26 thoughts on “OMG!!! Bitconnect is Shutting Down ? How Exchange BCC to BTC – CryptoCurrency Latest News In Telugu”

  1. Thank you soo much bro mi time Ni spend chesi makosam miru videos chestunnaru please andaru like and share cheyandi

  2. Hi , I Invested some amount in bitconnect.What is you suggestion after it is scam.Do you transfer the given BCC coins to bitconnectX or you hold those coins in bcc website.please give me suggestion.

  3. పడ్డ బొక్క చాలు మల్లి similar platforms like davor coin లో invest చేసి మల్లి | పెట్టు కోకండి .. next exit scam will be davor coin

  4. vaallu 1 bcc token $362 laga icharu. ut coinmarketcap lo vaalla rate $ 15 undi. emi cheyali a coins theesukoni.

  5. I am VINAY having BITCOINS in Zebpay but I purchased when Bitcoin was at 14lakhs price now came down to 6 lakhs cannu suggest me does Bitcoin go to 14 lakhs in future or I need to withdraw as I invested 50k now it is showing 35k. Cannu also suggest beat alternate to Bitcoin. If possible call me once on 7981139527 because I am looking to invest again in crypto currency, I checked here but I didn't find u r contact Number

  6. Bro naku bitconect exchange acount leadhu me me bitconnect exchange acount adress esthea daniki send chestha mali ha bitconect exchange chesi mali na zebpay nomber ki send cheyara plzzzzzz

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