OKANE.MY : Introduction

hi guys my name is Myra and this is
Twistcode® channel. I will put the link below you can click it and check it out
our platform OKANE so for today’s video I’m gonna talk about what
is OKANE some of you might have no idea about what is OKANE OKANE is actually and AI platform so you can predict stock prices it is good for beginners
who have no basic about investment and also can be used for experienced traders
you guys can use your own strategy and use our predictions as a guide for you to
make any decisions in stock trading I’m gonna upload more videos about OKANE time by time I show you guys how to use OKANE tomorrow and you guys can see how the OKANE can actually works. okay before I leave I just want to tell you that we’re
gonna open for free registration for OKANE until 18th of October go register
before 18 try it out give us feedback about it and after 18 there’s no
more free account all of you will be kick out so grab this opportunity go
try for yourself and hasta la vista

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