50 thoughts on “One Whale Wants To Buy 25% of All Bitcoin! BTC $9000”

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  3. Technically, we all want to buy 25% or if we can dream of it..let's push it to 26% , we can make it guys !

  4. https://medium.com/@Intellishare_/giveaway-community-behaviour-mining-rewards-2-0-662b6168b86f

    Проведите исследование сейчас для этой отличной инвестиции, потому что это отличная возможность. У тебя все еще есть шанс. Вы должны помнить, что мир криптовалют продолжит развиваться.

  5. this video is hilarious when your watching this video after btc has gone back to 8300. Probably the healthiest thing to happen for the last 48 hours

  6. That whale got to be Jeff Bezos, he is the only billionaire who can make such an invest without breaking a sweat.

  7. Cant have BTC at $100k and higher like a mill and still have a functioning fiat based financial system so just stop with the BS, if BTC at $100k it means $100k buys you a BigMac

  8. Buying Bitcoin on Binance. Would it better to directly buy BTC or buy XRP then convert? I ask only because of how long it takes to buy BTC

  9. So a group with 170 billion can own all btc? And control everything. I can see btc sky rocketing and maniplated if that happen

  10. Hello Guys,
    I spent Money to People they need Help! I Buy Food for Homeless People! Please helped me and sent Satoshi to my Adresss. God Bless you!


  11. Its sad we have people like Roger Ver, but especially Craig Wright and Calvin Ayers. What low life's to cause such turmoil, they all did way more harm then good throwing their personal viewpoints out there in an attempt to take it over. It would have shown far better respect and intelligence to help the existing and original Bitcoin(BTC)They are pure Centralized hypocrites. Just look at them and listen to them. The are true pieces of work. They threatened Bitcoin network again and again. The crypto community does not need characters like them and we should all band together to make sure no one ever invests in them.

    https://go.hotmart.com/S13956067T ESSE PRA MIM FOI BEM DINÂMICO.

  13. Store of Value we are already having, next is unit of account then medium of exchange. Its happening before our very eyes. BTC will devour all the wannabes.

  14. Sou investidor no mercado de criptomoedas e venho em busca de pessoas interessadas em mudar de vida Trabalho no segmento há um tempo e a rentabilidade dos investimentos no mercado atualmente chegam à cerca de 1,25% ao dia, e com a valorização das criptomoedas, a tendência é cada vez mais haver aumento nos ganhos. Se deseja saber mais ou têm interesse em ser um investidor de sucesso, entre em contato comigo pelo link https://office.unick.forex/cadastre-se/murillobonna Aprenda a investir no mercado das Criptomoedas e dobre teu capital em até 6 meses.

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