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cuz we do have quite a lot going on first of all a year ago today bitcoins
price hit a record of twenty thousand dollars and I don’t want to say this in
to make you guys feel bad I don’t want to know bring the mood down in the video
so early there’s actually an important lesson to be learned here but first
let’s just get to it it’s f 17th of December the 17th of December last year
let’s take a look at where prices were if this will load we can take a look
there we go this is what things were looking like things were looking great
right everything was roses everybody was happy
money was being made everywhere Bitcoin was at nineteen thousand five hundred
and twenty eight dollars now the reason I’m bringing this to you guys the reason
I’m dampening the mood right now so I’m gonna make it better is the fact that
it’s technically it’s only been one year right it’s only been one year and we’ve
seen what can happen in such a short period of time because if we do go to
the let’s go tools let’s go to historical snapshots if we go just a
little bit before so let’s go 2017 right December
2017 December 17th 2017 was when we had that all-time high but let’s go maybe
December 3rd right take a look what things were like on December 3rd if this
does low there we go Bitcoin was at $11,000 now again that’s high but we’ve
seen just how fast in a two week period of time how bitcoins price absolutely
skyrocket last year’s bull run was simply a few months that’s all it dove a
few weeks that’s all it took for us to have that crazy crazy movement it’s been
one very bearish year going all the way down in my opinion fixing a lot of the
wrong that happened in 2017 which was people getting in for the wrong reasons
you know people just having no idea what they’re investing it for a quick buck
didn’t know what they were investing in now we’re having the weekend sell
however we’re growing in development and things have although it hasn’t been good
for the price in 2018 for cryptocurrency overall it has been very very nice now I
think there’s been a lot of manipulation involved there’s a lot of theories going
on as to what happened in 2018 personally I think there’s truth and a
little bit of everything I do think there’s manipulation I do think there
are people trying to hold the price back I do think there are people who want the
price lower so they can profit more and I also think that a lot of people made a
lot of money and simply wanted to cash out and then those were the weak hands I
didn’t know what they invested it they were selling because they saw you know
drop some prices and then that just snowballed into a big effect but today
does mark the all-time high for Bitcoin a year ago today and I’m curious to see
and I’m sure a lot of you guys are as well if we look at December 17 2019 I’m
sure we’re all hoping for you know somewhere better than where we are right
now definitely not hoping for worse we’re hoping things are better than they
are right now twelve months a lot can happen let’s see where we’re at we’re
gonna go back to this video and look one year later today I expect I expect
things to be very very different now let’s talk about a one-world currency
will Bitcoin slash cryptocurrency be the– one-world currency of the end time
so this is the perfect time I wanted to ask you guys what your thoughts are for
the cryptocurrency market this is a very long-term thinking question because all
there’s just so much to this do you think there
we’ll be a one-world currency first let me know that in the comments down below
do you think there’s going to be one world currency and if you do which
cryptocurrency if you think it’s going to be a cryptocurrency which
cryptocurrency do you think it’s going to be now the reason this is gonna be
very difficult the reason this is such a long-term plan is because there’s so
much going on to it there have been Wars there’s just a constant power of battle
for power all the time and so there’s no way anybody is going to just roll over
we’ve talked about the several times this channel there’s no way anybody’s
going to just roll over and accept the fact that you know what maybe something
that’s out of my control is gonna be the one-world currency nobody’s gonna do
that there’s going to be a big big battle in terms of being able to make
cryptocurrency the one world curse and I’ve heard a lot of different theories
between you know some Bitcoin maximalist will say Bitcoin I’ve heard people say X
RP is gonna be the world currency there’s just a lot of different
possibilities out there that’s why I wanted to ask you guys get your thoughts
on this personally I think if this does happen it’s going to be way way way down
the road I think a lot of theories have some valid points I think Bitcoin
obviously I think a lot of people understand it right now that Bitcoin
will probably see price increase but maybe not for the reason that it should
a lot of people think that bitcoin is not a cryptocurrency that stands you
know that stands very good chance of long term it’s not as good as a lot of
other cryptocurrencies are that’s what a lot of people think I mean while a lot
of people think x RP could be the one-world currency and if it does get
adopted you know globally from by banks by
institutions it’s definitely also a viable possibility I don’t think it’s
gonna happen any time in the near future but just some food for thought get the
juices flow and get the long term get the long term trend flowing and ask you
guys what you guys think of the possibility of a one-world currency now
let’s take a look because light coin has continued to outperform the market after
taking Oh after overtaking Bitcoin cap now let’s take a look at the overall
market guys today is a great day in the market I’m sure a lot of people are
happy to see this 110 just over 110 market cap with a 54.6% bitcoin
dominance look at all the green going on in the top 13 only one is in the red and
has tether so doesn’t even count there’s just so many crypto currencies in the
green some huge huge gains going on CEOs up 21.2% ravine is up 32 over 32 percent
MOA sea is up just under 30 percent mobile going up to over 27% ontology is
up yo wes is up so many crypto currencies are in the green today and
then a few that have actually some pretty good news so Iona which is up
8.8% today it’s detailed it’s four month collaboration project with Audi so this
is an example again of a crypto currency coming in and making an impact on the
world a partnership the collaboration project that they have with Audi they’ve
the way the Audi they’ve gone on and they’ve detailed it so if you guys want
more information on this I highly would recommend looking into this I’m not
gonna go into it because it would take a little bit longer than I would want and
not everyone is invested in iota so I don’t want to waste your guys’s time if
you’re not but very interesting to see a big collaboration going on over here
solid solid news for IO and again one that a lot of people were you know
worried about in the beginning but in the top 30 now just look at that market
cat to me this is just such a low market cap for a cryptocurrency in the top 13
prices are just so so cheap right now not saying that we can’t see cheaper but
my god are they so so cheap right now though XRP is also up just under 6% and
well it’s had a surge all the reason I want to talk about this is in the trade
alert group I did a technical analysis breakdown yesterday where I talked about
XRP as well as Bitcoin but XRP had a very crucial crucial trendline that is
been falling for a very long time and XRP has it’s been falling it’s for weeks
and weeks and weeks for months and months and months since July 2017 I
believe it was in June 2017 don’t not sure exactly I think was July 2017 they
it’s been following this trend line for every time it gets close to that
trendline it bounces straight back up well we saw the same thing happen again
this was a possible indicator that we could be
seeing a green day today xrp being the second-biggest cryptocurrency is trying
to prove that it has decoupled from Bitcoin still not a hundred percent
convinced at this exact moment still think there’s some proving to do if
Bitcoin did break below its support and then we saw XRP then move up that would
be definitely a sign of decoupling but as of right now following the trend line
very very well good news for XRP of course moving forward I’m still bullish
on it I still think it’s going to see a good amount of success and adoption
moving forward again trend line followed perfectly a good entry for XRP and good
profits are able to be made if you do follow the technical analysis AOS one
that’s up also 20 over 20% guys 22% now that I’ve refreshed it cos absolutely
killing it with a few other cryptocurrency being in degree in the
market being in the green today certainly does help us as case it does
help a lot of cryptocurrencies perform in ways that well they probably wouldn’t
be performing if they weren’t if it wasn’t for the Green Day we are having
today but we did see us break out of the trading range with bullish 12.5% rise to
start the week well a little bit off it’s basically almost doubled that right
now just under that’s at 22 percent a double-double um this would be 25 I
believe so it’s getting close to doubling the price
it was when this report was written so a lot a lot of technical a lot of
technicals came in everyone was waiting for big ones to make a bit of a move
currently right now this isn’t anything crazy it’s only 6% it’s big for us now
because Bitcoin has just been acting so so weird but we did break above the 3370
resistance which meant our next target was 3,500 and it’s looking like we are
completing that to perfection so creating the mark today hopefully a lot
of you guys are happy hopefully you did enjoy this video with some of the new
that’s news that’s going on and I am curious to see what you guys think of
the possibility of a one-world currency and if you do think it’s going to happen
which currency do you think or which cryptocurrency do you think it’s going
to be again leave that in the comments down below I can’t wait to see what you
guys save but guys that’s gonna be for this video hopefully you guys did enjoy
if you did don’t to leave a thumbs up and leave a comment
down below in order to enter a chance to win some free Bitcoin and of course be
subscribed and have your notifications turned on so I can check back and see if
you did win so you can go ahead and claim it but guys thank you so much for
watching see you guys tomorrow for another video


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  2. We will all be dead before 1 world currency. Either so far into the future that we are smart enough to have peace. Or when a company like ripple turns into skynet and hires arnold to take care of us

  3. Great video mate, I love the idea of a world currency. The way XRP is moving now, if anything that could be it! But who knows…. Facebook coin…🤔

  4. Great move by President Trump brining in 2 crypto lovers, he needs to dump or control for Bitcoin to go forward the Fed, Banks, plus the all powerful SEC? Who has no control over Bitcoin, the organisation who fines company’s, 2 mill, but they get to keep 13 mill, but investors lose out, now don’t you see how useless SEC really is. They do that with banks, banks fraud 30 mill they get a fine of 10 mill, but customers get nothing. So who’s your new best friend – Bitcoin.

  5. I think if Governments agree on a world currency it will probably be one created to be just that or XRP as it has an advantage

  6. Didn’t catch the 1st 🏃‍♀️!!! But I sure will this coming one staying up to date with your vids!!! About a world currency think the first currency that brings a 3rd world country out of its poverty is the one that will lead a lot more others. That will be the trigger for a one world currency! Once again thanks for the vids 💴💴

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  9. I just wonder how could it be just one currency…. there are alot of great coins out there so it'll be hard to pick just one.


  10. its great to have some gr$$n. in the marketplace 😉
    1world coin? I agree its a scary thought as its why many wars have been fought. my guess is that it would be one of the top5.

  11. Good stuff Patrick, green day bring on the bull run and moon boys Haha. Seriously though some green is to be expected and honestly I wont think anything other than down until we break upwind 4600 and even then not confident in a reversal.

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