Omisego (OMG) Institutional Investment; DASH Masternode Milestone; Web 3.0

hello everyone welcome back to another episode of crypto vizor where we talk about everything cryptocurrency blockchain investing price and other news in the crypto currency blockchain space as always thanks for coming back for another video if you have not done so already and you like these type of videos hit subscribe down below that way you could be notified every single time I upload a new video which is every single day I try to get at least one video out per day for you all I also have other social media links in the description if you guys want to help donate and support to this channel I have a patreon you can donate one dollar a month or more as always thanks for watching thanks for subscribing let's get into it one of my favorite topics OMG OMG japanese finance giant Nomura invests in o me say now I have not talked about a Misa go or oMG in quite a while there has not been really any news or anything happening with the project at least in the limelight so let's get into it Oh Misa Holdings the parent company of Oh Misa go oMG and go exchange has announced an investment from Nomura Holdings a massive Japanese investment group with global reach the size of the investment is undisclosed well but will be used to scale Oh Mises operation across a number of verticals including payments blockchain technology and digital asset exchanges according to the announcement some of the funds will support ongoing development for o Misa go as well as other platforms under the company's wing like the go exchange June Hasegawa Group CEO of a Misa Holdings expressed optimism for the future noting the willingness of the regulated finance world to embrace the financial services open infrastructure and disruptive technology we're developing now if you guys are not familiar with o me say or o Musa go o me say is the kind of parent company of o Misa go and the go exchange but Oh miss ago is essentially trying to create a payment network a little bit more robust I guess you would say then like the ex rapid or stellar blockchain world wire so but it's very robust its really targeting like the Asian markets kind of making try to make payments smoother and all connected so this is obviously a great you know partnership and investment that they're getting and it kind of just shows you you know that there are other companies and we gonna get into kind of what Nomura is in a minute but it shows you that they are you know thinking ahead and thinking about how they can stay ahead and how they can be part of you know this next evolution of crypto projects urging regulators to be open to innovations in the sector Hasegawa encourage governments to be forward-thinking saying the speed of blockchain regulation policy and compliance continue to impact our industry but we can't a lot allow that to stifle our growth we're seeking jurisdictions with stable and transparent regulatory frameworks and forward-thinking governments and this is what we're hearing from you know many other crypto and blockchain projects I mean we know that circle just announced that they're leaving the United States and going to Bermuda to headquarters we know that by Nance is already in Malta we know that bid treks has been focusing a lot of their attention on their international platform we know that – core group is not in the United States at all they're all in Brazil in Africa we know that Tron is not even touching the United States with a you know ten-foot pole we know that card ah no generally speaking obviously the card uh no project is global but a lot of what the development teams and the integration teams are focused on is other areas of the world outside of the United States and this is what we're gonna continue to see because there is so much regulatory uncertainty and that's the big issue it's not that there's no regulations is that there's regulations but they're kind of like well they're based on 1934 laws and things from 50 60 years ago etc etc so who is namu des so Nomura is basically a financial services provider wealth management etc etc I would say it's like I guess close to like we're a fidelity or maybe a TD Ameritrade is they do retail Wealth Management Asia X Japan strategies for value creation they do asset management wholesale with markets and investing and obviously merchant banking as well obviously they're not that big in the United States but overseas obviously they are I went to their Wikipedia page to see kind of high-level what is going on it's a Japanese financial holding company and a principal member of the Nomura group it along with its Broker Dealer banking and other financial services of City Aires provide investment financing and related services to individual institutional and government customers on a global basis with emphasis on securities businesses so obviously they're not too worried about getting involved and they're outside of the US jurisdiction with this whole security whether something is a security or not but guys owe me so go listen they have not been in the news and the fact that they're getting this investment should tell you that there's probably a lot more going on behind the scenes because for a big financial provider to make an investment obviously we don't know how much it is but I am guessing that it's somewhat substantial that it's making the headlines but I'm sure that we will hear more about this as we move forward and as kind of those that investment kind of goes into play and starts to hopefully create something let me know your thoughts on that next up – is in the news again masternodes concept has been of one of our big innovation claims CEO of – core group now guys – has been really pushing ahead recently a lot more adoption cases use cases learning cases education cases from around the world we know that they just enabled chain locks and instant send which are huge upgrades and security upgrades to the network so let's get into it according to coin market cap there are currently 23 hundred 64 virtual assets present in the space but most of the users would hardly be familiar with each one of them the top 10 crypto currencies control a majority of the crypto market cap and public attention however – is a virtual asset currently ranking number 15 came into the limelight when they announced they had surpassed 5,000 masternodes in their network – utilizes a subset of users to maintain decentralization which is termed as quote masternodes in a recent interview with crypto beatles ryan taylor the CEO of – core group indicated that the implementation of masternodes was one of their big innovations on the – network taylor indicated that the concept of master nodes was completely different from any other protocol because these nodes had to be collateralized with cryptocurrency which amounts to one thousand – for a single node at the current price of let's see – $108 times that by one thousand that's over a hundred thousand dollars that somebody would have to have invested to control a master node at least the current prices such an arrangement restrains any node from controlling a major part of the network which with which the security integrity is maintained so obviously we know like with Bitcoin 51 percent of the network is attacked and then boom they can kind of double spend and control the network Taylor indicated that the concept of master nodes was compulsory we already got onto that sorry my scrolling isn't working Taylor added quote one of the other innovations that we figured is like Bitcoin and most crypto at the time allocated a 100% of the block reward – towards mining in – we broke up our block reward to 45% mining 45% – master node development which allows the network to scale and the last 10% goes to our proposal system and quote he explained that the block reward was divided in order to commence improvements of all the sectors of the network according to him the process of mining formed only one part of a stable network the network also required strong infrastructure servers high capacity of active nodes and funding for development projects among other things Taylor explained that the system of the network where anyone could put up a proposal for development the network voted and if they collectively supported the proposal it received the 10% reserve funding from the community and he said we are held accountable for that if we don't deliver on the proposal we would be defunded very very interesting take on everything I listen I you guys know how I feel about – I've been talking about a lot more recently and I think just from the adoption standpoint of what they're doing in some of these countries that are having serious serious issues regarding the you know the projects and the funding for it etc etc anyway you guys get where I'm talking where I am coming from but the adoption is what pushes the price up and pushes use cases finally up today the Internet as we know it needs a complete replacement would you agree dominate inter companies like Facebook and Google have been dogged by controversy in recent years but there are efforts afoot to create an alternative known as web 3.0 that would hand more power back to users and small businesses the goal is to build systems that look more like open protocols think email and RSS feeds and less like profit driven companies Consensus CEO Joe Lubin told attendees Wednesday at fortune brainstorm tech conference in Aspen Colorado many of these new systems rely on blockchain a kind of distributed database and lumen is a co-creator of one of the biggest aetherium true to the web 3.0 ethos Lubin no longer has a formal role in a theorem which is instead governed by a non-profit foundation consensus which Lubin founded develops tools and applications for aetherium in the five years since a theory UM's launched others have followed in its foot seth Definity for instance is intended as a complete replacement for existing Internet infrastructure CEO Dominic Williams said during the same panel other prominent web 3.0 efforts include block stack a startup that recently received SEC approval to raise 28 million dollars for a regulated cryptocurrency sale interesting and polka-dot which aims to knit the various blockchain systems together and really like this is interesting because you know I talk about this a lot that really these crypto and blockchain projects need to work together and need to kind of think about the global aspect it can't just be about one crypto it can't just be about one coin or one blockchain because many of these there's other iterations that can do more and better things so that kind of integrating the block chains together is kind of that next iteration into where web 3.0 could be awareness about the downsides of huge social media services has exploded over the past three years largely catalyzed by the leak of user data by Facebook to Cambridge analytic ah surveys have shown the decline in consumer trust in social media companies whether the issue is controlling hate speech the policing of false and misleading information or the handling of personal data I think the next iteration of this worry and concern and some kind of breach is gonna be around Alexa Google home and the like because we know no matter what the company says Alexa is recording everything everybody says in in its vicinity and it's creating profiles of that keep in mind what these devices can also do they're also constantly scanning Bluetooth they're constantly scanning Wi-Fi they're constantly scanning near frequency so if Alexa for instance wants to basically like know who is saying what so let's say somebody goes over to your house and you have Alexa and you're like you know what time is you know the the basketball game tonight it not only is registering your voice but it's also registering everything that's around so if it sees that boom there's three cell phones in the area then it could use voice recognition in another area and connect that phone to your voice and now it knows you even if you don't have Alexa or agreed to that technology and this is happening I just don't think that a lot of people realize it's happening and the company's kind of keep it hush-hush but guys when this information is stolen or hacked I mean it's already happening around the world but in the u.s. with these big tech companies they're constantly getting hacked information is constantly getting stolen and it's very hard to keep up with everything it's become kind of a norm that people just don't pay attention to it as worried as consumers are about privacy the risk to business could it be even bigger businesses that rely on data and other resources from the likes of Facebook or LinkedIn are at risk Williams pointed out to the possibility that crucial sources of infrastructure will suddenly change the rules as an example he cited social gaming companies Zynga which suffered major setbacks in 2012 after Facebook changed its policies if you build on big tech you're building on sand you can't just trust it and this is the big thing like it's even with you know in the crypto space right I always wonder like you know with ledger or with one of these other you know like wallets what happens if the wallet company goes down then what is like what is the legacy to continue to let you know people access those wallets you know and it's not just there it's with everything it's the same thing like what they're saying it's like you could build your whole platform on Facebook and then Facebook makes their a change to their policy about how they do business with you and you're screwed and you have no say in it and this is why a lot of companies and a lot of startups are now looking for these third-party open source areas to kind of move towards because they don't want to be reliant on these big tech companies the problem is exacerbated according to lumen by the conflicting motives of big Internet companies and the smaller players that depend on them as companies like Twitter and YouTube strive to make more money Lubin claim they're probably gonna have to eat your lunch that's particularly worry for smaller operations since the big companies face a few consequences for changing the rules now let's get into youtube for example has become notorious for changing changes to its rules for paying creators which has created some serious consequences for the mostly independent creators a startup called alive has pitch itself as a blockchain base YouTube alternative and already notched a major win by attracting a giant gaming star pewdiepie now guys when I first signed up for YouTube like within weeks they changed their policies and I just was like there's no way that I'm gonna reach these thresholds that they're expecting and then I stopped and then obviously I picked it back up and I was like no this is definitely doable but you know it is very nerve-wracking having a platform that can literally just change the rules and there's no even voting systems so me as a creator or some of the other creators there's not even a system to go and like vote whether these things should be implemented or not keep in mind YouTube is owned by Google these are big corporate you know companies and ultimately what they're doing is they're looking out for their bottom line granted they have to understand and I think that they do understand that the creators help their bottom line and if they're gonna have creators they wouldn't even have a bottom line line for that matter but when they change the rules things change very fast for a lot of people and some people who are relying on this for you know for income can no longer do that and that is a very worrisome thing and you know if your that's at a small level but if you're thinking about a big tech company level I mean there's serious issues so anyway you guys get the point there there are so many issues with what's happening on the internet right now with big tech kind of owning the big pieces and all your data and it's really dangerous because most people don't even realize how much data they are collecting and how they can use it against you most people think well I don't really have anything to worry about so it doesn't matter but it does because they're using this information and it's already been proven that they've used it with social tests to kind of see if they can change your way of thinking this has already been proven and that they've already done this from the likes of Facebook and some of the other big giants as well so anyway let me know your thoughts a lot to take in today o Mesa go back in the news which is great – continuing to stay in the news and web 3.0 let me know your thoughts as always thanks for watching thanks for subscribing and I will talk to you guys on the next video have a great day

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