Ole Trading Group Crypto Market Trading Bitcoin Update January 15th 2019

hey are you guys doing all right so I just wanted to give you a a market update you know it's uh January 15th it's my time it's 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time and Costa Mesa and so I wanted to just you know kind of touch base I've had some questions come in as far as what the mark is gonna do and I kind of just want to give you guys a overview you know it's a it's a Tuesday it's the middle of the month you know it's January 15th it's also we're at a point where we call this a pivot point you know in crypto so the pivot point means that you know 4000 is kind of like our you know it's kind of like our ceiling in 3000 is kind of like you know our our bottom you know right now we're at 3,500 3,600 and really we had a big drop down from 39 or from 4,000 to 3400 or 35 and you know and that puts us at a pivot point where either the Bears are the Bulls you know it's a 50/50 weed that can go down at the flower to 3,000 or we can go back up to 4,000 but in the meantime 3,700 is acting as resistance 3440 3450 is acting as a support and and right now we're at 35 you know 80 3600 which is right in the middle of that so there's 5050 all the way around and you know the thing about trading is trade management sometimes you have to be patient and you know you can you can make money up and down and take a small percentage up a small percentage down and you really stress yourself out or you can use a trade management technique or do you basically minimize you better try to minimize your loss and minimize your expected gain so this way you're not you're not leaning on one side and next so you know time like this we're in limbo and you know in January we had sent out a reporting to beginning a month and I said the best time to trade was four eight four through eight as those times were bullish this time right now you know it can go either way shoot up like a shoot down and so the whole whole purpose is you know you see shorts get in right now because they're thinking that hate is gonna go down you have guys going it alone they think is going to go up no one really knows for sure and when that that's the case you know it's best to let the market dictate what is gonna do and and so right now I'm using a barometer right I know 3700 is our support level I mean is the resistance I know 3400 is support so you know right now we're at 35 80 3600 and I'm looking to basically minimize the amount of positions I'm in know whatever is going up you can try to day trade that or you know you know if the market breaks back past 3700 I'll hop in there and I'll go you know pull in over 3700 and you know play alone to the upside if the market drops below 35 50 35 40 I'll exit and you know I'll be patient and allow it to get down lower so I want to buy a close as possible 230 230 100 or I'll buy closer to thirty seven thirty-seven thirty-eight hundred on for an upside but right here is you know you have you have a chance of you know you know going down another 3 or 400 or you have a chance of going up but you can be sure when it does go up by letting it break through a resistance level so that's kind of how you know we're gonna play it and play it smart you know I'm looking at the core market cap so right now I have 124 billion beanie that's kind of the resistance and you know 122 is support so this way it minimizes the amount of you know it's gonna help us make a decision if the market drops under 22 billion I'm going to majority catch our USD T if the market goes up above 124 billion which is a you know tube in your age and now get in and go long and that's what you want to do today and you know right now if you're looking at trade and make a trade you know sometimes the best trade is no trade so just sit still and you know realize that 3580 36:40 has been the range for the last 24 hours who update see you guys online

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