Oh Really Bitcoin? Breaking Bitcoin Market Update – Live Technical Analysis & Requests!

hey what's going on everybody hopefully you're doing fantastic thank you so much for joining me for another episode of breaking Bitcoin market update I of course am your host Justin Wise lead analyst senior mentor at crack and cryptocurrency comm hope you guys are doing absolutely fantastic wherever you happen to be tuning in from and as who said that top hat what's going on man he says hi guys turn much profit and Andrew Adam says profit over flow I hope that is the situation with you guys incredible another incredible movement from Bitcoin last night this time in the opposite direction for anybody that missed the initial movement hope you guys are capitalizing on that and did amazingly well we opened up a short last night on Bitcoin let's go through some of our positions let's go through what the market has been doing since I've been awake and since I've been sleeping but overall very exciting time the market it's just wonderful to see the volatility restore to some of the larger caps as we've been kind of playing some of these coins on some of the owned by Nance and sometimes that can get tedious you know because most of us do prefer to return to our Big Love our big passion which is Bitcoin obviously so being able to trade that being able to trade that is has been a wonderful occurrence over the last few days sorry just getting my morning coffee and guys and we're gonna get going hmm I do want to thank so I got that Bob miner if you're watching I want to give you a big shout out man I got that coffee mug that you requested sent out to you last night should be on its way to you you know it'd be awesome to get a photo of that man that would be sweet let's go up here to the chat let's say hi to everybody what's going on turd Ferguson Floyd Wendy brown I Keith Mass – what's going on my good friend and brother Ron legato top hat P Escobar Andrew Adams the nerd Robert your ignorance Adam collector record what's going on guys it's good – gets good Andrew Adam says I'm so sad because it means I took money from somebody don't have that mentality because it is not a zero-sum game you know you need market participants for the market to move up and down sometimes you're gonna be sometimes you're gonna be the fish sometimes you're gonna be the fisherman and I guarantee you the people that are taking money from you and your position gets stopped out do not feel bad about it okay it's head on over here to the scene let's see what do I want to talk about almost awful what's going on ma'am mr. Heath er says no my big passion is etherium I could not have wheedled that out from the name couldn't have wheedled that help from the name what's going on my good friend mr. eat there good to see in the jet all right let me pull up on my notes and let's switch over here to the live scene belong oh I did do some updates everything's looking kind of nice and pretty I can even break the third wall breaking Bitcoin market analysis good to good to good to go alright let's head on over here to main sharding all right cool and we are here the live scene all right sweet as always if you guys have any questions comments concerns sarcastic remarks feel free to throw them in the chat man I'll get to them as best that I can on the schedule for today we're gonna be breaking down Bitcoin and etherium I think litecoin has been highly requested and we will take a look at litecoin okay I do want to make a quick change the see if I can make this a little bit better the reason why is because this seems to there we go see if that's gonna be congruent now and boom alright cool that seems a little bit better hopefully you guys can see well I did originally have you guys probably boc it but right over here in this corner I had the events list because I do like to see like you know what's kind of going on with recent activity but we do have that down at the bottom of the screen on your so it's all good all right Ryan Atkins that says morning coffee 12 p.m. CST do you go to bed of like 5:00 a.m. no I've been up since 6:00 but you know it takes a while to get going in caffeinated this is like round two man so this is like my second session you know from like 12:00 to 5:00 is like my secondary trading session and obviously since doing the show I have to take a big two-hour chunk out of it so now to stay caffeinated data you know being a single dad and and and being a full-time trader it takes a lot of caffeine I'm not gonna lie okay let's pull up in my back-end notes and we're gonna get right on with this hopefully the restream chat starting I thought I did fix everything oh if it doesn't start working here soon then maybe we'll just take that off because I can see what you guys are saying alright okay let me pull up in my notes so I can make sure I stay on track don't worry ah boom okay so I'll just kind of give you guys a little bit of overview of what I posted to the members this morning so obviously um last night putting in some nice action that we're able to catch here we're gonna start off with the bit Mex chart we're gonna look at some smaller timeframes today so you can kind of look at some of that stuff that we do look at now you guys know that we typically trade the 8-hour chart here at crack and cryptocurrency that is a good stress-free very easy to manage risk a timeframe to trade but I'm not gonna lie things have been volatile the last few days and it has been profitable to trade and scalpel over timeframes so it's not all just it you know the goal of the show the goal of the group is never just to take you know any trade blindly it's to give you tools so you can learn how to spot good profitable setups for yourself so as a group we short a Bitcoin from 50 to 30 now the impetus for that was the impetus if the impetus for that was in the actually disabled jamoke gear so you can see was the one hour sell signal coming in from time transformation now I'm always hesitant to take lower timeframe time transformation signals um but I mean they are fantastic on the 15-minute chart it's just that as I've grown and evolved in my trading I prefer to trade the larger timeframes and look for those larger swing positions now so I am always hesitant to take a lower timeframe signals however I saw a few things to make me take the trade so not only did my time transformation start flashing a sell but on the lower timeframes I saw a very clear support and resistance but if we go here into the 15 minutes sharp we can see exactly what I was keeping my eye on this was you know I was just watching the I was actually I had the one minute in the 15 minute and then the hourly over here as well as the daily in the 8 hour over here on my other screen and I was able to see this very clearly put in an area of resistance it flipped broke through a support and again the same thing that I talk about a lot this is a good price action analysis when you see an area of the chart when you see an area on the chart that acts as resistance and so that is that is demand when price returns and tests that area you are expecting buyers who bought at that area to defend their positions that's the correct way in my opinion to think about it right to think about the analogy is that you have positioned buyers you have individuals who have staked their claim here around that 50 to $50 area they have bought they've entered into the market why do we know they've entered into the market because remember the market moves with market buying right if nobody's market buying or market selling the market doesn't move right you have to have aggressive buying and aggressive selling to push the price up when price is moving up it means that sellers are passive and buyers are aggressive and when price is moving down it means that market participants are aggressively selling and that buyers are being passive limit orders to buy are being filled by aggressive market sellers all right a lot of people forget that very simple confluent shil factor so when you're determining you know what's better for you a limit order or more order it helps to start at the very beginning and understand what those really are in relationship to the market market orders are what moves the market limit order limit orders are what buffs the market so to speak they they're their buffers their passive buying and or selling limit orders are anyway so we saw this clear supporting resistance flip where anybody the bot at this level was immediately disrespected price returned tested that area as resistance to test of that area that should have acted as demand and confirmed it as supply which we can see on this candle right here and we had an immediate almost 10 percent rejection from that moment in time right there okay um now that support Maris doesn't slip I hadn't really seen Bitcoin do that convincingly yet and that was the big impetus for me to take two short trade coupled let's go to the daily here let's go to the daily if we couple that let's throw in at jamoke ooh if we couple that with that kuhmo cloud breakout right that we actually got on this candle but if we go to the tether chart let's go to the tether chart we got that cool cloud breakout on this candle right here so if we actually throw on plot alerts here we go we got that by signal there and as I've said many times often when we do get or whenever we get something like a golden cross or a death cross on moving averages if you're using moving averages or you get a kuhmo cloud break or a tenkan cross anything of that nature anything that is typically a overlay indicator where you're gonna have two lines crossing or you know price moving above a certain area right whenever you get an indication like that the way that you're traditionally going to be taught to take the trade is to immediately enter on the confirmation of the signal I have an issue with that I have an issue and it's the same issue with looking for a B PC which is how I like to take support and resistance breaks so break pullback continuation right that is my preferred way to take a trade so when we break above a resistance level or break below a support level I like to see that area pulled back to and tested as confirm support and new resistance for example rather than taking the immediate bio trade I've just noticed in my time of trading that if you immediately take a trade often more often than not price will reverse and retest that level of new support as resistance or new resistance as support so it becomes more difficult you have to suffer more drawdown and I just find that that protects you from being faded as well because remember most of the time the majority of breakouts or breakdowns are going to get faded by market participants right they're actually not going to be breakout trades that's why I'm not a breakout trade buyer I'm a reversal trader I like to wait for confirmed reversals or I like to take high probability setups at key critical levels of horizontal support and resistance or Ichimoku levels or sometimes exponential moving average levels as long as I can manage my risk appropriately so anyways that was congroo it with basically what I was looking for here with a break and we had a nice obviously you know Bitcoin very bullish so we had it we did have it very nice almost what eight percent run us all right almost 7% run up on top of that como collaborate but yes we did see the pullback testing the daily como cloud as support we'll see if that holds now so almost always looking for a pullback for continuation or anything like cumin break a moving average cross that tinkin cross other levels of confluence here if we do stick to the tether chart let's actually see if it's gonna if it's going to give us the same confluence here on the bit mixture whereas the three-day let's go to the three-day here which is the level that I've been watching more and more closely as time goes on we do have our 100-day moving average coming in on the three-day as well as well as our hundred simple moving average and as well as if we look at our Ichimoku here if we look at our Ichimoku here on the three-day as well as the three-day HMO cloud and we're actually closed somewhat below the three-day ki-joon as well so all those levels coming in very nicely giving us levels of confluence where we did get rejected from now if we go to if we go to our weekly levels here actually weekly levels here actually you have sorry it's not going to show it it's not going to show it quite the same so interestingly because of the lack of data uh compared to tether from bit Mex we actually do have our 55 exponential moving average and our 100 coming in right here on the weekly as well but if we go to the tether chart which is well actually what I was been watching we'll go to the weekly chart and we'll throw off that um okay we'll throw in our emos yeah okay we do have that 55 exponential moving average okay so that's the next sorry that's the next area that I want to talk to now so we talked about the three day 100 exponential moving average we talked about the three day ki-joon we talked about the three day kuhmo cloud getting above those levels as I talked about yesterday the next opportunity or the next selling vantage point for me is going to be confluent with that weekly 55 exponential moving average on that's that's gonna be the zone I'm going to be targeting should we get a nice bullish kick off whether that kick off comes from 4900 or 4450 which I'm going to break down and get into here in a minute the two levels of interest that I've had on the chart that I talked about during this run up that I was looking for pullbacks to as I said you go back to the last two videos 49 hundred and forty-four 50 so depending on where we get that kick off looking at current price right now I would assume that we actually get that kick off probably from 44 50 rather than 4,900 and we're gonna get that as we look at current price right now okay so this is gonna represent for me that level between fifty five forty five and ultimately fifty seven fifty is gonna be the area the last area of selling that I'm really going to be looking to do if I'm in a bullish trade when I'm in a bullish trade and then I'm gonna be looking for opportunities to short sell the market in between fifty seven fifty and sixty one thirty six on the tether chart coming over here to the bit Mex chart let me see if I've plotted it out just as well here on the bit mature yes the levels on the bit Mex chart are a little different 54 56 to 57 43 before I start looking between the area 5743 to sixty one fifty for a fairly large weighty girthy large massive short position if I do say so myself okay don't all right now let's go look at kind of what's going on right now in the market now we are seeing consolidation at that $4,900 area let's actually take our umas off and go ahead and put on hm oku because this is kind of what I'm keeping my eye on and unplug brakes because they're distracting on the lower timeframes all right so now we're consolidating at my first level of interest $4,900 what is really interesting is that this is a weekly level if we actually go back in time we can see that $4,900 right here was actually the high the the true high of this resistance candle when price was running up back in August through September of 2017 we hit this level in price rejected about 40% back down actually forming a low below this and this low if you guys will recall was an area of interest so directly below this 2900 level 2975 was an area that I've been talking about of interest when price was consolidating down here looking for lower price targets if there was a liquidity down here then obviously we talked about the lower targets of 1924 and 23:31 and although everybody is extremely excited and feeling amazing those levels are not off the table yet 1924 I'm very speculative about have been very upfront about that being very speculative at 1924 but below twenty nine twenty nine seventy five it's not off the table from you uhh okay so what's really interesting is like I said this is a weekly level that we are currently consolidating at it acted as resistance during the write-up in 2017 it would be interesting to see it hold as support if Bitcoin can hold 4900 s goods support here then most likely we're going to range between here let's go down to a lower most likely we're going to range and most likely we're going to range between 4950 200 250 300 as we can see right here the bit Mex chart a little bit different than the tether chart so those numbers are a little bit different but breaking that breaking that breaking out of that level 50 250 350 300 the level that I'm gonna have my eye on is that 57:43 on the Beck's charge 50 750 on the tether chart and again once that happens I'm gonna be scaling out of any long positions I may hold and looking very closely for a good short on the bearish rejection from 61 36 or 61 50 if we're looking at the pit mix chart however I did did this analysis mostly on the tether chart and we've seen the tether chart lag behind the rest of the exchanges that we see it did take a day to catch up with the rest of the exchanges so I'll most likely be watching the coinbase Pro exchange or that sell signal that's the bullish scenario on regardless either way we go I do expect to see some consolidation here that's what we're already seeing if we do go down to the lower timeframes we can see that just beautiful consolidation right at that $4,900 level you know really just bouncing around between the 200 exponential moving average here on the 15-minute chart and the 55 exponential moving average if we really take that off because that's not really what I'm looking at I'm actually looking at the Ichimoku now at first glance it may seem like it's less clean than than the exponential moving averages but in my eyes it's really not we have that clear break into the cloud after the rejection from that support and resistance flip you had confirmation this wouldn't have if you weren't if you were just using it Jumoke you still would've had a profitable trade because you do close below the ki-joon right here you pull back to retest the ki-joon as resistance and break down so so although I was looking at horizontal support and resistance which allowed me to get into the short trade earlier you could have just used the overlay indicator and you would have had an okay trade you know the wrong mentality is that oh man this sucks because you know this only gave me like 7% it's only gave me a potential 7% short trade you know and not you not a 10% okay whatever man– it's all about improving your skills as you go but if you don't have that fundamental base or things to watch for that's something that I can always watch for and know that that's a good setup so anyways what do we see right here we see that same consolidation at 4900 and as I talked about earlier in the day to the members looking for that break down below that 4900 level we already saw consolidation here we're sorry it's consolidation throughout this entire area and thank you so much for there's something here Rev and Yasha thank you so much for the follow on twitch my good friend highly appreciate it welcome to the community happy to meet you we see this big massive sell-off so I'm always hesitant to take a short position in consolidation after a massive sell-off because if we just compare if we look at what at our down here if we just compare the momentum we didn't actually have that significant of a blow off top that would make me think that we're just going to the bottom as we did a blow-off bottom right here so a lot of long liquidations a lot of individuals a lot of trapped buyers that bought anywhere in this region right here got absolutely crushed and now we see just price consolidating at that higher level I want to see a very nice clean break of 4900 and I would be leaning bearish right now just based upon the fact that as we can see here the key June was acting as resistance we had a brief attempt to hold the key June as support I got rejected from the 15-minute kuhmo cloud again as we did after breaking down and through the cloud over here we got rejected here here here and here so we're still bearish below the 15-minute cloud that would be your first indication this is pretty confluent with the hourly tenkan as well as we can see the 15-minute kuhmo cloud was acting a strong resistance the hourly tenkan is acting as significant resistance now we hadn't really had a good test of the 10 the key June because it was rallying to catch up with the tinkin but now we're twisting up and we're about to have a TK cross to the downside so we're about to probably have that in the next couple of hours I would assume on the next probably buy the daily close but potentially here on the next six hour close or three hour close we'll probably have that bearish TK cross as long as price continues on in this level we can see that the hourly did close below that level of 4900 that I was talking about and pulling back up for a BPC so I would actually be quite interested in continuing this to the downside my short position still open I took about 42 percent of profit around the $5,000 level locking in a good amount of profits there and adjusting my stop-loss to break-even and I'm just willing to take this down as far as it will humanely go now where do I think this is going down to on again this all changes the firt the two things I'm going to be watching is the 15 minute convincing close above the d50 minute come on cloud and the one hour close above the tank and Sun here if that happens then I would expect a I would expect a lower high but I would expect a push higher now would be I won't be exiting my short but I just want to put that scenario on the table for you guys if you're not in a position and you're looking to scalp today's range the one thing that you can do during our next daily session is if we do get that nice convincing close above the tankenson you could potentially take that scalp along up to about 50 to 50 potentially although I do think that we end up forming a lower high and continuing down for a more significant pullback on the higher time frames to test key levels at the Ichimoku and support and resistance um all right let's see here let me get back to my notes so yeah so pretty much for the majority of the daily session you were you were just you were you were shorting overbought scenarios on time transformation or tests of the upper boundary of the ki-joon of the 15-minute ki-joon or the upper boundary of the kuhmo cloud and you were longing tests of the tankenson right here and any over sold situations on time transformation so typically and this is going to be good confluent pretty much whenever you see a movement like this you're going to get sideways consolidation and you know for probably a good eight hour session you're going to be so the new york session or this is actually the london open session you're going to be able because what was this kicking off at around 1830 so pretty much so last night so pretty much threw out last night session through the London open this morning you would have been able to just simply trade the range you know sell sell resistance by support sell resistance buy support and you could have scalped this very profitably let's see there would have been good want one two three four five five two percent trades very good I mean that's a day's work right there that's a day's work proper positioning proper leverage and you're good for the day all right let's yes so moving forward here in the short term for the rest of the afternoon session here I'm looking to see if Bitcoin can flip the key June into support that's looking less likely really now since we've broken down below and the key June is acne again as resistance as well as the Nick and Sun I'd really need to see price close convincingly above the kuhmo cloud on the 15 minute or again that hourly tankenson level coming in right here so if that can happen again the scalp long is on the table 250 250 but I would expect us to make a lower high I continue on our way down um done time talked about the hourly now as I said closing the hourly closing the hourly below 4900 would have been a violation of the key June which we did just have so I made this analysis right before I went on or I went on the air I made this analysis around 11:00 a.m. this morning um so we've that's already happened and we already see price pulling back to test the that that 4900 our level as resistance currently rejecting from it and we're not able to get up here up to rest and touch the key June either so I don't really view this as a stop run this was a stop run or could have been a stop run but it did not play out we had a little bit of a bullish kickoff at about a 2% actually if you would about the bottom or somewhere around the bottom at limit orders scattered here below support you would have got a nice almost 3% trade but regardless we didn't have that nice bullish upthrust that we really would have wanted to see off a stop run you can see that stop run a lot more clearly on the 15-minute chart here you've got risk that support around 4900 what do you see of violations you see stops get triggered and you get a nice you know 1 2 3 4 5 kind of movement up to retest the Kumo cloud but we get rejected so not a break of the structure not a break of the structure at all just continuation with what we've got going on um so we violated the keygen on the hourly that's also confluent with the three-hour tankenson as well we have violated that level as well closing below it so where am I looking for on our first stop on the way down if we end up confirmed this is this is already pretty much confirmed to me this that we violated the 4900 level all the early warning signs are there looking for pullbacks to retest resistance our previous support as new resistance to continue to trade on the way to the downside so we've got a lot of confluence coming in here around my Sion box area that I drew this box area yesterday I've just moved it up slightly because the Ichimoku have moved up a little bit the tank inside of the keys you have moved up a little bit so my first area of interest is going to be 46 40 so that's the three hour key gene coming in right around here it's actually on the bit max chart 46 67 so make sure we're doing those conversions from the USD teacher because I do most of my price analysis on tether and I carry that over to bed max because BIM X is wicked with its liquidity so 46 67 actually is that level on the bit max chart on the eight-hour ki-joon we also have that kind of same level 40 45 70 we have the 8 hour key gene coming in as well we have that nice confluence the area that I'm actually targeting gonna be that zone between roughly 46 80 and 4600 is really what I'm looking at that's the zone between the eight-hour tech nets on in the key June so definitely that $100 zone $80 zone represents a great area you take to look for the overbought conditions to actually take the trade to the upside as well and take profit targets for any short sell that is gonna be confirmed by the breakdown of this or if you were lucky enough to enter at the top of this $1 wick as we were now getting getting below that see you're getting below that getting below that I had said previously that the area that I was interested in let's go back to the tethered chart so I can flush this out a little bit better yeah getting down below that area the other level and I talked about this yesterday that I was interested in was that $4,500 level it's actually 4509 I do believe with the potential wick down to 4450 the reason why is because again that's just that same level that I talked about during the pre-recorded that I did on Tuesday I do believe a during yet Tuesday is the pre-recorded session because that was the actual candle body close of that resistance level that was broken through and then back tested as support so even though we've disrespected that line once and twice it's still a level on the chart that I think is important and is to be respected that's gonna have some nice confluence here with the weekly 21 exponential moving average as it rallies to catch up with price might take it might take a while to get up there might take another week for this to update and push up there so we could see this consolidation go on for the rest of the week or that slow bleed out down to that 46 40 46 hundred dollar level on the bit max chart to move those price expectations up with the eight hour with the eight hour HMO coos but let's just make sure that we are paying attention that level is 46 24 actually on the pit mechs chart so that's good confluence there that's actually not really a that's not actually really a gross misrepresentation of where the level is yes we can see that nice red line coming in there pretty much splitting the baby right in the middle now I would have a hard stop loss on this trade I do have a hard stop loss on this trade about $100 drawdown I don't really feel like taking that taking that any lower because I don't want to be catching a falling knife but that's the set up that I do have right now I will see how price of all's when we get down to that area yeah that's pretty much it hopefully that was clear I want that to be overly convoluted and complicated I think it's pretty clear-cut man we talked about why I entered into the short the support/resistance flip on the 15-minute chart as well as the hourly sell signal here from time transformation we won't get all ready painting and let's get right there the one thing that I do want to point out that does I'm still not I'm still not entirely certain that we break down from here it does seem to it does seem to me that we're getting the early warning signs of that that you can see on the lower timeframes which is the disrespecting and the conversion of support into resistance here and everything twisting up and as we go up to time frames we can just see those continue to twist up we're about to get that hourly tenkan tenkan ki-joon bearish cross a lot of things are not a lot of things are lining up but it's not off the table especially if we can't have a nice push here and convert that kuhmo cloud on the 15-minute chart on the 15-minute timeframe into new support if we break out of the kuhmo cloud then I would see a retest of that 52 5050 to $30 region but again I think that we do form a low or high if we do form a higher than we have to reevaluate and again we laid out the bullish scenario as well if we end up putting in some good positive bullish momentum but but if that's going to happen I would expect to see more consolidation on a new resurgence and rise of open interest as we move forward but we already plotted those lines out let's go to the three day let's go to the three day that zone is above us right here 54 72 to 57 2257 43 on the bit next row it would be my last areas of sell but we do have to be cautious as long as prices underneath the kuhmo cloud and being rejected by it as well so keeping my eye pretty closely on the three day chart as well this chart has just been bang on for many many many things over the period over the period of time it's always good to zoom out to the weekly in the three day as I talked about in my support and resistance video that is available to premium subscribers when we're constructing premium when we're constructing horizontal support and resistance we always want to be going out to macro time frames and then zooming down and then looking for those levels to be respected or disrespected for early warning signs on lower timeframes okay let's take a quick break here and scroll up through the chat I do see the Scrat the the chat scrolling Rikki 596 what's going on man good to see on twitch my good friend palindrome yo yo yo trend reversal rekt daily traders most of the time can we talk about LTC USD and a reentry target absolutely Adam collect a record says evening nerd Robert says I'm all-in since 3,100 sleeping very good Elliott man BTC dump incoming uh and jela hope says it was probably me I lost a whole Bitcoin accidentally typing it in or a 3 cent coin 1 Bitcoin to buy a 3 cent coin rough man I see X USD T waves let's see if we can get those on the request less let's pull upstream Labs go to my scheduler icx USD t-waves BTC and XRP hoost we'll look at ZURB boost at McCracken I see X and QSP hey if you check out the discord crackin cryptocurrency calm da Vinci he is pretty he's following QSP very closely so I would go check out his channel in our discord for updates on q SP Andrew Adams asked was yesterday the blow off top before bearish trend reversal s hat or has the blow off top not come yet I mean look it looks like it looks like a very good blow off top but I would make the argument that if we look at the if we actually look at the volume on the lower timeframes you can make the argument that this actually was not you can make the argument that this was not the blow off top that we want to see I would like to see a look at this volume signature right here and look at the lengths of the lower timeframe wicks when you're looking at keep in mind okay so when you're looking for a blow-off top you want to see this kind of price action behavior in this kind of volume pattern up here that's gonna represent a ton of trap traders everybody vying into the top and very aggressive market orders taking that taking taking the moving to the downside this is not really that this is not really trapped buyers that represents the represents an ultimate top in my opinion this is more significant profit-taking most likely coordinated across multiple exchanges but again that's not conspiracy 3 level stuff it's just that hey man price was coming up to the 3-day como Club people took profit because guess what professional traders are watching those levels just as I am see here nerd Robert asks can you check out my long-term prediction that I made months ago yeah sure man let's take a gander this is this a hack oh I just saw something pop up in my app data man I'm just kidding all right so this is gonna be the brave new coin liquid index this is the weekly chart we're looking at volume and the market god yeah I know a lot of people love this indicator um I don't wrong opinion let's say you're it's it's actually not that actually not super clever let's hear okay so I've volume started after the trap occurred and then we come down we didn't actually print so that's one interesting thing I just want to look at your first fractal ear from back in 2000 at the end of 2015 to be in a 2016 we didn't put in that bolt wrap and then price didn't actually print a lower low this did represent the bottom of the this did represent the bottom of the bear market that ended in 2015 this low right here because we never went anywhere near that low and price reversed very quickly price consolidated for a little bit did put in a bit of a bear trap pulled back down to retested previous resistance as support and kicked off this was your but to be honest actually that's not retesting sorry that's not retesting resistance that support that's retesting support as support this was your confirmation right here that came in 2016 this was actually just around the time when I started playing around in Bitcoin right here when you did have that nice return and confirmation of resistance turned support right there and then we just kicked off for about three years so you're talking about the high volume starting right here and then obviously we enter into a massive run-up oh and Bay is in hyper wave theory I think you'd do well if you just scratch those off your chart but that's just my personal opinion and so you're saying this is likely to be the same and your yellow arrow indicates where we're likely to bottom so you're looking for a retest of 3000 and then the bull market starts I would say that broadly I pretty much agree with you I don't know if this isn't this is obviously isn't my method of analysis looking at fractals in previous price history but I think we've come to the same conclusion I think we've come to the same conclusion that this is not the beginning of the bull market that we will see a revisit of the lows doubtful that we see a lower low if there is a good possibility that the low is in as we can see that that was the kind of same fractal we saw over here after that massive decline we have that same level of consolidation and a big sell-off but the sell-off here took a lot longer the sell-off here took only about four weeks compared to about nine weeks over here but good possibility that the low is in but I do see us retesting the vicinity of that low yes so I think we've come to the same conclusion man awesome full chart man I like it and there we go we did reject from the 15 minute tankenson and continuing on our way down I like it alright so that would put us down here looking at that 46 82 $4,600 region I have limit orders set a little bit higher than that have my profit target areas that I have set that I do want to do be out of this short position and I will be looking to pick up some nice over BOTS or excuse me oversold Bitcoin right around this area guys so David Mann David mate I almost said man slinger he's slinging men what's going on my good dude top hat says and great tools I had my I had my balls on the bathroom sink and bought Bitcoin live on this awesome channel good dear man I just came to say hi Bernardo Petruchio good to see you man BTC gained 21 percent overall wise Dirk could only make 6% WTF yeah that's cuz herb sucks CB and 5 says caught the top of BTC with a short yesterday after the show welcome and currently 30 percent profit with 10x on pit mix take profit reduce position now we're currently in support what do you think no no no I took well ok let's be real about this I took about 25 percent profit when I saw a price consolidating actually I just kind of randomly took it on the way down because I was going to bed I updated my stop-loss to break even I went to bed I woke up I'm like I think we're going lower so I would take about 25% again I'm not a financial adviser you can do what you want with your position but again if you want to take a step if you want to take a page for me I took about 25 percent profit move my stop loss to break-even I wouldn't be interested in being out of the short unless we can unless we can break the 15-minute kuhmo cloud as resistance or as I talked about the hourly tenkan song if we can have a nice hour flip on that otherwise this this does not look like oversold opportunity to buy this looks like continuation of a bearish movement maybe the money will flow all worth that's I want to I'm about to get into that pretty heavily before I start with requests it's unsettling making money should have invested more syndrome it's yeah you're absolutely right Edie you know things like that was that Eddie said that oh that's top hat my bad uh you know those are those are simple psychological things that are gonna play Ganu traitor you know FOMO read fear I should have invested more if I would have done this I could have made much more money it's really important that you just wipe your mind of all that stuff and you know I was talking with a member the other day about proper psychology and how can we how can we get ourselves out of this like fear and greed mentality and I and as I told them I mean I think the easiest way to do it the way that I did it is that you get a piece of paper you know or you know whatever you printer you know you write it out but you need to have something in front of you that has your trading strategy on it that has elements of your discipline in it that that you're only allowed to do what's on this piece of paper and the unique you need to make a pact and evaluate your self it doesn't you know if you got to cut your hand and do a blood brother oath with you if you need to go to your priest if you need to go to your if you need to go to your you know your coven leader it doesn't matter just make some kind of sacred vow or promise or if you know if you're disciplined and you're just a grown-up you just say I'm gonna do this and I'm not gonna you know veer away from this plan you put your entry and exit strategy on your piece of paper you put your stop and target system your risk management system you put how much you're gonna put in a trade relative to out you know there's lots of ways to position size I'm pretty honest about the way that you know I've talked about this a lot the way that I position size I position size pursuant to my distance to my stop-loss in my preset account risk so depending on the coin and the volatility will change that account risk but it's you know 2% 3% of my account I'm willing to put at risk on a particular trade that's not the amount of my account that I'm willing to put on a trade there have been times where I've put thirty to forty to fifty percent of my entire capital on a trade but the point is where is my stop-loss if my stop-loss gets hit and triggered how much of my account am I going to lose typically two to three percent I'm comfortable with you and then just only do what's on your only do what's on your thing and shoot to make 15 to 30% on your total account in a year if you can do that here in after urine after you're in you will be in the rank of professional traders professional prop firm hedge fund managers and traders a lot of individuals would give their left arm in their right leg to be able to pull in 15 to 30 percent a year Warren Buffett's annual return is 20 percent a year all right and you think as a trader cryptocurrency traders and investors often think that they're gonna like beat the overall market by trading crypto because you can get massive returns and gains and yes you can absolutely you can but as a trader what I recommend that you shoot for is to shoot for fifteen to thirty percent of your account growth a year if you can accomplish that you're gonna be in the professional realm of traders all right and you're gonna be able to get a job pretty much at any prop desk you're gonna be able to get a job for any kind of crypto hedge fund you're gonna be able to do well if you want to make trading your full-time profession and if you if you don't want to make trading your full-time profession and you're still able to lock in those returns you can lock in returns like that trading once a day looking at the daily chart or looking at the chart twice a day at the to eight hour closes that are gonna be relevant to your timeframe because obviously you're probably going to sleep during the night and you can lock in those returns in a year if you are able to manage your risk appropriately be patient and clear out all that psychological nonsense out of your head and then you're going to be able to be putting away for your retirement especially if you're putting back into crypto and staying out of USD especially when crypto does enter into a confirmed bull market you're going to be able to have your investments in appreciating assets that you believe in for the long term and you're gonna be able to create a retirement account that you are going to be able to retire off of at a younger age and you're not gonna have to rely on Social Security or a pension or Wall Street or a 401k you're going to have a balanced collection of portfolio investments that you have decided that you want to invest in and you've grown that portfolio over time through disciplined diligent trading you have taken responsibility for your own financial future you've taken responsibility for your retirement you've taken responsibility for having a bundle of wealth that you can pass down to the next generation of your family and that is the point of all of this the point of all of this is not to get rich overnight although you can do that in cryptocurrency it is possible but it's a lot better to have a long term plan for the future because we are playing the long game here earthy profits and some hole to stash your silver coin yeah yeah yeah man do you think we going under 4500 probably not at this point in time though what about sequential x' yeah this is something obviously a lot of people we're talking about obviously I have the video on the TV sequential haven't used it in a long time it works really good in traditional markets hasn't had a very good track record in cryptocurrency you know I'd say you know about 20% of the time it's worked every time but yes we do have that what is it a weekly 8 out of 9 let's hold on let's let's pull that up the templates that's actually before I do something crazy here because I make adjustments I'm glad we're going to a big picture @td sequential here on the weekly bit next chart we do have an actual perfected nine nine to the upside so a completed TD cell setup uh and yeah so we would be looking we'd be looking for a pretty strong sell off of this indication let's see where our risk level is yeah so we have this has already automatically plotted out a stop loss for us that level is coming in right here at 66-57 would be a stop loss off this weekly trade it's about thirty five percent so just keep in mind but it is it is automatically plotting out that risk level right there for us yeah 6650 is actually where it's coming in at 66 6650 is where that willows coming in so you do have the weekly perfected nine count to the upside on TV sequential let's see here you did have see how well weekly TD sequential is done here did have the aggressive 13 right here on pretty much the best candle that you could have bought at as you can see here aggressive 13 regular eight count to the downside that was the eight countdown I've always found that hike and a she calls these a lot better so if we look at hi Kenosha on the weekly timeframe we do have we actually have an eighth of nine let's and pretty much the biggest reason here for me was if we look at the monthly if we look at the monthly I cannot eat it calls the top on a completed nine right here and it pretty much calls the bottom here on the last week of December where they perfected nine count to the downside so just trading the monthly bet Mexican Oishi you would have gotten in pretty much but again you have to be careful of high Komachi levels because they're great for analysis but for trading they're really good as it Hika know she is an amazing exit indicator it's not a great entry indicator it's a fantastic exit indicator if you're looking to take a trending trade and you want to exit on confirmation that the trade is bearish excuse me bearish there's really not a better there are better ones but if you don't have one I recommend that you pull up the daily chart of whatever time from your trading and when the daily high kanashii flips bearish exit your position exit three day three day we're on it perfected nine we can see here that three-day hike annachi as well called the perfected nine to the downside pretty well at thirty five twenty nine you would have had more drawdown obviously thirty one hundred but would have given you overall now a pretty good entry you would have doubled back down here at a great candle around that $34.00 area so pretty much doubling up at pretty much the same levels on the chart but you did have that nice nine count right here on the high ganache II and you are getting that perfected nine of nine right here as well twenty four hour hike annachi were on an eighth of nine to the upside perfected eight here called the top pretty well but again you would have gotten perfected eight called the top right here perfected nine called the top right here and perfected nine would have put you in okay for a scalp trade but you would have been in brought down really the best thing to look at as well as tdst support resistance these things work very very well in my humble okay so there's the sequential x' Jorge Pacheco says hi there sorry I've been missing your streams but time is that thing man love to see your streams thanks brother good to see here man schoenbaum says you made a note of highlighting how wicks tend to show a move to the opposite direction a while back and since then I've been killing the moves you're a good man Thank You Sean bond your good man as well dude you blockchain hands man thank you thank you so much for switching over to twitch guys it makes me very very happy you must be number 78 right there you chips and chops can thin your roll for sure you guys are crazy let's get back to the 15 minute and we're gonna throw back on my my indicators thank you very much keep it remote go up on here just so we can see what's going on so let's keep an eye on this as we're speaking here and we're getting to the rest of the chart do I ever use nvt no I do not top that what happened to Palin drill man dude we can't do palindrome every day dude it's got to be a special thing man you're in on the secret then you know it's no 0x would be great we'll add it to the schedule if we have time and I'll be happy to check it out I assume you want 0x BTC Tic Tac crypto man I got stopped out of my eath whose trade man I'm sorry hear that man we'll take a look yes what Ethan's gonna be next I find stops rather scary i use wis limits scripta over you what's going on man I wish I could like it but currently back in moon boy mentality after party two days ago is my Ichimoku indicator available publicly yeah man just go to just go to TV okay this is important right because we had to make so I've made a couple cracking cryptocurrency accounts on trading you but if you type in T V dot capital C ra c ki and G capital C cryptocurrency so correct TV crackin cryptocurrency with to capital C's not lowercase C's or it'll take you to my old account that's been deleted to capital C's is going to take you right here it is like something that silly I may be Scots fix this but I dunno that's that's the way it is go over to scripts and you can have access to my hmm indicator it's it's nothing mega special but it's really really good I hand wrote my HMO coup code I didn't copy anybody else's I figured out the math on my own because I always like to figure out the algebra on my own so we have the I wrote the math myself there's alerts 40k crosses bullish and bearish and kuma claw breakouts bullish and bearish I have a zero lag exponential moving average smooth on my cheek ooh spawn my lagging span you can disable that if you want you can set the settings all yourself and it's there the settings are set to what I think of the best for uh macragge encrypt for trading cryptocurrency um you guys can check out the Wada tar explosion another fantastic indicator for momentum entries exits it's beautiful full credit goes to lazy bear for designing the indicator all I did was remove a line of code from it that made it not work on on all coins CC ela is also publicly available and that's it if you are a premium subscriber you're gonna get access to code Rigo ATR and time transformation and compassion actually Compassion's not going to be coming out later this month minks is mixed is almost done I'm almost done with that that's gonna be the next indicator that's coming out it's another overbought oversold indicator but it goes it's based off a different algorithm that I had some help with a friend writing it works really really really well I mean beautiful so okay there's that Dutch crypto overview man hey thanks so much for the follow on our for the follow on twitch my good friend top hat says wise words I made money here thank you bro if you're disappointed just a girl how do I know who I'm dealing with I think most of us are the snowflake generation ah well that's what we're here to try and fix man Matt Dan says just curious what person is your portfolio do you gain per year can you tell us I always shoot for 30 percent I always shoot for 30 percent I've locked that in pretty well 2017 was a really good year for me 2018 was a pretty good year for us as well we'll see how the end of the year 2019 goes out but I put that out at the end of the year Yemen I can show you guys that says hey bro almost missed the show always good to hear from you and as always let's make some Steffan BTB says for example someone is a good trader with a little experience how much money do I need to do this as a full-timer okay well okay let's let's Magnus Soderbergh thanks so much for liking the script on trading be my good friend how much money realistically do you need to be a full-time trader if you're looking to take profit from your trading to cover your cost of living probably anywhere in the realm from 75 to 100 thousand dollars realistically if you want to if you if you want to not have to take unnecessary risks if you want to be able to have a very slow methodical patient consistent risk managed approach to trading and you want to be able to live off the proceeds of your proper you're going to need a larger amount of you're going to need a larger amount of capital um so what are some options available to you if you don't have that kind of money well you can take more risk which I don't recommend um what I recommend is that you you use a smaller capital balance use what you have available to you refine and sharpen your skills so that you can lock in that twenty to thirty percent of annual gains per year that ROI per year and then what you can do is you can take those skills and shop them around if you can lock in if you can lock in twenty to thirty percent on an account a year you can get a job it doesn't matter if you it I mean it doesn't matter dude if you can trade there are people out there who hire you you know people there are rich people all over the world that pay financial financial analysts and financial planners lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of money to lock in 14% for them just to beat the markets average eleven to twelve percent so if you can lock in twenty to thirty percent there are lots of prop desks there are a lot of hedge funds out there especially as we move forward in cryptocurrency you're going to see more and more and more and more and more of them where if you are a talent trader and you can show the your time with the trader by showing your account by showing your spreadsheet and you're pretty good at selling yourself I mean you do have to have some networking and social interpersonal skills but again that just comes with putting yourself out there and taking a risk you can make a profession out of this otherwise what you can do is and this is generally what I recommend for the large amount of individuals is to use trading as an opportunity to construct your own retirement plan you look at trading not as something that you're gonna do full time for your full time income but something that is that you're gonna do as an alternative to your 401k trading so that you can retire earlier and wealthy and have a bundle a bowl to pass on to the next generation and for you to live comfortably off of in your older age because if you rely on the government if you rely on Social Security if you rely on a 401k if you rely on a pension plan good luck that's not working out well for the boomers and for Gen X I think that they are pretty much screwed all right Bob miner says not in the group yet did you post the call last night to go short yep at 52 30 was where we went short my good friend sorry for the bad english that's all gonna do you you jmag said I watched your newbie video on sequential x' where do I begin if it's only 20% right I don't understand the question man I'm sorry the crypto party runs from afterparty to hangover it really does man now I do not use NBT view even you Perryman yep livestream dump as we were watching here on Bitcoin yep again just the clear signal here guys was you know we were consolidating here at that at that critical level let's turn the lines back on we were consolidating here at their critical level of 4900 as I talked about we got continual rejection from the 15 minute to moku cloud and the hourly tankenson right here there's that nice hourly bearish TK cross we pulled back we haven't really pulled back to test the area of support but not always necessary it's just the better trade would have been nice to see that confluence if you were looking for a short trade to take but anyways you know we just got that continual rejection from the kuhmo cloud we saw this is an area where you're like okay cool maybe this is something right we're this is something right we bust up about the tinkin Psalm we bust about the ki-joon you have the you know you have that bullish right here TK cross where the ki-joon crosses underneath the tinkin so the tinkin is above but it pretty much just reverts immediately back so you know this was a this was a good risk opportunity to take maybe on a long speculative long having priced underneath the cloud on the fit on the lower timeframes you don't really want to take it you don't really want to be that reversal trader this would have been a decent trade right here obviously seeing this stop run and then closing above maybe right here would have been a good entry risky but not really using the hm okay that's more using like supply and demand run type type mentality overbought oversold I mean you know again using using time transformation and confluence all this you're getting good signals on time transformation right here any time you're arranging time transformation is going to be just just or just it's gonna tell you exactly what to do but yeah you got rejected from that kuhmo cloud crashed down below the kijun in the tinkin you pulled back rejected the tank the key gene has resistance I mean it happens in steps right you you know when you've got three lines on a chart and the way that the Ichimoku works is the kuhmo that can the tank Anunnaki's you in all work in confluence so when you're looking for three levels of confirmation or resistance or for previous support being rejected or turning into resistance you see it right here because this as i talked about you're having clear clear rejection from your key levels right here and then you have this area of the chart right here where you're like okay well maybe things are gonna change all right I see some breakouts okay cool you get rejected from the kuhmo one crash down below the tinkin in the key june you pull back up get rejected from the key June to pull back pull back get rejected from the tinkin crash back up get rejected from your horizontal support resistance line I mean there's this there's nothing to say man I mean that's a short – you idiot do I have a Roth IRA trading account seems it would be a great retirement account idea again man no I don't I mean I'm sure there's lots of nuanced options out there for you but I just take I try to take full responsibility for all my funds man for all my investments for all my money I know exactly where they are I know what investments I have I have investments in old I have investments in silver I have investments in real estate you know I have some other passive investments and and mainly I'm focused on using my and growing and continuing to grow my active trading portfolio which is mostly currency right now because can you all the leverage position on bed mechs for over a year or will profits beaten by FIA's I would assume yeah I mean you're you're you can all the leverage position open as long as you want depending on how volatile the market is moving yeah you're gonna get a lot taken away from you in fees but you're talking about the perpetual swap contracts so yes theoretically you can hold you can hold a you can hold a contract open on the perpetual swap contract perpetually that's that's the it's kind of an innovation especially in crypto but yeah you're gonna have an issue of fee so that you're gonna have to get down and do the math and do the nitty-gritty because the funding rates changing all the time you're gonna get hit by some monster sometimes and says thanks for your answer I'm interested since one and a half years in trading and bought my first crypto mid-january for 450 EU and yesterday after the pump it was 800 big gains auslan yeah begins are tough I mean this is the most volatile market in the world Stefan you're doing the right thing man start with demo trading yes yes or small capital account I'm not writing a small capital account Santander says really informative show thanks man can I ask if the hike annachi is a good close indicator what is a good entry indicator I find hot ganache mega useful at cutting out choppiness absolutely man I think that hm oku is one of the best overlay indicators for entering what avatar can be used for entering and as can the D time transformation is as time transformation is my entry indicator but I do like to use it in confluence for a trending trade with wada ATAR otherwise Ichimoku for years was my default HM oku is a is amazing one of the best indicators out there Oh before I was saying that sequential was only 20% correct so I was asking where do I begin if I was to learn about your trading style a good stop would be the premium trading group man premium cracking cryptocurrency calm you have access to my webinars I try to break down exactly how I do everything I'm you're also gonna have access to the members lounge and all our educational material you can talk to the other guys and you start to learn to develop your own strategy yourself with our help um let's see here okay guys it's 1:05 and we've just talked and talked and talked it's been a good time let me take a quick break guys my coffee is empty let me go grab some coffee got it fire up the Keurig I'll be back in about three minutes and we're gonna look at aetherium we'll look at litecoin and we'll blast through our requests guys you guys have been fantastic and awesome and amazing don't go anywhere while you're waiting if you guys want to go give us a hand you guys can go over to top gee cracking crypto-currency hopefully I got that right yeah top gee doc cracking cryptocurrency comm click this little button right here vote for us pushes us up in the discord search rankings trying to get our discord server up there even though it's pretty pop and all the time guys we highly appreciate your support thank you guys for doing that and I will be right back guys don't go anywhere hey guys thanks for hanging in there with me and thank you to anybody that went over to top G dot cracking cryptocurrency dot-com and gave us an upvote over there highly appreciated thank you so much okay now let's go through what I briefly I want to talk about briefly I want to talk about what I talked about last night in numbers groups let me get that pulled up hold up BTC bull hey what's going on man good to see you in twitch man says I keep getting ads for trading jobs that's been my plan as day one crypto nest egg if you have capital to cover at hell yeah man Viper's going he hit you with some of these uh port llamas am poor llamas broke okay all right let's look at some interesting first thing that I want to look at here let's get this pulled open and go to my long-term watch so let's look at the total market cap so this is we'll look at the daily total market cap right here this was pretty much the the thing that I'd kept my eye on so this is the total market cap this is the total crypto market cap as calculated by trading view you can get this ticker on your chart by just typing in total it helps if you go over to index when you type it in total so you want to go over to index gonna be right there so I've done some charting on this I do like looking at this so basically this is what we saw last night massive profit taking right massive profit taking we had about a 10% chunk immediately drop out of the market cap in a very short period of time in just a few hours so pretty big chunk just just profit taking across the board right not indicative to me of the genuine beginning of a downtrend but definitely representing a local top only representing a local top and that was pretty much the area that I'd kept my eye on here for a while the liquidity zone here that level of resistance and broadly this red box I'll actually draw the zone out right here this zone right here represents the resistance zone all right remember that when we're using levels of horizontal support and resistance it's going to work better for you psychologically and trade wise if you allow yourself wiggle room there's no such thing as a absolute 100 percent this is the level on the chart the only time that works is if you're a whale with a massive amount of capital able to move the market so your edge is not speed or information but in market market availability because when institutional order flow hits the button then the market turns but I digress so we did have a huge chunk of the market cap ripped off in just a short period of time so massive profit taking not indicative of a genuine beginning of the downtrend I do expect to see consolidation somewhere around here at higher levels but on the way down and we are getting that daily sell signal right now from time transformation which is done pretty good we also see we have seen waning watertower momentum as well on the last three days so pretty much interesting to see you have this blow off candle right here this is a good analysis you have the blow off top you have the not to blow off top because that's the wrong terminology but you have this massive indication of momentum here on what its are and the next one where we actually go higher we have a smaller we have less momentum we have less moment now typically you want to just kind of like using this from the from the like the MACD histogram when we go from brighter colors to dollar colors that is an indication of early it's an early warning sign of trend reversal or trend stall out at least you don't really have the beginning of a new trend until they switch and flip and traditionally if you're using what ATAR you're going to be exiting a trade so for example your indication to enter a trade would have come right here when or here even when wada Tarr is bullish showing bullish momentum and begins trading above the explosion line right here and continues on in that fashion and traditionally you don't exit the trade trending wise until while it's our closes below I don't like using wada ATAR as my exit indicator what I do prefer using is Hika nosh so if we go over to hike annachi we can see that the daily high cannot she has not flipped the bearish yet so I'm not 100% bearish on all the markets yet especially the total market cap we go over here and look at let's look at the this is the this is the crypto total market cap excluding BTC we can see the same thing I had plotted the resistance zone right here we came in to that area and rejected very cleanly from it similarly we had about ten percent of all coin profits taken just smoked up just like that now let's look at some other interesting metrics that I don't see anybody else looking at the main the first thing I want to look at is Bitcoin dominance okay so this is actually interesting so this this actually might be switching my analysis from what I had posted it last night so if we're looking at Bitcoin dominance and again take take this take what we're about to do right now with a grain of salt I find it interesting and I find it helpful but we do have Bitcoin dominance right here and we do have this descending trendline although it was suppressing price so basically price being in a downwards trend right you know the Bitcoin dominance being in a downwards trend right here meaning that all coins are going to be able to be in alt season but what are we seeing right here so last night actually at the close of yesterday's candle I had viewed this as a resurgence and then a bullish test and potential rejection but what do we see right now we see a resurgence of Bitcoin dominance okay looking to close the daily above that descending trendline right there that is interesting and bouncing nice and cleanly off support after a wick down this is actually bearish for altcoins so depending on the next few days I might have to redo my analysis of all positions because seeing this and seeing how it was sitting last night it did look and I had expected that we would reject as we did yesterday on the close of yesterday's candle we rejected from that resistance level right there and I thought we were gonna continue into this into this triangle and then break down as you can see it's forming quite a nice descending triangle right there that would be very bullish for altcoins meaning that all season is going to continue we're gonna see increased legs up we're gonna move on upwards and upwards I think that if the daily candle does end up closing above this resistance line and we get a smaller time frame like pull back and back test as we're actually seeing on the hourly candle hourly chart right now here's Bitcoin dominance I you know I'd like to see us pull back hold this level and continue upwards to that BP see that break pullback continuation if we do see that I will potentially be looking at dropping out of most of my altcoin positions and stop attempting to buy the dips which is kind of how I've been which is basically what I've been doing right now so this is definitely a strong chart to keep your eye on the market cap Bitcoin dominance I haven't been doing a lot of charting on this but I did say take some time over the last weekend in really the last couple of days when I couldn't do the upstream and really taking some time to analyze this as you can see here let's go to the three day actually note the de Leon dominance time transformation calling the tops and bottoms of BTC dominance just beautifully right so every time you get a sell signal on DTC dominance if you if you push this up lower to Kumar 726 man thanks so much for the follow on twitch and Sharky 704 hey what's going on good to see you in the twitch chat man whenever you get a time transformation sell signal on Bitcoin dominance generally a good idea to beginning bullish on on altcoins because that means that bitcoin dominance is signaling that it's about to drop and the market cap is about to flow more in altcoins and out of bitcoin right Sharky 7:04 thanks so much for the follow on twitch as well man um another thing that you definitely want to keep your eye on so we're talking about our alte bullish or bearish right so one thing that we can look at here is we talked about Bitcoin dominance when we see Bitcoin dominance dropping we can expect all students tether dominance all right tether dominance as well when tether dominance is on the rise it means that individuals are selling out of cryptocurrency to be and tether they're hedging their positions and typically this is okay for Bitcoin because you can trade Bitcoin on bit macs or mon facts or bi bit or dare a bit or whatever and so you can you can pretty much head your position there but when you're talking about finance or bit ryx or or i don't know what are some of those other little crappy you know there's other little crappy exchanges right i just if it's not financier bit tricks you know if you ain't got no money take your broke ass home but anyways I digress za heed Hussein thanks so much for the sub on YouTube and that was overly massive why was that so big Jesus he's Louise uh YouTube alerts okay why was that so big dude let's just scale that down a little bit geez okay sorry about that hopefully that's uh hopefully that's fixed that was weird ah which alerts 800/600 Gubler 800 odd anyways hopefully I've repositioned that and resized that my bad that was crazy um anyway so when we see tethered dominance dropping it's a bullish for altcoins but – I'm just talking about all coins right so tethered dominance bitcoin dominance on the decline alts are bullish market ra USD t dominance on the decline bullish for all coins what do we see here on the daily chart for tether actually we are seeing that that time transformation early buy signal right here so this would actually I'm gonna have to re-evaluate this I need to see continuation over the next couple of days but this is telling me to be on the alert and most likely move out of my old coin positions and just and just wait wait for the next strong signal tether dominance potentially on the rise I don't I don't want to like sell too early I don't want to be a here but I do want to make sure that I'm catching the correct movements in the market another thing we can look at this always takes a while to load just give it a second dun dun dun dun stump stumps okay here we go so this is market cap dominance the others this is the major this is basically the altcoin market cap dominance red and what do we see right here we saw the other market cap dominance after getting the daily buy signal right down here has been on the rise about a 30 percent rise in dominance from the other from the non Bitcoin non majors this is the non majors and what do we see here pretty much starting to sell off we don't have the early sell signal but we did get some bearish divergence on time transformation unnatural volume to the downside right on this handle right here so getting a little bit of a push back up so I want to make sure that this isn't this isn't just a reactionary trade and this is a genuine downtrend let's look at it sumo coup all right breaking down below the tank and Sun and pulling back up to reject from it if we close below it sing and son I'm gonna have to be bearish on all coins guys cuz it seems like their market cap is on the decline the market cap for Bitcoin is on the rise and USD T dominance is on the rise as well so I'm gonna have to be bearish on altcoins if if these confirm over the next couple of days probably be moving out of my positions taking all my profits and waiting for the next opportunity and not be looking to buy dips until the scenario changes BTC USD longs versus shorts let's look at this bad boy right here and we'll take it you mo cool off right now Tina you know daily time transformation has killed this as well we have our launched shorts ratios coming at about one point one six and on the decline as you can see it just time transformations calling these tops and bottoms just magnificently I'm when you get this is the long Stu shorts ratio so when you do get a buy signal you do want to be going along that is fundamentally bullish because that means that Long's are on the increase I know that a lot of people and again we do as well look look at the lungs too shorts ratios as a counter turn reversal indicator but you do have to learn how to nuance that it's not always that simple in fact that's like way complicated convoluted which can't be helpful especially if you're looking at extreme positions but generally longs to shorts ratios are a fundamental indicator that I'm going to imply especially on BitFenix where the longing and shorting is a little different than on bit Mex for example because of the amount of leverage offered you generally have to have more significant capital to put on these longer-term positions on BitFenix they're indicating the they're indicating the sentiment of the market if there's more people putting on long so the markets bullish if there's more people putting on shorts the markets bearish it's that simple now you do look for extreme positions right when there's lots of Long's and you're at a critical level of resistance right for example that's a good but that's a more advanced level that you know sixty percent of the time is gonna work every time type thing all right so there's all the the backline fundamentals these are stuff that I don't see anybody else talking about and they're things that I keep my eye on let's go over to Center charts real quick and check in with open interest that is going to be interesting to me I'm gonna go look at the hourly open interest on Bitcoin what do we see right here we actually see price on the decline and open interest rising after a massive drop-off and open interest right here this is all late stage buying in my opinion right now now I don't think this is the beginning of a genuine downtrend but the rise of open interest and open value as price is moving down would indicate that individuals are putting on more positions as prices moving down indicating that more individuals are entering into shorts when we put that in confluence with market cap dominance rising for Bitcoin when we put that in to the fact that we see the long stress orts ratios moving down that means more people are going short than long and the fact that we see rising open interest as well is indicative of the strength of the downwards movement at least in the short term right now so again we talked at the beginning of the stream about those areas where I think bitcoins price is likely to get down to putting in the 15-minute buy signal here on time transformation not going to be buying that gonna see how price again I'm not bullish until price breaks above that 15-minute kuhmo cloud or that hour late Incan son as well curve down acting a strong resistance right now we do have that bearish DK cross and as I said I'd often will behoove you to wait for the pullback for the B PC that break pullback continuation so that pull back up to the tinkin song or that pull back to the ki-joon acting as confirmed resistance and continued movement to the downside otherwise if that ends up being not the case and we do actually get some nice closures above these lower timeframe levels as I talked about the movement to 50 to 50 52 30 is not off the table it's not the movement that I'm going to be taking I'm gonna be looking for any pullback so that area is longer-term opportunities to rescale in to my short but I digress you to see you guys in the twitch chat very good to get the twitch chat going the day man hell yeah dude let's get into those requests guys let's get over here and we will at icx USD t you know michael i icx USD t was one of those that I liked icx USD T was one of those that I liked getting the daily sell signal on time transformation kind of the level that I you can see I had an alert set for this level for the pullback that already happened and kind of blasted through it so not really interested yet at this point in time if we get some nice bullish kick back up but again I have to look at my fundamentals so now I have to color everything through the lens where I'm not really sure right I want to be bullish right but when we're doing just technical analysis on the price charts if I've already looked at my fundamental data such as dominant such as market cap such as USD T dominance things of that nature long story short ratios and I've already determined that I'm kind of indecisive about all coins and I'm actually looking for confirmation to be bearish on them then I'm not going to be taking any pullback indications or really naked chart indications on just a regular price scale we do have to put that in confluence with our other fundamentals that are underlying price okay so looking at ICS USD T on the daily timeframe we are getting that confirmed sell signal right now what are some levels of interest in areas that I'm looking out for I do have a line here at 32 cents point zero three two to the next level of interest is going to be 29 cents that is going to be the pullback and actual this is the above 29 cents a price is pretty good price one on a nice tear had a had a ceiling at 29 cents consolidated for a long period of time ended up breaking up and forming a new ceiling where is that little actually coming in at sorry that new level is coming in around right where we're at right now so where's that resistance zone that I have marked out that's at about 39 39 to 40 cents will call it 39 to 40 cents that is going to be the new ceiling we have this nice blow-off table looking like a supply run at this moment in time and I do expect us to range down below this lower consolidation level especially if those especially if those altcoin fundamentals continue to tear bearishly so this looks this this would have been an aggressive buy and this is still technically an aggressive buy why because you have a previous level of resistance that you break back above and this is really the first area that you'd be looking for a pullback by failing this you'd be looking for a pullback by somewhere in the vicinity of like 34 to 35 cents probably I'm gonna err on the side of caution here and say 34 to 33 cents and failing that you're definitely looking for price to stay above 29 cents so I think that most likely we're gonna see some consolidation and ranging in this area I would expect this daily sells and they'll be respected a little bit more let's see we're HMO who's coming in at yes we we got rejected we weren't able to bust out of the cloud let's see we have that level we have the tankenson coming down below us where's that tenkan coming in it let's pop up in the data window and let me do my little squinty scrunchie 36 cents we have the key June coming in at 31 cents all right so those are two areas to keep your eye on that that tinkin Sun is pretty aggressive above the rebuy zone right here that previous level of resistance that we did break out of that last little baby bitch consolidation zone and I'd say the key June is more confluent with support the future cloud is bullish so things are looking good but I wouldn't say in the short term I'm short-term bearish on this especially if those ulta point fundamentals continue I would expect us to pull back and re really really reestablish these levels as strong support and consolidation in this level if we end up pulling back to something like the tinkin sonnet around 36 cents getting a nice bullish kick off and we get we begin trading back above resistance now at 39 cents I'd be pretty I'd be pretty aggressive man looking for my next take profit target at 46 cents and really looking for any kind of profit up until 59 cents because 59 71 represents strong resistance this is a strong consolidation zone if we throw on that volume profile we can actually see yeah we've got pretty clear skies as you can see so this is another thing that I want to point out I get this a lot Justin the train track analogy high-volume nodes those are areas where price likes to hang out a lot as you can see here's a high-volume node price is consolidating breaks back above and to a low volume node goes on pretty much of a tear and look at the shallow area the volume profile right here we should just tear right through that yes you do tear through volume a you do tear through low volume nodes on the volume profile shallow areas of the volume profile but you know what you also do in – low volume nodes supply-and-demand runs topless odds liquidity grabs because those are zones of liquidity but you're going to have traders putting stop losses so that happened expect that the next if we get back up in that zone again especially I would be more aggressive getting back above that $0.39 region after a after a bullish retest of either the Tankian or the key gene on the daily timeframe or these previous support levels or excuse me these previous resistance levels turned support if we then trade back above this resistance level I'd be looking to aggressively take a breakout trade looking to secure 50% of profits here at about forty six and a half cents I've been looking to scale out profits once we get a bearish bearish rejection from anywhere it's probably in the vicinity of fifty nine cents breaking up into 59 to 71 cents I'll probably be neutral not taking a trade and then I'll take the next breakout trade above 71 cents but it looks like it could be good but definitely definitely bearish in the short term right now and that could switch to bearish in the midterm if those all coin fundamentals do confirm bearish icx USD t done waves BTC I really like waves man but that looks like right now confirm rejection from the point of control after pulling in that daily sell signal right here put in a couple double bottom buy signals that would have set you up for a couple decent trades we took a couple WAV shreds but then guess what you just consolidate you break down below that point of control you pull back up confirm rejection and now you're just dropping like a light socket um so I don't really see okay so this is a potential stopping area right here yeah we do have consolidation right here and kind of a high volume note on the volume profile so I would have my eyes on this area but again if those altcoin fundamentals really turned fundamentally bearish I would expect this to have a more significant pullback if you want to be aggressive you're coming up on the zone where you're interested in setting some limit orders just be careful at how you manage your risk so anywhere from 56 to 50 56 to 50,000 SATs 50 to 56 thousand the Toshi's to the pip let's take BP VR off and let's throw hm oku on what do we got yeah breaking down bearishly below the cloud here and this is pretty bad man this is this is not looking good so looking from a horizontal support and resistance level this is an area where you can try and secure profits where would I want to put my stop loss for the love of God let's see if we can get an emo to give us some kind of good level here no nothing Jesus well um let's just go to the default then we're going to go to our indicators and we're going to pull open ATL there look at average range you and what is the value of the IAT are right now sorry we're gonna have to set this for precision you alright so the value of the average range right now is 3159 SATs so one five nine times 1.5 is four thousand seven hundred thirty eight and a half SATs so we'll just say 4738 SATs but wherever we're looking to buy so you buy the absolute low around here a runner you I'd probably be really aggressive and say right here so an aggressive stop-loss would be around like 48 80 48 48 thousand eight hundred SATs a more lenient stop-loss would be somewhere in the vicinity of like 45,000 361 SATs so you're talking about like a 13 to 15 percent stop depending on you know if you average entering to this but I think the better thing to do is not to blindly limit by this I'll wait for a bullish wait for a bullish reaction and then you don't have to worry about managing risk or catching a knife I'll wait wait for some consolidation man wait for some consolidation buying in a way of sir sir used the cows are used XP are they're posed on Phenix bracken bro all blockchain games good to see you bro bro he says I remember buying icx at these prices 2017 and riding up to 12 bucks with wide eye as hell yeah man herbs oh I got to give a shout-out here – sorry we have some subs on YouTube men I already said I already said what's up – Zahid Hussein Brad Sounders pics ofin Juan Pablo Santana no no no no no no no no Alex Rios guys thank you so much for these subs on YouTube I'll appreciate it man tic-tac says bro straight out request no e-flite point I'll get into it man I'm sorry dude it's a lot it's a lot to a lot to keep in one don't I'm gonna run through zerp Houston's and 0x BTC um okay let's see here let's look at ah let's look at XRP dominance let's look at XRP market cap dominance doesn't look good man xrp just continuing this strong downtrend of XRP dominance nobody likes it push bad sorry you guys had a lot of coffee today this yeah doesn't look good transformation going absolutely insane but again you want to be very careful taking over BOTS early early stage by signals when everything is so gosh-darn bearish man hey let's see okay this is just a reversion of the mean man you have the you have the mean right here you have divergence right here and you have that versions right here so this is just our version of the mean I'm not really interested in doing anything with zerp here until I see some consolidation I'll bet if I look at the naked price chart that's gonna give me good confluences well I want to start on the weekly you know this is ZIRP is interesting man you SERP is pretty interesting man it seems like we've got an ascending trendline and this long term resistance downtrend on the weekly time frame I've been looking at this for a while I actually had a little bit more bullish potentials here moving to the downside seems like we are putting in that level of consolidation but seeing the market cap dominance drop is not overly bullish Anthony Liang 25 man hey what's going on thanks so much for the $2 super chat my good friend he asks is the coinbase app good to buy aetherium in litecoin yeah it's fine man I prefer square cash but and you know honestly I preferred I tried to buy my I try to buy my crypto from USD you know the OTC as much as humanly possible that takes time and rapport to get a good vendor but totally doable man you just got to get out there and network local bitcoins calm it's probably good place to start or didn't you just meet people got to be very careful about that though like don't know don't buy like you meet with somebody know somebody like develop a relationship that you're gonna hand them money and receive crypto that's my preferred way to do it Square cash is really really good easy simple that's I know a little I've bought a lot of crypto through square cash a lot of BTC um okay so this looks like it could be okay especially observe can break above this resistance trendline I would expect to see a little bit of follow-through on that but looking at the dominance dropping okay belongs to shorts ratios this is actually a pretty good man you've got the lungs rising up and you've got this really important level of resistance right here men Long's are about to break that's bullish man bullish market cap dropping been on the decline just because something's oversold doesn't mean it's a good buy just because something's cheap doesn't mean it's a good buy but this is pretty interesting right here looking at this resistance level kind of similar okay so we've got two resistance levels on zerp that I would like to keep my eye on this trend line right here this horizontal and getting back over to ZURB USD on Phenix this resistance trendline I'd like to see the weekly close above that if we get that maybe it's a trade to be a trade now sir hasn't had a nice run for a while dude maybe it's time could view this as a double bottom and in consolidation confirming that but speculative about it we've got the weekly tenkan that we haven't really tested acting a strong resistance we've got the three day oh we seem to be breaking about the three day HMO or excuse me the tinkin song we've got that three day ki-joon which is going to be confluent with the with the weekly tankenson where we at daily Weis rejection from break trying to break inside the cloud it could be good man it'd be okay it'd be okay but you're desert man you know but if it makes us money man fresh ate our cell signal we're see we'll see where this thing bottoms out man this is either you know coming up on a good longing opportunity if we get a break out or this is a really good resource and I would have to lean toward the probably lean toward the others but it's a do-nothing chart man it to do nothing could be good could be terrible but I'm not doing anything with the Headroom zerks you know what I need to keep myself honest so you you you you you forty cents you you you forty to 76 you you well that seemed clear to you guys my thoughts you you really should short this right here this is assuming this is classically a rejection from resistance you you you are you guys go if you want to follow along with that chart you gather can't love and that can feel so smooth all right let's get into eath man went on with Bitcoin all right having a nice little push off from that 15-minute buy signal on the time transformation make sense look down while it's our look down at water that's our whenever you get a lot of bearish momentum or a selling a little bit of a selling climax you often have a you often have a pull back nothing bullish about this yet guys just a little bit up too much selling a little bit of a pullback a nice little one and a half almost one-and-a-half percent scalping opportunity for the lungs I've been closed above any resistance level yet nothing bullish calm down put the Long's away guys that belongs away a gun down man rusty hock thanks so much for liking my idea you and get litecoin from the cash app no you're right but you can get Bitcoin and then you can go over to finance and buy it third coffee here man hell yeah brother yes Wendy brown eye is correct coin based Pro you can withdraw for free it's awesome you you yeah Gemini is super expensive dude super Sachin boomerang boom irani sorry hopefully I pronounced that right you've got a great name in um I want to see it on time transferred we'll just look at it real quick and then I want to get into eath last dose this kind of looks like everything else man weakly on Wahby some buy signals here those most likely losses we got a couple weekly buy signals here here's the three day three day did good you had a goodbye signal here you had an okay one here because remember you have six days to take some nice profits you would have been dollar cost averaging it around here probably not the best but would have got an average entry probably around here which is good it's a good average entry because you're up almost 100% your average entry I get into three day sell signal right now so I would expect that to get some follow-through just again that kind of same blow off top you're looking like you're gonna have a confirm swing high right here on the three day high high high lower high does look like a nice confirm swing high pullback zones well we've got our three day our three dates Incan coming in right there that's nice about three dollars and sixteen cents that would be confluent with this previous level of errs well a probe eautiful dollars and sixteen cents what you you I don't know why it's been doing that to me like I did I need to read things ah yeah pretty good previous level of resistance confirm resistance bullish above be your first pullback level 24 hour timeframe that's going to be confluent with your 24-hour ki-joon son as well you could be a little bit more aggressive and go up to about three dollars and 45 cents yeah I don't really got anything besides that bro rejection from the top of the kuhmo cloud right now makes a whole lot of sense in the daily timeframe boom and back down she goes but I will kind of revisit this area around 316 316 340 and see if that baby holds again kind of the same thing with that icx man you know long term period of accumulation break out if these levels hold that's continued bullishness got the future cloud twisting up man so this could be good but not right now not at this moment and again that's uh you got the daily cell signal well and three days cell signal I'm transformation okay sorry now let's look at mr. mr. theorem so here's etherium I don't know if I have a whole lot to say about your aetherium divide honest with you nothing that I'm not going to say about about the Bitcoin we were unable to close above that level of critical resistance here were on the USD T chart I really did feel strongly that we were gonna hit 181 on bit max we almost hit it we almost did we hit 180 30 not quite enough so that put me in kind of a sticky spot but it's alright look at rejecting from our previous breakdown zone if we throw a VP BR on there we can kind of see this area very clearly I guess it's not really giving us what we want to see if we look at it like this so much much but anyways you can see the volume doesn't really confirm it but the point I'm trying to make is that you know this is one of those few levels where we add consolidation during the down movement so a lot of coins changing hands so it doesn't really surprise me to see rejection from that level I do view this as a local top we'll see how bullish price can be you know kind of confluent with BTC right now if you guys will recall that original area between 146 and 148 was the area I was interested in that was the area of trapped buyers I was expecting that area to act as resistance which it did one two three times and then we broke through so now we're looking for that nice bullish retest of 146 148 that'll be a confirmed support and resistance flip let's see where our levels are coming in on the HMO coup kind of the same thing we had that confirmed by breaking above the Ichimoku cloud on the daily and now we're looking for that pullback to take it we're at the key June Sun right now Eric sorry we're at the tinkin Sun right now I'll be very aggressive to make a buy right now but it is technically on the table we still have our daily key June coming down here let's actually go ahead and throw a line there daily Cugine coming in at 139 51 our daily keygen coming in at 139 51 yeah well that level is respected and we have our daily tinkin Sun coming 1 451 51 I don't really think there's a whole lot think there's a whole lot to stop price from retesting 146 148 if we get that confirmed close below there let's keep going up yep we got rejected from the three-day key June as well just that critical level of resistance where's that level communit 160 40 let's go back down to the daily and refine that no let's keep that there on the daily timeframe I like that but let's just go out here and make in fine sixty-forty red go Bree de aqui this rejecting yet from the three-day ki-joon right there we've got that so now price is kind of sandwiched in between that three-day key gym resistance and that daily tinkin support we've got the three-day tankenson right where the daily key June is as well so a lot of confluence so here's our new trading range our new trading range between 139 and 160 let's see if we can get a bullish retest of 146 148 otherwise I would have some buy orders set down at that ki-june level just to catch a wick just to be kind of an adventurer I think would probably be a good good thing we didn't test the three-day kuhmo cloud yet the future cloud is still very bearish unfortunately and take a while for this to catch up but yeah that would be the next level of rejection become where anywhere in the vicinity of this but if we if we close above it we close the daily about that three-day key gene resistance I don't really see anything stopping us from Hypno's low or two tens now that would be pretty pivotal though because again we're coming up upon that coming up upon the ceiling all right yeah the ceiling the previous floor I don't think we're gonna break above that yet so looking for some consolidation you're aetherium let's go to bit max and we'll not only do the same thing we'll also look at the lower timeframes Oh pilots off there here we are on the daily timeframe yeah just barely missed that last take profit level of mine just by a few ticks man so here on aetherium we also have the ascending trendline we're fairly bullish above we've got a lot of lines on the chart here man so let's you know let's clean this up this is getting a little guy apology okay we'll get rid of that boo down here to the more confluent for the actual sport is they're good support resist what um we'll leave ease these were take profit targets so we hit one on the way up these are take profit targets to the downside but we'll leave those there for now we've still got our same these are all weekly levels of resistance but we'll keep those just where they are all right now that we've cleaned up our horizontals a little let's look at our mo kio so same thing we've got our daily tinkin Sun coming in right here daily ting and Sun coming in around 143 by 43b our first level of and we've got our daily key at 1:39 98 okay okay you I like that so again I would have some buy order set down at that daily ki-joon that would be the bottom area of the area that we hope to revisit I've kind of moved that down fudged it down to about 141 144 now but also keep in mind that I did not move it on the USD T chart so let's see what level gets respected first again right here that level on the USD T chart between 146 and 148 they're a little bit different over here 140 606 and 148 30 but you know that's how the cookie crumbles let's see what level gets respected for those the areas that would be interested in on a retest let's look at the three day we've got our daily tinkin pretty much confluent with our three-day ki-joon as well and our daily key June confluent with our three-day tenkan if we're able to hold above this three-day occasion actually I'd be really really bullish that would be the aggressive buy of the daily tankenson so let's see how this let's see how this pans out this could be good man weekly timeframe is not really gonna be helpful right here so the three-day time transformation is still bullish not giving us an early cell signal the daily time transformation is not yet overbought but we are having a fresh daily cross on there which doesn't surprise me out so if we break the tenkan then the next area of interest becomes here on the bit mix chart as I said about 1 130 141 to 143 but I'd have by order set that at 139 98 140 to try and catch a bigwig downside breaking those levels we have to revisit the short sell yeah I wouldn't I wouldn't be alone right now but I would really wouldn't want to do anything with a theorem right here I feel much more confident in bitcoins price action that I do a theorems but the options are there on the table for you gents if you want to take it ideally I if the three-day closes above the key gene level I'm will gonna have confirmation of that in just a few actually its yep that's gonna have to wait a few days because this just opened this three daily did just open so we're gonna have to wait two more evenings for confirmation closes above we'd be pretty bullish for another push up so we'll see we'll have to keep our eyes on the fundamentals as well as I talked about if those altcoin fundamentals do turn bearish then I have to be bearish on a period especially if that happens if that if that three day ki-joon the daily tenkan gets violated it's pretty furred me when higher highs higher lows confirmed you and litecoin man real quick we're gonna look at like when big movements from litecoin last night actually we got like wimple right here I think let's look at the light coin that asks some I think it just had turned a little bullish man but prices just free and the MDR was very bearish the ndr is still actually pretty bearish within 1% and they are starting to look bullish within 2.5 and anything below actually no within 2.5 percent and the ARS bearish a lot of people trying to sell above but within 5 within 5 and then I'm gonna say 10% of price very very bullish remedy are so kind of one of those areas let's let's take that into account so a short term and long term looking pretty bullish let's go to at light : like when doing on my hourly chart right here kind of doing the exact same thing that everything else is doing it's kind of following the broadly the pattern of Bitcoin and etherium as well there I am looking a little bit more bullish though and their term honestly let's look at Elte o LTC USD T emerald at so this has been a while since I visited the LDC USD T chart you can see we broke above resistance pulled back testa to this support here all my take profits for the like one trade to the upside and really just went beyond that went above and beyond so let's clean this up a little bit this is going to be support now and resistance that's an initiation level we can delete that that's weak support strong support okay so we've got our most critical level of resistance coming up here about 106 we front ran that now let's throw h mo qu on we're talking with all right so we've got our daily tenkan coming in at 2750 you you daily 5:37 you okay so I expect that to be somewhat of the new range we do at the top of the kuma cloud coming in here but really if we have to look at where prices relative to everything else relative the clouds so that's actually quite a bit Badou is for the previous horizontal levels it really breaks and it be were out sixty one to sixty two dollars that would be a wick down to test those areas at the key to go to the three day three day we burst it into the cloud we've got the daily ki-joon having some nice confluence there with our with our excuse me our three-day tenkan having some nice confluence with our daily ki-joon we have our three-day ki-joon kind of cold in the back of the barge here 6041 so fairly confluent with that level that I just talked about the actual horizontal level to keep our eye on Oh so much for the Germain s aboon thanks so much for these sub on YouTube man so there's no three to keep let's see we've got a bullish man that's a bullish target dude but that would be the bullish edge-to-edge trade right now I'm gonna put that on there high-five for out you do that to me you you that's $141 moon I don't think we go right there but that's the level to keep your eye on ultimately for LTC and if you're just the passive investor probably the only level that you care about so kind of the same thing here man above fifty four eighty dude we broke about that significant level of resistance right there looks pretty good dude and above these levels as well looks pretty good I would expect somewhat of a pullback let's go look at now that this is save do we have any kind of no we're not gonna have any bearish divergence we did get bearish divergence here didn't really play out too well we do have waning daily or excuse me three-day wada ATAR momentum all right um look at that weekly my bad oh look with that we're look with that both the work look where that three-day kuhmo edge-to-edge target is right there at the weekly key June beautiful man and that three-day Cugine t June coming in at our weekly tankenson so this was probably the most important level to me right now right where that three-day key June is probably above $60.00 6041 is actually the level so I expect to probably see price bounce around between the daily take him in a daily key June but ultimately I'm mainly concerned with keeping above this level of 6041 pretty bullish above that man pretty bullish about 54 79 in general so definitely some some big profit taking let's look at dominance and I'm gonna look at litecoin dominance like when dominance on the rise daily timeframe yeah litecoin dominance massive massive massive massive massive on the rise has just been going on obviously for a while if we go back just really since December 2018 it's risen from what one point three six to the low to just 3% of the entire market share a pretty good man I see every time we've kind of seen a blow off top like this we've seen sideways consolidation and continuation so you know the trend is your friend until the trend bends at the end man so I wouldn't be I wouldn't be eager for long term shorting go down to LTC us DT now cVTC and lets you have any tourism right now here's the like when Bitcoin charred litecoin Bitcoin bear like brothers in sync boss that they're sorry maybe you guys can come up friends will be friends were running naked in the sand friends will be friends will someday surely form a band anyways yeah dude like coin looks pretty damn good dude it's putting that indecision spinning top doji at the top of an uptrend but I mean it's holding above all support levels it hasn't really had an extreme pullback like everything I mean this is just a this is just some some good healthy profit-taking man so I'd say that I probably should be more bearish on like win than anything else but looks good dude looks good rejection from the top of the kuhmo cloud there oh no above the three-day kuhmo cloud on litecoin bitcoin good man that's your traditional bullish call signal did let's see if litecoin continues to lead the market be a almost 200 percent it stops now to do some sideways consolidation either way I expect to see some sideways consolidation and I got a go man I'm seven minutes past but when I will look at like when tomorrow and I'll draw all those support resistance levels and then kind of have a clearer eye I'll post something lots of the members later on the evening that's about all I got man you guys have been awesome fantastic hey blockchain gains sorry I can't look at steam it right now man I got a go bro let's see here let me go over to the chat man ah master of Nibiru I I can't even like crypto was created by the Jews the Jews when the hyperinflation of the dollar occurs to transform into the crypto system I have no idea I've taught have I seen the the ethan long versus short it's pretty sure it's probably a little sky-high it was the last time i looked at it if used Long's vs. shorts yeah very very very very very traditionally very bullish it's getting app so it's gone to plaid dude 7.12 I got something B Styles 517 thanks so much for the follow on to which my good friend good to see in the community doc says thanks I will probably always be a noob just trying to catch crumbs and not make any more dumb mistakes that is the right mentality to transition from noob to seasoned Batman so should money be an all top 10 BTC or sidelines right now a new new peer very lost now your good dude edie I would have your money mostly on the sidelines right now or in some leverage short positions again we talked about some of those fundamentals BTC dominance in the market cap dominance of others but mainly the other thing too is to keep your eye on as you s TT dominance if this thing does go on a tear it means that people are hedging and taking profits and we're waiting for a more significant back to be really bullish on all points I would definitely push the put pump the brakes pump the brakes on the all coin positions it's kind of what we're doing that man I can we have a gander Ont or are used to only trade I've taken some some pretty good profits on Ont but yeah I'm still in the trade bro 100x margin even feasible on bit mix bit Mex loans you a hundred times the margin that you put up and liquidate you if price moves half a percent good luck where do we go now oh sweet uh most likely a little bit further down most like a little bit further down man with a brief stop for in the middle turn Ferguson thank you so much man thank you guys for all your help support love if you guys have any questions comments concerns are sarcastic remarks leave them in the comment section down below if you want to join our free community and trade along with us and hang out with us in the community make sure you go to discord dot crack in cryptocurrency comm you guys can check out all our indicators and charts that we post on TV cracking cryptocurrency comm or just search for us on trading view if you guys want to receive personal mentorship access to our private discord access to our indicators and strategies as well as all the traders and analysts signals and setups and really make that transition from beginner to seasoned vet with a little bit of professional assistance you guys can check out the link at the top of the screen premium dot cracking cryptocurrency comm I'd love to trade alongside you and help you guys correct mistakes that you may or may not be making maybe some you didn't even know that's about all I got guys or some Justin why is lead analyst and senior mentor at cracking cryptocurrency calm hope you guys have a fantastic evening just remember guys don't do anything stupid and trade safely guys and we'll get through this together we're all in this together as the great red green okay um that's all I got guys leave comments question it's earn sarcastic remarks in the comments section or email us a contact of cracking cryptocurrency calm guys that's about it guys peace out now

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