Group here: https://t.me/onwardbtc_official
    KIFS Crypto Telegram Group: https://t.me/KIFSCryptoTA Cornix trading bot: https://www.cornix.io/

  2. Nice work mate.. Cornix has been working well for me. BUT! Most of the signal groups on their site are shit.. Will look into these guys, thanks mate…

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