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hey guys what’s what’s going on testing testing testing we should be live just double check that you’re receiving this broadcasting here from mars and my new tesla want changes came in I’ll see how this goes 6:00 a.m., stream is a little out of the ordinary and of the u.s., people aren’t gonna be here But i think it’s a really good time for euros It’ll be like an exclusive your stream i was gonna do something around like two ish but i know people got a party on saturday night so i guess this time the us us followers can Check it out later in the day i still have to go to sleep at some point So we’ll try in time box this to two to three hours doesn’t even really sound like a time box but We’ll hit it up what’s going on everyone The ol index in the house bro i’ve seen you making moves on the sheath? Usn the house where we got some usa people here at 6:00 a.m. anyway anyone got this on their way to work weekend grinders got some india people here i Know i think i saw the number one question last i checked was Whether it’s what sub vias long-term predictions so we’ll be getting into that all right guys You, know the drill i don’t really want To have to say over and over that you know i’m not a financial advisor and all that stuff so i’m just gonna do the one-time spiel here at the at the beginning i think We have enough coverage on that end i’ve gotten a lot of feedback on that and i see other people do it so i think it’s fine So in regards To the disclaimer Make sure that you read the disclaimer is going on at the bottom of the screen also make sure to read the description also maybe pause this video and go through this stuff right here I’m just gonna go through the short version of it i just want to let everyone know that i’m not a financial advisor this isn’t financial advice everything said in this video is merely my opinion i’m just guy on the internet here for education and entertainment purposes and Spreading the love that i have for crypto around the world i don’t take any i don’t take anyone’s personal situation into account when spreading my opinion understand that some of the topics that may be discussed today could be potential securities according to the sec the sec has put asked several memos outlining the risk of investing in the cryptocurrency and maybe some of the questions that you should ask yourself make sure at the end of the day that you do your own due diligence make sure you make your own decisions and don’t ever ever ever ever ever Ever come back to me and complain to me about some sort of pic i made because i’m just here to have a conversation Push the space forward and bring light to new projects so anytime that you take an l on something make sure you understand it’s your own fault that being said everything mentioned in this video will most likely be covered under public information some of the information may be out of date by the time we’re watching this so understand that as well and anything that i say about any recommendations or anything along the lines of that it’s not a kind of like a recommendation of likelihood of success it’s not a buy sell or hold Recommendation all that stuff is just merely my opinions me sharing my thought process and things that i’m or may not be doing Also at the end of the day any projects i can say this any projects that we discuss in here i do not receive compensation for because i think Well if you want to do that that’s fine as long as you disclose it but i just don’t feel like dealing with the hassle so i don’t do that alright so i appreciate you guys sitting through that one minute intro it actually makes things a lot easier on myself and i think for you guys as well Allows us to just go through on a smooth transition so that way that Way, we don’t have to like constantly repeat the same thing over and over again because i think that’s a little dull as long as We have the appropriate coverage we get it there right in the beginning people were able to see that when they when they re watching the stream And also we had that same message in a cilenti form at the bottom of the screen as well for people who want To see that in the description below i do want to let everyone know that I will be looking at the stream chat per se but i want you guys, to filter your questions through the menti link that i that i shared i guess let me see i don’t know if you guys could see a description i guess i’ll take the code i should probably do that on obs real quick that’s my b will get a text here good text text x and we’ll say Because the people who are on telegram will see the link but if you’re coming directly to my channel even see it in telegram Then you might not, see that so we actually have to Turn on the background opacity and put the mentee code we’ll put it up here in the top left nothing really happens up here in the url bar most of the time if not then we’ll will show something specific but this will allow people to kind of come here and be like Okay yeah there’s some mentee code i was wondering how i would get that cuz i’m pretty sure we’ll be getting some questions Related to that but hey welcome everyone i do appreciate you coming out we’ll just Take a look in the chat here for some of the other people ireland the house i’ll be out in ireland in june Back, to the motherland i do have irish Ancestry my gram my grandparents on my father’s side i know my grandparents on my mother’s side were from kilkenny dublin in cork in southern ireland and my grandparents parents on there my father’s side Our morrissey and land i forget where the moor fc is from that’s also southern irish But the land has some irish descent but i think there might be some some german mixed in there which isn’t surprising the germans conquered a lot Under the ottoman empire i believe it was i’m not the best with Historical references but i believe that’s accurate people let me know if that’s uh? That’s not accurate? alright let’s see what’s going on here what’s your take on the current market status i’m still waiting for bitcoin to double-dip obviously i’m not like a ta expert or whatever Or double bottom i think it just makes sense to be honest i don’t think the markets doing Amazing i mean we had to bounce back today but we’ve been kind of just seeing this accumulation period and i think during the accumulation period you’re gonna have times where The market goes higher than the accumulation range and it’s gonna go lower than the accumulation range so wouldn’t surprise me if you saw another double bottom that would be awesome for me because I actually want the market no offense To you guys i actually liquidated some aetherium at the tether with the intention of buying want some more watching the lower point So i know i’m thinking selfishly at the moment but i actually want the the market to double bottom i think it’d be really healthy Mid to long-term because after a double bottom you’re most likely to see a huge bounce in bitcoin and then subsequently everything else right now with the market i feel like everything bitcoin does the rest of the market does and then Sometimes you’ll have a weird all rally going on so? So we sell that in like december january bitcoin was kind of just accumulating in a healthy fashion Somewhere in the 14 to 16 range wasn’t sure what it was going to do people were kind of like Waiting for it to rebound to a new all-time high which i think is somewhat foolish after you start the retracement there’s a shorting period somewhere around like the 78th percentile or tradesmen level Then you have an opportunity to short and then it’s gonna dump down to the 50 to 60% range on the fib retracement The first i mean there’s been plenty of retraces before but this has been this was a pretty major shocker to everyone i think that being said i’m just looking For the market to go down so i can accumulate some more cheap watching i’m not ever worried about the market per se i’m totally comfortable with my portfolio going to zero it’s not something i would prefer But that’s why i’m very conservative with a lot of the things i do in life I have a i have a steady market i have a city financial income coming in and other in other ways i don’t need to rely on my portfolio That’s why i that’s why i’m able to reinvest my gains i do i do pull out money from time to time when i need them for things but i would just prefer to Do not have to touch that as far as watching an icon are going i prefer to hold them for over a year Because of the capital gains tax so i’m looking To accumulate some more want one chain i think that its current market cap it’s not? even touching the surface i saw tron during the last pump bill with the 16 billion and i think you know launching an icon can compete up at that range so yeah 400 million one change looking solid so and i’ve been seeing watching kind of been basing yourself off the market it’s not really it’s kind of plateaued between the four and five dollar range that last time i checked And every time it goes up and down when i went down the $4 the market was crashing there’s usually a market crash around 9:00 A.m.
So we’ll see what happens is about three or four hours and then When it when things were going up one chain went up to the $5 so i think it’s i think there’s nothing really driving you forward because obviously we have to wait Until april to hear the spence about the deaths that they plan on releasing and we’re gonna have to wait Maybe even a year for it to really build up look how long it took For aetherium to kind of finalize things get projects on the platform i’d more be looking at neo to start making bounces then i would be then i would be launching out the gate but obviously make sure you reference the disclaimer below and at the beginning of the video for all that jazz so Yeah, i’m looking For the market to crash down a little bit more because i have some tether for once i didn’t trust heather for four months i still don’t really trust heather but as a great person on twitter who i don’t know their name said something along the lines of back in back in november there was three things about the market and one of them was that no one can trust heather it was like i was wrong on all three things and apparently tether is a stable stable form to put your money in which is actually comforting Because it’s it’s very difficult to be able to get money in and out of crypto without like You know raising red flags because we haven’t been able to really you, know embrace the full crypto spear for everyone so Watching yeah well for a while we were calling it when chain because one chain and icahn promised us? to have our tokens and a product available in november and here we are in Late march and we just got the icon wallet to work and we just got our watch chain tokens? Delivered to us if you were waiting for the organic wan chain tokens sorry if you were waiting for the organic icon tokens most people who got their icx etherium 20 they dumped on us at twelve dollars but that’s fine i didn’t plan on selling it for every year anyway because the capital gains if i’m gonna make some big money with those tokens i prefer to just hotle them for a year regardless of what that market looks like and it starts at the time of when you contributed money for the tokens so Six months ago so i only have a half a year left on the original tokens not including what i plan to Accumulate or what i already have accumulated so we’ll see what happens with that maddi, icon airdrop is real i’m not sure i could reach out To some people and get back to you on that but i haven’t heard anything well i haven’t looked either crypton never bounced from a double bottom we or have a higher low or a lower low with the bullish divergence Yeah, yeah i haven’t said it has i’m just waiting for it to get to that range To get back, to the $6,000 range I think it’s possible doesn’t mean it’s going To happen like i said i’m not something like t i got but What do you think about loki network yeah so we’re gonna jump into the questions didn’t men teach in just a second but we’re kind of just appeasing people in the chat now because everyone’s like it’s not up only at 67 about loki network i think it’s a high risk play i did a review on it you can check out the review it’s essentially let me just look back at my notes okay this is the manera for crap Yeah, okay so i just wanted to make sure before i started rambling on for an hour So loki is essentially a fork of, monaro they’re not really gonna have anything tangible until the end of the year when they put their service nodes online in okay like october september range maybe august september i can’t remember which one which is the month it’s not september and they also will probably be implementing most of their changes shortly after that in terms of what they want to do So they’re a manero fork There’s a couple things they want to change they want to increase the minimum ring signatures there’s a lot of technical stuff here so you should really check out the video that i made on loki But there’s some technical changes that they want to make in terms of the signatures How many how many mix-ins i think they’re called they want to send out they want to increase that from five to ten they reference some of the white paper or some of the papers that have been put out by the monaro research council As kind of credibility for what they want to do they also want to rip off Some future stuff from manera which is whatever there’s been great projects that have come forks of other projects and things of that nature? They, also want to do this is where things get a little bit weird they want to do a – type implementation where it’s like 50% proof of work 44 45 % pervis take like 5% fee of the network to the dev team or the? counselors – i don’t even know where that 5% is going couldn’t remember i’ll top my head so a lot of people have kind of questioned the the efficiency of whether that would work if we want to talk about it from a technical perspective i Have been one of the people has even said it in my video i would like, to see you know? some data that more than just theoretical stuff for something like this but sometimes it’s it’s just kind of Prove it to me and the people who take the risk benefit from it i think the team is somewhat weird definitely not a team that i’m like super confident in So you know just my opinion not a reflection of them but i’m pretty sure the ceo is like a music major Who has a two-year degree in music but says it’s a bachelor’s degree did look at the college that he went to apparently they offer a music degree for three years so it wouldn’t be far-fetched that he took summer classes and accelerated or whatever and did it in two that’s perfectly fine but i don’t think that someone with a music degree and limited experience is really someone that you want in charge of your of your team and you know full disclosure You, know i i’ll just say this i’m trying, to invest into it currently It’s they’re making it very hard for people to invest so i just put it like that But i’ll get, to why i’ve made that decision towards the end of this i guess long rant that it’s longer than it needs to be so i think the technology is like very exciting in the sense that okay someone’s forking them in there i’m mixing it with – they’re putting their own spin On it right it’s a new flavor of Ice cream i really want to try it but is it is it something i’m gonna go back to long term is it chocolate as a vanilla type of deal i think that’s actually a really awesome example you know and they lay out in their white paper kind of you know how they explain all that stuff You know what what their opinion of it is and things of that nature so you know it’s all out there from a theoretical perspective One of the team members that i do think is impressive is the third highest contributor on the manera team he basically did most of his contributions in the early stages of manero in 2015 and 2016 to put it in perspective the main contributor who’s done most of the work has been since then He i think he had some work back then but a majority of his contributions come after him Now there’s been some rumors floating around that this particular developer didn’t really sit well with the team that people had issues with his commits Things like that are just kind of fluff and fudge from people out there who are looking to kind of downplay projects that they might be excited about So i’m not sure i know there’s been some funding issues but i think it’s mainly been like in the private sector and i can’t really talk much more about that but i know some pools that pretty much just kind of foregone the idea of pulling for loki But the main reason is because it’s only accredited investors and things of that nature So it’s really hard hard to get in in general so i think that’s kind of throwing some people off that being said The reason why i would want to invest into it is because it’s not gonna take much So when you look at loci and again this isn’t financial advice make sure you watch my disclaimer at the beginning of the video or read below And there is some other fud that we’ll talk about in a second so i’m looking at it and i’m saying okay i’m giving you An above-average because i think from a high level if you’re just looking at it and you’re not you’re not putting on your does this make sense goggles but you’re putting on how much fomo can i like shove up my ass goggles kind of thing you would think that this is a huge idea and i think that theoretically the arguments that they lay out sound very sound but anytime you’re working through maybe a 25 page white paper it’s always going to sound you know decent enough some of them sound like shit some of them are just not readable but i would say that they’re white paper structure was laid out in a very technical manner And i was excited to be i was when i read it i was like yeah i’m excited, to see how that works But, i’m not exactly sure if that’s gonna be efficient or making any sense one thing that i really don’t like about the project is In regards to their master notes taking so maneras philosophical vision is that they want their network to be decentralized That’s that’s why? that’s why they do a number of things that i talked about in the video that’s unlike bitcoin especially with the asic mining that’s where they really get their big centralization so their asic mining was resistant to use an algorithm called kryptonite it’s not really efficient to use asic miners and you know as they mentioned their problem with asic miners is that People who use asic miners they have a competitive advantage of or other people who use any other miners And they pretty much go to a certain point of the world and it’s like electricity consumption free and things of that nature so not only is it geographically centralized but it also becomes centralized between the mining pools because you can look at you can look at bitcoin and pretty sure there’s only three mining pools that make up the entire network which is scary considering you could do a 51% attack and doing a heavy thing it could drop and Tomek up manipulate the chain i’m not going to get to that today because i think that’s just an argument that i don’t feel like dealing with on the stream because i want to get this over with and get on to the questions but i Said that the impact on the space oh yeah i want to talk with the master nurse sorry almost lost that point it’s a really good point so with the master knows for – we’ll just say the – is worth like at the time of the writing of their white paper you need a thousand – to run a master node right Or well if we want to compare it to loki will call them service notes right so if you have a thousand tokens for – then that means at that time i think it’s like when they were at their white paper they said it was eight hundred thousand dollars to buy a – note well not many people can buy a – note at eight hundred thousand dollars i don’t even know that many people they have a very hundred thousand dollars so it it’s a little bit more centralized in the fact that only the elites are getting access so the way that low-key kind of resolves this issue is that they look at the circulation supply at the at the height of each block according to them and they determine how many Tokens you’ll need at that point to run the service node so what this does is it makes it quote unquote affordable for anyone to run the node and it increases decentralization but what at the same time the problem with this mentality is that you’re actually suppressing your own price and So essentially like the tokens won’t accrue in value based off Staking now i don’t really want to talk about that per se because that’s kind of Securities talk and stuff like that but if we’re looking at it from a fundamental perspective from a technology perspective from an investment perspective Why would you want to suppress your own price especially because at the same time they don’t use the tail emissions flat rate of 0.6 0.6, manero per block to prevent essentially I’ll just take it back for one step so manero at 2020 or 2022 and may of 2022 the year 2022 they do what’s called a tail emission and They essentially fix their mining reward blocks at point six manero and they do this because if it goes below that point it will become It’ll become unprofitable to my nan monaro anymore and since there’s less people who are valuing the blocks becomes a security issue and It will pretty much tank the chain so their resolution is that once you get down to 0.6, that’s the flat rate it will always be profitable to mine etc etc whatever right So what Loki presents to us is it says that that’s a deflationary manner of dealing with things and that they want to perform an inflationary manner by instead instead of doing the 0.6 they do what’s called a 0.5% inflationary application which would then increase the price of the coin which and therefore would incentivize people to With their staking models so that’s kind of where some of the inefficiencies come into play i’d love? To have them on and discuss that from a technical perspective Because there’s still some weird stuff that i don’t understand from that model and i’ve had some sit downs with some developers some like-minded developers and and kind of talk through it and it’s kind of weird So whenever you have weird stuff like that i like to get it out into the open start a conversation among the community maybe get some people posting some some detailed medium blogs i think it would be really healthy for the space especially for loki moving forward that being said My take on it That’s why i went down to above average there’s some weird stuff they’re also the fudd is kind of getting me a little bit they, had fun bushi capital logo on their website which is a very prominent capital investment firm or vc firm and it got pulled and from what i understand talking with people behind the scenes One of their advisors is associated with them busi capital and he used to work there i think and i think that there was negotiations ongoing and they just thought it’d be fine to slap a logo up there and then apparently someone like there was an agreement with someone ever ffm bushi like word of mouth kind of deal they put up the thing and then the higher up was like no we’re cutting that and Apparently according to the team they’re still in talks So i’ve also been looking, into that whether or not there’s talks are still facilitating and potentially where they are going And whether i can publicly release that from some people i know in in the eastern asian sphere so There’s that i don’t think that’s terribly I don’t think that’s like really that big fudge in my opinion and the reason being is because this isn’t the first time it happened Happen with b token and zero chain now zero chain is partnering with neo i think it happens a lot more than people think? where a lot of the partnerships that are happening in the black changed space because things are still so kind of weird everything is word of mouth with certain people you kind of go hey can we do a partnership can we do cross promotions and stuff like that everyone’s putting Logos on like no one’s getting a custom logo from someone the pride is getting an offline just posting it like maybe they are maybe They aren’t but i don’t think it’s enough, to really break the bank break the project i think they can really move past this And also something to note that the metrics here are taken secondhand from their telegram Now someone did message me a sheet with the metrics i’m not sure they’re representative of the team or not So i tried to get everything from telegram to make it public i don’t like, to share people’s private information Whatever the cto also reached out to me and said oh there were some other flood regarding of the team’s The team’s metrics for the pre mine i think the team was getting 20% up front they’ve Now changed that i recommended that they go over to a two-year cycle When he had reached out To me and From what i understand they had a meeting about that they’re gonna be releasing information on that soon so at least the team is taking proactive measures In that regard so i think that’s pretty cool in terms of the beta release they have their stuff slated for 30 days again You could really make the argument that it’s like 180 which would drive down the score but what i’m really seeing here is just a low cap project most of the token that’s being locked up in the mining stage i gave some leadership points for their their lead dev which is the manera dev who will probably just be busting out code I think like i said from the beginning it’s a very high-risk project i hope that it succeeds but you, know it’s not it’s not your run-of-the-mill ace it’s not gonna be an a+ or any of that stuff you could you could arguably Say it might even be a low eighties project but i’m always excited for new blockchains i think there’s always gonna be floods surrounding them you can look at our clock you can look at a number of different things i Bought into some of the fun i’ve also passed on some of the fun i’ve also rode some of the funds you know it really Depends in today’s market when new blockchains come out? people just flood the fuck out of it because they they know that shit’s gonna sell out right it doesn’t doesn’t matter whether it works doesn’t matter whether the tech sounds good whatever it’s gonna it’s it’s gonna generate hype because people want to get behind it and they’re just gonna flood it so That’s kind of my take so i think it’s a high risk play make sure you do your own due diligence read my disclaimer at the beginning all that stuff so Ah, all right let’s see here i do want to get over here to mentee so i’m just gonna look through here read it room is bitcoin as a payment due to a coin base change sounds like a good opportunity for open platform solid these failed experience wrong in the moving banner below your video I appreciate that miko as a computer scientist is someone who excels at math on a very high level and scored very high in terms of the national average for for mathematics my spelling is absolutely atrocious and i embrace my flaws fully so i will look back there and actually look at it right now i probably just spelled it wrong even searching for it But i do appreciate that will fix it live on the stream for you my dude See here? properties that’s a lot of text my dude hopefully there was only one instance of that i’ll go back through it later but i appreciate that man make sure i didn’t switch gio switchy oh yep switch yeah baby i heard they partnered with i think effect ai to launch on their platform which i thought was cool and how often Do you take profit just want to know from a pro or do you just hit percentages i mentioned in my previous video It’s really the risk of the project if i think the project super solid i just won’t take profits if i think it like it’s really about like where i think i’m going with it Long-term holds i don’t it depends really it’s like i take into a number different factors roadmap When they’ll start organic growth, so when people will actually start utilizing the project let’s say the project is gonna start being used within 30 days it’s just somehow you Know something along the lines of that i actually won’t take profits at all because i don’t think it’ll go below 2x you know but if something’s like super far away and i plan on holding which Normally never happens i usually sell at the top and i try to sell towards the top or where i judge where the top is And then re-enter at a tradesmen level or way down depending on how far out it is So i’ll just i’ll just take i’ll take profits on the way up at like 2 to 3 i also look at You know where i project where i set my range projections at as well to take to take projector to take profits out Also you need to account for the market conditions so right now i would i mean not financial advice obviously read the disclaimers and stuff but i i probably wouldn’t be taking profits anything above 1 the 2x right now just because the Average is like 2 to 3 from the good projects and then 5 to 10 i think they were saying in 2018 so That’s for the higher projects so keep that in mind Did you do any due diligence on black liner in the status rsk fud yeah so i told people i was looking into it for Whoever i reached out to to get back to me on that i can’t remember who the fuck it was It’s a little embarrassing but i’m still looking into that the actually the founder There the ceo of the project was on blockchain brett i hate to give a plug on black ain’t brad but The founder was on blockchain brad show in a recent interview go check it out it’s a it’s at about the 20 minute mark black shame brad asked him about his relationship with status rsk and I would i would just check that out he gives his an explanation you can take it for what it is there’s a lot of information out there i Haven’t been able to receive anything from my sources but when you search status rsk there’s a lot of information about it being a scam From 2017 i think it all relates around there one of their team members putting out an Email blast to a subsection of the ico participants asking for money and I’m pretty sure he took money and i don’t know what the resolution to that was That seems to be the information that i’ve gotten when i search for online not a representation of the team also one thing i found that was extremely odd about status rsk is that if you look up a what like a web a wayback machine on it’s like a time a time photograph When you look up the team for status rsk it actually says that will release our team after the ico or something like that and i just thought that to be incredibly shady because we would like in today’s market we would never ever ever maybe would maybe if he got into that one project that went like 50x good we would never we would never invest into a project that Didn’t have a team on the front of it at least some some people that we could look up even like maybe some people get scanned that they never went on like a live television cast right But it was a little weird but that being said the black slider ceo did come on his channel and showed his face? So typically people who are trying. To scam you don’t do that but you know i’ve seen i’ve seen stuff, so It is what it is but that’s the only background i have on it right now? and if i find any more information i’ll put it out there but thanks for asking No, thoughts on one deck because i’ve changed my stance on exchanges and i’ve i don’t have any left of one decks? thoughts about kadena evident proved peach ain t i am i haven’t heard of tim kadena My understanding is that their cat for the third sale is just ridiculous and they held to private sales before So i’m just staying away just my opinion evident prove i haven’t looked into Peachy and i’ll be making a video on soon tim i’ve never heard of did he go over block cloudy just talked about it Hey manny what do you think of blue whale it’s the first i’ve seen one icon what do you think and you research it sure our researcher for you but put it on my little notepad over here blue whale i’ve actually heard of that Yep yeah we’re gonna give them any questions now isaiah do appreciate that sorry for the way All right we’re gonna happen or two I’ll actually decide here about, to show you the real deal holyfield that way we can at least see your questions alright it looks like we’re still by the way if anything comes up in menti that was obviously manipulated I’ll skip or i’ll write it down and say i’ll come back to it long-term potential for zebedee yes So the one thing about zebby i was looking at actually saw this question Before we came up so i did want To give a little head start on the first Question the one thing about zebby is that they’re indian base and i haven’t seen a ton of like really upper tier projects that are indian based No, offense, to india so i actually think that because of its local its local geography and i think of what blockchain can do for india especially from from a country that has a lot of tech people in it a lot of smart minds i think that This project can do very well because it’s kind of like one of the first six it i think it’ll be one of? the first success stories out of india not saying india hasn’t had many success stories in blockchain before they’re obviously the second largest and in terms of bitcoin traffic don’t quote me on that but i’m pretty sure that’s accurate so i think zebby can do a lot for india i think that i’m very bullish on the data space You, know they plan to tackle that i pretty sure i’ve invested in almost every major project that’s had to do with data at this point you know looking at looking at excellent excellent shiny and the apex looking at nucleus vision a couple others so anything really major zebby i’ve gone into the thing with zabi though is that they had a great team they, had a decent idea and they had an amazing cap and the marketing was what kind of sank them because their website didn’t really look that great it was awful and then tour came in and really just refreshed everything for them so happy – i just support this one i think a long term just, because of the geography and what they plan to do i think that they could definitely be a long-term stay in the blockchain space but i’m not originally approaching it from that perspective let’s put it that way marked as answered Thoughts on peachy and yeah so i’m not gonna answer this question because i’m gonna be putting out a video on p chain? I did throw some ether i’m into it though Hey man can you please review iry o network it’s a european i co bill on yes? again photo another one i’m just gonna write this one down I’m back to it if we have some time today maybe we’ll look at it but I think i have it on a list somewhere? thanks for $2 donation dennis Unfortunately it’s slightly wasted i hate to i hate people to throw money and then me do reviews we’d actually be here for a while but photos it’s obviously a longer-term project and i’m still bullish on it talked about peachy and the other thing about beaching is that these chinese projects like it literally doesn’t matter What they do every time there’s a chinese project out people were just throwing money at it it’s ridiculous like cp chain they told us that their github would be out Before the ico and i’m pretty sure it didn’t come out until after and their reason was that their founder had it on his laptop and was running around with it or something like that it was something ridiculous people still like pho mode the fuck out and then it just dumped sick when like in china they hire market makers You know ian’s talked about this I’ve heard from third hand sources about this so like most of these chinese projects that are like really big in the chinese space they just hire market makers pump it up and like it just does well so Thoughts on crypto that sucks no i oh crap that – oh i’m not doing crypt that – oh? i only know yeah i’m just not doing it Charter protocol charter protocol is on my list as well so i don’t really kinda want to bury the lead i will be putting out material on that sorry guys How do you sell at the top yeah, i just said i just set realistic projections i look back at past market data you know Preferably recent to see where market caps kind of stabilized i also look at what the average stabilization of projects are hitting when they come out the decent ones i look i kind of judge You know do i think this project is decent do i think it’s a flip to it and there’s a number of things i think about which i’ve talked about in multiple different videos and then i just i set ranges three different ranges kind of a min and maximum average and in between the ranges that i plan to set up i also kind of judge my risk as we talked about before of, when i’ll take my initial profits and then selling the rest into the pumps so i take initial profits on some i some i Don’t when we go to those ranges that just kind of sell off in between that’s the top i’m usually pretty accurate When it comes to predicting those types of things okay cryptic crypto you can just pass on a base in my name Any opinion about thor token originally i thought or token was cool just because Okay i thought thor token was cool because it sounded very similar to something that my job already does so in the united states health care has now become kind of partner partner eyes So in order for companies to get affordable health care they have to kind of form into a network and that’s kind of what thor is doing i Want, to have your brain and predict this okay well Hopefully i don’t wake up without it one day just know that if you separate the brain from my body it won’t work at least in this year maybe in like 20 years But by then you’ll be too late, so please don’t take my brain hey maddy do you think zebby can open at 20x i’m not gonna answer that question i’m not a financial adviser and that would turn Me into one how had the knowledge then yes take my knowledge and beat me Call me sexy sadie have you looked in the new cipher no i haven’t it’s been out for a while now So i’m just it’s not Relevant to me that’s the other thing guys i’ll be hearing it first from me here i’m gonna be toning down on the amas a little bit i feel like my channel has really just become this flow of amas i Want, to focus on more relevant reviews i noticed that you guys really love the 5 to 30 minute review videos so i kind of Want, to bring more of that content to the forefront i also want to put out Content of me just talking about stuff because i know you like to hear that i also know you like, to see these ama So maybe i’ll try and pump those up a couple times a week so you guys can get your questions in and Cool stuff like that and then really have the amas focus on you know really awesome projects that want to come on and talk about? their stuff and i think that’ll help to like Not, dilute the content that’s coming out because i think you’re still watching like the cool animes but at the same time i think like i brought nuggets on and i thought that was a decent Interesting project to look at especially because a lot of people aren’t getting access to Certain like icos and like they were actually running one so at least it’s the time So i thought it was nice to be able to bring them on and talk about their platform because i thought their platform has some stuff that was worth noting and i thought there i thought their team really presented it but it didn’t really like it didn’t really get a lot of engagement people weren’t really Caught on by and i think it might have something to do with the market as well so i think the reviews of upcoming startups are really catching so i’m gonna try and shift content that way Have you looked into persona 2 i am zero knowledge i didn t blockchain fork remark work of arc okay i mean that coming within two weeks i see however but they raised about six million and not on exchange is awesome road now i have not looked into them but i will put them down here On my list of things to look up and if it would create some interest in terms of content creation we’ll hit it up Camellia rousseau bloomberg is writing a report on photo oh that’s awesome? yeah dennis p.m. That to me When it’s out and then i’ll do some coverage on it on my channel? Because i’m a big supporter of photo i mean i could just reach out, to the team but yeah next big thing protocols Blockchains ai or something yeah i think people will still keep riding the data exchange wave i think ai will continue to be a buzz Word i think as ken from open platform had mentioned that him and i had discussed scalability solutions will be the big thing and i think people are gonna continue to try and put out these block chains with like white paper i seos mainly because the the sec head didn’t really clarify when he said that tokens are securities but block chains aren’t it makes no fucking sense at all because if you were gonna say that a security is something that you’re speculating on then you Say that people who come out with block chains that have these white papers and nothing else are not securities you’re pretty much just making the space a terrible place where everyone’s gonna be working on some blockchain that doesn’t need to exist I sat down with a team i’m not gonna name their name But they had asked me to at least look at a rough draft for their tokens and i looked over the white paper and i was like there’s no i told him i said i said you’re really getting banged on right now for your roadmap but i said do yourself a favor and Just, throw out this fucking shit roadmap and turn yourself into an er c20 token because there’s no reason outside regulatory concerns that you should be on a blockchain i said if you wanted like switcheroo blocks hannah later points sure You, know apex is doing it who cares it drives up excitement after the sale but in terms of your actual roadmap Doesn’t make any sense you can just do it all with any rc 20 token i think a lot of people are going over towards their own blockchain right now and it kind of blows because they’re just doing it for regulatory reasons they don’t want to be labeled as as a security and eventually i think the ssc will come come them you know first the sec came for them and i didn’t care first he Came for you and i didn’t care now the sec is coming from me who will care you know so We’ll see what the world of regulatory changes looks like everyone hates the ipo market but we’re protecting the investors that don’t worry it’s my personal opinion not a reflection of the sec or we’re gonna tory rules please don’t kill me Next big thing protocols thoughts on the ethos okay let’s get back to the questions Thoughts on trinity networks scaling solution for neo and supposedly ether them and other block chains thanks maddie i just picked up some trinity after i watched the goblins Video i would recommend you go over to the gob one? he just put out a interview with trinity there’s some exciting stuff happening regards to them exclusive partnerships with trinity i think i think that is what they said essentially that they’re gonna try and be the Micro rate and the the rate in network of neo so Definitely exciting stuff and i picks them up not a recommendation of hold or whatever lol just give to my question no, i don’t believe, so so yeah you asked me to look into persona i Am i wrote it down i said i would look at that later i’m not skipping a question I have you looked in a new cipher i said it’s been out for a while that’s and i’m not looking into it and also i asked have you set this up so i’m sorry if you feel like i skipped your question i don’t know a lot about persona de i am and i don’t want to kind of take up i Don’t want to take up the whole thing are you talking about the ess question oh that’s because if you want your question be answered submit it into into the menti i don’t want to kind of be going back and forth between the chat cuz it’s unfair to the People who have Participated in the process and keep things a lot more organized so i hear you you want to you want me to talk about ethos and i respect that But if other people want to talk about you throw up vote your question and mentee So just make sure you ask here i’m trying. To not, to Dig from the chat too much but i do apologize All right and that goes for everyone else who who are still asking questions or whatever you want network yeah quanta network is like like my third project on the list to review But it’ll be coming out Soon now i do plan on starting to pump out reviews at a quicker rate maybe one two three reviews per day At the minimum for like five to six days a week i’m also working with i’m trying to work with some graphical designers trying to work with some graphical designers to get some some thumbnails up which will be cool But, quanta network is at the top of the list right now so we’ll look into that Chane iam thoughts i don’t have any thoughts on chain iam and i probably won’t it’s a they’re not? High, enough on my radar right now in terms of what i have on my plate so i do apologize Whan an icon erver or undervalued at the moment so for me personally i think i’m trying To accumulate lower i have some tether sitting on finance for that for both coins about five to ten grand on there that i’m just waiting for the price to dip i think that i Think icon it’s really hard to tell you know i think obviously they’re undervalued long term but i think you’re referring to more short term I’m not really gonna speculate on it i’m trying to buy one chain lower than it is right now? because i think that the market overall is kind of volatile and i think that everything is just really tied to to that so The problem is is that if you have your money in ether ‘m or bitcoin and it’s on by nance and you’re looking and you’re? And you’re saying oh well the markets the market could still go down again before it goes back up or whatever if that’s the case then That means if you waited out your aetherium bitcoin gets devalued so you’re still buying like the same amount had you a button now So that’s why i transferred it over to tether because if the market dips then my value of usd stays the same and i can accumulate more in terms of quantity for wan and icon so i’m hoping the market kind of drags down again and then i can pick it up that’s kind of my plan more for whatching than icon because obviously i can’t a couple billion but if you’re looking at like long term projection there’s still The sky’s the limit because it’s like, no, one’s even using the platform right now you’re looking at these market caps currently that’s that’s without use that the only use is like people were sending their their tokens across the network right now there’s it and it’ll be soon you know but we’ll see i Mean i guess people want to store it as a value as well I think anytime actually a really good trader i talked to yesterday he was saying that he waits like a week to ten days anyway so yeah, anytime like the volume obviously Let’s just put it this way for watching the volume is happening on finance is not did you improvisation tg o for one ledger i’m not sure i Don’t remember who i joined for one ledger nor would i probably i wouldn’t tell anyone on this channel anyway? But just, so everyone knows like i have access to like 10 or 20 different pools i don’t have to go through tgl anyway that being said What are you gonna say, so much oh yeah the volume on finance will mark those answers The the volume on finance is at an all-time high right now and it’s it’s not sustainable right Once people buy or sell their bags of one chain that volume is going? To come down so you can just use simple economics of how volume works in relation so That’s that’s based off hype or whatever or like organic use like once? you start growing like look at see are x-rays er x actually it’s a perfect example I’m bullish on t-rex still even though it might not be as great for texas currently but i’m still bullish on the idea right did you look at zrx this right here was kind of like the lead-up to the hype train right this was this was the altcoin bull run in december Most of that’s in december so everything that was undervalued at the time because we we initially had the pump post i see oh that was all hype right crashdown It’s added as accumulation level waiting to do its thing then we had the the altcoin bull run everything went up like this So it didn’t really matter what you were holding if you bought things at the bottom Like this is where you were pumping ramp then it crashed back down to about here now it’s starting to go back up again right It’s now gonna find some stability in this range because people are starting to utilize the product and There’s more people utilize the product it’ll go up it’ll go up now during this time period it’ll probably have though there will be all coin bull runs there will be hype things are these nature’s that’ll push it as an over oversold Type of coin like type of price but the point remains is that one people once people start using it it has a floor solid floors Even though the market can push stuff down the market will tend to not focus on things that have solid floors Tends to focus on the weak in terms of volatility so we didn’t mind have three coins you are accumulating in this bear market Hmm, see i’m not really accumulating anything at the moment just because i’m focusing more on locking my money in now i just so okay so i don’t really have a ton of money laying around in terms of that right i put a lot of money into icos before the more before the etherion market crashed so i have a lot of stuff locked in on various projects between 800 and 1,200 dollars aetherium right so that’s really good for me because I was priced in at that and then aetherium dropped so i actually made more money because i would have lost like three to five hundred per theorem That being said i still had some money laying around i would drew some of it to fiat Before some of the crash so because i had some stuff i had to pay for and what was left over I’ve only been investing in like really small cat projects or really big projects that i don’t want to miss out on But the spare cash i do have is just going towards one chain an icon? because those are those are i think just long-term i want to be a part of that you know if we said we could have been a part of aetherium back in 2016 like you would be kicking yourself now like if you have hundreds or thousands of those tokens like your it’s fucking insane so Long-term you’re going to want to be a part of those i think? But, also there’s some other cool stuff out there like poa is out there blue cells out there coming up towards the summer months we’ll see what price is bested by watching what is your prediction for it do i um why was it so this is just my personal opinion obviously read the disclaimer at the beginning of the video i Was looking to accumulate watching around $3 but i’m not sure if it’s going, to retrace to that mark Do your own due diligence thoughts on te foods short term long term i think short it’s more of a short-term play people are gonna just try and think this the next wah be pretty shit market to launch anything at the moment but i think short terms more favourable long term i haven’t really given the project a true chance Because those sets of projects i’m not actually bullish on i’ve described this in some of my last amas i actually wasn’t bullish on bobby as a project and i actually pinned bobby’s success to the fact that they had a like a beautiful news cycle they bought out their pre sailors there was a ton of hype in relation to them but i think very early on i wasn’t very bullish on them So i didn’t make a mistake in regards to that and i bought wahby on the exchange and then flipped it for a short gain So important to note Also wasn’t very fun it wasn’t very like i wasn’t super polish on the interview that i had one of the first people to interview As a slav i think his name is from wahby which is kind of weird to look back on that now Being one of my first interviews but i’m not very i’m just very not big on the space it’s like an rfid chip you, know i think long term those types of things just don’t make sense i think utilizing blockchain for validation is fine but i think in terms of like the rfid chip model and wahby specifically sucks because just in my opinion please enable the backward and forward function during the livestream It’s in the youtube settings he wasn’t able to backward and forward functions okay yeah i’ll look it up Yeah, i actually like that too but i wasn’t sure if there was a setting or not because i’m a noob forward function here’s how about minty for a second settings I think with back to the tea foodstuff i think? now because of wahby speculators will pump wahby like products because they know it will sell to the industry Like people have to keep in mind right now there weren’t a super speculative market everything speculative no one’s investing in tech If you’re investing in tech you’re looking for things that are already on the market and you’re trying? To buy them at bottom dollar prices after you’ve already made your money in the speculative sense that’s why the regulation is coming in that’s why they wanted to target things as securities and things of that nature because they are The problem is is that regulators don’t want to they don’t want to pass new Responsible regulation that applies to crypto they want to use the archaic laws because it’s easy and innovation gets stifled when you try and make things easy and I think the sec in some regards understands that they understand that if they had quashed the dot-com bubble when they wanted to they would not have the internet today right so and because they eventually quashed it good companies where will come out of the post post bubble so Yeah, i think speculators will utilize lobbies success and try and apply it to tv foods but i think as a technology doesn’t make any fucking sense oh Yeah, the thing i hate about wahby was that they weren’t able to sell their coins in china they had to convert their coins to a point system and then the point systems were optional for the products they want to buy so that really that really confused me I also didn’t like that majority of wahby up until that point a majority of their sales had come on through e-commerce not in in-store purchases which i Think the the beta the beta trials they did in the in-store purchases looked really cool but they had only beta tested that at three stores that were buying their products from the online retailers yeah, so there was a bunch of stuff with wahby that wasn’t really a fond of in the beginning i think after everything went down it was obviously like a good a good play So it’s kind of poisoned me for other things like that because i’m torn in between half being like i know speculators are gonna pump this because it’s like wahby and half like Okay from a technology perspective how do i even get up on a platform and try and defend this, so that’s kind of where i sit with tea foods you can take it for what you what it is make sure you make your own your own due diligence an opinion just like i have Okay pleasing it okay yeah we got this bro i appreciate that let me just make sure i didn’t pass a question by accident Hey matty what are your thoughts on right mesh tie oh it is on the list to review it’s probably in the top 10 top 15 But it’s not it’s not on a priority right now talked about t foods thoughts on e sister launching universal wallet soon End of q1, march i’m excited to see what ethos has to do i don’t have any skin in the game on that one? But i’m always looking, for for new people to come along and and improve blotching so from what i’ve heard about ethos it sounds pretty exciting i Don’t like the superman’s backing it but that’s just a difference of opinion Hache crapping the etherium killer solidity based smart contracts so i think hash graph is gonna be like the ion of 2018 in the sense that i think it can be a very big project i still have to look into it But the cap is just ridiculous so i’m hoping that That just causes people to just foot out and then i’ll get it for cheap so with the ion i’m pretty sure they came out the gate saying like yeah our caps 100 million i was like no i’m not going into that project but then someone told me like towards the end they lowered it to like 10 million and sold it offers already they only raised 10 Million i’ll be looking for hash grab to do the same i’m hearing rumors all over the place It’s like 200 to 250 million dollar cap for 5% so good luck bro i Everyone wants to call themselves the etherion killer i’ll be doing a hash grab video soon that it’s actually like literally Top two right now p chain and hash graph? hash grab is going to take a lot more research p chain will be a little bit easier it’s only a 25 page white paper anytime that we’re dealing with new technology or whatever it’s anything we’re dealing with the fuck are you Yeah, anytime we’re dealing with new technology it’s like i have to do a ton of research on it so see what’s up? Upcoming icos other than erc 20 dog i mean how can you even talk about a top 3 seo without Erc 20 dog in the equation it’s just i don’t need i don’t even think i deserve to answer this question All jokes aside erc 20 dog is a fake website of of The team members are all dogs so that’s the codename kennel it’s a joke from ryan and i stream so please don’t actually look up Here, see 20 dog who knows in the specular market even that could probably go up obviously necks hands down if you look up the search results organic search results for next it’s actually 10x pacing any other seo in the current market most icos are coming in around 30,000 organic searches through google last month in february Neon exchange was coming in at 300,000 so that’s just fucking insane there’s a ton of, fomo around a ton of people looking into it they’re gonna have some staking stuff which is pretty exciting And it’s definitely a competitor in the ending p5 deck space so i’m always supportive of dex exchanges that are gonna work It’s really all gonna come down to the ui just look at idec’s eyes exes ui was perfect There’s no issues so there’s no problem and it has tons liquidity and either delta was around four years so Case in point closed i’m big on hybrid blogs i’m excited, to see their exchange? Go up i might even be having some sort of like affiliate issue thing there i know one of the hyper blocks people reached out to me recently and they said that there’s like you can put up your own page or something like that So hey what the fuck why not So i am i’m excited about hyper blocks but i think open platform i’m excited to see but that’s kind of like a long term that it’s hype deal I’d have to look at the roadmap again we’ll look at it right now actually i have their Beta 30 days 90-day release actually no it’s gonna be pretty quick to get up and running It’s not as exciting for me as as i won’t be developing anything but it’ll be exciting to see that happening one ledger actually really surprised me i read through their white paper But the problem with one ledger is that they’re so far out and i think other people are really focusing on bridging right now that they’re gonna be way closer in terms of getting the market so That’s kind of a downturn i don’t really think that there any ico i’m really excited to come out and just bend this bear market autonomy you know excellent chain who knows when i’m getting my tokens i Honestly don’t think there’s there’s like i can’t even put a top three up there i can just tell you what i have money into And you know i think next for sure i think open platform as a as an idea i’m excited for And i think hyperbole i think this the sheet speaks for itself really those are the three that i’m excited to see come out? Because like next i want to use open platform i want to see what happens and hyper blocks i want to use switch you i want to use too because i don’t have any option for any p5 texas right now like if i want to sell My apex or if i want to sell even my switchy oh i can’t because there’s no decks for neo right now so Kind of sucks for all of us so probably these four i’m looking for everything else is just a high-risk play and these i’m actually like looking forward to Also looking for coin fly to come out it’s not an ico but i’m looking forward to come out? make sure you check out my disclaimers as well on that we’ll even be able to rise again in price with us etc giving live this year yeah so i talked about this on the gough once channel when ether um was around nine – hundred to a thousand i said the ether home was gonna be experiencing some volatility soon that would crash the price And it did end up crashing i said 250 or 300 i just threw a number out there to shock people It did drop down so i think four or fifty or so which is pretty drastic and a lot closer than i think what most people thought it was going to And it’s not that i thought that it would just go on some massive tear now most of the time for tradesmen is go to 5060 percent range or lower so it’s not very surprising in terms of the price compared to where its all-time high was But it’s important, to note why i thought that was going to happen there’s a number of reasons number one the regulatory landscape its we can all agree i think on this point that Etherium is kind of 4i cos of the west in terms of the western hemisphere so europe america and then some asian comfortable countries and then in the east in the asian countries they most they mostly focus on i cos that are nationally national Nationalistic dependent so if we’re coming out of japan you’re on them if you’re coming out of china you’re trying To be on neo if you’re coming out of south korea you’re on icon? like people in asia understand this mentality it’s been happening for decades that people support their own geographical region in asia while in europe they’ll just accept something that’s kinda like they have geographical region and acceptance but it’s it’s more like they’re just fine dealing with ether them and like that’s it right they don’t they don’t know anyone in the asian Space or if they do they’d rather deal with someone from like that’s more relatable i guess i’m not sure what the deal is but regardless aetherium up into this point has kind of been the west and neo has kind of been the east and same with same with icon and stuff like that and all these other all these other platforms that are kind of gonna be launching icos on them so For a while and even still to this day if we want to talk about efficiently now now i will let me tell you a story first real quick story time right When i first used neo and the neon wallet and all that shit it was the pain points were pretty obvious right and i get it right it’s gonna suck at first when i did the red pulse ico and that whole scenario and just worrying about where the hell my fucking tokens were it was painful I’m, now using the neon wallet with the legend with the ledger support and i have to say That it’s come such a far away and i’ve been able to see that growth firsthand i didn’t get To see that group of the theorem? Because a lot of things were already figured out by the time i started utilizing it for ico investments in the in the late spring mid to late spring of 2017 June ish type timeframe but yeah, so they already have my ether wallet and all that stuff so i Think, now what you’re seeing is aetherium is bitcoin had was getting ripped apart Because house you getting the rpx bro don’t be a noob Not, to not, to like i’m at you or anything bro but you know bitcoins kind of been getting teared apart where all these forks i feel like a theorem is getting torn apart because they’re not The only player in town anymore right that’s the first thing the second thing is that they’re being scrutinized regulatory wise in europe and in america where a lot of their base was the regulatory landscape is changing dramatically not in a positive fashion and it’s also decreased the amount of ics they’re coming out, so you had this huge bull run where aetherium which is reaching new highs and it kind of paralleled the charts that we were seeing for ico investments in 2017 and then 2018 That has since decreased so it was the writing was on the wall you, can just look at the you just look at the research from january and february of 2018 and the ico Investments and have drastically decreased i know a number of people who are being super selective with their ico investments in pre-sales now so there’s just not as much activity and since or since aetherium was one of the few coins That had organic growth it would just make sense that the price would dramatically drop have the sky because that growth that growth has slowed The the same thing happened in other coins obviously because the whole markets falling but i feel like aetherium was like a huge target for that because a big one was already kind of down anyway before that happened So yeah i think there was just a ton of volatility around the theorem and i think i think that vitalic and this actually goes into the vitalic for his dong favors dan larmour You, know i think i think all of those guys bring something to the table or whatever but i honestly feel like the bite at vitalic it’s like the i Don’t wanna say the steve jobs of crypto because steve jobs was an elegant elegant speaker and i think vitalic is an elegant speaker to certain groups but he’s not like a public-facing guy So i don’t even know maybe he’s the steve wozniak and i don’t i can’t even want to even compare him to anyone but vitalic is still a visionary leader and i feel like More people know him at the moment i feel like he can kind of right the ship bharathi reom in a number of ways you’re looking at the dow ico you’re looking at scalability solutions like he’s on the forefront of a lot of what we would consider the pre 90s Scalability to the post.com bubble so i think aetherium still has a lock and hold on this market for for years to come And i think someone like him can really drive that ship bite alex the elon musk even elan muscles a really good speaker so you know from to the to mainstream like i can’t put vitalic up in front of a dimeric ins and be like bye pickle but i buy it there iam it’s just not gonna happen He’s gonna he’s gonna try and tell you something like 50 minute speech of why his technology is like the shit da comp thing is the steve joffe i can get along with that Yeah, so it’s pretty crazy but yeah i’ll end with that on this you’re printing on approval work for his proof mistake first deepest first others proof of work will eventually phase out because of global warming and climate change not like anyone gives a shit about that anyway pos is kind of moving towards bids and time pos but it still fluctuates Yeah, i think that’s really all there is really say Hmm i think i do think that everyone’s trying to do master nose now yeah that’s actually one thing about one ledger that i talked about they pretty much want to have a staking mechanism for Everyone off chain? Or consensus to go on chain so? something that some food for thought i think i think eventually like staking will just be something built into whatever network you’re using thoughts encrypt out to someone else with it earlier i’m not gonna answer that I got a bag of simple token from the icea on my rekt yeah so if you recall back in my wreck if you recall back when i was talking about simple token i passed because the i cou were essentially losing like a Hundred dollars every time you bought annie tharam or whatever it was because of Things fluctuating at that time i still like simple token as an idea just because there’s a software-as-a-service but To be honest everyone’s getting rekt right now so i don’t think anyone’s shedding a tear for you my dude but i do feel for you if i look at an interview with italic i’m always like this stephen hawking just leave this world test-fired wealthy reom be able to rise again in price with eos etc back Is there any way to tonight i think at this point we are going to close the verdun Okay cuz i think we have 54 questions here and i’m only gonna be here for another hour so so We’ll eat well ethan be able to rise again in the price with es etc going Live this year so i already talked about that i still I stand by what i said i think if the us will definitely be a player in the space though That’s uncle off text i don’t have any thoughts on it? thoughts on cp chain talked about them earlier B&b killing it even with the fudd going around what is your view on the state of bye nance and what’s going on they’re taking? Huge steps to always stay ahead but sec in japan are being dickheads Yeah, i’m not sure I heard they’re moving the malta so i guess it’s a big step and they’re trying to get a fee out on a ramp? but i mean people can just ride ride this dick pretty much I don’t think there’s any like super major crackdowns going on at the moment and i don’t See them happening like they’re basically hong kong so all i don’t know they, can bring it pretty much Thoughts on silica short and i actually thought i’d just to go back on that real quick i actually thought maybe they should move to the isle of man because the isle of man is like where pokerstars is and it’s really hard to kind of crack that on them there though i’m pretty sure the government shut them down there – yeah, maybe hong kong is the best place for them because they get diplomatic immunity and shit Like it’s very hard to have the chinese the the hong kong government to let outsiders Come in and like really fuck you up but they also have securities laws there too that they would have to follow so i’m sure They’re feeling the pressure there as well move to russia i guess if you really want to piss people off thoughts on zilla cos short and long term i think xilk is fantastic short and long term i think enough people have talked about it that i don’t really need to comment and at this point Thank you for the uk friendly ama timing yeah i would prefer 12 to 2 i think that’s friendly for everyone Even though i know people had the party at night on saturdays So do i i think anywhere between 10:00 and 2:00 is the most appropriate time because that’ll be friendly for americans In that pacific time two o’clock is probably the best because if you’re awaking up at 8 then it’s fine but Hey matty do you think stk is currently under valued in my personal opinion yes because it’s not a buyer holder recommendation or so thanks for uk friendly ama yeah it was about this coin metro just gonna skip that and not familiar with it What’s your thoughts on one ledger bullish unsure will you invest in the project i found the team amazing and the project might be huge one second maddie i’m in gay porn and looking for a career in bitcoin any suggestions my friend thanks Well i’m confused of what you being in gay porn has to do with bitcoin but maybe you can start making crypto porn i know he in Ian’s trying, to hack the system and you know changed the culture so maybe you can talk. To him about revolutionising the porn industry The gay porn industry with dick coin that being said What your thoughts on one ledger bullish unsure will you invest in the project i found the team amazing and the project might be huge yeah So i we talked about 100 before i just put out a video on it a review video so make sure you go check that Out my consensus was that the team is amazing the project is amazing The only problem is timing i think that they’re going To be slightly behind the times but i think the space has plenty of room for competitors and i look forward to what they have to have to say alright what they have to do Do you think of sdk and coin phi as they’re launching their beta in april as of now they are under ic o—- prize i’m holding my coin phi probably going to accumulate more just my opinion Stk i think they push some stuff back so i’d have to look into them again Did you just pull off gay bitcoin to ian a man someone’s got taken up dude i’m not I’m not hacking the system out here i’m not, i’m not rev i’m not revolutionising the landscape you know So i know he is for us, so i’m sure he wants to get behind that how bullish are you on ethereum prices all the icos that have accumulated aetherium will need to dilute their stash sooner or later increasing supply on the open market yeah, i’m pretty sure a lot of them have already liquidated their etherium in general but i’m sure that’s i’m sure that is another one of the factors that can be listed up with what i said before about kadena i thought i already answered this in chat what do you think of chartres stories they raised ten million i see oh my understanding is that the chinese blue cell i Still have to look into them Not, to poke fun in because he’s a cool guy in my opinion and and we have a association we talk and stuff but there was a picture that someone took of like that one guy like touching his shoulder and like ian was like yeah we had a pretty wild night tonight and i was like what the fuck is he talking about i’m not sure everything was all Man i’m tired of it police help me i i can’t help you but i’m not in the gay porn industry thanks for us european people you’re welcome bro what do you think about the enigma protocol trying to solve the problems put with privacy with secret smart contracts and scalability enigma what’s his name tour from enigma actually just messaged me about something with Something with do you think ian is gay i don’t care whether he is gay like i don’t discriminate against people who are homosexuals so people can be what they want like what does it matter But, no, i don’t think he is gay he’s taking too much pictures with all this woman I thought it was funny okay i’m not i’m pretty sure like he was trying To say that they gave me banging some girl but i’m not gonna speculate on that Do you think and also people like in spanish i am jelly bro super jelly i wish i was in that actually that um that mansion or whatever In colombia or whatever that was super sick i was so sick bro I’ll just tell you bro ian just crushes it in everything he does like that’s why that’s why i love him like? There’s a lot of hate out there for ian and i understand like shit even regarding, to the space but like people can’t deny that dudes an ingenious marketer super hustler and he just crushes it so I’m i can’t hate on that bro and that mansion was fun that uh that’s sweet or whatever it was fired? not getting banging advice i’m that gangbanged advisor do your own research Yeah, so tour reached out, to me from enigma Recently and he had some stuff, to say but i don’t remember what it was I’m better off inventing my i sold it like a dollar Waited so long for that shit, why is he an a great guy i mean like ian ian is the og of icos right He kind of put it out there that the youtube space was open or guys like me and others to come along especially like he made some really awesome calls really early on kind of like obvious calls that i was already on for zrx and ent And he was also doing spreadsheet stuff that i was doing and i was like oh? Like i can act like people actually care about this shit like i’m doing all the things he’s doing like why not contribute to the conversation right and like up and that has pretty much Like spawned i was lucky enough to get in when i did because i have like 15k followers now That’s spawned like an army of people under and he’s a revolutionary He saw the vision in crypto and like anyone who says otherwise it’s just lying to themselves That doesn’t mean that you have to like what he’s doing now But you have to respect like where he came from like For people who weren’t here in the game like back in july Like they don’t even understand like what it was like back then that it is now so and now he’s like travelling the world like crypto retirement crypto wallet or like all that shit like you had to respect the game right so You might not be happy with it there’s probably things he does that you were upset about But, no, one’s ever gonna do stuff that you’re 100% cool with and i take shit from people all the fucking time for shit and i’m like dude like i bleed sweat and breathe for this this industry you know what i mean like i work i work at a job and i’m still putting out content all the time and doing all this shit and like i feel like I give a ton back and like contribute to the space as well so like people still shit on me so like you’re not gonna make everyone happy i Think we should have an even billion a day once again someone’s taking a little too far Can you simply explain the difference between security and utility tokens and give some examples of current security tokens yeah i can do that mattie i had to sit on the set last week and tell my producer i’m done oh my god we’re still talking about that How the fuck do you have the energy for the day giant crypto why use to grind poker eight to ten hours a day Plus studying so this is not this is like a cake it’s not a cakewalk but it’s not that yeah, so differences between a security and utilities so a utility token typically is either very close to or has a working product it also doesn’t have speculation of expectation of returns which is a pretty broad A pretty broad kind of brush to stroke but really you can look back at the how we test and apply that i typically look at okay how far How far along are you and your development for people to start using your products the problem with what the sec wants to do with securities is that they want to say that okay this is security because you sold the tokens at a time before the product was out but then wants the products out you can actually use the token in the platform right so once you use the token in the platform i don’t really consider that a utility and more i consider that a Commodity or a utility of the platform so there needs, to be some sort of in between but like i personally suggested that any profits made from tokens bought during a phase should be treated as security in terms of taxes but, after that you can’t label them as securities because you’re taxing like 40% taxes on something that is a currency Typically in currencies in my country usually get taxed at about seven or eight percent so you can see like the massive difference it also really hurts the ability to use these currencies within a platform because you’re taking 40% of its value away every time you spend it in terms of the profit that you would make Maddie are you going to contribute analysis, for the coin fly platform if people want it i haven’t really talked to tim about that at all we haven’t really spoke he’s super busy yeah, but why document it it would be if i would be done with the work ethic i wouldn’t be youtubing just me would be spreading the word uh though yeah i mean he’s um he’s All about like he you have to understand when he worked at ibm i’m pretty sure he did marketing there so like he’s all about building his brand it’s like genius right because he’s a marketer so everything he does it’s like perfect not perfect but like everyone has flaws but like in terms of marketing like he’s building his brand he’s creating several avenues of revenue generation which is something that entrepreneurs do like there’s a ton of stuff that he talks about the people should just listen right instead of just being like oh this guy is like this guy is like a bullshit artist or whatever i also think and this is just my personal opinion i’ll probably get shit for it i feel that On the internet there’s a level of racism that happens and i think that some people apply that against him like i’ve had people comment in my channels with racial Derogatory terms and i think there’s just a copy out it’s like it’s not something that’s not something i prescribe to So i think that also feeds to the hate it’s not like as Huge as, some of the other stuff but i’ve definitely seen it on the internet and it’s fucking disgusting i’ve heard downloads of guys scans and stuff yeah, okay Thoughts on quantum only 86 million market cap now can it grow to 1 billion in 12 months i don’t know even grow to 1 billion it’s obviously like a software-as-a-service type deal where they’re auditing smart contracts and they would obviously need to expand i think having like all these other smart contract block chains coming up and and raising the kind of that activity i think that i think that quan stamp if they can target those will obviously have a bigger market which will be cool especially as all of them scale So uh yeah! iii think quan i’m bullish on quonset long term but i don’t i can’t really answer anything about like 1 billion market cap at 12 months also you doesn’t take into account the the growth of the average market cap as well oh Hey maddie did you get into nkn pull of the gob one now i actually Haven’t really contributed to many of the goblins pools i mean maybe some but not really surely ian’s calling himself a hustler isn’t a good look i mean there’s something wrong being a hustler if you’re talking about like you were your work ethic right there’s two different hustlers there’s like a hustler who’s gonna hustle you for something and then there’s a hustler it was like a work hustle or like he puts in the work he grinds it down right so Within though but it’s getting the same attention as big connect maybe now i think Superman’s getting the same attention as big connect i think ian’s very transparent like ian’s not selling you to me courses for $5 for something that’s already blown up and then when people ask him isn’t that course he denies it and Then charges it twice to his own people just To find out that it’s the same project that people asked him about like that’s straight scam like ian’s not doing that and there’s tons of people out there that credit ian for making them a bunch of money by following his tips on a number of things So yeah, i’m not really gonna, say the ian’s like a scam artist because there’s that’s just not true superman is selling his reviews superman dude superman sold his own community twice a Fucking course on a project that was a scam or sucked i’m not gonna call it a scam but that the projects at administrator whoever that was scan people for money the project was bad everyone knew about what the project was it was doing one of those like proof of carpal shits right And no one was getting in for anything relevant and then superman did a udemy course on it sold it twice to his viewers just, to find out that it was that project that is terrible If you wanted a link uh if you want to sell udemy course that’s fine like when i first met or not i’ve not met when i first started watching superman i was like oh cool he’s doing udemy courses only some basic stuff i think that’s a really good business model right but, now it’s just gotten way out of control yo bit degree was terrible Yeah, with seal thanks manny i only trust you really don’t screw us i’ll try not, to bro you, love job or paid mucho like why not quit for crypto and lifestyle upgrade genuine curiosity I’m not sure if you’re talking to me or someone else Um i got into ics because of ian’s followed him since august the hate is unwarranted people asked him in livestream if it’s a seal he said no yeah yeah like people asked him in his livestream i didn’t want to be rude but i just can’t stand the superman it’s the shittiest youtuber in the christmas spirit he should definitely follow fluffy ponies advice yo that was funny dude i was actually watching that video he put out a sorry but not sorry video i didn’t get through much of it but he said i feel it i feel superman super entertaining it’s just a shame that he that he is an authority on anything Where do you see yourself in about 3 to 5 years honestly i don’t know i see myself retired from normal work And if not i see myself as someone who can be a voice in crypto and try and trance trance fur that through you salad and keep it 100 i’m grievin for you thank ja in a private island Me neither but i nee needs entertaining The sorry in that sorry video what normal work do you do yeah so i have a background in computer science i do Software quality assurance engineering i do selenium and c-sharp development for automated tests and i also do like compliance and a story like cos coverage for like upcoming development i Also work alongside in an agile environment with the dev team there’s a bunch of stuff Like why keep working a full-time job given the level of success you achieved in crypto uh Because it’s a study it’s a steady paycheck and i haven’t made enough money in crypto where i would want to retire in the united states i always explain this To people in the united states there’s a number of things that you have to pay for the government doesn’t take care of health care retirement a number of things right education like i have student debt and things of that nature for me i did the math on it And also taxes in the united states really 40 percent at the highest i would need to make four or five million dollars in crypto and Then after those taxes that would be enough for me to retire and not have to work for 40 to 50 years right 40 years until i hit for social security if it’s still there for me Ian hasn’t even made four to five million dollars from crypto just To put
Into perspective so i don’t mind taking a risk at like Maybe 1/4 of that but i would need to at least make 2 million because the government’s gonna take half from me so Yeah, i haven’t gotten to that point yet so until that happens i need to subsequent my income with the study flow i also don’t want, to touch that Income from crypto that much because i want to be able to take it to a level Where it’s at a comfortable point that i can be like ok? let me step away also you have to keep in mind like that’s your capital for reinvesting so if that’s your capital for reinvesting like you’re you don’t want to be taking like 50k 100k a year out of it i’m just very conservative uh he takes his winning with speaking at conferences good belarus or countries where it’s tax-free a lot of people talk about that The fact of the matter is is that like i’m engaged and i’m gonna be marrying someone so it’s not fully my decision And also i would be leaving behind like the place i love The front my friends and stuff like that just for money and that’s just not worth it for me there’s more in life than money though i think a lot of people don’t understand that do your colleagues and boss know you were doing well in crypto yeah number of them follow me a number of them i’ve gotten into crypto so yeah, they follow me i just, wanted to put it out there i think you an income master the top three cut their huge hoover’s i mean i really i really respect that because i love coin mastery he’s one of my favorite youtubers and i think he’s He’s one of the best in terms of? like quality content But i also like i like people like box mining i like crypto daily for entertainment purposes and like daily news and his like his production content but in terms of like actual content where i learned from coin mastery is like definitely up there Tone vaes is someone i’ve been watching a lot lately he’s pretty smart He’s been coming up he’s like at 5060 k viewers at the moment Hello, hey man he has friends i thought only digital friends no i have i have really friends that i go out partying with like every once every week or two sub mani do you think we hit the new bull run this year lots of experts are saying may and june the next one should start yeah i think it’ll start ramping up in april and hitting its peak and stride in june but that’s just based on how things have worked in previous years which i think is it could be foolish To believe that but yeah i could see people trying to get three months out of this thing much love for carter thomas 100% all right let’s hit the questions phone is still to the moon i think long term i love the idea of otc derivatives markets and china and i love the ability for people to access those markets also look very bullish at the moment i still think we’ll have another dip before it bulls up just my opinion How often do you meditate every use of float tank i’m a little scared of float tanks because it’s just pure darkness and like i’m not a fan of i’m a fan of the light if he would from a psychological perspective But in terms of meditation i was actually doing meditation for a while it’s something i’m gonna get back into My doctor recommended that i lower my stress levels he felt i was working to the bone i think i need to start Really just taking it easy i think the ama is like lowering the amas will actually do that for me Because i can only like research couple projects or whatever do the amas and something like these amy’s are fine But i mean like i was spending like three to five hours on some of these amas And they were starting to pile up so i think that just takes a toll on you along with the day job So i’ve been doing i’ve been changing things in my routine in terms of lowering stress so i think meditation is gonna be one of them exercises another yeah workout sex and stress related Ido ito’s got the got the got the blueprint What’s five hours how do you prevent yourself from over diversification and alts i’m not sure they’re like spreading too thin it’s it’s really about your investing strategy so That’s one thing that having a consistent stream of money to take care of your daily like expenses does for you is it you want to worry about things like that you’re never stretched too thin when You’re only stretched too thin in the sense that you won’t have money to put in if something comes up? so as long as you keep like some bullets in the in your pocket you can’t really stress yourself too thin if you have a stream of income coming in but if you don’t then yeah you can definitely stretch yourself what’s the difference between Pos and masternodes we talked about this earlier so i’m not really gonna get into it too much what do you think about and can we thought pentane earlier as well Plans for meet up in the nj area i don’t have any plans for meetups in a moment just because i have a lot of? stuff going on never thought about putting your portfolio on the internet like ian ballina does No, actually i have i have put some thought into that i don’t think that it’s um i actually don’t think it’s a good idea That he and shares his portfolio there’s been a lot of? I’m not a target myself but i know ian is And i’ve been reading a lot of articles about people targeting people and the end in pretty gruesome manners like one guy had his face mutilated You, really don’t want to brag about how much money you’re making So i try not, to do it and that’s why i don’t put my portfolio online i mean you could always check out my sheet in terms of the roi of the recommendations or whatever if you want to just test the validity of it but in terms of putting my portfolio out there that’s not something i’m interested in now in terms of percentages i Don’t mind doing that because it doesn’t actually show you how much i have i could just have like 10 bucks so who cares also it doesn’t really matter if someone shows their portfolio because It can be faked like really easily as some people have pointed out i don’t have any thoughts a loom network by the way? someone asked about one samp earlier we answered that your thoughts on blackhat in their first product tab you pay They are the first to solve the problem of wrongfully sent ether own Yeah, so block cat i was bullish on originally and then it’s just like shit the bed so i don’t know where the fuck they’ve Been i know they’ve spent all their money on office equipment that’s an inside joke by the way for people who were back around in september i many would love to hear your thoughts of hash graph i’ll be putting out a video soon about it sajjad so please stay please stay with me on that people start shilling odyssey ok See a coin where the i don’t think so i think better coins are coming for sia people keep saying boron starting after chinese new year or house-senate meaning or winter or consensus conference etc are they all delusional and trying to rationalize without any basis well no i think that you’ve just for the last three months just had a ton of fun someone posted some charts about how march is historically like the worst month So if they had had that information maybe they wouldn’t have been saying that but i think that we’re definitely in a different market that’s for sure is lightning network is lightning and networks centralized i Don’t know i don’t understand that question alchemy is a new stable koinonia what do you think about it it’s on the list hey maddie hey what’s up bro Mood lambo is a terrible song don’t need a vote it is i don’t know i have this song stuck in my head a little bit but i don’t it’s embarrassing To say that i like it i don’t know why i think it’s just because it will be like fuck you Invest in the ico see lenexa okay? Welcome, to do i’ve ever looked into at sofia tx yes so i knew about sofia before i forget what project that was oh, and probably will answer before i do here anyone now there is some sort of ai Singularity in that so before signal it before singularity in that even came out i Knew about sophia was i was pretty impressed with the technology but now they have the blockchain integration and the guy made some good points i Said yeah i like i like sofia t x that’s what you’re asking me? we actually gave them a breathing you in 86 you okay Ava verse alchemists heather to point out does it need to be a winner in the stable coin space now i think everyone will have their own version of it but only the strongest will survive now the tethers been accredited by a third party It has some has some weight to it 13-0 change their chains? we talked about chartres already already And i don’t want to repeat myself there’s other people’s questions that need to get answered about and kay and he’ll do apologize So what yeah does that first mover’s advantage one ledger already and i have a review video out please go check out my recent video that i released this morning on one ledger Has all the information you need to get familiar with the project don’t sum whether the current market cap is actually realistic and that the december january run-out was the anomaly The only way the market will grow is if more money comes in yeah but most people feel like we’re not Even at the tip right so the dot-com bubble booms, way more than this and crypto is supposed to be revolutionary could you may repeat what you said about cp chain no i Don’t want to just it’s no offense guys i Don’t want to repeat myself over and over again because there’s still 50 questions to go through and people are still asking new questions in the chat so i’m gonna enable that setting that someone asked me to the backward and forward setting so you can watch from the beginning and catch up maybe on 1.5 x speed in the future but i don’t want to like waste people’s time thoughts on hash crabs 100 million plus cat we talked about them earlier but i thought the cat was really high but it’s all relative i’m not sure go network was working on scalability for aetherium thoughts So there was a ton of fun associated with go network we talked about that in previous ama, so i’m not gonna get into that But i still think well some people were saying they’re gonna cancel the sale so that would mean if there’s no that’s just a rumor but that would mean that i mean that there’s no dutch auction which means that the fudd’s gone what’s good no still other fuzz we’ll see block collider being a scam talked about them earlier you can also reference blockchain and brad’s video At 20 minutes with his interview the ceo addresses it i’m not really gonna comment any more about it we talked about it earlier blending block maybe okay what do you think about the ending we’re protocol this is a repeat question its cambers going to distance itself from doubt there alexander cogan i’m not too familiar with what this is dr. Alexander cogan enbridge analytic app developer alexander cogan says he is a scapegoat Researcher at the center of facebook data scandal points figure okay so this is for facebook i would imagine but what happened with facebook according to mark zuckerberg Was that they were supposed to delete the data and they didn’t so if he was behind that then they should probably terminate him new trouble for facebook this morning millions america’s facebook for cambridge analytic assess both the social media giant the controversial Political research firm are using revisionist histories to make him escape cogan found himself at the center of a bargaining scandal this week an interview with abc however cogan said it was wiley who proposed the data sharing agreement a short Him it was totally legal and even wrote the terms and conditions for the commercial version of the app he got it us through the whole way on what would be legal and appropriate hogan told abc news okay Sounds like he’s trying that i don’t know i don’t even i think the conversation with what happened with facebook is entirely relevant Because it plays into what my opinion on the data markets but i think that specific person is like That’s whatever i don’t care if he distance himself or not? Did you look in the peach a&p chain is one of my top two review videos to do and it’ll be getting released in the Next 48 hours so stay tuned for that we answered this thoughts on quanta network and one ledger we talked about that earlier i also just did a video on one ledger so check that out i will shamelessly show that reddit reportedly removes bitcoin as payment sites coinbase change open platform going to jump on this yeah i was reading this um i Was reading this actually before i came on but i haven’t had a chance to fully look into it tract thoughts none I’d be selling some launching before 9:00 a.m., honey back head to the dip they don’t this stop breath what do you thoughts on hash graph i’ve talked about it many times in this hey man did ian get into one ledger i think he does He talked that’s where i heard i didn’t hear about one ledger but that’s where i heard like it was getting hyped up so any best i see it recently uh-huh, also i’m creeped out too it looks like one single boob, so Evon tell us about open platform but i didn’t a man with them it was a really good a man whoa check it out and he thought on what the fick network That’s an inside joke, wtf, now i don’t what’s your approach to predict the max market cap of specific projects on a bull run actually if you go to my home and a spreadsheet i did this a long, time ago i don’t know if it’s still here this is the altcoin market history so this looked in 2017 There’s more data now i can look at for The last three months or actually the last five months but if you look at april to october this is the and this goes by looks like weekly this is the average growth of the aucoin market in both positive and negative fashion so that you should be able to go back and find that information pretty easily but funny that someone asked about that thanks for asking prediction of five trillion injection in the crypto on may 14th i think tika is a pump-and-dump scammer and it was the No, offense, to him and just my personal opinion it was the worst thing i wasted my money on in crypto in 2017 Good luck to him no i think i think He puts out a quality entertaining report but i spent money on it and i’m not happy with the product Mainly i don’t even think it’s, his fault at this point but it’s obvious that people will accumulate Prior to his report coming out but now that you have palm beach leaks leaking the information for free to 20,000 people it defeats the purpose of being an exclusive subscriber and it just doesn’t work so i feel like i wasted money i’m glad i pulled with people though for it what are your thoughts on ontology someone told me ontology supposed to be the new neo i’m not sure i wasn’t able to get in eyetality testament in two weeks someone else shorted get shorted bro i’m eddie please review quanta network already did please every crowd holding and his potential i am a bag holder of crowd holding and You, know what yeah that’s all i’ll say i mean dude has like a 1 million cap and apparently they’re signing partnerships left and right but i’m not really gonna talk about them Hi manny please have a look at shoppin i see oh that’s been around for a while? knowles is a sleeping giant i did look up knowles i think they are what coin are you most bullish will give you the most exes for this year i mean my personal opinion is going to be launching so I own the most of it in terms of coins that could go like to the moon and beyond We’re going to mars on a tesla boys, so elon musk is tesla specifically How would you compare quanta network to one ledger which one would you prefer more i have a lot more intimate knowledge of one ledger? Than quanta network so it’s a little unfair for me to answer that thoughts on hike on their team their team a high role or the what’s the word you Hi connor this i had a meeting with their token advisor with someone else to get more information about their product and potentially set up an ama and he pretty much didn’t know things that i was asking him about the project and The team Was supposed to get back to me about an ama and never did so that’s all i can really say about it Dalton’s affinity seems nice hi manny do you know pio a network today pio a pull-up highly what do you think about it I just think things that are undervalued when the market bounces back there’s a lot of volatility can jump about twenty to thirty percent That’s what pio we did i think pio is a solid project and i think in the future we’re gonna hear great things about them Alig ma wow i wonder who that’s from? So alig ma is a project that i’m currently talking, to about coming on for an ama talk to them about their projects essentially it’s an ai a i project that essentially will give you the best price on the market based on Legitimate sites so let’s say i go to amazon there’s a price i can use a little ink my will essentially use its web crawler To determine if there’s a better or worse price somewhere else and then it learns from itself using a proprietary technology they, plan on doing a a beta test for their for their blockchain network itself this month in In some place in slovenia i think it’s called btc city it’s an entire city based on bitcoin or whatever? and then their proprietary ai learning technology should be ready towards the end of the year So it looks like a decent project but i’m still looking, through it and i’m getting some information about it that’s all i’ll say about that but i’m pretty sure i know who posted that so that being says seal that network i’m just moving on On dock it had a great rating from the crypto reviewers okay you said that you talked about morpheus labs but i checked all your past videos and there’s nothing about this i see huh I’ve talked to morpheus labs actually they reached out to me and asked me what i thought of the token metrics i told them i told them there was a number of issues the that i would person that i personally take issue with When i’m doing like reviews so hopefully that feedback went to them appropriately how do you manage to sell at the top do you pick i already thought about this earlier Are you watching the market 24/7 yes i am a cyborg do you think i ever sleep Just, ask people that know me i do not sleep one of the most underappreciated factors you think people miss when looking at ics you know what i think i think people in this market think that The idea and the project holds as much weight they think it holds as much weight than it actually does because we’re in a very speculative market right now people will sell things that will make money right so like t foods for example if you really dug down onto t foods in terms of the idea it might not seem as appealing but people are like oh it’s the next wahby let’s just buy it right So t foods from an investor’s standpoint might be a great investment because you know if you’re if you’re basing it off of the hype that wahby brought To the table Then maybe you should get into it but if you’re looking at it from like an idea perspective there’s plenty of other ideas that are probably coming out that are bigger than that that you might want to get into so Can you do some research about boa in that work? Sure i mean i i was i actually know One of the developers for poa i know sam from black or a who’s working with poa? some of their members are in my networking group i Used to i used to be a holder poa i sold at the top I’m gonna be accumulating more poa So i don’t know whatever research what we do on poa but i have no problem doing like post actually overview on pla because i think they’re gonna be pretty big from, me i’m not touching rumi was a good a true point talked about that already One of the most underappreciated factors you think a defense What are the most underappreciated factors you think people miss when looking at ic o—- is we’ve answered that Rebecca i thoughts on zero chain partnerships with near whitney oh? Yeah, i think that’s awesome good zero chain glad we could be a part of that? On in your opinion top three posts i ce o–‘s know Did you review our blog no i didn’t how do you manage to sell at the top we talked about the Do you have a spreadsheet for projecting prices now that would probably be in the gray area have you looked at dml yet i want to I looked at it before it didn’t get a great high enough for me to want to invest But, some people are talking about it recently so i think it deserves maybe to get a spotlight on it what percent of what projects are you already in what percentage are the long terms Yeah, so i can’t really show you right now cuz it would show my portfolio like the actual amount of money it is i don’t Want, to do that but there’s a number of projects i’m in autonomy exim chain is heavy you know others there’s a bunch and it’s all my spreadsheet actually can get reference my spreadsheet there’s a participated column i believe there’s an invested in detection that you can see for transparency purposes i never heard of the So i talked about this before i think power ledger was an exception to the rule i mean i see energy Projects starting to really gain some traction nowadays But i don’t really like energy projects because the regulations are too hard to overcome i think But i think eventually it’d be cool to see blockchain disrupt that space? what best price what’s best project we recommend for connection between blockchain and erp i must be miss reading that if someone can clarify this is a question i don’t understand that has an m cart protocol been reviewed by manny i know i did see them out there though I think your talk about em sir but i’ll write down time card And we should have a link to the spreadsheet so you can get on my telegram channel it’s in the pin message You might have to download the desktop tact app, to see it But, even if you can’t, see it make sure someone forwards it to The channel for you so i’ll do it later just tag me at oh hey maddie Was there a question on p change yes so? p chains at the top of list top two to review i’ll be putting a video out about it soon probably protocol seems a good project are you bullish on it You, know i think there needs To be an otc derivatives market or dark pools as they call them i really i really hate these people who are just dumping millions of dollars On the market Which is which affects price in a big way and you never know what’s happening so yeah i would like to see things like we’re probably protocol with dark pools in otc derivatives market become more prevalent i Also think x trades i think it’s partnering with the sea cre or whatever or what the their abbreviation is but i think that would be big as well for institutional Is in such the first yes i don’t think that’s true Someone earlier said ery oh is the first one yes and i didn’t even know insights was on yes i think that’s? i’m not sure what best project we recommend for we talked about this do you think 24 hour volume effects : price for example icon was this on – huge korean exchanges bit huh man up bit Which add about two hundred ninety million 24 hour volume making icon top five to 10 for 24 hour volume coins you like safaris i mean yeah the volumes always gonna affect the price hey manny when did you get into crypto what is the biggest thing you’ve learned the hard way So i was fooling around with crypto back in the really early days because just because i have a computer science background But it was very hard to get any money into it at the back then i remember i remember even when coinbase first came around you Had a limit of like 10 or 20 dollars it was really hard to get it lifted you had to start trading you were better off actually mining from your computer when you could But the even the mining the miners were very difficult to try and figure out at that time in 2013 to 2015 more like 2014 2015 2016 i was using bitcoins that fund my online poker accounts as a professional poker player and then 2017 is when i started first started hitting the alt market and looking at bitcoin from more of a financial perspective in terms of like you know a portfolio and stock exchange because i actually hate the stock exchange myself personally I don’t like to i don’t think it’s a good thing, to invest into but it’s just my personal opinion hey manny when did you get into you talked about the What is your thoughts on apex listening on el bank i mean i’m hoping something else gets listed somewhere else But if l bank is supposed to be like a chinese organic exchange maybe it’ll be a good thing what bye nance moving to malta and transitioning the decentralized system would we risk loss of coins if we leave them on the exchange not sure i would i would imagine i don’t are they going decentralized it doesn’t sound right Yeah, i’m not sure about that i i don’t think so finance seems to be reputable up in to this point but mal cox will teach you that nothing is ever safe so i don’t know you please answer wan chamber ontology in 2018 i’m big on watching myself is my personal opinion who are the credible crypto youtubers i see anyone that i don’t have i’m not following See here oh yeah by the way silicon valley’s coming out tomorrow so shout out to them come over here so wale pool is pretty legitimate even though they kicked me out of their pool for showing a video on altcoins because they hate all coins Crypto larcs a pretty cool guy sells him his videos and obviously no need to talk about him crush, crypto puts out some informative information i have a friend that’s friends with them so seem to be pretty cool guys gob one no need for introductions there just, look at all of them i Don’t remember who this person is i don’t know who this person is tone vaes obviously we talked about them earlier no man capitalist is pretty cool he’s not really a crypto guy but he talks about like traveling around the world living that lifestyle i’m only gonna touch people who i like vividly remember kubera’s the scumbag i just find him entertaining just, my personal opinion richard hart i am fond of richard hart i like his style He’s straighten to the point but a lot of people think he’s a piece of shit That’s sir that’s their perspective i like his straightforward talk i find him entertaining Box mining michael i have a lot of respect for even with him supporting superman joe rogan podcast if anyone who’s ever checked that out i’ve been on tax super respected awesome dude coin mastery can’t say enough positive things about him there’s i think the joe rogan experience yeah cliff hi i follow him and global was a friend the end didn’t put that much content though crafted daily i enjoy him and from an entertainment perspective chart guys i used to watch for some chart stuff cryptocat i watch for chart stuff We’re going back, to some serious shit, now duck polke Entertainment all right most of those guys are poker down there so it’s probably some other ones maybe we can see some recommendations of shit you Yeah, i don’t know guess what that No data – um No, no data – i know data – i think that he’s very? that he’s known in the community but i think there were some issues where he didn’t disclose something or whatever i’ve never really watched dated – per se Every once in a while i watch him but it’s not someone i go to ties indefinitely i’m not following ties down here but i think ties into shit you their supplies your output ability thin Yeah, i mean there’s gonna be a ton of scale and interoperability players coming up so look for them okay Does wan have 4x potential post ico price at $4 i think long term want chains gonna be awesome? just in terms of the project itself so that’s all i’ll say on that a lending block dassault with the low hard cat would be a winner i’m not gonna talk about lending platforms I’d love to hear your thoughts on open crypto trust looking, to replace osi models by moving networks to the blockchain interesting concept it has a great team cto is jeffery doyle i wrote that down on Do you think the price will reach its all-time high there are so many competitors For some market as a theory i’m like silica credits and other i think you forgot To mention what you were actually asking for since you love neo dex what about knc And see not sure that’s on see a coin it’s up there? chartres at the top of your spreadsheet in january i don’t recall we’re gonna look we look at the past project reviews chart no no i would have one on my past project reviews i don’t think i ever did i want, to know lightning k and cea’s khyber oh yeah khyber khyber’s a khyber is an etherium dex and They, aim to do interoperability or atomic swaps in the future when the theorem can do it so i wasn’t aware that khyber has any plans for a neo dex i’m actually part of khyber’s beta i got approved for that and It wasn’t anything like special from ui perspective i’m hoping that it improves seemed pretty bland oh? whatever i think i dex is more visually appealing but we’ll see we’ll see what that i’m not gonna shit on it just yet i mean if italics names can only go so far right let’s just put it that way especially when you’re talking about oh mais go versus khyber i want to know the lighting that we’re just essentially someone that’s this earlier on any opinion on dml talked about that earlier Have you heard of boon tax partnership with ibm they have a two million dollar cap nope actually i have heard of it but do you agree that aligment is an n cash killer what nicholas vision nucleus vision is targeting more of the storefront Alig m”e is targeting the online market so Yeah, allegra is targeting like you go online you look at a price it compares with other prices now it is important to note that online retailing is killing in-store retailing not around the world but in a lot of the first and second world countries People can order stuff online there’s no reason to go to the store there’s only certain thing she would go, to the store for That’s something i think i asked uh? Bobby i think his name is something i asked sabe in the interview So is a liquid en cash killer i would say no if there’s any in cash killer it’s just the market at large but illiquid targets the online online pricing using ai technology and cash is more of like a Like a gateway to detect your mobile service to be able to bombard you with Advertisements and share your data so it’s like minority report with tom cruise alig m’as like comparison ai tool to get you cheaper deals online and also recommend you stuff based on your data if your new format isn’t ico focus and want to review text and teams why do you always skim over ontology just because they didn’t have an ico or you didn’t get in a good point That’s a fair criticism i think so right now there’s a lot of likes i’m kind of behind right because i just, came back from vegas Had the flu for a week kind of sat on my ass for another weeks and i do apologize for that i always try and be honest with you guys but i feel like there’s a lot of projects that people want to hear about that are up and coming that like can affect them in that way for sales and stuff So i want to cover them all so they’re there those projects because that’s what people are interested in they’re kind of setting the tone for the content creation That i’m doing so i’m trying, to i’m trying to target stuff like people actually want to hear about right and it’s not that people don’t want to hear about ontology i think it’s a big project but because the sales ever people want to hear about other stuff like when i made my list based on searches or whatever like People want to hear about hash graph loci one ledger p chain rsk? And a couple others write some more none whatever But i’ll put ontology on there and do a video on it i do want to start covering some projects that are post sale and some of the project i do cover like like for example necks right no one’s getting into next their sales pretty much over but a lot of people still want to hear about it It’s gonna come out in the exchange? So yeah i’ll do you salad and i’ll add ontology onto here i think that’s really fair criticism and i do apologize about that And i agree with you so word up bro Two people were saying in the chat? For a developer trying to actually use a protocol token Not i would need a more specific question for that the market dying for retail is what is going to make n cash succeed Whether or not it’s a good product retail needs to shake things up that’s a fair point Short, term one or two years of course coin phi undervalued at the current price i’m holding my coin phi and i lost like 50 percent of it i really want to oh hey maddie eagles manera employee equals what So savage bro coin phi undervalued at current price yeah you know just my personal opinion i’m bullish on coin phi i can’t wait for it to come out i don’t care if it’s worth pennies as long as i have the amount of tokens needed to be able to like do what i need to do everything’s gucci for me i Even told people like when i got into coin phi like from the beginning i was like i know the price might go up And i know it’s gonna go down like i’m not I’m not selling any of my tokens i want to hold this like i’m i’m like proud to be a coin phi holder right i don’t care that i lost like that i’m losing money i didn’t get in The coin fight for the money be the man oh hey man thanks guy walker You are the chosen one don’t let anyone lie, to you When you say short turn flip or long-term flip how long does that mean to you like the market cycle short – so a short-term flip is like marketing this is a short-term flip market makers pump the price based on speculation long-term hold means that the coin eventually starts to have organic growth similar to how a theorem had organic growth in the end of 2017 because people were utilizing the token Or it goes up to a new price range and will not go back To the previous price range fit people are using the product that’s like long-term like i’m long term is like i’m waiting for the product use i’m waiting for the organic use Short, term flip means that there is no organic use i’m just gonna flip it because i said i’m i’m buying it because it’s hyped where i think People were going to pump the price or whatever that’s difference between the two not a recommendation obviously look at the disclaimer at the beginning Weis quit mike why skip my question about komoda they seem ahead i didn’t i didn’t understand it my dude i’m Not, in komodo so like i’m not familiar with the kmd tag there’s not like there’s so many cryptocurrencies out there like i haven’t given komodo and i’ll be honest with you i haven’t given komodo a chance in terms of like looking through their information There’s a number of tokens in the top 50 top 100 that i haven’t taken the time to look at there’s just So much stuff, to look at in crypto that you know i don’t want to speak on something that i’m not knowledgeable about but i can look into komodo and give you a more an accurate answer maybe on a review of it we can add that with ontology over here But i’ll never lie to you guys about something that i don’t know whether or not i should know it or not like komodo is pretty big But it’s definitely a before my time coin in terms of like me being full on crypto but yeah, i’ll just leave it at that undervalued we answered them What’s your favorite coin at the moment under ten cents i talked about that briefly before i don’t really want to get into i don’t really want to get into that type of type of discussion you won’t regret with comodo it’s great that’s what i’ve heard i’ve heard a lot of great things about komodo So i look forward to looking it up this question was already answered we looked at walesburg it’s out there it’s not something that i thought about What do you think that view lee is rightfully do you think that view lee is rightfully called the youtube killer no i don’t think anything at the moment in crypto is gonna be the youtube killer the market we’re just not ready for it as you can see i’m still streaming on youtube thoughts regarding blockchain and how it applies to privacy regarding cloud Got a cloud act coming into the law in u.s. Yeah, there’s some weird stuff going on with privacy chains? I know the government is not gonna want that they want public chains i think that’s why you’re starting? To see permission-based changes chains because like here’s my here’s my thought on it right? they’re nice they need to have a privacy coin right this makes sense okay let me compose myself for this this thought what permission-based blockchains do is that they create a ledger with accountability right But it makes it so only people who are approved by the network can view the accountability There needs to be a way to tie in the government with that if you’re gonna if you’re gonna get things done When you look at the private sector in business right you can’t actually look at the private sector books you can’t look at the trend like you can’t look at those transactions Unless the government wants to come in and say we want to see those right? So as long as You’re keeping the records on the blockchain so you’re having a public blockchain per say in the terms of a public ledger where where you can validate everything on it right But at the same time no one else could see it unless the Validators of that chain let you and that’s where permission block chains come into play? that works because the government can come to the entity even though that’s not decentralized and not philosophically sound we want to talk about being like realistic in the current paradigm it doesn’t mean that the new paradigm could be different especially when like we break the mold and we really turn up the revolution you want to talk about philosophic like philosophically but In the current paradigm the government needs to audit you they don’t want money being able to set being sent around the world to governments that they want to control or to organisations that they don’t like terrorist organizations and things of that nature That’s the dark side of crypto sock web that history though i really support anonymous Coins and keeping your information private and not being that way at the same time like that’s never gonna fucking fly With the government so they’re always gonna have some sort of regulatory influence on it and it’s always gonna be a battle between the anarchist and the government and i’ll let that battle play out and i’ll support privacy coins forever probably but i see permissioned blockchains at least from a business perspective becoming a lot more prevalent That’s actually one thing? That loki’s trying are not loki one ledger is trying to do they have on/off chain? Permission-based or or non permission-based blockchains it’s like a setting so and a bunch of people are doing that too but yeah it just makes sense like you have a private sector you have a public sector like each of them need a ledger and like private sectors don’t want to use public sector ledger’s because they’re private like that the dem going public is releasing their information so just makes sense government will of course use those all the wrong ways i mean i there’s rumors out there that blockchain is a government conspiracy meant to bring more transparency to spending around the world So i wouldn’t be surprised that government want blockchain to succeed The cloud act is a far-reaching and empower us police to grab any data regardless if it’s a u.s. Persons or not no matter where it is and stored i mean i don’t think you’ve heard of the patriot act before my dude our government has been creating Terrible laws since i mean even well before 9/11 i don’t want to really get into The government stuff here because i have a i have a ton of stuff i could say but You know at the same time i enjoy my freedoms that i have i guess You’re the man mattie respect ya i’m not from the u.s. Patriot thanks guys the thoughts regarding Blockchain and how it applies to privacy yeah we just read the do i am like the fucking ron burgundy of these questions Don’t do it what color are your socks So right now i’m wearing Gray, on the bottom white on the top socks but i have been known to wear in black socks And i do have some weird iris orcs to your favorite movie The longest time my favorite movie was slc punk I have a new favorite movie i do like To say sometimes at wayne’s world is my favorite movie i watched that movie for every day in high school for like two or three years on vhs it was the only thing in my there was the only thing in my vhs player at the time pretty awesome movie but i still think slc punk is one my favorite movies clockwork orange is a really good movie there’s obviously way better but those are like indie films that i feel like helped shape my childhood so you okay someone says merkulov die oh Roger lipman’s and advisor thoughts i’ll look into it and probably reach out the roger to verify if your movie just answered that did you answer my question on protocol popularity Did i i don’t remember i’m sorry watch quash gtos am a yesterday they have a huge things in the pipeline however most of it was about my understanding would love an in-depth review from someone who understands the impact it pm it to me on telegram hey maddie What do you think of the insane amounts of all these projects coming out all of them claiming to be better than the other? yeah i mean they’re all just riding the market right now their pricing themselves in the decent area they all know between 20 and 50 is the suites but preferably between 20 and 30 the good ones are lower i Mean even then they’re all overvalued like if we weren’t in a bubble right now no one in the valley would be giving their 2 million so just, keep that in mind which crypto is your biggest holding at the moment Well iii i’m obviously but one chain? what’s your favorite food i kind of cop out with this one i usually always say pizza but actually my fiance makes a really good chicken dip that’s awesome Wassa wassa wassa no, no, no that’s a scam be a kinect credits you still believe it’s scam i don’t think scam gets thrown around this industry too much scam is like they took your money and ran or scam is like they got infiltrated by like people or whatever or an inside job or something like that the problem with credits was they implemented an encryption algorithm that was frowned upon and the manner of which they implemented it in terms of the wallet their like their public key was essentially or the private key was essentially being generated some sort of key i can’t remember was being generated using like the current date which is like super bad practice So like that was one of the issues there’s much issues i think They’re also claiming to do things that are really pretty insane what’s going on maddie at this era of crypto what are the best things to learn to research, and to bet my time on Honestly i thought about this the other day problem with credit is also superman About this the other day i think the best thing to to put your time and resources in is its trading analysis and charts because there might be a time where like i ceos aren’t gonna be big Or relevant especially in the near future so the best thing that That might be good for you is to learn how to trade and and You’ll be able to utilize the experience you got from from looking at startups in terms of projects to be able to identify good projects and then you can Go from there in terms of looking at things that are undervalued or whatever and then chart analysis will i think really help you Thank you blinking 1000 do i did you join private allocation at tg oh for what i thought it was this earlier i don’t really i haven’t really participated in many pools at tga a lot of just pools are public as well So now i haven’t But i don’t have any private allocations anything either the question somewhat like weirds me out what is your portfolio at the moment which coins yeah i talked about this already but maybe the voters closed houses keep going out any thoughts on diversification to altcoins if considering holding less ether own You, know i see that shit dude people are still Oh, maybe the voting is closed but you can still ask questions whatever and he thought some diversification all coins if considering holding less ether yeah you should always diversify your portfolio i think that’s pretty simple hey man it was your thoughts about banyan network i was actually looking at payday network i think there i see is close but it looked like a pretty awesome project in team what is will your discord have invited sometimes yeah soon what’s your thought on poa is still open for me what does that mean dean We love you too man ii love you too bro Or lady what’s your thoughts on poa do you think it’s undervalued at this moment i thought about paoli earlier what protocols are popular in the developer community aside from aetherium what makes a protocol popular and how does word spreads i don’t suppose 500 protocol at the moment i Had to go back and look i think the most popular one outside my head is like zrx but Yeah, i thought they’d go back and look at like a list of protocols to answer that one? What does the process of actually using a protocol token look like from a developer’s perspective yeah, there’s not many questions left i’m just gonna move on from this well it’s on agron’s team a Laron yeah it’s all my list is up and coming but i haven’t Been closing menses only for new people to join in and ask questions new people okay i failed to judge with our projects that were valued or not Thus is better to sell when it jumps three to five x and then buy back has ever come down any reason you went with tether over tusd on pit rix what’s the fee markup for using tether i’m pretty sure it’s tether finance uses ust tether right whatever violence is using is what i’m using and that’s just because i wanted to buy more watching so It’s pointless to buy or patrick’s they don’t have watching? I was but viele earlier do you see a ligament in the top ten on cory market half in one year’s time no? Are you invested in credits no Have you seen the ost alpha of their software as a service or sorry simple token software’s iterative and kit Don’t you think it’s a killer solution yeah i talk positively about Simple token i thought it was a great idea as a software as a service what’s your opinion about ix ledger they work with berkshire hathaway insurance january one of the biggest in the uk I always like these questions it’s like what do you think about this here’s extra information as if i would know what this is Protocols promotional video tells you you’re going to smash it in 20 that was you they’re going To smash in 2019 erosion protocols on unload on the watchlist right now? what about on the to tech i’m not gonna answer that one either okay not sure what the clothes voting is for them i think Yeah, i don’t know what the fuck’s that for someone try submitting a question see if it comes up Well played today and i say my thanks lindex i appreciate that yeah, someone just submitted a question is there a couple of tools you were excited about using soon now like corn market cap etc yeah I’m excited to i’m excited to use coin by holding my tokens for that yo yeah what’s good my do i’m actually proud He say bro what about on the tooth tech though I’m sorry for i’ve never heard it on the tooth tech so blum no i don’t feel like talking about lune it’s like two and a half hours in can we got it can we talk about something fun i gotta talk about reasonable prices to buy wanna bitcoin is a scam That’s a good one we should keep that one on someone i’ve heard it savage our guys a couple more questions and then i’m gonna take a nap did you by watching and what is the fair price i got i got one chain from the icl I haven’t been able to buy it on the exchange because i thought it was ever valued and our value but i thought it could come down our block is fun ok, guys show’s over at the bricks good ama timing for europeans thanks mandy please consider this for your future i thought it was this earlier Like 10 to 2 will be my go-to Time for saturdays but during the week i have to do it after 5:00 especially for tuesday wednesday but i appreciate i appreciate my european followers i will try and remember you in the future but it’s just a mixed bag The saturday a makes for you bros this bud’s for you let maddie sleep geez Did you invest it already in one ledger or are you planning to i’m referring to your spree spreadsheet i refer to the spreadsheet that might dude you know what’s good you know what it is on these streets movie silence like lasagna What time is it where you’re at It’s like early in the morning it’s after 6:00 but before 12:00 many deal a black girls wom engaged but i have no problem with black girls what do you think of v train i think it’s cool she’s still over huh i’m maddie what would you recommend for learning about charts books of courses sources look up anything in forex trading it’s a 24-hour market and then there’s people on youtube as well do you wipe sitting or standing who the fuck wife sir is standing on Bro i don’t know anyone who stands up to wipe their ass i did know a guy who Douched in he worked this is the sick of story over here not the sickest but guy where to the gas station and he literally told me like was very open about this that when he when he was done taking a shit at work, he would go to the the sink and in douche his ass and He was like yeah that’s normal bro you don’t do that and i was like i don’t know many americans that do sir ass honestly bro I couldn’t tell you whether that was normal or not it’s not a conversation i usually have with people Maybe, i’m in the minority i’m not doing my ass but i also sit down when wiping Um maddie what about virtue poker so yeah i mean pokerstars winning poker network which is america’s card room black ship poker pavada which is ignition or was ignition and Coin poker and although there’s already a number of people who accept cryptocurrencies So i don’t know why another poker site just because it’s backed by some pros are really gonna do that and I think there’s a huge liquidity issue in poker right now? So i think not having like a base is Like not gonna be good unless they offer it to everyone but even then like there’s sites offering it to everyone now and like it literally just doesn’t fucking matter i Don’t know i’m not really getting behind it but i’ll try it out it managers from london great time for london real gangsters huddle did did you speak on limb a little good story that moment the ama gets weird Maybe he has a good reason for keeping it clean a man maybe i guess i shouldn’t really hate right thanks for keeping it educational and fun in the sea of fud and hurley sails a messaging i Woke up late have you done into one chain i am still trying to figure out a good entry point now i’m hoping that we can get a retracement But, who knows maybe i’ll get left behind i still have my watch ain’t i was only trying to get another like 5 to 10k of it i do you have any thoughts on tell coin that really yes, yes hello friends d-wave sitting or standing if you had to move abroad which country would you choose Well does canada count because i really want to go to montreal again i love that place If it was in europe it would be north western europe so it’d be like ireland the uk germany yeah maybe just ireland the uk if it was in asia at probably japan south korea australia would you talk about watching roadmap in the near future sure Or do you see watching going q2? 2018 in terms of market cap is top ten and reasonable i don’t think it’s gonna be top ten Just, because there’s a number of projects not in top ten like icons on in top ten yet so i’m less i checked let me sir Yeah, so like you have to look like neo and aetherium they’re already like their platforms developed at this point like it’s evolving litecoin bitcoin cash Like es is starting to be a player seller on card a now i think one of these two will get knocked off and then you have privacy coins or whatever they could get knocked down but you’re really asking like queue them is even somewhat more developed at this point i Think etherion classic is eventually just gonna get the shaft but who knows like we see bitcoin cash doing things here nem i think will drop down So i think they i think ikon has the ability to jump maybe three to five of these projects but Getting it into the top ten is gonna be a little harder and when you’re looking at one chain if you think they’re on the? same level kind of the direction where you would be going Probably so many people from holland are in the crypto game So won’t be taking this financial advice which have coming ico do you think as the highest gains already talked about that Not specifically thanks for the ama thang time for the googie Preesh not northern europe you should go to croatia a hashtag in croatia and my dudes what’s good represent madi i don’t get it why you went with gob you guys have a pretty different taste of opinions on ics i mean isn’t that a good thing like why would you want to partner with someone who You, agree with all the time i would much rather partner with someone who i can have a discussion with and that person is not gonna get butthurt Like the exchange of conversation between different ideas is actually something that is a benefit it’s not a deterrent If you just if you just find people who agree with you all the time you’re never gonna get other opinions – maybe like open your eyes to things that might not be relevant yeah, i got a bunch of friends out in croatia i got to get out there eventually planning on getting kids after the wedding probably That member the ama gets weird does tether have a fear i don’t know best coin the mine I don’t know we liked the short videos i appreciate that monday’s i’m glad that i’m targeting videos and content that people want to watch what do you think of one change fudd going on in youtube i wasn’t aware there’s any fudd i saw that one guy who does the pseudo-code reviews But i reached out, to some of the people on poa Apparently he asked people to pay him for positive reviews and then floods them so i don’t really trust anything at this point in california just joined what price would you consider buying more one talked about it earlier Me personally just my opinion obviously go to the beginning of the video and watch the Disclaimers and all that shit i was looking to get into about $3 but i think that’s changing? Your favorite masternode hold bobbi of course come on guys? Nature-based not a financial adviser thanks bro any thoughts on the la now you think a car down on our seller will get knocked off? could you talk more on this Just, some people i don’t know specifically but, some people have told me that cardenas shit Some people who are in the now i i can’t repeat it would be premature to speak but i think well i don’t think they’re getting like knocked off i think they’re just not they’re gonna get knocked out of the top ten We’ll say everyone’s super bullish on stuber lumen the tech community thoughts on int and not at the moment If you need to choose one from silica arch and wan chain which one would you choose that’s tough but i probably go at one Chain? Do you think this is the best time to buy tron in the run-up To the main that they are also listed i’m looking at tron it’s on the list thanks maddie for your amas lots of guys in poland follow you here awesome and i appreciate that Hey manny i am a financial adviser and good financial advice want to ask me something yeah pm me bro did you hear about kevin o’leary’s ico on card ana blushing and coming soon for hotels or some shit yeah i don’t know if i can trust any of the guys from shark tank to be honest they’re all like sharks But, he pumped that shit pretty hard i saw i did see that on cnbc it’s been floating around for a little bit now people are rehashing it now But we’ll say i many what would you recommend for learning about charts top does this earlier that book that bought the bottle could have struct a lotta goes Anyone who’s anyone got a buzzer beater everyone said everyone submit your best question and i’ll just say yes or no depending on what it is all right well there we go we won you guys all got beat i’m just gonna leave that one up seems like everyone has an opinion on the price of watching my opinions to look at the market cap and swish yep yep good idea yeah anything else goes anything else it’s a banyan that work talks about being i work earlier Oh, no i don’t feel like talking about work this would be a better show right you guys just put up there and be like mad i don’t feel like talking about it No, yeah yeah i feel like talking about it are you going to enjoy your nap probably not man i thought i was gonna get to bed two hours ago but i was like let me get let me get on for the euros you that actually looks like a pair of thigh-highs shinee’s you you yeah loser Now it on the croatian What tapers i do you have over black lab named raven raven nevermore at the moment Bank chain i wish? nikki peat tv show red poles too disappointed man what do you think about ios t Shout-out, to albert do my detail ver shout out bruh one love? i missed that last question What do you think about poon dax i thought it was a bad project – ever about some requests Ceo for the month next Property to shane planning to load up with switch jia when it goes live maybe do you speak irish No, i wish i see ksdk going to be outshined by abra app Not sure any thoughts a bit too great no i don’t think i’ve answered a bit degree since i came on my stream like ever well i see how are you most bullish on in the upcoming months i mean Can look back at the last three hours one chain one hundred million volume 100 million circulation precious sky rock in my opinion do you think watching price is very controlled yeah like watching is not doing anything right now people were just speculating on it well i see how are you most bullish on the upcoming months thoughts on i bloom Who was you in an arm-wrestle who would rest who would win in an arm wrestle you were in ballina Ian’s starting to lift weights Now i saw so he’s probably gonna get some of on me but i’m like six foot one pretty big guy but arm wrestling matches is less about that and more about other stuff so i’m gonna go i want it i’m gonna concede the ian on this one he’s putting that work in bitcoin daily ira sia is lowest on you expect at least a bounce from here let’s hope so your, three worst crypto investments in the last few months you’re saying you sold everything at the top worst crypto investments in the last three months i punted three ether them in the crowd holding and that’s that pretty much lost like More than 66% thanks to the market let’s see here verbs protocol blackmun cards oh in the last few months and that was a recommendation off the end back when i still watched him not shots fired yes, oh really just and and you whatever the other one was as i mentioned why don’t you watch it anymore i just don’t at the time something i don’t want to i still catch the strings from time to time But i’m just So busy
with my own stream and content and researching and my day job and my fiancee and you fucking name it i’m busy with it oh, i keep up with shit them these three were scripted yeah i just talked about that your dearest crypto memory my dearest crypto memory was when i had a bunch of white list for zrx and ent and then i filled them and then sold it for three and a half x and just like x money what do you thoughts on matrix i don’t feel like talking about it Well we have an ama regularly on saturdays for europeans what time you said i’m trying to do 10 to 12 or 10:00 to 2:00 Eastern standard time but i don’t want to hold myself to that because i’m terrible with sleep cycles as you can tell does your wife ever watch her videos that she understand it She went she eventually she has a background in pr marketing She eventually wants to help contribute to my branding in channel in the flight down the lines so i’ve been teaching her more about crafts Oh, she does watch my videos from time to time Yeah, fuck 9:00 a.m. Is coming up oh dude watch ever eye maybe we should be here for 9:00 a.m. delsin stk i’m bullish child – calvin from new york yeah i’m gonna do calvin was good Do you wake and bake i haven’t smoked in years What old bags did you finally get out from this market i actually sold ink before i sold it at a loss to get Into some other stuff be waken big i talked about that what do you think about in star star just blanks am i guess or neo you abroad a lot and we’re now No, i don’t want to get kid that bro have you looked in the trinity yeah i’m holding some trinity right now talked about that earlier what year will be the best year for crafter 2018 or 2019 2019 Are you planning to come up to the uk to do a meet-up That’d be cool but no plans at the moment iota worth haughtily i don’t know probably not thoughts on sky coin they’re thoughts i converse watching in terms of bullish Man now there’s a subject to talk about Do you wake and bake i talked about that Yeah make sure you go check outs to make sure you go check out my one ledger review video i just put it out um it’s pretty good i Want to go watching Even though i think icons better i hold more watching so i’m just more bullish on it because i don’t want more money but icon is probably better just, because it has south korea behind it what do you think about blockchain brad’s pics man people really want to fucking start the fire today I’m not gonna comment on blockchain bread i’m not going there today betoken definitely not going there today your thoughts on the insight and networks no air swap no blues l i’m loggin bro one shame for the long-term hold yeah i’m holding it for long-term because of the exit strategy i kind of de 2018 we talk in three figures bro monies thoughts on genesis don’t feel like talking about it thoughts on persona don’t feel like talking about it and we’re back By the way i’m pretty sure blotchy and brad doesn’t make pix he just doesn’t say a maze morons heather in his previous floods i heard they got audited by a third party organization that’s respected and that they passed which is your best proof of authority kline yo is that you sam is that you back there dog best fruit of authority coin obviously poa or proof of authority you mentioned a few coins which you were very bullish for for 2018 yeah poa zrx blue zell designed by our hold recommendations these are just projects that i like piper i think nucleus visions a little bit more long-term i don’t know when chain links going to restructure its head or resurface their marketing is awful i’m bullish one personally kuan stamp if what i said happens happens Now people are gonna be like what did you say happen having matt i don’t feel like watching two hours of 46 minutes well now You’ll have to watch to find out what i said about quan stamp who go to go as a friend You, icon zero chain? Chain? Neck’s hyperbole open platform that’s a little too far out and then check coin market cat real quick I don’t feel like going to coin yep guys or tuna which one should i research today one ledger dm lp chain or alig m’a did someone really put their research all of them i just telling for projects me personally check out my video on one ledger you can watch it at one-and-a-half x speed krypto differs my dude curt the difference is pretty cool we protected content well he paraphrased is a lot of content but it’s it’s pretty organized wish you would start like transcribing my amas again dude it’s getting a little lazy out there in the magic of youtube and drove them raid I’m ron burgundy Yeah, in regards to this question one ledger i put out a video I wasn’t bullish on dml i’m putting out a video on p change soon so you’ll check that in the next 48 hours Check out lima there’s a lot of cool partnerships that are coming with them i’ve heard i’ve heard it all my dude for some reason every single motherfucker and their mother is partnering with elite alig m’a i can’t really release who those people are but the dude told me they were some i was like wow okay is this the real life where is this just fantasy stuck in the landslide and escape from reality open your eyes Look up to the skies and see i’m Just, a poor boy i need no sympathy What’s the crazy tie sale right now the craziest like girls gone wild titties in your face i don’t know no one’s really breaking that mold do a bunch of conservative guys out here Poa versus one chain verse next one chain? did you buy your first crypto probably buy of 2014-2015 like accumulated probably 2009 ish Do you think somewhere in that ballpark it’s really hard to remember a decade ago Do you think bitcoin private has potential i don’t feel comfortable answering that any chance of some technical ama is with Want chain if one chain wants to come on they can come on dudes we can we can party all night? Do you wear underwear and not right now Yeah, we’re on the words who the fuck doesn’t wear underwear That’s not sure i used to i used to free ball it sometimes when i was younger that might be tmi but i’m not ashamed are you a gamer absolutely yeah i play um i play players on the battleground I used to play overwatch i used to play some league from here from time to time he used to play some used to play some i used to play a bunch of games i was a big console gamer and i switched over to pc i tried out a csgo was really big in the starcraft battle chess back in the 90s for starcraft brood wars if that brings any memories back freddie here’s your father yeah that’s right dude voice of an angel yeah, i love video games any thoughts on the internet usually you can’t withdraw for the first 24 hours you want to keep in the ecosystem and keep the trading going manny did you review the shopping icl no You, seen well matty you should have a super like youtube video starts just to bust his balls haha We should do a crypto video where everyone contributes, to bohemian rhapsody and then mash it together for the fuck of it what excites you not like that haha what excites me Yeah, i really hate those questions that i just blank on like there’s so much to put in there how much was the liquor private Sale i don’t know i’m not investing in it so just, because i’m not investing don’t take that as a buy sell recommendation not investing on a lot of things right now because of a theorems low price and the possibility of a bounce The mana talked about block collider briefly earlier you’ll have to go back and check it out sighs you kittens tell us something about yourself your wife doesn’t know My wife knows that my fiancee is i think everything and anything she doesn’t i wouldn’t share with you guys do you think i should tell my friends i have crypto i Used to think that now i don’t i actually told one of my friends not to tell anyone anymore few coins which you are very bullish for 2018 or any one over the nebulous no i don’t feel like talking about the i don’t feel like talking about that i don’t feel like talking about To be correct her? any thoughts on you trust partnership can you see can you make your videos rwanda below yet someone tells with it earlier we’ll be working on that Are you going to consensus in new york gob wants to bring me up but unless they give me free tickets i’m probably not going the cool they did though Hello world The classic computer science statement talks about elastic earlier i heard you at a guest appearance in ian’s bolinas moon lambo video with a freestyle rap is this true i don’t want to give anything away it’d be awesome though click marcus answered if you’re gay Mc oh, hey oh no i can’t i can’t do that any more thoughts on our chain? alright guys well that’s gonna be the end the kind i can’t delete these kind of Well someone had to ruin the fun for everyone very good night death Dream of moon landings dude we’re landing on mars in a tesla bro we bought watching six months ago was already reaching not selling sheet we are actually buying more the question is now price not moving with big volume Yes, so i’m not selling any my watching i have a bunch of it? I’m just ha telling it for a while but i think that the volume would eventually die down between getting like two organic growth and i think with the market if it still good volatile and goes down Launching to come down a little bit with it so i’m seeing if we maybe we can get to like a three dollar point i don’t know where we’re at right now we were at we were near four dollars but teams have built a pretty solid set for 50 it’s kind of just been sideways in they probably can still go up more but i think eventually the volume will die out like this i’m not saying this is overpriced it’s definitely not but there’s nothing supporting it i’m gonna get an icon they don’t think supporting that either icons all hope that right now too 1.5 came out so six hours and 35 So 1.8, billion was 640 back here it was like what was it 1.8 six 1.8 you 300 million and then actually went down like 10% of that so so yeah one change market cap right now is $4.50, times Thirty-two! Sorry that’s correct? see something, see if we can figure this out right now Do 10 was the total supply what do i have it’s 102 million right now doesn’t sound right you you Thirty-two! Two actions press if we use that as I don’t know hoping it comes back Anyone, now let’s have your head guys we can’t answer these questions otherwise i’m gay You think seal will pull our credits like gains because of superman who bought one chain do you believe in satoshi? now what should what you why you still did you say gay people should contact me mc oh hey enjoy your nah No electrify on mars being a battery pack no electricity on mars if you could put a solar panel in that bitch you did your price prediction change for ether room i talked about that earlier alright guys i think we’re gonna leave it there A lot of hope did you review it’s on the list Alright that’s gonna be everything alright guys thanks for coming out i really appreciate all that actually will go over here oh? someone’s in discord hey bud gotta go i’ll be back So someone just starts talking yeah, i’ll end it there i’m gonna go talk to blue for a little bit in discord but i appreciate everyone coming out make sure you smash those likes button Make sure you hit the subscribe button thanks thanks as kids enjoy your weekend as well make sure everyone’s enjoyed your weekend head up my telegram head up my announcements channel hit up all that good stuff private disk or telegrams in the announcement channel Thanks for all the awesome questions i appreciate everyone coming out Been an enjoyable morning a little three-hour trend and look out for that 9 p.m. 9 p.m., wake-up call alright guys i will catch you later peace

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