Oldest Chinese coin, bronze Ghost Faced cowrie of the State of Chu

hello people are you going and today I
want to show you this you could call a coin if you want to generally a coin is
just some form of metal or something that has a inscription identifying it
and this one is and Ghostface money from the state of Chu in China now the reason
why they call it a ghost face is a generally Chinese pretty superstitious
there’s eyes there’s a mouth probably either like fangs and ghosts in China
are a bit different than ghosts in our Western countries traditionally in
ghosts in Western countries could not hurt people the ghosts in China they can
interact with people and they can hurt them there is one specific ghost it’s
called swegway it’s a ghost that lives in water and how it gets out of that
situation you said it he drowns someone else so
that person’s ghost becomes a swegway in the water and that ghost can go on to be
reborn there’s another person so it’s the type of document that Chinese ghosts
actually get into okay this the state of Chu existed from about 700 to about 220
BC that’s when China was united under the Han Dynasty and the state of Chu Yi
so Stuart roughly where who buy or and who nannies and this coin was issued
during a period that called warring States
it’s where the number of our small kingdoms was silent reduced by ever
kingdoms taking him over to the state of Chu was the last one left
hmm it’s very interesting Chinese history if you haven’t read it before
Wikipedia has lots of information on it and all these different states in China
issued their own different types of money like there is Spade money and
knife money if you can call it that they’re usually just uh trading tokens
you know they have a set value in the metal as these these type of things
can’t really don’t have any value or usefulness in themselves and these ones
copied off cowrie shells which are a cease now that were traded from the
coastline into the interior and obviously be more into the interior you
get the less carry shells you’d actually find it’s not a more valuable dough you
know I’m not too sure what this character actually is and not too sure
about those who study Chinese probably would know what it is as well this looks
like it this symbol 409 you am but I did very much it’s actually like that so and
this one was issued between 400 and 220 BC but I’m not too sure the exact period
that these climbers minted okay so the reverse is nothing there is no
inscription on these on the reverse later on I’ll show you a knife money and
then sort of Spade money I’ll do it something and they’re not really popular
outside of China so in here you have a whole you have a whole to string it
together on a string so you can have like the cash coins or as trying to call
it win you can string it together and carry it
around and trade it in multiple Lots so that is my Chinese Ghostface money supposing maybe it Cantonese will be
quite in not sure so just be ghost money kind of interface anyway thank you for
watching I hope you like Chinese coins I like all coins anyway please give it a
thumbs up

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