Ocasio-Cortez on Trump rally: ‘The president put millions of Americans in danger’

– What’s you reaction to the
president’s comments from last night? – Well, I think the president put
millions of Americans in danger last night. His rhetoric is endangering
lots of people. This is not just about threats to
individual members of Congress but it’s about creating a volatile
environment in this country through violent rhetoric that
puts anyone, like Ilhan, anyone who believes in the
rights of all people, in danger and I think that there’s a
responsibility for that environment.

97 thoughts on “Ocasio-Cortez on Trump rally: ‘The president put millions of Americans in danger’”

  1. Why people keep hating Trump despite the fact that you never see him doing anything to people never ceases to amaze me.

  2. When you want open borders, that's going to harm millions of people.
    Antifa, your militia, started this a long time ago

  3. This is true, it is also true that whenever the president is involved with someone or something illegal ( this time Epstein) his tweets and / or speech becomes dangerous in one way or the other to other people.

  4. AOC is a professional victim, we live in an age where passive tweets are now “dangerous”. We live in clown world where the adults are crying over mean words and can’t figure out what gender they are and have trillions in school debts. Gen Z is gonna kick these millennials out of office

  5. The Israel lobby smears against Corbyn's Labour spread happily by the BBC and other media also put Britons in danger by turning public discourse into warfare.

  6. Yes, send Omar back before she becomes fully radicalized. She's already a radical who hates this country! Next thing you know she'll go full suicide vest on the Congress floor!

  7. It takes fossil fuels to manufacture wind and solar “green” energy technologies. These leftwing imbeciles are the product of socialist college professors, who spent zero time in the private sector.

  8. I would like to ask her and the other three "squad" members two questions (face to face of course), WHAT DOES IT FEEL LIKE TO BE AN IMBECILE? And, HOW DOES IT FEEL TO HAVE ONLY FOOLS LISTEN TO AND FOLLOW YOU?

  9. 니가 미국을 위험하게 하면서 무슨 소리냐 aoc.적반하장도 유분수네. 극좌 정신병자.

  10. By not condemning ANTIFA's domestic attack in Colorado & Tacoma, the "squad" are grossly & openly failing to comply with their Oath of Office: "I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same." AOC's rhetoric is the voice behind these domestic attacks. This shouldn't be tolerated any longer. Americans need to protest for their RESIGNATION!!!

  11. Because of her stupid "concentration camps" lie, a radical tried to blow up an ICE centre, thankfully they shot him dead. She and the other three witches are a danger to the American people.

  12. The gangster regime in Washington actually holds executive power so it's the one encouraging violence with Its racist sloganeering.

  13. That's rich coming from her. She just inspired the recent attempted terrorist attack on an ICE facility by Antifia. She's polling at just 22%? ? and now Trump has made her the face of the Democrat Party. He's got 2020 in the bag now.

  14. Ocasio Cortez with her concentration camp comments, caused a man to be shot dead, The man in his manifesto said to free the asylum seekers from the concentration camps, on the southern border! a direct quote from Cortez " calling the facilities Concentration camps, which Candace Owens has proven they are not and you can see that, in her video which is going viral. And now Cortez has the cheek to question what the President does and says! You cant make it up! The women is bonkers!

  15. This woman is dumb thinking she’s intelligent and she’s ugly thinking she’s pretty. Worst kind of combination possible for a human being and ppl elect her. We need a better system, release the A.I. ffs. What’s coming next, Boris Johnson? Oh wait a sec…

  16. What a POS. These folks are STUPID or think we are! Do they not know their EVERY stupid utterance is recorded to be played back later and laughed at after they pull the big 180? Doh, I never said that, I mean what I meant was, ah what is popular now with my mindless minions anyway- that's what I meant!! And this piece of rotten apple, with her "sky is falling and we are all dead in 12 years" lets her 2nd in command go blabbing the truth on the talk show circuit, AND DOESN'T even blink!! So Barkeep, what's up with that whole, 'You guys thought it was about the environment? Nope, looking for ways to go big time Socialist"

    Lucky for her the Greatest Generation is all dead or someone for sure would have tarred and feathered her by now.

  17. The bombing attack on an ICE facility in Colorado was done after AOC said they were concentration camps.

  18. Dems sacrificing children at the border to score political points with their rabid base rather than doing anything to alleviate the crisis or improve their living conditions. Then again, the Dems are always willing to use the downtrodden as their political pawns.

  19. Enforcing border control (at the border I might add) has nothing to do with racism if that is what she is referring to. No developed country allows anyone to enter unchecked. Now I will say I am against those border check points that are 100 miles or so away from the border at specific freeways/roads whereby they stop all cars and ask if they are citizens or not. They delay travel needlessly and waste taxpayer money in my opinion. They should be dismantled and those resources should be put at the border ENTRY points where they belong. IMHO.

  20. why in the world is the media even giving her screen time. She ruined NYC by scaring amazon away and lost opportunity for 25,000 jobs. Her 29 year old self needs to leave politics and go back to her normal life

  21. So what is telling people to harass Trump supporters doing? Oh wait don't hold a mirror up to these people, it's racist

  22. Well hopefully these anti-Americans are in danger–they are trying to "transform" USA into a 3rd world country. Viva Trump y la REVOLUCION! Gracias!

  23. Is this woman really as thick as bucket of you-know-what, or is she acting? How does saying "if you don't like it, leave" put people "in danger" ???? Well I think she should not only leave America, but leave this whole planet. Buzz off lady, and go and join the numbskulls on whatever planet they hang out on!

  24. AOC has Morals and Values and way more intelligent than the clown in office. People who support this clown are just like him; Disgusting disciple trailer trash.

  25. This type of hurt and negative comments are wrong for any Democrat or Republican, lets stop fighting, lead from the TOP. Make the United States strong for EVERYONE. All races all economic backgrounds and every one who is different then me or you. Lets try and work together not against each other.

  26. She doesn’t know what a garbage disposal is! Then asks, is a garbage disposal morally correct! I’m not exaggerating either! Unbelievable!

  27. No doubt the dumbest member of Congress by far. Wow! Hard to believe she gets paid six figures. Back to bartending after this for sure.

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