On the Geopolitical Ramifications of Bitcoin: The Revolution Will Not Be Centralized. By

my name is Daniel Bruno today’s talk is
on the geopolitical ramifications of Bitcoin the revolution will not be
centralized you know it was 1200 months ago that the Russian Revolution
took place the significance of this event is hard to overestimate
notwithstanding the fact that the Soviets are no longer in power and
Marx’s theories were ultimately proven to be wrong or rather his prophecies
were proven to be wrong and so on this centenary on this centenary of the
Russian Revolution I thought it would be particularly apropos to go into this
topic which has fascinated me since I started with Bitcoin some seven years
ago when I bought my first hundred bitcoins for less than five dollars a
piece so I’m gonna go over a number of topics some of which are very
controversial I would like to preface this discussion
with the disclaimer that everything that I’m about to say all of the allegations
that I will make are grounded in fact they’re well researched and the the
statements that I’m going to make about recent historical events are not to be
taken lightly and I wouldn’t take them lightly by asserting them without doing
my homework I’m gonna talk about a number of things and this is a bit of a
wide open discussion that is not prepared it’s a problem – it’s a bit of
an improvisation in this blog or video blog which is the most contemporary form
of writing as the written word and the paper is rapidly diminishing in
its ability to influence and so I have recently chosen this medium as a better
way to to get through to a wider audience as well as to well to get
through to a wider audience and and and not just door to those who read who read
the written work so I’m gonna show a number of different resources as I go
through this discussion RT of course RT calm or Russia today has had some of the
best coverage of the Russian Revolution they’ve got a Twitter feed that’s
absolutely phenomenal I’m gonna show that as we have this discussion and it’s
a remarkable day by day even hour by hour account exactly 100 years later of
the events that led to the Bolshevik Revolution of November the 7th 1917 and
as an American I’m particularly interested in the historical value of
revolutions as the American Republic is coming towards its end
as the first American Republic is rapidly approaching its finish and we’re
headed for a second republic in the United States I’m particularly
interested in the history of the Russian Revolution the French Revolution the
American about the first american revolution of 1776 and so on so this is
a wide-ranging even a rambling discussion that i would like you to
participate in unfortunately you are not here with me at the moment so feel free
to leave your comments your questions in the comments section wherever you may be
and whenever you may happen to see this video I’d be interested in what you
have to say about the geopolitical ramifications of Bitcoin and bear in
mind that contrary to popular opinion it’s not the price of Bitcoin that
matters this is one of the things that I have asserted from the very beginning
that has made me something of a pariah in the Bitcoin community and that and
that is that the price of Bitcoin per se is irrelevant not that it is irrelevant
but it is irrelevant in terms of the the historical and revolutionary
implications of Bitcoin and when I say Bitcoin I mean Bitcoin with a small B
that means that I’m not speaking about Bitcoin with a capital B at the at the
beginning which would denote the legacy Bitcoin Bitcoin core that literally the
Bitcoin I when I say Bitcoin I mean that with a in the generic sense of the term
which encompasses a Bitcoin as well as crypto currencies in general as well as
blockchain blockchain technologies and smart contracts and and all of the the
technologies that would would be built upon a blockchain and how the blockchain
is going to completely disrupt banking and why a disruption of banking is going
to cause geopolitical earth earthquakes that is what I’m going to talk about I’m
gonna focus on in this discussion and as well I will touch upon why blockchain
technology is going to disrupt law it’s going to disrupt insurance as well as
economics so this is not just a discussion about Bitcoin itself so as I
mentioned a moment ago it was a hundred years ago that
that the Bolsheviks started their quest for power and I say started their quest
because there was a civil war that lasted for approximately five years and
it wasn’t until December of 1922 when the Soviet Union was established
formally it took them five years of fighting first in in Petrograd and and
later in Moscow and and then after that in different parts of Russia to
consolidate their power and to establish what would become a mighty superpower
and in many ways I think that the United States is destined for the same fate of
birth dementia or birth a cycle of birth adolescence adulthood we’re a nation
reaches an apogee Empire as both the Soviet Union was an empire that
inherited the Tsar’s Empire declined dementia lunacy and and then irrelevance
II it seems that all empires follow this track and I think that the United States
is on a similar track and so how will blockchain how will Bitcoin play a role
in the informing a more perfect union let’s explore some of the ways that that
might happen the event of cryptocurrencies is challenging a
traditional finance and governance institutions it’s expected that over the
next number of years cryptocurrencies will become a competing mode of value
exchange it will compete with the US dollar and in in this type
of scenario there will be a paradigm shift in the relationship that people
have to ultimately to their government let alone banking that’ll be first and
as I will explain the the governmental power the ruling class rests on the
banking class it it needs the banking status quo to remain the way it is in
order for the empire the American Empire to continue on its current course in
fact it will continue to run its course until it runs out of money and this is
why blockchain could be a game changer for ultimately for the American Empire
the concept of cryptocurrencies something I will I will touch upon but
will not go into in depth at this point I can well I’ll also talk about
regulated sovereign backed currencies so just to go over some of the basics the
crypto currency is a medium of exchange using cryptographic techniques to
safeguard transactions and manage the formation of additional units of
currency a blockchain is a widely disseminated archive of data that
maintains a continually expanding register of records and reliably
protects them from alteration and modification and each block has a time
stand a time stamp leading to the preceding block well right there you can
see that this is going to spell a new day as far as accountability because if
we can get the laws on the blockchain and they’re coming if we can get debt on
the blockchain and this is something that I came by I came up
with in 2012 the solidus bond which is say an autonomous dead instrument on the
blockchain that bypasses brokers bypasses brokers bypasses middlemen
bypasses quote-unquote Authority or as I would put it the powers that should not
be by bypassing the powers that should not be and the middleman
you change the nature of the power relationship between the the the user of
a service or the buyer or the consumer or the voter as the case may be or the
citizen and those who make the rules the government or rather the governor’s the
politicians the governor’s if if we have an economy and a legal code that’s it
that’s increasingly based on blockchain technology then it’s going to make
corruption increasingly difficult this has game-changing implications not only
for the United States but for many countries that the type of transparency
that that comes to fruition through the blockchain so for all of the talk about
Bitcoin being anonymous and for all of the FUD ie fear uncertainty and doubt
about Bitcoin being a tool for bad guys and darknet users and so on and so forth
in fact the blockchain does the opposite it increases transparency particularly
of those in power and this is really why they don’t like it they don’t know what
to do with it they don’t understand it yet they’re just starting to get on
board with it and when I say they I’m talking about
Wall Street and I’m talking about the power centers in Washington where the
regime is and in New York and but it’s unstoppable because it’s
not about Bitcoin with the capital B the the coin itself which may or may not persist indefinitely there are a number
of scenarios where it may come to an end but there will be other coins and smart
contracts and contracts that use ether the etherium network and the solidus
bond which was the proto smart contract the proto debt instrument on the
blockchain which is my creation on the one hand governments and large
corporations are wary of crypto currencies and on the other hand almost
all of them are secretly but reluctantly racing to build their own Bitcoin their
own blockchain networks and infrastructure because they don’t know
what else to do it’s not conducive to regulation it’s not conducive to control
and the regime in Washington hates and despises loathes and is obsessed with
anything that it cannot control it feels the need to control all people
everywhere and that and their money and their property and their goods this
explains the behavior both domestically and internationally of the United States
the it’s irrational and self-destructive behavior is traced back to this neurotic
mentally ill a compulsive obsessive need to control everyone and particularly in
particular the citizens of the United States and the citizens have rebelled in
many ways and one way that they have rebelled is with their enthusiasm for
Bitcoin governance and geopolitics are closely enter intertwined they come down to money and power money
markets and economic parameters of a country ultimately decide its fate
internationally because to wage war or the threatened war a costs a lot of
money and to have the most money you have to have a dynamic economy a growing
economy and you have to be able to divert the resources of the economy in
the way that you want and in a in a Soto democratic republic like the united
states you need to have the consent of the governed even if that consent is
ill-founded even if it’s the result of brainwashing through the fake news media
and literally the drugging of the population through vaccines and opiates
and pharmaceuticals and so on none of that is important the the bottom line is
that you that societies that that are allegedly non authoritarian need can
they need the consent or at least the acquiescence of a plurality of the
population in order for them to pursue their agenda and part of that
acquiescence part of that passivity part of that acceptance or a large part of it
rather is based upon the economic power of the regime and that economic power
rests on the dollar on the on the primacy of the dollar internationally
and that the dollar and that are keys are the linchpin of the cornerstone of
Empire in our age in 21st century age in which we live
blockchain threatens to unravel all of that and it will unravel all of that not
completely but it’ll be a contributing factor to the end of empire and most
Americans would would agree that it’s gonna be a good thing because we we are
not the beneficiaries we are not the beneficial owners as it were of the
American Empire we don’t benefit from it
we are victimized by it we are taxed and hounded and pursued by a regime that has
lost its reason to be and is no longer true to its Creed the greed being the
Constitution the Bill of Rights both in letter and in spirit so military power
in the age of cryptocurrencies in the age of the Internet in the age of in our
age of the first quarter of the 21st century and especially getting into the
second quarter shortly in just a few more years is going to come down to
technology and the blockchain is a part of it being decentralized it is not
conducive to control by a central authority no matter how powerful that
central authority may be militarily and when I say militarily I mean both at
home with its police forces with its massive arms build-up of American police
forces from coast to coast to intimidate the American people as well as abroad
with aggressive Wars wars of aggression that are based on false premises which
are based on outright lies and are based on a complete perversion of
international law that would that kind of conduct would best characterize the
behavior of the American Empire since the age of terrorism began with the
state crime against democracy or the skat event of the symptom of the 11th of
September 2001 when the 21st century can really see can be said to have begun on
that date because that’s when that’s when the the age of terrorism was
ushered in by its intellectual authors in Washington in New York and in
tel-aviv military power in the age of the Internet
blockchain cryptocurrencies is not going to be about just about hardware it’s
going to be about persuasion increasingly about persuasion and the
ability to persuade the ability to convince or the what we would call the
conditional power as described by Professor John Kenneth Galbraith in his
seminal work the anatomy of power can no longer be controlled the genie is out of
the bottle the cat is out of the bag you can see it and I do thy grass a bit from
blockchain and cryptocurrencies but just since the advent of YouTube and social
media and the internet itself an alternative search engines the the
narrative can no longer be dictated by the regime and this is going to lead to
not only is the narrative no longer monopolized by the regime in in with its
headquarters in in Washington and New York and Hollywood they the triple power
centers in the United States but now they’re going to lose control of the
finding as well okay and when you combine a loss
of the monopoly on information in the monopoly on opinion which has been honed
and developed so well in the Soto democratic societies because the the
rulers don’t have the or did not have the options that the authoritarian
societies had to use force and brute force along with the novel loss of
financial monopoly and control that’s going to be a game changer it’s and
that’s why they were afraid of it they are afraid of it and they’re forced to
talk about it they’re forced to try and play catch-up they’re forced to to try
and deal with it because there’s no there’s no going back
I mentioned John Kenneth Galbraith and his work the anatomy of power and the
three central types of power or the three key types of power vlast in Russian
vlast the VLAST is power or the condign power the conditional and the
compensatory these are the three primary pillars of power so when we talk about
geopolitics we’re talking about the the the usage that the skill set the
interaction of different skill sets encompassed or congealed in different
bodies be they political bodies such as governments or individuals against each
other in a competition to win on the geopolitical chess board and that’s what
geopolitics is it’s a struggle it’s a competition
it’s a chess game it’s a it’s a duel it’s a poker game to see who can win
this collapse and winning is defined by control that’s what power is power is a
monopoly on violence an entity that has a monopoly on violence within a given
territory is a government whether it’s recognized or not to take Colombia for
example in Colombia there is a government in the capital city Bogota
but in fact most of the territory of Colombia is not controlled by that
entity it’s controlled by another organization or until recently until
very recently that was true I don’t know if that’s the case now with the recent
peace accords but in fact for many years the government of Colombia to use one of
many possible examples did not in fact have a monopoly of violence over the
most of the actual square mileage of the country over most of the country did not
so the real power was another entity probably called the FARC
that’s just one example in the example of the Russian Revolution the the
Soviets or the council’s in Russian literally gained power block-by-block
in Petrograd and in Moscow fighting against the the forces of the Tsar the
the Junkers as they were called the the white army the Soviets were the
Reds led by Trotsky led by Lenin and then later by Stalin in their military
showdown their conflict with the forces and later with the United States the
United States the UK as well as other Western powers sent their military
forces into Russia to stop the Bolsheviks to stop the Communists from
coming into power and they failed so the the the Soviets overcame all of that
they took the power street by street block by block city by City over the
territory and until it was consolidated and until they had a monopoly on
violence so that’s what power is power in our age in all ages but in particular
in our age it rests on Finance we live in the age of Finance we live in the age
of compensatory power more than any other and that’s a direct result of the
the importance of conditional power as expressed in the media because you are
your reputation the your image public relations is more important now than it
ever has been the the way that you were perceived is almost the highest or could
be arguably the highest form of power and that’s why controlling the narrative
is so incredibly important and and so in it’s so incredibly difficult to do
because everybody now house now now has a miracle machine in their pocket called
a smartphone and this tiny device is a tape recorder it’s a video recorder it’s
a magic telephone that can connect to anybody on
the planet in a matter of seconds through Skype economically or even for
free using text and so controlling the narrative with these devices of foot and
an Internet and social media be it Facebook Twitter D tube is a centralized
challenge to YouTube the alternative media which is incredibly important
all of these avenues I spell the end of the regime’s ability to monopolize
public opinion and the regime needs public opinion in order to pursue its
agenda and in order to control the public it has to set through the the
formula of problem reaction solution which does go back to Nietzsche
dialectical materialism and we don’t need to get into all of that but a lot
of it gets into psychology as well as far as Freud and and and his nephew
Edward Bernays and public relations and the development of these tools that they
have use time I know this is a bit of a rambling discussion so it’s hard to
resist rambling when you’re talking about something that’s so multifaceted
and that goes off in so many directions and has so so many implications it’s
hard to know where to begin but the bottom line is that the the the
combination of the loss of a monopoly on the narrative or we would say the
conditional combined with the loss of monopoly over
finance that is blockchain where the regime will no longer be able to dictate
to us as individual citizens nor will it be able to dictate to other countries
entire countries what they may or may who with whom they may or may not have
commercial intercourse that’s not a good phrase with whom cut that out
video with whom they may or may not have commercial relations because that’s what
sanctions are that’s what the sanctions regime is all about the extraterritorial
illegal interference in the peaceful commercial affairs of other nations
whether it’s Russia whether it’s Cuba under a blockade for 60 years
whether it’s Iran which is in the crosshairs because for reasons we’ll we
may get into which will be not be acceptable as per than the mainstream
media’s narrative it has nothing to do with nuclear weapons the regime has is
over stretched it has pissed off as it were too many people it has driven
Russia and China together which was a stupid move you talk about Brzezinski
and his grand chessboard well you know whoever controls the landmass of Eurasia
controls the world no Brzezinski wrote this and it’s true
all right so why are they driving Russia and China together it’s stupid the
regime in Washington does a lot of stupid things I may have time to get
into some of the reasons why it behaves the way it does in such a
self-destructive way that is not only contrary to the interests of the
American people but short-sighted and will backfire upon
their own power that’s how clueless the rulers in
Washington are and I don’t mean the puppet presidents I don’t mean Donald
Trump who’s a puppet and I don’t mean Obama who was a puppet because they’re
not the ones in control of the military they’re not the ones in control of the
regime these puppet presidents that we have are in fear for their lives every
day they have to think about not being assassinated literally or figuratively
and when I say literally I mean JFK who of course was assassinated by by a
collection of people in the American government including the Dulles brothers
and Lyndon Johnson and later on Nixon and President Ford did the cover-up and
George HW Bush was involved in it as well this is all but fact this is all
but factually proven in fact they they’re still not releasing they still
refuse to release all of the documents about the assassination of JFK well
what’s the reason for that the only reason could be is because they don’t
want people to to know but they can’t keep it a secret you can get on YouTube
and watch the late I think his name was proudiy Colonel Prouty was a Pentagon
official back in about 20 25 years ago he did an interview where he explains
everything about the JFK assassination that’s the Marvel of you to Donna you’re
probably the best-known Wendy of September 11 great buildings a great
deal of questions about whether or not the damage and the ultimate destruction
of the buildings are caused by the airplanes by occupational defect where
possibly by bombs or that area engineers on the inside which
is the story you can have pictures all morning long of that plane coming into
building and when you sue that approach the impaired side and then all of a
sudden within a matter on Mayo second base goes in the other side I just think
it was a claimant more than so going very rapidly because I was also watching
where the plane seemed to be not only going bad things coming down into the
building so it was getting the speed from Greg down hills of operations operation Northwoods was all
about which was vetoed by President Kennedy and he was shortly thereafter
dispatched or whether it’s Operation Gladio
which was a plan that was executed by the intelligence services in Europe to
to cause terrorist attacks which were in fact executed and then blame them on
communists right before elections in which the Communists had a good chance
of winning in order to make sure that they didn’t win and it worked
beautifully they stopped operation Gladio stopped communists from
being elected to office in Italy possibly Greece and Germany as well and
these were killings of civilians terrorist bombings that were organized
by NATO against the citizens of Italy and then
blamed on the Red Brigades blamed on the Communists the Reds and who those were
the Muslim terrorists as it were of their day in the 1950s 60s and 70s
Operation Gladio was initially organized to form a sort of a resistance or a
partisan type of resistance in the event of a Soviet army takeover of these
countries because at the time the forces of the Warsaw Warsaw Pact were
they were numerically so numerically superior with Russia Ukraine Poland East
Germany Czechoslovakia Romania Hungary all of the armed forces all of these
countries conscripted their their young men into the into the army the there
they had overwhelming conventional military superiority the Russians did
and I grew up in this age of the Cold War I remember it well as a kid and at
that time there was a real fear of a Soviet takeover
there were scenarios where nuclear weapons would not be used and the
Soviets would would roll their tanks all the way to the English Channel and so
Operation Gladio was initially formed it was initially done it was a very secret
arrangement to stockpile weapons including explosives in order to form
the cells of resistance that would start to sabotage Western European countries
after they had been invaded by Warsaw Pact forces well these these same
operators and their and their war materiel were used for terrorist attacks
against the civilians in order to stop as I mentioned a moment ago communists
from gaining elected office in Italy Germany Greece and other countries in
Europe this is a historical fact it’s not a conspiracy theory look it up
alright so what we are living in now is in the age of terrorism with a capital T
where everyone understands that it means Muslims it means Arabs it means people
with brown skin North Africa and the Middle East that
these people are now somehow congenitally genetically predisposed to
terrorism well this is all a phony farce it’s not true but the public has been
brainwashed to believe this this is part of the program and they need this to
convince everyone that the United States and the Western powers have to be
involved in the Middle East I really am rambling on a bit much am i
anyway um blockchain okay so blockchain threatens the banking
power it threatens their the banking power is rests upon the monopoly it
rests upon the monopoly over finance it rests upon the exclusion from power of
the vast majority of citizens of the United States let alone the world who
are locked out this is these are you know the unbanked and so on okay so what
bitcoin does is it takes the bank and makes them unbanked so Touche we talked
about the movement to help the unbanked and get bank accounts well now we’re
talking about going the other way we’re talking about on banking the banks all
right we need to make the banks obsolete and that’s what’s that’s where we’re
headed and it’s not because I say so or because I would wish it to be so or
or or not wish it to be so it’s irrelevant this is where we’re going
this is a technological shift just as the printing press was a technological
shift okay so and this technological shift you know the necessity being the
mother of invention this technological shift came apart came about largely as
in reaction to well not largely in reaction to in fact it was in reaction
to the financial crisis of 2009 if you look at the coin base of the Bitcoin
blockchain the coin base being the the first block of coins that was meant
the reference there is a reference to I believe the third of January 9th of 2009
there is a reference to the banking crisis itself this is when Lehman
Brothers went bankrupt and we’ve got an entire financial system which is based
upon rehypothecation and untraceable debt with derivatives and speculation on
Wall Street instead of utilizing capital for productive you know in uses instead
of putting capital to productive use it is largely squandered to the to the
benefit of the quote-unquote 1% which is really less than 1% literally because 1%
of 300 million people’s 3 3 million people and there are not 3 million
people in control of this it’s a lot less than that so blockchain what blockchain does or
Bitcoin you can use these churn terms interchangeably as I said Bitcoin with
us with a lowercase B is it where there is a way to use Marx’s term out of
context it withers away the banking power if if you’re an American if you’re
a westerner and you’re you’ve been banking for 20 years for example you’ve
you’ve noticed the changes in the banking they the banks are ever more
difficult to deal with bureaucratic the so-called compliance Department of any
bank or brokerage financial institution the the problem of the closure of bank
accounts the at the same time that it’s almost impossible to
live without a bank account and to live a middle-class existence without a bank
account is is a real challenge you need a bank account you need a credit card
you need plastic in order to function in order to to live just a middle-class
existence whether you’re in one country or whether you’re traveling whatever it
is that you may may want to do and this entire edifice has become ever more
weighty and oppressive exclusionary and it does so using the cover story of
terrorism ie brown people Islamic people blowing stuff up and flowing and flying
airplanes into buildings which it didn’t do all right but that’s the cover story
that is used to justify to the clamp down on the citizens and the clamp down
is needed because the powers that should not be or obsessed with control they
want to know every they want to know about every single transaction ever they
want to know how much money you have they want to know who what you’re what
you’re paying this is what they Edward Snowden revelations have brought into
high relief the Edward Snowden revelations confirmed all of the
quote-unquote conspiracy theories so Bitcoin provides an alternative you
can’t oppose you can’t go against these these powers head-on because they’re too
powerful so what you have to do is you have to build your own ecosystem you
have to build your own financial ecosystem all right and that’s what
bitcoin does whether the coin is worth a penny or whether it’s worth a million
dollars makes no difference okay as far as the geopolitical ramifications of
what this means because it means it’s a it’s a new way of doing things and it’s
a way of doing things where we can get these people out of our lives and I’m
talking about the regime and I mean the regime with a small R in the collegian
engine Aric sense of the word the regime being
the powers it should not be in Washington and I don’t mean Trump the
puppet and I don’t mean Obama the puppet this is nothing personal against them
they are controlled by the regime not even even potentially more than then
then an ordinary person is because they are spied upon and surveilled 24/7 and
they are threatened 24/7 with dire consequences if they don’t carry out the
agenda which has nothing to do with what the American people want it has nothing
to do with what people voted for and you can see that you can see it with Obama
and you can see it with trumpets patently obvious well I didn’t know what
I was getting myself into with this video man I could go on for hours woo I could say so much more about this
I think I will if you’re bored you can turn it off nobody’s making making you
watch this or if you like it keep watching or pause it and come back some
people say to me your videos are too long I can’t watch a three-hour video
well nobody’s forcing you to watch a three-hour video if you don’t have the
attention span then don’t watch it you know if you don’t have the attention
span for this then you’re not my audience anyway if you don’t understand
what the hell any of this has to do with anything then turn it off go watch I
don’t know Kanye West or the Kardashians or some video that cheer leads Bitcoin
endlessly and irrationally and emotionally because it is something of a
religion there is a cult around Bitcoin as well which has always turned me off
and there are certain personalities that have become a Bitcoin Jesus and now a
bit going Judas and so on and so forth and a lot of this
is distracting speaking about distractions rit used to be a fantastic
news source and i say used to be because it has become mostly a tabloid and i
think that that is the result of all the pressure the constant threats by the
powers that should not be to shut up they told Artie – stop it – stop the
expose is to stop the documentaries I think 2014 was was really the last year
for Artie as a serious news source our teens now Sputnik has picked up the
slack to some extent but they’re constantly being threatened with closure
by the communications ministries in the UK in the United States well why is that
what are they afraid of what are the powers that should not be afraid of well
what they’re afraid of is loss of control of the narrative and they blame
the Russians for brexit they’re blaming the Russians for Catalunya now in Spain
they blame the Russians for Trump’s when they blame the Russians for all kinds of
things and it’s absurd it’s patently absurd because there’s in fact there is
another entity and there are there’s another group that has infinitely
exponentially exponentially more influence on the United States than the
Russians do but you never hear anything about them Rita Katz Rita Katz is an
israeli propagandist who lives in bethesda maryland she runs an
organization called site something about terrorism this organization has more
power in the american media then RT and Sputnik could ever have okay and you’ve
probably never heard of site si te all right and this woman Rita Katz this
woman and her cohorts and fellow-travellers all but monopolized
the narrative of the American media I’ll let you look her up I won’t get into
that that’s a separate discussion but that monopoly now has is coming undone
the the the narrative the false narrative that this woman pushes about
terrorism which serves the interests of a foreign power and that’s a fact is coming unglued because of
decentralized news which doesn’t even need to be on the blockchain itself but
just on the Internet and there are there are so many websites
that have that in that and journalists real journalists a real journalist to
someone like james corbett of the corbett report that’s a real journalist
or truthstream media the mountain duo those are real journalists those are
real truth tellers Abby Martin famous uh she’s no longer on RT she’s on the
Venezuelan network there are truth tellers you just have to know where to
find them you have to look for them you have to go out of your out of your way
but as I said the interference in American elections the interference in
American politics by Rita Katz and people like Rita Katz is infinitely
greater than anything that Vladimir Putin or the Russian government could
ever come up with look at the standing ovations that a Belarusian man by the
name of Netanyahu gets when he comes to Washington DC without an invitation by
the way which is a breach of protocol the man
comes to Washington DC and gets more standing ovations in Congress than any
American president ever has of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu if you want to know
where the power is if you want to know where the influence comes from if you
want to know Blucas who really interferes with American elections and
who really decides American accent American foreign policy well then watch
watch with standing ovations one F for another out for another no matter
American politicians or force you to sign with Israel pledges of allegiance
to a foreign country and I will always be in order to stay in office mama for
that support yes they have to because if they don’t they won’t win the next
election that’s how the lobbies worth Capitol dome in the United States are
okay that’s the kind of power that a foreign nations as well as it’s wands
march of believers ideologues in the United States or that’s how
powerful they are that we have to when it comes to Iran
pledge allegiance both in Word and in deed does your and as politicians with
votes this is why that foreign country gets American welfare payments to the
tune of billions of dollars well American citizens in Flint Michigan
don’t have water to drink while American we can ask people well the needs of
American people are not met American dollars not be lifted flow as long as
Iran could freely suits aggression in the two foreign countries and to foreign
interests and to foreign individuals when they do favors for three the
Clintons when they first donate to the Clinton Global Initiative and or when
they do favors for Republicans and Republicans are no better than they’re
different all right and again blockchain not not bite not by
its mere existence but if I does birdie looting the power act like a normal
country that the banking class has to force us to pay better off without it
for regimes like the Israeli regime that has no Constitution and no bill of
rights the alternative to this and forces our police departments to go
there to be quote unquote trained well when they come back to the United States
who’s the Palestinian you are you are the Palestinian when the American when
American all the police departments and police chiefs get Fateh and taking on
junkets to Israel peace we fall and they come back
you are the Palestinian you American citizen in an increasingly increasingly
it doesn’t matter what your ethnicity is all right
your Palestinian until you prove otherwise that’s what the Department of
Homeland Homeland Security is all about that’s what the whole terrorist stand
all right is that you are guilty until proven innocent you are a terrorist
unless you can convince a bureaucrat with a gun that you are not okay this
type of behavior comes or is aided and abetted by a regime and by regimes that
do not have a constitution do not have a bill of rights do not respect human
rights these these are not American values but America has been taken over
by these interests and these interests are largely one in the same with the
banking class these are facts and blockchain helps us reduce their power
so blockchain is to be welcomed by all American patriots and as far as Rita
Katz she needs to be put in jail she’s a foreign agent and she’s interfering in
the American democratic process one day hopefully American patriotic American
military officers will take her into custody if we ever had a real democracy
in the United States that’s what would happen there would be a lot of expulsion
and there would be a lot of incarceration of these people who are
either there who either form the regime or are tools of the regime and again the
three pillars of power being condign or the power of force the military power of
the police power the power of violence monopoly on violence being the
definition of state power nine power is the power of force well
that force costs money it costs research and development to stay ahead militarily
you need a lot of money you need to put a lot of resources into developing the
next generation of weapons and surveillance all right so that’s the
compensatory power the compensatory power is the power of money money money
is coercive in its nature when you pay somebody to do things it’s a coercive
relationship it’s not a voluntary relationship and you need that
compensatory power in order to get people to cooperate with you who will
provide the condign power and the condign power needs resources material
and technology that can only be had through compensatory power and the
compensatory power needs the conditional the conditional being the power of
persuasion you need the ability to persuade other people to trust you to
like you to believe in you and therefore to believe in what you say about events
about the nature of the world because if you can’t convince people about an
agenda then they’re not going to be willing to voluntarily part with their
treasure and you need that treasure for the condign power so it’s the
conditional it’s the compensatory and it’s the condign which is which is again
why in Soto or erstwhile democratic societies that can be the conditional
the conditional power has been honed to a tee now you can see this play out in
in many ways for example in authoritarian societies that the the conditional power the power
to persuade is less developed because the condign power guarantees the
position of the rulers the power of force the fear of the power of force
when an American goes to an airport and is met by a phalanx of soldiers in all
but name with all kinds of weapons and all types of so-called officers
Department of Homeland Security and when an American is stripped either literally
or virtually questioned interrogated scanned looked at spied upon with a
million cameras and so on and all of this this is condign power it’s the
power it’s terror it’s the terror that you fear that you
feel when you walk into an American Airport or when you walk down the street
in the United States especially if you’re colored colored being a passe
term but I think it’s the best to describe brown and black people walk
down the street cop roles Oh rolls up hands up hands on wall that’s condign
power you you are a suspect you are guilty until proven otherwise goes right
back to the antebellum South I talk about that in one of my one of my essays
okay what that’s condign power that’s the
power of force it’s the fear that you’re going to lose your Liberty
if the cop doesn’t like you or potentially your life as many many
thousands of Americans have found out okay that’s condign power all right
the conditional power is the cop reality TV shows such as the original cops that
teach a generation of people that that’s okay that teach a generation of people
that you don’t have a bill of rights you don’t have a Fourth Amendment to to a
freedom from unreasonable search and seizure that teaches you that you don’t
have any rights that you’re a suspect that’s the conditional so all of these
forms of power are intertwined and support one another the conditional the
condign the compensatory one complements the other if one is reduced the other
may also be reduced but not necessarily to an equal degree so the compensatory
power I think we can agree is potentially the most important because
at the end of the day if you don’t have money you don’t have a way to coerce
people voluntarily and that may sound like a contradiction in terms but if you
think about it when you hire an employee you’re coercing an employee to give up
part of their life for your purposes and this is what governments do with
employees and contractors governments pay they need the ability to pay
contractors to create the weapons to create the surveillance state to support
the power of the ruling clique the regime and this is true everywhere
so they need the money that’s what taxation is all about
it’s the forced the forceful expropriation of wealth of the citizens
in order to support the the agenda of the state right and in the case of the
United States that supports the war the war economy the economy conquest of
other nations the threats the overwhelming military superiority the
full spectrum dominance air land sea outer space and cyberspace that’s what
the American Empire aims for is total domination and anything that that that
potentially threatens that is an enemy or is bad to put it in juvenile terms so these are just some of the power
dynamics I wrote a book in 2007 called why Obama will win in 2008 and 2012 I
don’t remember how many copies were printed not very many far more copies
were downloaded online it’s still online you can google it it’s at the Social
Research Network website it’s at other websites why Obama will win in 2008 and
2012 and this was written in 2007 I predicted prognosticated that there
would be a financial downturn in 2008 that there would be a crash that there
would be a deflation and that this would be an unusual opportunity this would be
an unusual a very unusual opportunity for an outsider
to gain power and the most outsider as it were candidate was Barack Hussein
Obama at that time in fact I predicted that he would win the 2008 and 2012
election before he had even been nominated by the Democratic Party to run
for president Hillary Clinton was leading in the polls and she was the
favorite to win the nomination in 2007 but I predicted that it would be Barack
Obama because we were headed for a deflation in the banking crash and so on
and lo and behold that’s what happened however where I was wrong is that there
would be a paradigm shift in American politics I was terribly wrong about that
and as it turned out Barack Obama was a fraud the change that we got was more
the same and worse and I’m not happy to say that I said initially that I would
say things that might be upsetting but it’s true he was at the man’s a total
fraud Barack Obama but he did win check out my book it’s for free I don’t make
any money from it but I explain the reasons why there would be a change and
since he failed in his mission to change the United States the United States
there’s no looking back the the the Republic the first republic will come to
an end I’m not gonna say when I’m not going to call it just yet but the
Republic is is going to be over the American Republic which is the empire in
Rome there was there was a republic then there was an empire in the United States
there was an empire and then there’ll be a republic the United States has always
been an empire of conquest from its earliest days
an empire based on the conquest first of the land of the First Nations and then
later on through neo colonialism with the war of the war against Spain in 1898
which was based on a false flag event the blowing up of the main in Havana
Harbor and which resulted in Cuba Puerto Rico Guam Philippines becoming American
neo colonies false flags false flag events really important in the history
of the United States so blockchain challenges the
relationship that citizens have to money and debt and the the change in this
relationship does not bode well for the powers it should not be and that’s a
good thing I wrote I also wrote in 2015 I wrote a short paper called
I wrote a paper about oil trading in crypto currencies I wrote a paper that
talked about substituting the petro dollar with crypto currencies with Swift
coin in particular which is the crypto currency that my company developed but
it could be any crypto currency okay and I talked about some of the implications
of that now that was two and a half years ago lo
and behold Russia probably thanks to Vitalik blue terran more than anyone
else is starting to see the light Russia and other foreign powers that are
hostile to the United States are now starting to see that
cryptocurrencies the blockchain Bitcoin can substitute the petrodollar so this
is another way that there’ll be a paradigm shift in earthquake in
geopolitics the entire world order the American Empire rests on its ability to
print an infinite number of digital dollars okay and that’s achieved because
after the United States went off the gold standard as a result of the Vietnam
War in the Great Society in the 60s it had to find a substitute and that
substitute was arranged for by Henry Kissinger with the House of Saud the
Saudi Arabian regime which incidentally is probably the closest modern
equivalent to the czars to the Romanov dynasty the reactionary atavistic regime
of the czars has it’s modern equivalent in the House of Saud okay so the
decoupling of the dollar with from the gold standard which which means that the
dollar was no longer backed by gold because paper dollars in theory
represents gold but instead of gold being transacted literally because it’s
not practical to do so it’s done so figuratively with a piece of paper that
represents gold that’s in Fort Knox or that’s in a vault somewhere so instead
of having to physically move gold from one place to another you hand somebody a
piece of paper or in in in our age you send somebody bytes
on a computer screen well there’s not nearly enough gold in existence to fund
the American Empire so the this the change was made I think in 1973 to oil
so the oil is what backs the dollar that’s why the United States is is tied
to this the Saudi regime you know they say that if you want to know someone if
you want to judge someone judge them by the company that they keep well look
look at who who does the United States keep as allies who are its friends the
Saudi regime the apartheid regime in Israel dictatorships in Pakistan repressive regimes all over the place
the United States helps these regimes come to power look at Perkins book
Diaries of an economic hitman if you want to know that the role that the
dollar plays in the inn and the IMF and the the government the US government
plays in the establishment and establishment and maintenance of regimes
that are controlled by debt by dollar debt that’s how this is the main tool
this is the main weapon that the regime in Washington relies upon to control
other countries is dollar debt by getting countries into debt on projects
that allegedly benefit those countries but don’t produce the economic growth
needed to pay off the debt those country’s become beholden to the United
States but holdin to the IMF beholden to the banking class the the banking class
the same people that print the dollars the Rothschilds the Fed those people
control the natural resources of Africa that’s why they killed Libyan that’s why
that’s why they killed Qaddafi Qaddafi wanted to trade oil for gold the gold
dinar he proposed doing this and then he was overthrown Saddam Hussein same thing
Saddam Hussein wanted to trade Iraqi oil for gold for something other than
dollars well this is the kiss of death geopolitically because it threatens the
entire system well bitcoin threatens to do the same thing but there’s not a
country to bomb you can’t bomb bitcoin it’s not headquartered anywhere it
doesn’t have a country so they murdered Qaddafi under and brought Islamic
terrorists to power in Libya that’s what Clinton did Obama and
Clinton did that then they sent Gaddafi’s weapons to Syria to fund
terrorists there Isis Isis is is a is funded by Washington DC in Tel Aviv Islamic terrorism is a the intellectual
authors of Islamic terrorism or not Muslims there are Americans there are
Israelis this is a fact they hit upon this idea in the 70s to
fund jihadis and Afghanistan to fight the Soviets and later to fund Islamic
terrorists to to beef up the police state they need each other
the the police state has to have Islamic terrorism the American police state the
Department of Homeland Security the intelligence services that they need
Islamic terrorism they need terrorist events they need victims they need fear
they tear they need their of the American people to be terrorized they
need the American people to be afraid they need the American people to be
afraid of boogeyman of Islam Muslim people and others in order to enhance
their own power so when it comes to Isis which is the boogeyman toujours the
United States military in the Israeli military in the Turkish military in the
House of Saud all of them have done everything they can to fund terrorists
Islamic terrorists to overthrow the regime of Bashar al Assad among other
things okay look at the trucks that where do you think the brand-new Toyota
trucks came from who paid for those the who these trucks are brought in on on on
ships how did those ships get permission to dock
do you really think that non-governmental ragtag terrorists can
arrange for the importation of billions of dollars worth of dual-use equipment
arms brand-new pickup trucks the the American pickup truck in that
the pickup truck from Texas the Plumber used by Isis how did his pickup truck
get to to Syria how did that happen who paid for that you paid for it
American taxpayer you did okay because it’s the policy of the regime in
Washington to support terrorism literally Islamic terrorism and other
other types of terrorism because it suits their geopolitical purpose alright
that’s a fact I’m not afraid to say I’m gonna do me they can do they’re gonna do
to me whatever they’re gonna do okay but I’m going to tell it like it is because
I have a duty as an American to tell it like it is I’m in a privileged position
and in this sense I’ve got more power than any politician because I don’t need
to be reelected I’m not elected to begin with I’m not worried about being elected
to office and I’m not worried about being fired from my job
okay so I’m gonna tell it like it is and if somebody thinks I’m wrong then show
me that I’m wrong don’t call me names and don’t I don’t want any ID hominem
attacks show me that I’m wrong show me that the United States really does not
want Isis because in fact it does and as a matter of fact the Israeli regime
laments the demise of Isis because it doesn’t want the Iranian influence in
Syria again goes back to geopolitics and the pending the impending war on Iran is
not about nuclear weapons it’s be it’s it’s about breaking up and vulcanizing
the Middle East because that’s what Tel Aviv wants that’s what the Zionists
demand that that all of the secular Arab regimes be broken and
they’re all of their nations be broken up into little pieces so that Israel can
dominate Greater Israel can dominate from the Euphrates to the Nile or beyond
that’s what it’s all about folks and these are the people that are in control
of our Congress through their lobbies so another way that blockchain is going to
be a game-changer is that we currently have the most corrupt political system
in the world in the United States now at first glance it’s not corrupt when you
win when the different organizations the NGOs a transparency international and or
what-have-you when they do their when they release their statements they don’t
put the United States at the top of the most corrupt nations okay but the reason
for that is that the corruption in the United States is legal the way that it
works is that every politician has to have tremendous funding in order to gain
power and to maintain power okay so they are beholden to those who control the
funding and that’s a tiny group of people those people hire the lobbyists
and the way that American corruption works is that in order to get into
office you have to please your pay master you’re not allowed to accept a
payment to do something but you are allowed to accept a campaign
contribution and you know what you need to do in order to earn your campaign
contributions in the American system and in order to to win re-election next time
you know what you need to do you know how you need to vote
and you know what you need to say and so when you BS makes a half a million
dollar contribution to the Clinton Global Initiative at the same time that
Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State that’s not counted as corruption but
what would you call it okay and this is this is when the United States was
attacking UBS and attacking Swiss of the Swiss banking privacy laws right so and
that’s just one of a million examples and I’m not picking on Democrats because
it’s the same thing with the Republicans it doesn’t make any difference it’s
legalized corruption here’s what we have in the United States so blockchain if we
had a campaign contribution system on the blockchain what would that mean it
would mean greater transparency in fact we when the second American Republic
comes about the entire campaign contribution system will no longer be
that’s another discussion as I had mentioned I wrote my paper or I
published it in 2015 about oil trading for crypto currencies and that’s again
and how that’s a game changer well now governments are starting to catch on a
little bit to what I said years ago and so to wrap up on the geopolitical
ramifications of Bitcoin the revolution will not be centralized Gil scott-heron blockchain is the technology of the 21st
century and it defines the 21st century we had a period at the
end of the Cold War when the Soviet Union dissolved in December of 91 until
the SCAD event the state crime against democracy on the 11th of September 2001
where there was the end of history as Fukuyama put it and the American Century
was in at its Apogee at its height the powers that should not be made the
decision that they needed to continue the war
economy and expand empire because they knew that they had a window of time to
reshape the Middle East in their image or reshape it as they wanted it to be
and that’s why they launched the age of terrorism which really can be argued is
the beginning of the 21st century September 2001 the age of terrorism
quickly after this event which was organized by people working for
government and not by Osama bin Laden technology took history in a different
direction technologies that in which they themselves were instrumental in
developing such as the Internet which which and tor which were military
projects where the research and development was done by the American
taxpayer and later picked up by Microsoft went in a different direction
and has taken society in directions now that they could not control one can
think of the Arab Spring as one of the results they’ve tried
to commandeer the social media for their own purposes that’s what we saw with the
Maidan and Ukraine where there they used social media and they use social media
to overthrow a Yanukovych’s regime in order to install a russophobic
pro-american regime because they were terrified that Ukraine would fall in
Moscow’s orbit and that’s an obsession for the powers that should not be as
Russia because many of them are descendants of Russians many of the
people of our ruling class in the United States are in fact second third or
fourth generation people from Russia of Jewish origin who have a congenital
hatred for Russia and a russophobia that drives American policy today it’s
irrational there was a time when there was a crusade against communism and the
Soviet Union was a powerful country but those days are long gone Russia has a
market economy and it doesn’t make sense for the United States to be at
loggerheads with Russia unless you’re controlled by unless your agenda is
being set by a group of people who have another agenda that’s not the American
agenda and that’s what we have blockchain disrupts that because the
linchpin of their power is financial it’s compensatory they’re not military
people our ruling class our bankers are not military men they don’t have a
military pedigree they’re not men who handle arms there are men who are
manipulative and who are manipulative of language they are masters at the manipulate at
the manipulation of language and masters at the manipulation of psychology on a
mass scale and so they need the consent even the ill-formed consent of a
plurality of the population of the United States or or their or their
project will not work right and domination of the financial system is a
cornerstone of their power blockchain Bitcoin will do away with that it won’t
do away with all of their power but it will offer an alternative and by
offering an alternative their power will be diminished that opens up great
opportunities for patriotic Americans to take our country back and to establish
the Second Republic which is what we need and which it’s going to happen one
way or another because either the American people will make it happen
or the regime will run out of money blockchain will accelerate the date
which they lose their money now this this type of an event could be expedited
by a war wars are usually the turning points in history were there there are
revolutionary changes just as there was the American Revolution in the wake of
the French and Indian War of the 1760s which caused a great inflation during
the war which and a great increase in the
a result of the increase of increasing demand for the commodities that the
colonies produced when the war ended there was a great deflation which led to
an uprising the cycles in history again my book my 2007 book why Obama will win
in 2008 and 2012 deals with some of that the cyclical the the deflationary cycles
in history and how they lead to political upheaval same thing was true
in Russia in 1917 in the wake of a devastating catastrophic and stupid war
two wars there was the Russell Japanese war of 1905 and then the Russian war
against the German Empire brought about the end of the Romanov dynasty after 300
years okay so in the Romanov dynasty of course had had descended into idiocy
superstition astrology Rasputin and and it there’s no doubt that it was a great
move forward for Russia to get rid of his ardham and to try to become a
democratic republic they did not succeed with the ascension of Stalin but they
tried Lenin tried to some extent the United States is headed for an ending
that will rhyme with that it won’t be identical but it will have parallels as
the United States descends into lunacy mental illness gender confusion a political class that is celebratory in
nature celebrity being someone who’s famous for being a celebrity a celebrity
is someone who is famous for being famous people who are not of substance reality
TV stars for president and double-talking hucksters like Obama who
gained the presidency and mediocre sons of the Rivi former intelligence chiefs
as presidents and political dynasties the Clinton dynasty the bush dynasty the
Trump dynasty that no doubt the Trump children will be governor’s or even
presidents in the future Chelsea Clinton will run for a president of presidency
and possibly be so we’ve we’ve the ruling classes of have coalesced into
these cliques in the United States at the same time that there’s this
increasing disparity in wealth the increasing disparity between winners and
losers in the United States which has lost its middle class which has really
been the backbone of democracy in the United States in the 20th century well
that’s gone away at the same time that the Soviet Union ended a quarter of a
century ago and that was the force that that scared the United States into being
more democratic the reason that there were so many progressive changes in the
United States in the 20th century is because of the Soviet threat the fear
that if the United States ruling class didn’t share its wealth more equitably
with its non ownership classes and with if it didn’t well if it didn’t
democratize and do something about the race question that that so Soviet style
ideology Soviet ideology communist Marxist Leninist ideology would become
popular in the United States motivated scared the the United States into
reforming itself and it did but after the Soviet
Union went away there was no longer an incentive to to do these things to be an
equitable Society and terror state terror in the form of false flag events
and the resulting clamp down on people in the United States is the result of
the of the decision of the banking class to create the age of terrorism the age
of Islamic terrorism in which we lived in the twenty 21st century blockchain
will be just another tool not only for the American opposition to to finance to
conduct finance outside the clutches of the regime but also other powers to D
dollars to D to diversify away from the dollar enter and to reduce their
dependency on the dollar so both internally and externally
blockchain is bad news for the regime and there’s nothing they can do about it
they can I’ve written I wrote years ago a Bitcoin could be stopped how it could
be brought up by a government and all kinds of things but as I also said there
may only be 21 million bitcoins in existence by the year 2140
but there’s an infinite supply there is a limited number of Bitcoin but there’s
a but there’s always an infinite supply of it the limited number of units but
there’s an infinite supply of it this is what I have said for years now and we’re
seeing that come true with forked coins between cash between gold segment was
cancelled but it’ll happen in the future because the
the block is too small it’s only a million bits and all coins such as our
swift coin ether – another way that cryptocurrencies Bitcoin will disrupt
banking is machine economies iota coin machines will will buy from one another
the machines intelligent machines will will enter into buying and selling
arrangements with each other independently of human interaction so
that a vending machine will ask a computer for a resupply of soda a drone
will deliver the soda to the vending machine and will charge the vending
machine a certain amount of money in iota coin that’s going to happen with no
human involvement so there there which is not necessarily geopolitical I don’t
think a vending machine as geopolitical consequences but you can see what I’m
saying that a blockchain in combination is it’s not blockchain in a vacuum
blockchain and Bitcoin in combination with the internet social media and
artificial intelligence is going to completely disrupt banking and law which
is another big fraud probably the biggest fraud going is the legal
profession and law which has nothing to do with justice by the way that’s an
arts a whole nother video I’d love to beat up on the lawyers because I’m tired
of their BS has nothing to do with what’s right and what and we’re down is
up and up is down and illegal profession and we’ve had enough so I
know it’s been a rambling discussion but there’s a lot this is a lot of ground to
cover look I mean you could go on for indefinitely on these topics and by the
time you get done talking about them there but there are new developments
that you this so there’s always something else to talk about my name is
Daniel Bruno I’m a chartered market technician and a pro graduate of the
Saeed business school of Oxford University in the UK I’m not easy I’m
not easily persuaded or convinced by anything that I read or see and when I
make a statement I make it grounded in fact now I may be mistaken about this
that or the other but I do my homework I’m not able to present all of my
homework every time that I talk every time that I give a lecture because I’d
have to write a book every time and as I alluded to earlier the written word is
becoming less and less influential especially on people under 30 videos are
the way to go now and so here I am I probably should have started this a lot
sooner but I got to a point where I couldn’t ignore it anymore if you want
to be relevant you’ve got to be on the internet you’ve got to speak out you’ve
got to exercise your First Amendment and your First Amendment is your freedom of
speech your freedom of expression your freedom of the press your freedom of
religion or lack thereof okay now if you don’t access
your freedom of speech your first amendment and if enough people don’t
exercise it it will go away they’re trying to take it away now and they have
taken away taking it away and all in all but name
so that they’re there they’re gonna tell you that you can’t talk about this or
that or if you do that you’re a terrorist well Americans and everyone
within the reach of my voice stand up please get up stand up as Bob
Marley would say we’ve had enough we’ve had enough of the lies we’ve had enough
of the false flags and we’ve had enough of drinking the kool-aid sort of speak
okay vote with your wallet vote with your
pocketbook you are what you do and what you do is more important than what you
did before thank you for watching like and subscribe I welcome your comments
serious comments if you take issue with anything I’ve said explain yourself
don’t be afraid don’t dismiss me as I don’t know a conspiracy theorist because
I haven’t offered any theories about anything in this discussion I’ve offered
you a palette of facts if I’m wrong then show me this is Daniel Bruno signing out
til next time bye bye

2 thoughts on “On the Geopolitical Ramifications of Bitcoin: The Revolution Will Not Be Centralized. By”

  1. Spot on commentary you made in this video, thank you.

    One exception that I have with what you talked about was the communist revolution in Russia, and how it began. I have researched elsewhere that it was the Rothschild agents that plotted the downfall of the tzars because they (the tzars) were aware of the schemes of the bankers and had refused to allow them to set up their fraudulent central banks in Russia. In fact, Alexander the II recognized that the United States was under attack from the bankers and the European financiers during Lincoln's presidency and the start of the civil war. Basically the European financiers despised Andrew Jackson and his outing of the banksters from the US government and the dissolution of the Bank of North America (a fractional reserve banking scheme, a precursor to our current, criminal Fed). In retaliation, the financiers in Europe colluded to unfairly tax and tariff the sales of southern United States textiles in Europe, knowing that would force the southern plantation slave owners into default to their northern US financiers, creating a tinder box of friction between the North and South that could be exploited into a full out civil war that would bring the US to it's knees, begging for aid from the banksters (which would allow them to re-establish their fraud-creating central bank). Alexander the II recognized Lincoln's plight, saw the French and British forces amassing at the Canadian and Mexican borders, ready to pounce on a divided United States, and deployed his navy to San Francisco and let the French and British know that any attempt to attack a weakened United States would be interpreted as a declaration of war on Russia as well. This enabled Lincoln to conduct his war to maintain the union and the banksters never forgave Alexander the II for that act of support. Endless assassination attempts were funded continuously by the bankers against Alexander, until they finally succeeded (they had failed against Jackson). After the Tzars were ended in Russia, the banksters resumed their subterfuge in Russia to destroy any government that would not allow them to establish central banking in Russia, and promote any that would (Trotsky and Lenin).

    You seem to be a very aware and intelligent person who saw ahead of most what was coming in regards to crypto/blockchain (wish I got in at $5 btc!). Everyone that watches this video needs to also look at material like "The Creature from Jeckyll Island," a video called "The power of the purse," and good explanations of how and why the petro dollar came about. This research will take a person a good way into understanding EVERYTHING that is happening these days. I personally think that the invention of bitcoin and blockchain is as significant an invention as the guttenberg press. I cannot wait to see the end of empire building, regime change, and endless wars to prop up the petro dollar. One comment: please watch for the video that was about Trump's comments about WTC attacks, it drowned out your commentary during that section. Subbed and liked. Great work.

  2. Bottom line is that a currency that is fixed in amount (bitcoin, gold, etc…) will increasingly lean towards value creation and as we, as individuals, increasingly seek greater and greater value our society shifts towards a higher standard of values. Peace

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